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Sick of the crashing?

LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 69 Member
Hi all,

I've recently been experiencing more crashes than usual. Usually crashes only happened on especially busy community lots, never on my home lot. Today My game started to crash on a relatively sparsely furnished lot in a fresh neighborhood.
I've since cleaned up my files and attempted reapplying my 4gb patch, but I'm not sure if it's helped any. I'm also not sure if I have gotten the patch to apply. I followed the fix tricks from Jessa's video, but idk.

For reference, I have all expansion packs and all stuff packs (excluding M&G) installed from their individual disk copies.

If anyone has any tricks that have decreased the amt of crashing please let me know.


  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,558 Member
    edited April 1
    I'm wondering if you have any lots created while you had a SP installed that might not be installed now. The game will crash if you retain lots in the lots bin and or in a hood if a SP is no longer installed. TS2 can't handle that like TS3 or TS4 can. Also, I tried to apply that 4GB patch to make use of the RAM but I never could get it right and or install it correctly. lol I gave up on that.

    The game rates the video card low since the video card isn't in Maxis old list (TS2) of cards. If it can't put a name and code number on it then they are all rated low. That has a lot to do with crashing in TS2 on newer, better machines. The graphic rule maker can do an ok job with making the game rate the card to med or high etc. but it also doesn't contain a lot of the newer cards and the right configuration. (A list of cards that are newer and set correctly in it's own code). I would suggest you reread their site's explanations and instructions to make sure the Config file has the correct answers to particular questions such as true and or false etc. to see if you missed something setting the card correctly, first. Can't link leefish site.
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  • LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 69 Member
    thanks for your help!

    I don't think the stuff packs could be the problem, since I haven't installed any lots or uninstalled any packs recently.

    I redid my graphics rules maker and fixed a mod that had uninstalled properly. The crashing isn't 100% gone but it's not constant like it was at the time of posting.
  • garapoesgarapoes Posts: 357 Member
    Maybe remove your mods? Do you get the application is crashed one? Are you not playing too long sessions?
    English is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes!
  • LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 69 Member
    Yes, I always get the notif "The Sims 2 has crashed. The application will now terminate."

    When I made this post, my game was crashing almost every 10-ish minutes. Now I can play for a while, but I'm not sure how long a "too long" session would be. I never play for more than 12 hours in a session, and I'd say my average is about 4 hours (ofc assuming no crashes).

    community lots are still particularly risky, no matter how long my game session has been going on. I got around this by making some tiny, bare-bones clothing shops and grocery stores, but I miss being able to take full advantage of the larger lots I've built.

    I noticed the crashing when I downloaded ACR, but when I restarted my game with no CC or mods (basically a fresh install), and played a bit, the crashing was still happening. Admittedly, I don't think I left my home lot enough to check before I actually came to notice the crashes the first time. I reinstalled my mods one by one, and nothing changed for better or worse.

  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,558 Member
    edited April 5
    The mod might not be compatible with some other mods. I don't use any mods like that so I don't know. Skimming over the mod notes I would take out all other mods and test the game, with only that one installed and see if you have a conflict. There used to be a tool to use to see if you had any conflicting mods.

    Or start a new EA folder (drag your current one to the desktop) set your graphics rule config file etc. then add in one mod at a time to see which one is causing a crash. Or if it's actually the vanilla game.

    ETA: I recently had crashing because I did install a mod that changes some of the attraction options in the game. Like glasses are changed to something else etc. But I knew that was the last thing I installed and though it shouldn't be a conflict with some of the mods I have, it does cause crashing sometimes. Don't know why, it shouldn't but that is the last thing I installed before getting any crashing all these years. So, I have to figure it is not compatible for some reason. Some of your mods may also be like that.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

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