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Who wants to be the Last Sim on Earth? (A Challenge!)

VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
Hi! I’ve been gone for so long I’m sure none of y’all remember me.

I come with an offering of Something to Do. I've had this rattling around in my head for a long time, and finally decided to give it a shot. This may be better suited to the Stories and Legacies section? But I didn’t want to combo-break all those fine tales with a half-formed idea.

Stop me if this has been done before...

I know the Apocalypse Challenge exists. The Last Sim On Earth challenge has a similar premise - some world-ending calamity - but a different focus. It’s not about being stinky and starving (I mean unless you want to be. Go ahead.) This is about being the last sim standing. Silent streets and empty buildings. The looming threat of dying alone, and all humanity has built crumbling to dust behind you. About trying to build a new society out of scrap and rubble so that something will continue on before you go.

It’s basically the Monster Maker lifetime wish dialed up to 11.

So here's the first rough draft of the rules, as I'm playtesting them:

To Begin:

Start with a lone starter sim. Any appearance, traits, and LTW you want. Occults are fine. Whatever lifespan you enjoy playing on.

Start on any world you want, but it must be depopulated and emptied. You can have hollowed out building shells set to No Visitors Allowed if you want, but - at the beginning - only these community lots and rabbitholes are allowed to be placed:
  • Science Lab - You can achieve the challenge goal through many methods, but a good laboratory is a key path to several of them.
  • City Hall - To gain access to the NRaas mods (I can't play without them).
  • Library - the town may be empty, but you've got a treasure trove of books! (May contain a Vault of Antiquity if you like)
  • Junkyard - one thing you have a lot of in an empty world is scrap material.
  • Cemetery - One with actual ghosts in it is HIGHLY recommended!
  • Parks - Just basegame parks. No Showtime venues or festival grounds, yet.
  • Beaches
  • Fishing Holes
  • Dive lots
  • Tombs

You may place any spawners you like around town. You’re going to need those raw materials.

You can live in as nice a house as you want. Who's gonna tell the last sim on earth that they can't take over a mansion and drive a Bugatti?

Your Sim's goal from this starting point is:
  1. Repopulate the town with 30 adult residents.
  2. Have children being born in inactive households.

With no other (living) humans left, there are a few ways to go about this:
  • Befriend and restore the ghosts of the dead
  • Create SimBots and PlumBots (PlumBots must have the Sentience trait chip to count)
  • Dig up canopic jars and summon Mummies.
  • Befriend visiting aliens and mermaids and invite them to stay.
  • Make imaginary friends real.
  • Use lifetime rewards to find a dusty old lamp, working cloning vat in the science lab, etc.

You may NOT
  • Interact with any human NPCs anywhere, anywhen. This means no travel to populated destinations, no calling for services, no chatting up cops in the park. Sadly the game won't let you do away with certain role Sims entirely, so you must instead pretend they don't exist.

Rebuilding civilization:

Along with the starter lots, you may build as many residential homes as you like, and move your new residents into them at your own pace as you build, befriend, and summon them.

As your population reaches certain milestones, new community lot types become available, bringing with them all the services and entertainment you imagine when you think “civilization”. You’re by no means obligated to place all these, but the minimum goals to unlock are as follows:

Adopted a pet of the appropriate type:
You may commemorate your new friendship by building:
  • Dog Park
  • Cat Jungle
  • Horse Ranch

At least 2 households, first child born:
You may open a school

At least 5 adult residents and 2 households:
A few neighbors can begin to trade with one another. You may now open:
  • Bookstore
  • Grocery
  • Consignment Store

At least 10 adult residents and 4 households:
As a community begins to form, businesses offering more than daily necessities and spare junk start to pop up. Your neighbors rebuild community spaces. You may now place:
  • Bistro/Diner
  • Hospital
  • Bot Emporium
  • Elixir Consignment Store
  • Gym
  • Pool
  • Hangout (regular or Supernatural)
  • Fire Station
  • Laundromat
  • Pet Store
  • Fortune Teller's Wagon

