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Share your most traditional and least traditional women sims!

mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 1,510 Member
Inspired by @Simmerville 's survey about cooking :)

Who is your most traditional and least traditional woman sim? Including any trans and non-binary sims who feel they would be part of this.
Would love to see pictures too.

And happy international women's day.
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  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,803 Member
    edited March 2021
    I will go into my game and find more later, since I play mostly lady sims and I do have a diverse selection, but for now I thought I'd share my main couple, Rose and Carrie. Not really sure what category they would fall under - they're both basically super sims (almost all skills maxed and almost all reward traits), but they aren't occults or anything and don't have a crazy story. They're just two ladies very much in love, with two daughters and a cat and a dog.

  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,391 Member

    Heh, to me it's her. She (Veera) is usually in all my saves, only playable in 2 of them :)

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,803 Member
    @Ellupelluellu Veera is looking especially gorgeous in that screenshot :)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,391 Member
    @Ellupelluellu Veera is looking especially gorgeous in that screenshot :)
    Thank you :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
  • Amj1995Amj1995 Posts: 4,067 Member
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    Happy International Women's Day!

    I think this is my least traditional women sim, Anissa, I've played so far anyway. She is very athlete, but still a girly girl. Currently she is at the top of the Athlete career and will probably quit soon to do the bodybuilder route and become a personal trainer. She is also the first woman heir of her family, with that she kept her last name when she got married.


    Her mom, Meaghan, was probably the most traditional. She was a stay-at-home mom. She cooked and cleaned. She even started taking up knitting. She even had a group with other mom's when she would get bored because she never really left the house.

  • GordyGordy Posts: 2,134 Member
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    My most traditional sim is easily Homura Aiba.
    She's a stay-at-home mom who makes flower arrangements, while her husband is a fisherman and handy-man. She's thinking of expanding her business outside the home, but right now, she's focused on raising her twin toddlers.

    She takes after her mom, Mieru. They're both spellcasters. But while Mieru chose to stay at home to study and perfect magic, Homura isn't interested in magic and prefers to focus on her family.

    And my least traditional (that I can post on the forums without breaking any rules) would be Mara Stellar. She's the wife of Homura's nephew.
    Mara is a teen mermaid who lived on a deserted island in Sulani. With the help of the community, she was able to make a steady homestead and live off the grid. She saved a castaway and eventually married him. They moved to Glimmerbrook to start a family, which is a huge change for her. While she never fully adapted to living in the woods (and in a haunted house), she was able to find a successful career as an actress.

    She didn't pay as much attention to her children, since she was busy with her career. But now that she's less active in film (she mostly sticks to commercials now), she makes time to see her grandchildren and teach them how to fish.

    I don't have any pictures, but I also had a sim named Emma. She inherited her father's business and empire. But through working with the criminal underbelly of the sims world, she was able to spread her influence to other towns and eventually take over StrangerVille. She had kids and grandkids; while she loves dearly and spoils them constantly, she also places them in arranged marriages with notable or beautiful/talented people to keep up appearances.
  • aaronrulzaaronrulz Posts: 3,952 Member
    I needed a power woman for my new save. Loving her!

  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 1,742 Member
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    My most traditional female Sim is Phoebe Singleton. She's basically an old fashioned woman who loves knitting, cleaning, cooking, gardening and more than anything else she wants many children with her husband-to-be Scrubs De Reve.

    Another lady who probably is not considered traditional by a lot of people, but I think she is. She's a trans woman called Angel Reyes. She's still a male in CAS, but she's much more traditional than most of my other female Sims. She's an actress who wants to have a family and be a housewife some day.

    I have a lot of non-traditional female Sims. Kim Yorke is one of them. She's a serial romantic alien who just wants to seduce men and she doesn't care for traditional roles. Whatever (or whomever) she wants, she gets.

    Another non-traditional female is my criminal boss Olivia Moon. She's the boss in her career and in her household. She attacks vampires and even Bob Pancakes is scared of her. :D

    Also my mixologist Susanna Rinehart is very non-traditional female. She has an adopted teenage son, but she's never been a traditional mom. She even took her teen son to a tattoo parlor and let him get a septum piercing. The last time I played with her household she just proposed to her girlfriend Yasmin (Susanna is the blonde tattooed woman).
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,803 Member
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    I'm back with some more ladies - posted under spoilers since I decided to share a few :)

    Marin Keyes - traditional mother
    Marin is probably one of my more traditional sims that I play. She was actually the first sim I ever made for this game :) She is now a mother of 4 (2 boys and 2 girls), and while she does stay home with the kids, she also does do some freelance writing as well.

    Here she is with her two daughters, thought I'd include them since this thread is all about the ladies after all :)

    Brittany Schulz - my resident Regina George
    Another sim I'd classify as more traditional - she's your classic high school mean girl, and also happens to be dating Marin's oldest son.


