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March 26th - Sims 411 Recap

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Sul sul Simmers!

Here is a quick recap of the March 23 Sims 411. You can also hop over to @TheSims for the Sims 411 highlights video! :)

Hot Topics

Will you fix the Bust the Dust kit?

Yes! As of the March 23rd patch update, dust accumulates significantly slower. In the next patch, we’ll further adjust:
  • Earn less simoleons from Dust Bunnies
  • Make Sims want to clean less
When will you add…?

We’ve seen a lot of questions from you about specific pack themes/features and we’ve definitely been taking notes,
but we are not ready to share any specifics yet about future pack themes or features.. Here’s what we want you to know:

We love your ideas and we ourselves would enjoy all those things in the game! What we can say is that highly requested packs and features are always top of mind, especially when we think about what we want to do next.

As soon as these things become more real, we’ll update you here. So... what is needed to make it real?

To bring new content into the game involves many, many processes. We have to take important steps that are a part of the game development process and that often takes time. This time is needed to ensure we meet your expectations and to deliver the best quality. Sometimes there is foundational technology we need to work on and sometimes we need to dig into designs more deeply.

We read a lot of your feedback and our goal is for you to be as excited about our packs and features as we are. We put a lot of heart into everything we do and we try to make as many people happy as we can, but we also know it’s impossible to meet everyone’s expectations.

The great thing is, our game continues to grow and we look forward to delivering awesome packs and features for many more years to come!

Next Patch Sneak Peek

What’s coming

We’re including one updated and one new hairstyle into the next patch update. Both hairs will be available for adults, children and toddlers.

Our approach

We put a lot of effort into delivering the most authentic design to make sure we create hair that is truthful to representation. We did loads of research and took inspiration from real world examples. But we also talked to a variety of people such as our ERGs (Employee Resource Group) and most importantly, to the Game Changers that consulted us on skintones.

Why is the hair red?

During the development process, we use a lighter color - red or orange - because it's easier to better see highlights and shadows when designing the hair. Working with darker colors off the bat can be more difficult because noticing the contrast can be tricky. Once we have the hair completed, we translate it into the different colors and adjust the levels from there.

Is this a replacement for the big afro?

The tight curls hairstyle is not a replacement for the big afro. A lot of love is currently being put into that one which is coming later.

What will it look like?

Take a look at the concept art of the updated and the new hairstyle below. Please note,these concept arts are work in progress and do not represent what you’ll see in-game.

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