At least 20 adult residents in 8 households
You're starting to form a society again, for better or worse. There's now a need for order and rule enforcement, and you have enough neighbors to gather a crowd for a show. Your community is big enough for:
  • Abandoned warehouse
  • Military Base
  • Police Department
  • Office Building
  • Stadium
  • Theater
  • Bars of all types
  • Arboretum
  • Academy
  • Salon
  • Your Parks may become show venues
  • Coffeehouse, Live and Private show venues

20 adults, and at least 2 households have horses:
Show off your riding skills at a rebuilt Equestrian Center

20 adults, at least 2 households contain PlumBots:
Battle your Bots in the new PlumBot Competition Arena

At least 30 adult residents across 12 households
Your community thrives now! All the trappings of commerce and culture begin to reappear. Luxuries become available as there are enough sims to cater to niche interests. You may now place any and all lot types, including:
  • Spa
  • Art Gallery
  • University expansion hangouts
  • Dance clubs and Lounges
  • Big show venue
  • Film Studio
  • Resort
  • Festival Grounds
  • Nectary
  • Stellar Observatory

Other questions regarding gameplay for the last sim on earth:

Can I have a subway or LLAMA networks?
LLAMA network magic still works, and if you're the last sim on earth, there's nothing to stop you from driving the train if that's how you want to get around. These can be placed and used for travel.

What about pets?
You may befriend and adopt strays, but the pet adoption service (as well as any other phone or computer based service) is no longer available.

What about jobs?
There are no jobs for the last sim on earth. Money can’t buy you friends, so you can use money cheats if you want. Your new residents, however, may have careers according to their interests and available rabbitholes.

Money cheats are okay? Awesome! What about other cheats?
You can use any that don't contribute to the creation of new residents. You can, for example, reset the burglar (he shouldn't exist anyway!) or shove puddingface mermaids into CAS and give them a makeover. But you can’t use cheats to, for example, drag relationship bars up with other Sims to more quickly invite them to move in, or make your needs static so you can grind sim-building skills on fast-forward.

Same ruling as cheats. In fact, I have a few recommendations that will make your experience better:
  • Mods to remove the "A ghost/SimBot/Mummy!" reaction are encouraged if you're planning on having them as residents. There are a couple options on Mod the Sims, and NRaas Retuner can be made to do this with a bit of fiddling.
  • NRaas Register to get rid of tourists and paparazzi, and make it so that any cash registers or mixology bars are staffed with locals.
  • If your ghosts like to flee the graveyard before you can say hi, NRaas GoHere will make them stay put.
  • Ani’s No Fridge Shopping can help hammer home the lack of basic services. No more magically materializing produce. My founder must garden and fish if she wants to eat, until she can gather enough residents to open a grocery store.

Ambrosia? Curative elixirs to turn occult sims human?

I've found someone I can have babies with! Are there any rules for kids?
Children must age up at a natural pace. You can use birthday cakes only on their birthday. Also, per the lot type restrictions, you cannot build a school until there are at least 2 households in your community (otherwise, who are you sending them off to learn from?) There are no boarding schools.

Oh no, my founder died! Now what?
I hope they didn't die alone! If the town has at least one other resident, they can pick up the task of rebuilding where the founder left off. The task of building a new society can be a multigenerational one, and anyone can be your "heir".

Okay, I’ve got 30 adult residents and some new babies around town. Now what?
Congratulations! You win! Your sims can rest, knowing that they have rebuilt a new society out of the ruins of the old. I hope you took a bunch of screenshots along the way, to show off your weird and wonderful town as it formed.

Gosh, that’s a lot of words.

Are you still reading?

What do you think?

Playtest Household storytime to follow.
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  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
    Okay, playtest!

    So I'm about 2 sim-weeks in at this point.

    I picked the gorgeous and desolate custom world of Windtal, starting with a reasonable and somewhat shabby house for my founder.

    The town I build here will be Old West flavored, with lots of peeling paint and faded wood. Outhouses instead of bathrooms and hitching posts instead of car parking. Maybe this humanity-ending catastrophe took long enough for a dwindling society to regress a bit.

    For now, the town is pretty empty.

    Into this, I have plopped my founder, Eva Arkwright. Brave, Eccentric, Gatherer, Friendly, Lucky. Lifetime Wish: Monster Maker. She's perfect for the job.

