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The Sims 4 - Top 5 Questions About Kits

EA_LeelooEA_Leeloo Posts: 1,858 EA Community Manager
Sul sul Simmers!

The Sims 4 Kits are here! 🎉 Many of you watched the Dev Livestream yesterday and had some questions.

So, here are the top 5 questions and answers for you!

1. What do you get with Kits?

Each Kit is unique. The Throwback Fit Kit introduces new 90s inspired athleisure CAS items (it’s all that and a bag of chips), the Country Kitchen Kit adds all new retro-vintage inspired rustic kitchen items (reminds me of a tasty home cooked meal), and the Bust the Dust Kit has a whole new dust feature that adds cleaning items and dust to your Sims homes (who doesn’t love those adorable little dust bunnies?!). Kits are bite sized content packs with big possibilities – endless ways to play powered by the amazing creativity of you, the players.

2. Who are Kits for?

We created Kits with all players in mind. You can think of Kits like a sort of buffet. There’s lots of options for you to pick and choose exactly what you want. You may spend a lot of time building your dream home, while your friend may be a fashionista CAS artist, and your other friend loves creating stories. Not every Simmer plays the same way and we hope you find a Kit that is perfect for you.

3. How often will Kits be released?

There’s no set timeline for Kits. We wanted to give three choices for this first release to show players the different variety and versatility, but that’s not how many we’ll release every time. Sometimes we may only release one. And, since there are cool new things happening all of the time, Kits allows us to add smaller, more focused content choices to the game a little more frequently.

4. Am I ever required to purchase a Pack before I purchase a Kit?

Nope, Kits and Packs are separate. Kits enhance the way you like to play and you will not be required to purchase Packs to access Kits. You do have to own The Sims™ 4 but we’ll never require you to buy a Pack to access content for a Kit. It’s all about how you want to mix and match to get the most for your game.

5. What other updates can we expect?

We are always looking for ways to add to the game to keep it fresh and fun for everyone. Like when we dropped 21 new pieces of content created by our Custom Content Creators or … did you hear? We’re adding bunk beds! So much room for activities! Not everyone will want more clothes, more kitchen items, or dust added to the game. But, for players looking for more content, we can create Kits faster than Packs which means greater possibilities with all the new content we can create for you to add to your game.

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  • The_Sims_4_LoverThe_Sims_4_Lover Posts: 1 New Member
    Helloooooo SO I have a couple of questions myself that I would like to ask. Where can I ask them? (I'm new to all of this)
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,438 Member
    Looking forward for the next kits :)
  • HyronesHyrones Posts: 1 New Member
    To be honest I dont know how I feel about kits, some have content others only gameplay. But I do hope they come with promotions, in my opinion its current price isn´t worth it. But also focus more on free updates (we only got 1 free pack). We do need more gameplay added but not paid, but as basegame (since it lacks so much). I currently have everything except the kits, but the sims doesn´t feel so free and fun like the Sims 3. We could have a free St. Patrick Day pack, a free Earth Day pack, a free Easter Pack, free Lunar Year pack, free Children Day pack and more.

    A lot of paid games give daily/weekly/monthly or even only during holidays. We only receive them on updates and are things that should have already came with the basegame...

    Now with the CC modders, I do hope they make more appearances. Make them regular add-ons on the game There are fantastic CC modders, we could have monthly or every 2 months some CC models be selected to be added on the game with their names on it like they did in the anniversary. The anniversary items should have been made by The Sims 4, not by the community, its a gift from TS4 to us, not the community to ourselves. A lot of people commented already "we already have this", and its true in PC a lot of people already have this. This is why we should have a competicion each month or more (its to be decided) of the best mods and for them to be implemented on the game or even in a free pack with the names of their creators.
  • ZeriZeri Posts: 15,071 Member
    i do like the idea of kits. id like to see more enhance content that maybe doesnt deserve a whole pack. like a kit of just hair, new aspirations and traits, or a new empty world. theme worlds would be a great idea actually. empty worlds you can populate with your own lots and sims, but they have a certain theme you might not want to do in an xpac. like medieval, or space. i think it has potential. id like to see the kits grow an evolve. like many others, im eager for new content. previous titles gave us so much and ts4 is very lacking
    i play games and rant about games
    WARNING: Blog may contain random bouts of pottymouth
  • vturner1972vturner1972 Posts: 11 New Member
    I do like the kits personally.
  • TheGreatGorlonTheGreatGorlon Posts: 349 Member
    Now that kits have been out for a bit, is there going to be any patching that will rebalance the Bust the Dust kit? Several Game Changers have noted that houses get filthy super fast and that Dust Bunnies take no time at all to appear. They've also noted that Dust Bunnies gift you huge sums of money as well as can find stupidly expensive treasures, like the $8K-$9K artifacts from Selvadora, which sucks the fun out of the game being challenging. While it goes without saying that I share the sentiment that kits are too expensive for what they offer, I was considering the Bust the Dust kit, and this overtuned gameplay with the Dust Bunnies and filth accrual is a major turn off.
  • ReadySetLetsGooReadySetLetsGoo Posts: 17 Member
    I like the idea of kits, but I think the CAS stuff has to have a bit more content for it to be worth the purchase. I think the kitchen kit was well made and the cleaning kit was interesting as well, but seeing that CAS one was pretty defeating. I wish male sims weren't as forgotten as they usually are.
  • Alys_ParinaAlys_Parina Posts: 19 Member
    @Zeri Yessss! This exactly, I think those are some really great ideas. Especially the empty "theme worlds" to populate for yourself. I probably shouldn't, but I delete like half the pre-made sims w new packs (if not all of them). I just want to see my own and the ones I made based off of movie/tv/book characters :P
  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 15,416 Member
    edited March 27
    The Kits are a great idea and the price is good for people that cant always afford the expansions on their release. Personally as a builder I look forward to more build/buy objects and some themed sets like for Industrial for example or for some certain countries like middle eastern to match with the free windows and doors we have.
    I have played/built since Sims came out and there is still so much TS4 to include, just thinking back to TS3 I am excited to see what Kits we have in future :)
  • Mak27Mak27 Posts: 168 Member
    Hope Kits will include some items from TS3 Store:

    -Deep fryer
    -Cotton candy maker
    -Pizza oven
    -Gardening station
    -Glassblowing station

    And new chores:
    -Lawn mowing
    -Swimming pool cleaning
    -Water heating
    -Wood chopping
  • nanashi-simsnanashi-sims Posts: 4,103 Member
    STEM kit please.
    - more lab stuff and not for aliens
    - more engineering related stuff
    - more medical stuff
    - more computer stuff (not sci-fi)
    - 3D printer (with skill/badge level goodies)

    Dark room kit
    - everything sims need to develop their own photos

    Game Night / Pub kit
    - card game... sims can gamble their simoleans away or play a risky poker game >:)
    - sims against humanity and charades group games for sims
    - sim cocktails
    - sim tv trivia (game trivia within a game)
    - sim wings, chips, nachos, pretzels, and other game night foods

    Art kit
    - sculpture tools
    - banksy grafitti kit (teen sims can get caught by npc police officer)
    - sim performance art space

    Plants kit
    - kitchen herbs (watering required)
    - indoor plants (watering required)
    - wind chimes and bird feeders
    - new bugs and pests
    - more greenhouse deco

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