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Solid Color Building Challenge

chealsycatchealsycat Posts: 2,974 Member
edited May 2021 in The Sims 4 Lots
Some years ago at TheSimCommunity forums, I came across Solid Color Challenge, which I liked very much and decided to take part in it. Unfortunately, I can't get to TheSimCommunity forums anymore. :'(
Recently, I found the rules for this challenge here @sims-online.com. They're a bit different from what I used to play, so I change them a little.
Solid Color Building Challenge
Build a house by using one color only! Everything - walls, doors, windows, furniture - has to be your assigned color! Missing a specific item? Too bad! No purple toilet in game? Your house will have to do without a toilet.
Plants (including flowers), terrain paint and rocks can be used freely to landscape.
Mailboxes can be placed, despite the color.
You may only build a house, so no apartment or community lots.
Use filters to find items of your color in Build & Buy.
And of course no CC or mods!

You can ask for color here. Just write "Color please!" Or choose the color yourself from the following:
Light Brown
Dark Brown

Want to make the challenge even harder? Here are
If you’re using a multicolored item, it must be mainly your color.
Flowers have to be your assigned color.
Use Base game only.

When your house is ready, post your pictures or video here.
All the screenshots, except the first, hide under the spoiler, please!
Can we use debug items?
Yes, you can use debug items, provided they are your assigned color.

Is there a due date for this challenge?
No due date. You can build your house for one day (if you are that fast ;) ) or you can spend a year for your building. Having finished your house, post it here and ask for further color (if you want to continue the challenge).

What hashtag do we use for this challenge?
Hashtag for the Gallery is #SolidColorChallenge and your assigned color e.g. #LightBrown

Does the house have to be absolutely monochromatic?
No, it doesn't.
If you follow stricter rules, each item must be mainly your assigned color (more than 50%). But it doesn't have to be only your assigned color. E.g. your assigned color is RED. If the item is red and white (60% red) - the item is OK.
If you don't follow stricter rules, it's enough to have just a little bit of the assigned color in the item. The filter helps you to find such items.
Anyway, the house doesn't have to be all over one color only.

What to do if there aren't necessary objects of the assigned color? No purple toilet, for example?
Don't worry about missing objects. Just leave space for a missing bath or a toilet in your bathroom, for example. And when you send your lot to the Gallery, write in the description that it was made for Solid Color Challenge, Color Purple. And that you left space for a missing bath or a toilet in your bathroom. I don't think that for the people who download your house it will be difficult to add a toilet, a bath or windows. :)
Yes, it's tough to make an "impractical" house. But it's a challenge! ;)
Some useful links.
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