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Friday, March 19 - Hello Spring!



  • BookBearBookBear Posts: 320 Member
    MJemma wrote: »
    Hello!! I’m a uni student studying The Gaming Community! I’ve made a 2-minute survey (10 questions) and it would help a fellow gamer out if you could give it a go! It’s centered around the negative attitudes in the community so if you have anything you want to share then here is an opportunity!
    So many thank you’s if you do take the time xxxxxx

    Is there any way others can see the results? I took it and it seems cool.
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    Account shared by 2 sisters, I'm the oldest and the only forum user :blush:
    If it's good with bad spelling my sis made it, if it's junk with good spelling I did.
  • EA_LeelooEA_Leeloo Posts: 1,858 EA Community Manager
    The weather is super nice today - that reminded me that I hadn't looked into this thread in forever! That cannot fly. :sweat_smile: On the plus side, I got back to so many new amazing posts! :heart:

    @mlnov39 It looks like your Sims has a proper 'green thumb'! 🌱🌼

    @Hearts4u What an adorable scene! How did the remodeling go!? 😃

    @Movotti Oh no, 'mud season' is definitely not nearly as pleasant as spring. 😐 Especially the spider part ..............................................

    @Simst3r Brrr, that looks like proper April weather! 😮 Hopefully, the rain and thunderstorms stopped eventually!

    @alanmichael1 So nice and serene! I wouldn't mind spending my spring like that, by the pool! 😄

    @showmesunset At least someone seems to enjoy mud season, eh? 🦗 He's living his best life!

    @2792_SnOw That is a great thing to do! Meditating while the sun tickles your nose must do wonders for your wellness!
    How did your Easter celebrations go? Did your Sim kids go on an egg hunt? 😊

    @Alys_Parina That sounds just lovely and quite eventful! 😄 But as you said, spring is all about change and renewal - of which you had plenty!

    @MJemma Like @BookBear said, that's so interesting! 🙂 Just make sure that no identifying details are being shared if you make any results accessible.

    And in general, for everyone taking surveys, please make sure that you are always careful with the information you share!

  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,703 Member
    The spiders are ok. So long as your home isn't being invaded by Sydney Funnelwebs, or Redbacks... Wolf-spiders and Huntsmen are mostly harmless.
    It's pretty dry here now. We had a state wide dust storm this week. The weather has been so freaking weird lately, that we're having winter-flowering, and summer-flowering plants all in bloom at the same time. Torrential rain one week, then dust a couple of weeks later, bushfires to the south, and a forecast of perfectly mild weather for the next week.

    I wish the game allowed us to play with the seasons more. It'd be nice if we could have more control over what weather events occur within a season. Snow in winter is so unrealistic for 95% of this country.
  • Hearts4uHearts4u Posts: 787 Member
    edited April 15
    @Hearts4u What an adorable scene! How did the remodeling go!? 😃

    I spent a lot of time on this family's home. So, the more I looked at the twins' room; I just could not change it because I always liked it.

    So, I went to another family who lives in San Myshuno that has twins and remodeled their room. Corbin and Adan always wanted bunk beds and now they have them.

    They fight less because they both have top bunks. Plus, nothing like reading under the covers.

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