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Random Ideas

Bunkbed improvements:
  1. Ability to choose rail coloring and bed design separately
  2. Give single beds the option to become bunk beds for more design options (instead of just the bottom bunk having the most custom options)
  3. Ability to place more underneath the bed with only the top bunk without having to use the move objects cheat

More Instruments:
  1. Percussion instruments such as drums, can have a mischief option "scare with marching band symbols"
  2. More strings (Viola, Cello, Bass, maybe an electric violin)
  3. Woodwinds (Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Bassoon, Saxophone, etc)
  4. Brass (trumpet, tuba, etc)

New age up option - Pre-Teen
  1. Middle School
  2. Ability to learn more skills such as: cooking, painting (new easel), etc
  3. Clothing and hair options can be new or have the ability to mix and match both child and teen clothing/hair options that are age appropriate
  4. Can baby-sit younger siblings as long as there is an adult sim in the household (getting them food and such)

Sibling Interactions:
  1. With twins the first born can use an "I am older than you" line in a fight
  2. With triplets the first born can use the line for the other two while the second born can only use it for the third born
  3. Ability to confront bullies of their siblings in a "Only I can mess with them" reaction - rabbit hole chance that could end up with the older sibling getting into trouble.

Relationship reactions for family members entering a romantic relationship:
  1. An "I don't like them" reactions for sims that have direct opposite traits of the sim their family member has entered a relationship with (such as good vs evil)
  2. An "I don't approve" reaction for sims with the snob trait if their loved one enters a relationship with another sim that would be considered poor or of a lower status.
  3. Just a general unhappy reaction for self-absorbed sims since it means attention is being taken away from them
  4. Happy reactions if the traits are similar like a good sim approving of another good sim

Trait Ideas:
  1. Loner: No social decay
  2. Bookworm: gain fun from writing books
  3. Genius: Sims can skip a grade level (children can do high school work, high school kids can "graduate" early and get a job as if they were a young adult).
  4. Gloomy: if they have a cat/dog lover trait they have less gloomy moments if they have a furry friend
  5. Self Absorbed: Ability as a mean option to attempt to sabotage any event (birthdays, weddings, club gatherings, etc) that are not centered around them.

New trait ideas
  1. Fish Lover - Want as many aquariums as possible, aquariums add a mood boost for sims with the trait, may become distressed if they eat fish.
  2. Holiday Enthusiast - love any and all holidays and will enter one of the positive "very" emotions if the holiday is successful and "very sad" if not.

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  • Mak27Mak27 Posts: 168 Member
    edited April 7
    Random ideas my turn:

    Build mode:
    -Awning tool
    -Roof gutters
    -Auto roofs option
    -Natural ponds
    -Aquatic plants sort
    -Ceiling paint
    -Spiral staircases
    -Attic tool/room view

    Buy mode:
    -Auto sofas
    -Tub option for small showers (toddlers and pets washing)
    -More toddlers beds

    -Body hair

    New swimming pool items:
    -Diving board
    -Water slide

    New musical instruments:

    New recreation item:
    -Pool table

    New active item:
    -Karate board

    New knowledge items:

    New small appliance item:
    -Deep fryer

    Hobbies items
    -Sewing machine
    -Pottery table
    -Sculping station
    -Glassblowing station
    -Blacksmith station
    -Ballet barre
    -Soccer/Football barre
    -Axe throwing target

    Gambling items
    -Poker table
    -Slot machine
    -Roullette table
    -Blackjack table

    New chores:
    -Wood chopping
    -Swimming pool cleaning
    -Lawn mowing
    -Aquarium care (feed, cleaning)

    New lot type
    -Scuba diving lot

    New systems:
    -Water heaters
    -Propane tanks
    -Wi-fi access

    New lifestages:
    -Elder adult

    New schools, each with reward items:
    -Private (reward: mini golf)
    -Military (reward: obstacle course)
    -Industrial (reward: junk for restoration)
    -Agronomy (reward: chicken coop)
    -Sports (reward: archery range)
    -Arts (reward: drafting table)
    -Coulinary (reward: pizza oven)
    -Posh (reward: vintage camera)

    -Locking grills
    -Playable pets
    -Fire alarm upgrade for kitchen hoods

    New skills:
    -Scuba diving
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    Windows that open and close and doors that you can leave open
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