    Fabiola Moreno and Deirdre Keyes - love has no age gap
    Another connection to the first sim I posted actually - Deirdre is Marin's sister-in-law. These two came to be since I wanted to do some more diverse couples in my game, so I ended up with a lesbian YA/elder couple, and I ended up adoring them. Fabiola is the YA, and Deirdre is the elder. They are perfect for each other, and it was really fun to have one of my elder sims get married and find happiness later in her life.


    Kai Markus and Zira Ripley - their love is out of this world
    Kai is truly a gender enigma. I have a few non-binary sims, but Kai is my favorite. Kai is a teen who uses they/them pronouns, and is dating another teen in my game, Zira Ripley, an alien. Here they are slow dancing on Sixam. Zira took Kai for Love Day - what a date!


    Thalia Lewis, Corin Parrish, and Irina Vasquez - all the single ladies...and a baby
    When Corin got unexpectedly pregnant, her two best friends were truly there for her. In fact, they were such supportive friends that they all pooled together their finances and are now renting a super nice apartment in San Myshuno together and helping Corin raise her daughter, Winslet.

    Here is Winslet with her three "mommies."


  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,803 Member
    @Kimmer Omg, I love all your sims, but I was especially entertained by Olivia Moon, and Susanna sounds so lovely <3
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 5,627 Member
    Loving this thread! ❤❤❤
  • BookBearBookBear Posts: 466 Member
    I have finally been able to stick with a save for once, so I'll show you my ladies. :wink:
    JoAnn is probably the most traditional. She was a stay-at-home mom who painted on the side until she got a job offer for level 5 of the painter career. (In her PJs)
    Carys is a bodybuilder, but she also does all the cooking and fixing things.
    Ali is your classic over-cheerful social butterfly; who also loves books and wants to be an author.
    See... Bruno's not a woman, but he is a femboy who rocks a skirt, so I thought I'd include him.
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  • mightyspritemightysprite Posts: 1,510 Member
    What fun to see all the women doing all the things :) We have stay-at-home moms taking care of everyone, strong and elegant career women, and even crime bosses, and some very beautiful couples of many gender combinations... You are all so creative!

    Keep them coming!

    Tales of San Myshuno
    Posting in What Happened In Your Game Today. Index in link here

    Wishing for a hard life?
    The Slacklater family's adventures in the Diminish the Torment Challenge, and how you can play too...

  • Nate_Whiplash1Nate_Whiplash1 Posts: 2,646 Member
    "Yo Marge, these guys rang for you"

  • Colorist40Colorist40 Posts: 6,993 Member

    This is my traditional girl. Her name is Janay Barney. She is very much a girly girl and knows what she wants. She dreams of meeting the man of her dreams and settling down to make a happy family.


    This is my non traditional sim woman. Her name is Blair O'Neal. She is an alien married to a regular sim guy. As if she didn't have enough to do taking care of 12 kids, she decided to have a one time fling in the shower with the nanny. Who was the nanny? Vlad the vampire. She ended up having 2 children by him.
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 1,742 Member
    @Kimmer Omg, I love all your sims, but I was especially entertained by Olivia Moon, and Susanna sounds so lovely <3
    Thank you. :)
  • InuMiroLoverInuMiroLover Posts: 983 Member
    I gotta share my favorite ladies as well!

    Queenie R. (née Landgraab)
    Not particularly traditonal, but just wants to carve out a good living for her and her son. She's been through alot of bad drama when she was living in San Myshuno furthering her art career. All Queenie wants is a life of her own, and not be known solely because of her last name. One day she wants to go back to San Myshuno to tie up loose ends and find some sort of personal resolution, but what's important right now is Alejandro.

    Katrina Caliente
    Single mom and loving it! With Nina and Dina filling up her heart there's just no room for anyone else! Katrina's parenting is rather liberal, and many would take issue with her preferred choice of "self-employment", believing it to be a bad influence on her girls. Though Katrina puts on particular "shows" for her many many fans online, (always when the girls are at school) she has open and honest discussions with her girls in terms they could understand and without needing to go into detail. Katrina teaches her girls that "the only person that can make you feel ashamed or bad about yourself is you", and simply wants to have a relationship where her daughters could come to her about anything. Plus, since she works from home, she has more time to spend with them.

