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Sims need a PC shopping upgrade.

There isn't much we can not buy over the internet but our Sims are stuck in the 80's.

1. Bits/Pieces for crafting. Option for those that enjoy dumpster diving.
2. Fish bait. Some of the rare fish need certain bait.
3. Sacred candles.
4. Bugs for Herbal remedies.
Also a TV upgrade option.


  • xx8lobo8xxxx8lobo8xx Posts: 23 Member
    Yes to all! Also the upgrade pieces are still 1 click up and I usually buy like 20 of each at a time, I would like to just type in how many I want to buy.

    I like the idea of the fish bait, expanding even more into the fishing skill what about fishing poles? crafting a higher quality one could = higher quality or more rare fish similar to high quality bait.
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