    I set my lifespan to Long, so she's got time, but not forever. I've got plenty of relic spawners around town for mummies, but no ocean, so no mermaids. Future objects would be out of place here, so no Plumbots.

    SimBots, however, are her #1 priority right now.

    And when she's not hard at work tinkering with scrap, I've placed not one but two graveyards stocked with about 50 ghosts between them, so there's plenty of dead people to bring back.

    She's already befriended one of them. Her urn now rests on Eva's end table, just waiting for the Oh My Ghost! Opportunity to pop.

    Late nights with the telescope have also already succeeded in getting Eva abducted by aliens within the first 2 weeks.

    No alien baby, though. Drat! Maybe next time.

    To help alleviate the crushing loneliness, she also set out a "dogs plz" sign in her front yard, and soon enough a stray visitor appeared.

    Her new friend, Buddy, is already an elder without a lot of time left, but he'll get to spend the rest of his days warm and loved, and hopefully help find her some pink diamonds and palladium for her experiments..

  • ParyPary Posts: 6,774 Member
    I remember you and I really like the look of this challenge, I'll give it a go after I choose a world to play it in :)
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  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    edited March 11
    @VexingQuery - Last Sim on Earth sounds like an interesting twist on that post-apocalyptic landscape. If you really want to give it a twist (you can't do it in game, but you can install Burnt Waffles Dystopian skies to get that really Post-Apocalyptic feel..) .and when it rains... mentally, you make it a stipulation that you have five minutes sim-time to make it inside your house: you have to be inside within that time or you lose the game because you just died of radiation poisoning - (nuclear fallout) which really limits your ability to hunt and gather stuff. ~evil smirk~ That's gonna really make it a major challenge. I'm presuming that there is no time-limit to this challenge.
    If you're outside and you see these clouds...and see snow or rain falling... you got five minutes...or you're dead...(you just lost the game). :evil grin: Better head for the shower when you get inside too. After one full year (four full seasons; 28 days per season) you can take the Dystopian Skies mod out (skies have cleared - whether you have ultra high UV radiation... can be your choice.
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

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  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
    edited March 12
    @Nikkei_Simmer Those sky presets look great! I wish there was a mod that would turn getting rained on into a deadly moodlet.

    I toyed with the idea of having some "hardcore mode" bonus rules for people who really want to make their sims' lives difficult. Forcing them to seek and remain in shelter because all precipitation is toxic would be a fun way to spice up those resource-gathering excursions.

    Eva would 100% die, though. I'm not allowing her to own a car (where's she gonna find gasoline?) or a TV (who's broadcasting?) so she'd have no way of knowing the afternoon forecast and would definitely get caught out in some weather unless I modified my outdoor lots to all have some sort of shelter.

    It'd be a fun rule for a sim trying to rebuild in an abandoned city though!
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
    edited March 13
    Okay, so, QUICK QUESTION!

    Traveling to the future via the ITTF time portal is a no-go. A future full of ordinary humans you can conveniently disappear off to, and come back with new household members or unborn children? Continuity Issues. You don't know if humanity has a future yet.

    But what about the Ambitions Time Machine, which allows you to travel into the past?

    Using the Ambitions Time Machine also has a small chance of your sim returning with surprise kids.

    Asking for a friend...

  • carlystur03carlystur03 Posts: 414 Member
    The only way I know of for a sim coming back from the Ambitions time machine with your sim is if you try for baby inside it, but maybe I'm wrong.
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
    edited March 13
    @carlystur03 It is 100% possible for a single sim to jump into a time machine and come out with a kid.

    In fact, shortly after that screenshot was taken, this little brat popped out and made himself at home:


    Unfortunately, as I was debating with myself about whether or not his existence was allowed, and growing attached to the little guy because he was a Neat Genius and made his own bed, washed his own dishes, and politely rolled wishes about playing chess... my game crashed.

    My last save point was before Eva had jumped into the time machine, so he was promptly erased from existence.

