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TS4 Freetime pack - Ideas, thoughts and stuff

Mak27Mak27 Posts: 168 Member
edited April 5 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
Type of pack: Expansion or Game pack, depending of how much content is included

Trailer music:



-Handcrafter: sims enjoy making new crafting items using the pack items
-Atlantean: sims can talk with fishes

New aspiration for creativity: Master of crafters

New aspiration for knowledge:
-Son/Daughter of cosmos

New aspiration for food:
-Oven hands

New aspiration for creativity:
-Marmol foot

New items:
-Sewing machine (manual and electric)
-Pottery wheel (adults and children)
-Glassblowing station
-Sculping station
-Ballet barre
-Pizza/clay oven
-Telescopes (3 models, based in TS2 and TS3)

Misc gameplay elements:
-Composting bin returns to store and sell fertilizer
-Sims can clean their swimming pools with a net or placing a filter
-Sims now can clean and feed their aquariums

Free updates (BG):
-Delivery man returns to deliver food and orders.
-Playable pets
-Newspaper returns as a suscription service, specially to seniors who can have a nostalgic good moodlet
-Internet bill item and router/access point item needed to connection
-Players can sell all items in household inventories
-Grill lock function, like doors
-Auto roof
-Inside roof view

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