    Eclipse Cousland
    Born into an illustrious family of spellcasters, Eclipse takes great pride in her magical ability. Many in her family have been respected advisors to the Sages. However, she had demonstrated great curiosity with wanting to learn more about the human world, and with permission of the Sages (whom were deciding to relax strict rules forbidding spellcasters from mingling with normal sims) she started a new life amongst humans. She enrolled into a college to study Law, met a human male and despite great criticism from her family, later married him. Her time in college because especially difficult when she learned of her pregnancy, but managed to pull through it with a 4.0 GPA. Her daughter is also blessed with magical ability, as well as the rare ability to summon spirits and poltergeists. She is somewhat traditional and enjoys keeping house while still managing her Law firm, though she is very quick to put her husband underneath a spell if he's left one too many dishes in the sink. She's actually pregnant again in this picture. (Which honestly is a shock to me)

    Grand Master Vampire Hecate

    No, she is not traditional. She's dangerous. Very dangerous. Hecate wants nothing more than a world subjugated by vampires and humans being kept as cattle. She usurped the coveted title from Vlad, whom with his dangerous ideas about seeing humans as equals and not meat, she felt he had no right to call himself a vampire. His pacifist messages were spreading amongst the community, and this she would not stand by and allow. Vampires feast upon humans. They are not equals and will never be. She challenged him to battle over his title, and won. She gained all his power, all his knowledge, and Vlad was left as a pathetic shriveled human. Hecate ended him with no mercy. A vampire denying his instincts was no vampire, and needed to be made an example out of. With him gone, Hecate's dreams of Vampire supremacy are in reach.

    Willow Gooney
    Probably the most traditional woman in my game, Willow. She has 5 kids actually, 2 of them out of college, 2 of them in high school, and her newest one in her arms right now. Her mother has always disapproved greatly of Willow's choice to become a SAHM, believing that Willow is "intentionally oppressing herself", but Willow has always felt comfortable taking care of the home and making meals for the family. Her husband has always remained supportive of her decisions, and has offered that if she wanted to look for a job he could possibly get her a place at the publishing company he worked at. She has done part time work when the kids were old enough and eventually out of the house, but with her 3 year old in tow she's right back at home and she loves it. An interesting tidbit is that she's particularly good with money and knows how to budget, so she handles the family finances with relative ease.
  • WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,646 Member
    Marigold Goldman - her favourite colour is yellow, the colour of gold. She's concert virtuoso, wealthy enough to make money pour. Since the first day of her life she managed to set stove on fire by cooking cheesecake, she married celebrity chef who prepares meals for her.


    Graciela Honeymoon nee Champagne - the brightest sim in Sims 4, recently turned into vampire. Professorial, she decided to change scientist job for professor and share her knowledge. Huge admirer of Judith Ward.


  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 1,740 Member
    Traditional: Eva vs. Nontraditional: Lilith


    Here we have a traditional and a not so traditional woman living in the same household: Sisters Eva (left) and Lilith (right).
    Eva is the textbook example of a housewife, taking care of the house and her two sons while her husband Adam brings in most of their money. When there's time, she likes to pursue her artistic hobbies, decorating the house with her own paintings or selling them for some extra bugs. Other than that, she doesn't work, being one of only very few sims in my game to not have a paid job (most other stay-at-home parents at least do some freelancer gigs every now and then).
    Lilith, on the other hand, cares little about traditional gender roles and just does whatever she wants. She's Kain and Abel's "cool aunt", but doesn't have or want any children herself, as they would only distract her from her scientific studies of plants (she's a botanist). While she does enjoy the occasional one-night stand or short-lived affair, she isn't interested in long-term relationships because she finds those restricting, and can't understand why her sister chose a domestic life over a career, but they still get along.

    Traditional: Frieda Zimmermann


    I'm playing with this family in Windenburg consisting of four living grandma stereotypes: The wise old woman who knows everything (right), the grumpy hag who constantly complains (she won't even turn around to show you her face), the hipster granny who would sell her soul to be young again (left), and last but not least, the one with the plumbob: Frieda, a sweet classic grandma that every kid would love to have. With her sisters and sister-in-law out and about, she's the one running the household, cooking and baking, knitting and visiting her two daughters every now and then. On weekends, she makes a little money on the side as a babysitter.

    Nontraditional: Lara Croft


    ... No need to explain this one, is there? But in case you really didn't know: Lara Croft is an aristocratic archaeologist from the Tomb Raider series who, depending on which timeline you consider canon, was either disowned by her family for choosing an adventurous lifestyle over an arranged marriage and becoming a lady of society, or orphaned at a young age and decided to follow in the footsteps of her parents, who were also archaeologists in this version of the story. Whatever the exact details of her past, what's important is that my Lara Croft spends most of her time in the jungle of Selvadorada, the snowy wilderness of Mt. Komorebi, and other places that provide adventures, and her mansion in the countryside of Windenburg is quite the adventure park in itself. She has a daughter now, who is based on the newest Lara from the 2013 reboot, but there is no father, and instead of buying her dolls and puppies, she takes her to all the places she's visited before, trying to teach her at an early age that there's so much more to the world than the country and the culture they were born into.

