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WCIF mods to make the Sims 2 a more difficult game

garapoesgarapoes Posts: 357 Member
edited March 15 in The Sims 2
Hello all, I already have a few but I'm curious if there are more mods. My Sims are continu in a platinum aspiration.

I already have:
- more dangerous fires
- slower LTA gain
- shorter lifespan
- more expensive service NPC's
- I don't use aspiration rewards
- every woohoo is a try for baby
- families live together so for example Burb lives with Pleasant and Goth lives with Lothario and Caliente in 1 household. Saves me some playthroughs of every single houshold.
- no 20k handout
English is not my first language so sorry if I make any mistakes!


  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,558 Member
    edited March 16
    Why not just use a few cheats in the game? I think you reduce the family money right? I use familyfunds cheat to cheat income to zero on a vacant lot. Nothing on it. Survive the best you can. No job, no money, no nothing. I have built community lots where they can go to eat, nap, take a shower, etc. A shelter for the homeless, but they can't live there. I don't sell/delete the pc Humble brings..I make the Sim give it to another townie etc. (Don't open it, give it as a gift). Nothing.

    I wonder how many would finally break down and go ahead and buy something for the home lot? Such as a grill, or an outdoor toilet, (custom) and or couch or bed, or make the Sim at least work at a bar or sell coffee or work a temp DJ? I don't last long and finally cave before the Sim dies off. lol Total vacant, nothing but the newspaper, day after day. >:)

    It's especially fun with kids and toddlers (eight) on the completely vacant lot. :D

    MTS used to have a few, I haven't looked for them in years.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

  • LogicallyironicLogicallyironic Posts: 69 Member
    IDK if this is exactly what your looking for, but autonomous casual romance (ACR) is a mod I swear by for its realism. It mostly makes playing romance sims difficult (my main is romance atm), because I have to be strategic about where my sim is and who I'm with. It makes me extra paranoid when going out for dates, mostly because I'm scared some random bf will come running up and obliviously make out with my sim while some other boo is watching. It's also just a hilarious mod overall, such as when my sim's professor came running up to serenade him while he was on a date with his fiance.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,558 Member
    edited March 19
    Another way to make the game harder is not to fill any wants or to do anything in to raise mood, or fill any part of an aspiration. They go into aspiration failure. To remove all comforts, and electronics, and other things. Maybe try locking a few in an empty room. No windows because they gain comfort from auto looking out windows. You can do this with one Sim in one room locked if you want to continue playing the rest of them. Aspiration failure is probably the most fun thing to do in TS2 for deviant play. Otherwise it can be as hard or easy as you want the game to be, because Sims care about room sizes, light from windows, and types of windows, wallpaper and floors (expensive makes them happier) but they can also be very happy in small rooms, decorated so it's really all up to you if you baby and coddle them or not.

    Those outgoing Sims need socialization, why not take some of that away? No mods necessary.
    Active Sims need more food. Hunger is a good motivator.
    Neat Sims will clean and be very happy, why not take away that fun by not letting them clean anything.
    If they have nothing to do they play Kicky Bag, if no one is the room, they can't play it. :D
    If they are bored and or need social or fun, they relax on beds to fill those fun, no comfort, no sleep.
    Art and decorations are fun for TS2 Sims, zero objects to look at equals no fun.
    Chance cards can demote or get Sims fired..try a few.
    Cheating Sims can ruin lives and relationships for weeks. Don't let anyone apologize or try to rebuild the relationship if you enjoy fights.
    Grumpy Sims are mean to other Sims, sometimes they cause fights.
    Popular Sims want more friends why not cause some of them to lose friendships (this is not that possible anymore after BF or BFFs) It won't work.
    Why not fill some fears..those are fun.
    No money equals the repo man coming to take things away. Don't pay the bills, and don't let Sims auto pay them.
    Burning food is a good gossip topic. Let Sims cook harder foods under 'Make' instead of Serve, to see if they can start fires or burn food..with zero skills. Have them make something they never have learned to cook.
    Objects in TS2 equals happier Sims..such as a cheap stove can only fill the hunger to 4...a nice stove fills hunger faster, and for longer because it has 10 points, cheap stuff makes them hungry sooner, or need more rest in cheap beds, have to sleep longer and have to sit more often due to lack of comfort. Take away the nicer furniture and appliances with higher points, because all those work faster and last longer for the Sim's mood.

    They are dozens of ways to make the game harder for your Sim.
    "Games Are Not The Place To Tell Stories, Games Are Meant To Let People Tell Their Own Stories"...Will Wright.

  • peterskywalkerpeterskywalker Posts: 525 Member
    Slower skill and badge game by simer90 (skills and badges take twice as long to gain)
    Simer90 mood mod (low aspiration decreases mood, easy to edit in simpe)
    Simler90 job mod (only get promotion 25% of time when requirements met, easy to mod in simpe)
    Cynon harder homework ( homework takes longer for sims, especially if they are playful.
    True Love
    Terrific Family Play
    Too fun
    The sims 2 forever
  • nanashi-simsnanashi-sims Posts: 4,103 Member
    job stopper mod (lock your sims in a lower paying job for normalcy)
    pay for private school
    mod add-ons for risky whoohoo, risky runaway, and other realistic pregnancy scenarios
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