  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,451 Member
    Yeah, that's what happened in my Sims 3 play also. I hade my Sims 3 Doctor Who Time Travel into the past many, many times & then out of nowhere when he came back into the present so did his SURPRISE Daughter. She doesn't even have a mother. Way too cool. :D
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,895 Member
    edited March 14
    @VexingQuery - I tend to do narrative stories and not challenges, and I have an Apocalyptic Narrative story based on the TV series JAG. - The Mushroom Cloud Chronicles - Sunset Valley.
    I tend to like nuking Sunset Valley since simcookie made a post-apocalyptic Sunset Valley that I utilize afterwards. I do like doing the "back-story" of a post-apocalyptic world prior to annihilation.

    Maybe one of these days when I get good with making CAW worlds, I'll make a before and after-nuclear devastation set of worlds that players can download for their story-lines. ONE of these days...
    Nikkei_Simmer's Sims 3 Blog - For more Sims 3 stories...

    "The only conceivable use for a vampire is as a sharpened stick tester." ~ Haruo Chikamori, werewolf
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
    edited March 15
    @Nikkei_Simmer Oh I get you 100%. That used to be me too, with a mods folder full of cool poses, and community lots built to double as set pieces. I can appreciate using this old game as a tool to tell stories with.

    Though I've seen "you're the last person on earth" out there as a writing prompt on the internet more than once.

    I'm a little too casual for that now, but living a normal suburban dream wasn't holding me either. So? Challenge.

    Speaking of..


    I fed my elderly dog a Young Again potion, and then got him the pony he always wanted (no really there was one wild horse he was smitten with). Cramming my sim with 8 levels of Riding books and then chasing horses around wasted a good week of my time, but you know what? Worth it.


    Other residents: ...1 (pitiful), but with more incoming!

    One alien finally stopped by to say hello, instead of just abducting Eva and dumping her back in her front yard a couple hours later after a thorough probing. What a gentleman! He was an elder, and very close to the end of his life at that, which I… wasn’t thrilled about, but the last sim on earth takes what she gets!


    I talked him into joining me on this desolate wasteland, which he was surprisingly willing to do, and then immediately set him to work at the chemistry table.

    And that was all he did until he came up with that wondrous pink juice that will give a sim their youth back.


    There, muuuuch better.

    He’s a charmer. Bookish, artistic, irresistible… but there won’t be any half-alien babies. Yet. Story Progression has declared, "nah, they both gay."


    As for the rest...

    Mummies 8 canopic jars and 4 Sarcophagus of Kings fragments in inventory. I'd have my sarcophagus built already, but I’m a nitwit and forgot that fragments only come from fragment spawners and had to add a few to my town, several weeks in.

    Ghosts: 3 at Friend+, whose graves are on my lot, waiting for the Oh My Ghost! Opportunity to pop.

    Soft-hearted hippie boy who loves dogs:


    Sweet shy sporty girl.


    Brilliant doctor who has a husband and three kids still in the graveyard (hey could you move? I'm cooking here!)


    SimBots: Inventing mastered, pink diamond and palladium in inventory, and a pocket full of life fruit seeds that will be planted at the upgraded house I’m currently building. Just waiting for the opportunity to pop.

    It was rough going! There was one cold winter day I sent her off to the scrapyard to gather more materials, and she finally returned scorched, stinking, hungry, and promptly collapsed from hypothermia. Poor girl almost got herself killed in the name of resurrecting civilization!


    … the lack of popping opportunities worries me. I've played 4 full sim weeks, and gotten *zero* opportunity calls. None. I know this can be a bug for people with ITTF, and I've tried to add a mod that fixes it, but it didn't work. I tried fiddling with Retuner, but if that would fix the problem, I can’t find the right bit to flip.

    I'm going to see what happens when I get my Mummies/aliens running around and, if having a few residents doesn't change things, I'm afraid I'll be forced to cheat and manually trigger the opportunity calls. :/

    At least I'm still doing all the work!

    Definitely glad I'm doing this on Long.
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  • KkffooKkffoo Posts: 38 Member
    @VexingQuery loving the updates!
    "doing this on the long" seems to be a theme for me, even then I wonder if my sims might die before their (my) goal is achieved!
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
    edited March 23
    Long lifespan has always been my favorite. It's enough time to do everything I want a sim to do, and usually accumulate at least one life-extending skill (cooking ambrosia, brewing a fountain of youth elixir, mixing up young again potions) if I would just rather they become immortal.

