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What Dish Do You Usually Cook and Serve Your Sims?

bootsguybootsguy Posts: 793 Member
What food do you usually cook and serve your Sims? I mean the dish you OFTEN cook and serve for them may it be regular meals, gourmet meals, outdoor grill, emotional meals or grand meals.
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  • VeeDubVeeDub Posts: 487 Member
    Chicken stir-fry is common for many of my sims (tofu version for the vegetarians among them).
  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 3,896 Member
    I try cook all the different meals except franks and beans. That one makes sims act a little nasty. :D
  • Kita5399Kita5399 Posts: 1,858 Member
    Fun question! I’d say chicken stir-fry for mine, not sure why but it seems to be something I choose often.
  • AncaryvanAncaryvan Posts: 686 Member
    Depends on the ingredient my sim has grown in the garden, like speghetti and garlic noddle, spinach fritatta, Tuna Casserole, without using Tuna, absurd! Trout Meuniere... a bit overkill but I always pamper my sim when comes cooking or BBQ.

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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,122 Member
    Garden Salad at first until they have some skill under their belts. After that usually a variety of dishes, mostly those with no or low calories unless they have a high metabolism. Chicken Stir Fry is a favorite, along with; Blackened Bass, Spaghetti, Italian Meatballs, Minestrone, BLTs, Grilled Chicken, plus Super Salad or the High Protein plate when available to make. I like to mix it up though with a variety of dishes, especially once they learn some of the vendor stall recipes.
  • Evilyn_1007Evilyn_1007 Posts: 368 Member
    I try to change it up. I don't know why but I love cooking/baking in the sims. I sometimes only let my sims cook the dishes that they have ingredients for. If a sim is a foodie or has the chef aspiration I try to cook a different thing each time.

    But my most made dishes are probably fruit salad and fish tacos.
  • NRoweNRowe Posts: 6,782 Member
    My Sims eat a lot of Eggs on Toast actually. I tend to have them eat breakfast. I also start over (and over and over and...) so that many of mine have low cooking skill.

    Fun aside, I use SCCO and try to cook only what they have ingredients for. Lots of Eggs on Toast as I said, Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and Cereal...
  • bootsguybootsguy Posts: 793 Member
    I am just amazed because there is no Emotion at least just a moodlet if they have eaten the same dish over time... lol...
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  • logionlogion Posts: 2,725 Member
    edited February 27
    I often end up picking Cioppino for lunch or dinner, it looks so tasty! Other than that I often pick BLT, Pasta Primavera, Ramen, Garlic Noodles or Rack of Lamb.

    I rarely pick salads because I often end up with leftovers, and I think leftover salad is gross.

    When my sims are visiting restaurants I often end up picking Vegetable Casserole, they always like it and it's a safe bet if you don't know if the sims you are eating with are vegetarian.

    For breakfast I often end up picking Fruit & Yoghurt Parfait or Pancakes, the pancakes look so big though... I would not be able to eat that for breakfast irl.
  • texxx78texxx78 Posts: 4,640 Member
    Garden salads and pancakes.
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 2,838 Member
    My sims eat whatever I think looks tasty at the time, but I do try to give them varied food so they won't be cooking same thing in a row. Also I try to use up any fresh ingredients and families of a certain ethnic background will eat ethnic food more often.
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 2,329 Member
    I don't even think about it, they usually just grab leftovers. My last household ate nothing but pink cake for 3 sim weeks straight as my sim glitched and made 4
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 20,096 Member
    edited February 27
    I usually have my sims prepare a wide variety of meals nut now I'm working on attaining the health food but lifestyle so I'm trying to focus on the more healthier choices. Garden salad, protein plate, roast chicken , grilled chicken, grilled salmon, etc.
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  • SanniSilliSanniSilli Posts: 47 Member
    In TS1 I only made microwave meals, it was so fast. My poor sims xD

    Nowadays the diets of my sims are more diverse but I think Garden salad is something I make quite often.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 3,342 Member
    idk many things but i guess when i can't choose and i just need them to eat something i default to garden salad cause i know it can't burn my house down
  • annaliese39annaliese39 Posts: 2,342 Member
    My sim likes to cook and bake a variety of recipes. He usually has plasma fruit salad though to help manage his thirst. His partner also likes fishing so they often have fried fish or fish pie for dinner.
  • babajaynebabajayne Posts: 1,077 Member
    My favs are french toast, fruit & yogurt parfait, BLTs, butternut gnocci, the ham grand meal, salmon croquettes (+4 mood), blueberry bagels, siopao, banana cream pie, and ice cream to their taste. But I do like to make everything there is to make, and prefer them to choose the appropriate type of food for the time of day. I don’t really like it how they’re drawn to the ham grand meal but I guess I would be, too.
  • PinkSugar81PinkSugar81 Posts: 166 Member
    I do a lot of lobster tortellini and lobster thermador for my sims ... and then the treadmill to combat the calories. :D
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 1,293 Member
    Garden salad until they reach level 3 on cooking, sometimes I let them use the stove already on level 2. After that I like to make them cook many different dishes, all the possible recipies. If I play with a family I usually save the sweet things and pancakes for Sundays.
  • mikamakimonmikamakimon Posts: 336 Member
    Ancaryvan wrote: »
    Tuna Casserole, without using Tuna, absurd!

    Agreed, I keep wondering when they are going to fix this!

    I like to use fresh ingredients as much as possible, but I don't think all my favourite dishes use these. My favourite meals to make are spaghetti, meatballs, adobo, nigiri and since I got Snowy Escape, onigiri and the hotpot dishes.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 17,958 Member
    edited February 27
    Hm, let me see now. I tend toward the Sausage and Peppers, on the grill. Mac and Cheese on the stove, although the Taco Casserole is also a hit. Pancakes for most breakfasts. I wish we had a Standing Rib Roast for the Holiday Meal. Turkey is okay, Ham is better, but a really nice Standing Rib would be great.

    As far as calories are concerned, I use MCCC to Flag my Sims so their physique doesn't change. I don't really watch the clock in the game so much, either. So my Sims are up doing stuff well into the early morning, sometimes. I've always played in this manner. In Sims3, when my singer Sim had a set time to start his concert, was about the only time I bothered keeping on eye on said clock, but no matter how hard I tried, my singer was always late. So, I got a mod to 'fix' that. I think the name was Relativity from Twallen IE NRaas, Ind. This way he could catch a nap, take care of his needs and brush his teeth before he headed out to his gig. From then on he was 'on time'. :)
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  • chonk_floofchonk_floof Posts: 36 Member
    edited February 27
    It's always taco or tuna casseroles. I think my Sims are a bit sick of them after eating them 3 times a day since they were children.
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  • NightwalkerArkanisNightwalkerArkanis Posts: 87 Member
    My main family - Once they get past the initial egg, bacon & toast, it's vegetable chili from here on out. Special occasions nets them a turkey dinner.

    My beach collective. They only, and I mean only, eat grilled food. Luckily, there's water all around for them to swim it off.

    Any other family - Whatever the situation calls for.
  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 572 Member
    Vegetable dumplings and Poke Bowls
  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 20,096 Member
    My stomach is starting to growl. :p
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