    Nontraditional: Metatron


    This former human turned angel is arguably my least traditional female sim, if we go by the Western definition of the term. Not only does she not look conventionally feminine with her short hair and muscular body (which you can hardly see in this picture, but believe me, she is buff!), she's also not a fan of routines, because variety is the spice of life! Having been at the top of several careers and mastered many skills while also being a world-famous celebrity, Metatron is the most accomplished sim in my entire game. The only aspirations she hasn't touched yet are those typically associated with women, i.e. love and family. That doesn't mean she will never settle down and try out those, too (because as an immortal angel, she has all the time in the world anyway), but there's just so much else to be done and experienced first!
  • SimsLady2000SimsLady2000 Posts: 1,226 Member
    edited March 2021
    What a fun thread. And all of your sims are fantastic. I love their stories.

    Here is Jewel Lombardo. She is a young adult married to an up and gaming video game designer. She is a Stay-at-Home mom who freelances in art occasionally to make ends meet. She has two children who are both in school. She is my classic traditional mom.

    Here is Jaclyn Mercer. She is a mother of 4 sons, married to a Sim-in-Black. Now Jaclyn put herself through college working odd jobs and got herself a job with the Military where she also is a Sim-in-Black. Her husband is her subordinate. She works nights as does her husband so they have a nanny for the small children and her oldest son, also headed to the military once he graduates high school, helps the younger kids with their homework etc. While Jaclyn is home she is the disciplinarian. Her husband and the maid mostly handle the cooking and the cleaning. I would say she is my most non-traditional female sim.

    @permanentrose, I love these ladies! Thalia Lewis, Corin Parrish, and Irina Vasquez What a great story!

    @Nate_Whiplash1 Marge is always a fan favorite. She is your traditional sim, right?

    @InuMiroLover I love your sims. Your remake of the Calientes is especially awesome!

    @GrumpyGlowfish, the picture of Metatron is gorgeous. I love her story too.

    The Sims is NOT a game, it's a lifestyle choice.

    My Plumbob is GREEN today :D
  • haneulhaneul Posts: 1,119 Member
    This is a great thread. Happy International Women's Day! <3

    @Kimmer I love how unique your sims are. They're all so interesting, especially Phoebe, Angel, and Olivia.

    @permanentrose I love all of your ladies too. You have so many. Your elder sim, Deidre, also looks so young.

    @GrumpyGlowfish The dynamic between Eva and Lilith seems like fun to play. I love how even their senses of fashion seem super different.

    All of my sims have their quirks, but those quirks seem to be quite subtle. So I don't have any sim that's stereotypically (non)traditional. But Adelise Fier is probably my most traditional sim. She's a domestic goddess who has never worked outside of her home, and she took her husband's name when she married. Her marriage was even more of an arrangement than it was a love-match. Anyway, Adelise has a feminine style that's slightly conservative, she's very motherly, she excels in feminine arts like music, painting, and cooking, but she's extremely competitive and not particularly modest.

    Dysis is probably my most nontraditional sim. Dysis has a feminine style and loves purple, but she also loves her corporate investment job and talking about business/money. She's confident and likes being seen as strong/capable. One of her hobbies is defeating her boyfriend in games. She's not good at arts, music, cooking, anything traditionally feminine ... So, of course, the lowest grade she ever received in university was in flower arranging.
  • DaraviDaravi Posts: 875 Member
    My most tradional Sim woman was Viktoria Kaufmann, foundress of my decade challenge. May she rest in peace.
    She went through some rough times from being a poor woman with absolutely no rights to some wealth, but she never has lost her smile and faith.

    This picture was made in the better times. Here she (the lady in the brown dress) is together with 6 of her 7 children. I can't believe that her oldest child Wilhelm (next to her) is already a senior. :'(


    My most non-traditional woman is my Dora Shepard, my somewhat Simversion of one of my Mass Effect Shepards. Lived as a streetkid, joined the military, travels now through the space as an astronaut. She is married of course to a nonhuman and has one daughter.

  • Amapola76Amapola76 Posts: 924 Member
    haneul wrote: »
    All of my sims have their quirks, but those quirks seem to be quite subtle. So I don't have any sim that's stereotypically (non)traditional. But Adelise Fier is probably my most traditional sim. She's a domestic goddess

    Oh my God, are those modded Diptyque candles?!
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 4,479 Member
    edited March 2021
    Well, speaking of traditional and not so traditional gals
    my brain will just automatically jump to my main lady
    Catherine Sim
    (yes, my sims have very creative surnames)
    and yes she is very traditional in many ways...
    has husband, few kids, likes to do things considered feminine i suppose...
    but also..not so traditional compared to well... everyone ever
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