    Speaking of doing what I want sims to do...

    Week 6, Day 1 update!

    I'm gonna spoiler most of it because there's about a dozen pictures.

    AAAAA everything is happening at once!

    Only played through one sim-week since last post, because I've been busy building a bigger house. One with lots more room for incoming new residents to crash in while I get them set up for their new lives.


    Turns out it's a good thing I did! I was just about to need it!

    So Eva's new alien housemate, Sezzad, is fascinated with human culture, and wants to collect and preserve its relics in a private museum as his lifetime wish. Since digging for and displaying relics isn't something inactive Sims get to do, I decided to keep him around until his wish was completed. Because I'm nice like that.


    And also because he's a really cool dude.


    Between his hard work and the whims of fate, over a 2-day period, at the end of week 5, my Last Sims on Earth got…

    The final Sarcophagus of Kings fragment! (Plus several more canopic jars). Time for Mummies!


    Berjepi, who’s... actually super nice! He’s charming, and good-hearted, kinda flirtatious, and totally wants to run this whole crazy town one day. Just... try to look past his being a dry dusty corpse.


    And Nosylla, who’s a lovely (if dead and bandaged) person whose mind isn’t quite what it used to be after several millennia spent dormant. She just wants to hang out in the kitchen and cook all those things she didn’t get to eat while disassembled and buried in jars..


    (Okay SERIOUSLY, Aliens? Seriously?)


    Also FINALLY got the call that's the first step in learning to craft SimBots. Full of inspiration and brilliant ideas, Eva rushed over to the lab (cleverly disguised as a ratty old abandoned mine building) with a nugget of palladium in her pocket…


    And now she's just waiting for her life fruit plants to mature.


    And then the next day, I FINALLY got my Oh My Ghost! call, so I suppose while Eva was tinkering in that old abandoned lab, she discovered some fascinating equipment, that will allow her to restore the ghosts of the dead.

    Lucas and Sylvia, now back in the land of the living, seem to be getting along…


    Meanwhile, we had another friendly alien visitor stop by, so Eva and Sezzad are hard at work making nice and convincing him to join their strange household.


    Sezzad seems to be making a, uhm, pretty persuasive case.


    Look at all my weird and lovely new housemates!

    This time last week, it was just Eva and one geriatric alien I was racing to save before he died.

    Now we have one resident alien, 2 summoned mummies, and 2 restored ghosts!


    Next up: build a few new houses for these guys, so they can get to their new lives, my town can get an economy going, and I can get started on the next batch of neighbors.

    This challenge just went from looking harder than I thought, to looking extremely doable and a lot of fun.

    BRB, building!

  • PuddinroyPuddinroy Posts: 4,165 Member
    @VexingQuery: Great updates. :)
    :) Smile!

  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
    Week 6, Day 6

    Adult Sims: 7
    Households: 5

    With the opening of a grocery and a bookstore, a town begins to form.


    Within which now live (... relatively speaking) 7 sims, who have succeeded in forming 4 different hookups between them in 5 days.

    I took pictures.

    Behind the spoiler's about a dozen shots of sims doing sim-things. There's smooching.
    At this point, most of my first set of residents are moved out and settling into their new lives.

    A couple likely pairs immediately formed before everyone dispersed from the old bunkhouse. My first two ghosts, Lucas and Sylvia, started making googly eyes at each other the moment they emerged from their graves.


    Sweet looks quickly turned into wandering hands.


    And they continue to love on each other while left to the tender mercies of Story Progression. Will they be the parents of my town's first child?


    Meanwhile, Story Progression made all my aliens and mummies gay as diamond studded rainbows. I've got my straight/bi/gay percentages set to 50/30/20, so I dunno how I got 1/1/5. But it means I've got 3 MLMs to match up.

    So, since I'm still keeping him in the household, I let Sezzad choose a paramour for himself before I sent the other two boys to their own homes. It was a tough call, but inevitably he hooked up with Xias.


    And I was all set to enjoy a bunch of adorable dates with my two gayliens while I worked on Sezzad's lifetime wish, but as soon as he was left unsupervised, that little extraterrestrial tart jumped straight into that charismatic, great-kissing, ancient mummy boy Berjepi's arms!


    Sorry, Sezzie, turns out you're just the side piece. :'(

    So, 2 happy pairings, 1 soon to be broken heart. Eva now lives with her dog, a horse, and these two.


    … but what about Eva, anyway? Hard-working Eva, who’s spent nearly all her young adult years alone in an empty town, digging through rubble, chasing ghosts, getting abducted by aliens, only to get a "thanks for existence, I'll see you around!" as everyone pairs off and runs away around her?


    Well, Nosylla? She's not about to run off like that. The first thing she did, when she emerged from her sarcophagus after untold centuries of slumber, was look at that bright, determined lady standing in front of her and swoon.


    She’s a simple mummy. She loves good company and good food. She wants to learn to make all the food.


    She spends her days tending the greenhouse, and fishing in the desert’s few tiny water sources to keep the pantry stocked for her culinary experiments.


    She stayed when the others left, because she knows a dish she wants to try when she sees it.


    I mean, to be fair, the feeling has been extremely mutual. It would seem Eva isn't about to let a few layers of bandages stand between her and true love.


    So, yeah. Get it, girls!


    Next up: Eva completes her Mystery Invention, and has herself a birthday. Will a midlife crisis throw a wrench into the gears of her unceasing work?
  • VexingQueryVexingQuery Posts: 2,155 Member
    Week 8, day 1

    Adult Sims: 12
    Households: 8
    Babies!: 1

    The entire adult population (plus one non-resident Alien friend), gathered together to celebrate Snowflake Day, Week 7:


    The town around them is growing! To our grocery and book stores we’ve added a hospital, a diner, a schoolhouse, more housing, and a work in progress that will be a consignment shop:


    A small neighborhood of adobe-ish houses near the old cemetery is springing up, too.


    As for what everyone’s been getting themselves into...

    Ghostly neighbors Lucas and Sylvia have been busy little lovesick bunnies, wasting no time in giving my town its first baby, and already have another on the way.


    And, after much deliberation about the whole Alien-Mummy-Alien love triangle situation, I decided to let love win, turned off Jealousy for poly groups, sent Sezzad to seduce Berjepi, and allowed my boys to live their best life.


    As for Eva and her life’s work..

    Happy birthday to youuu…
    Happy birthday to youuu…

    I've got my ages set to 42 days each at YA/A, so at the first day of week 7, Eva hit mid-life.


    No crisis, though. Whew! She might not have hit all the traditional milestones of getting married, having children, or moving up in a career, but Eva's accomplished a lot toward leaving her mark on the world.

    You've done good, Eva. Keep it up!

    Birthday festivities dealt with, time to finish that special project sitting on her scrap bench.



    I will name her Charlotte, and she loves painting. And photography. Let her go forth, and create works of art out of this post-apocalyptic world.


    With Charlotte built and two Mummies summoned, that's 3 official “monsters” made! Eva’s lifetime wish should be complete, but there's no resting on those laurels. Her rebuilt society is still only a small handful of people, with so much further to go…

    Helpfully, word has gotten out in the netherworld that Eva has been resurrecting the dead. Wandering souls greet her eager for a second chance at life (okay, she's just got Charisma high enough to instantly be Friends with anyone she meets). With a lot of dead to choose from now, I've picked four more ghosts to set loose in my town.

    Jana Moor, Noel Lemons, Larissa Blackburn, and Emilo Carranza… welcome to... the town!


    … the town?

    That sounds lame. I need a town name.

    Emilio is Mean-spirited and Larissa is Hot-headed. So for a couple days, while they roomed in the bunkhouse as their houses got built, my halls were filled with shouting.


    A couple days of a very busy house.


    With zero privacy.


    So as soon as I got my Snowflake Day group photo, the ghosts were scattered to live their lives. Sezzad is soon to follow them: He’s a single relic away from completing his LTW.

    That’ll give the girls a chance to spend a few days all to themselves, for the first time since they met.


    And they know exactly how they want to spend it.

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