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Friday Highlights February 19 - A Week on the Sims Forums

EA_LeelooEA_Leeloo Posts: 1,472 EA Community Manager
Sul sul Simmers!

How has your week been? How have you been doing? Are you ready for the weekend? :heart:

Since it's Friday again, you all know that means - it's time for our Friday Highlights again! :smiley:
Let's jump right in!

Aww, romance really isn't dead! (*badum tsss*) You can find this lovely screenshot by @GrimlyFiendish here.

And these are today's pick:
  • Let's kick the highlights off with a fun gameplay discussion. Since vampires are a popular topic on the forum, I think @Simmerville question "Vampires - do you play them realistically?" makes for an interesting and fun conversation. :smiley:
  • I'd like to stay with gameplay for another moment. Needless to say, we are past Valentine's Day almost a week now but that doesn't mean that we can't keep spreading the love, right!? So, why don't you join @emere's thread "Our beloved couples for Valentine's Day 2021" and share some of the romantic moments in your game? :love:
  • As you know, I like to highlight builders that catch my eye. And this week has been no different! So, I'd like to mention @KojiK's thread "KojiK's showcase". I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say that those creations are amazing! :heart:
  • Alright, after all the Sims 4 chatter, it's time to move on to The Sims 2! Why don't you "Share your stories from your game" in @StrawberryYogurt's thread and show off what's happening in your game? :relaxed:
  • And finally, I think today is a great day to connect a bit more with other members of the community. And what better way to do so than playing a forum game?? :smiley:@lovespandas1's
    "Caption the profile picture above you!" is a classic by now and has been a great opportunity to have some fun outside of the usual game chat.

That's it for today, everyone! I hope you're enjoying today's threads as much as I do! And, as always, should you spot a thread and think that would be a great choice for the Friday Highlights, please let me know!

Have a great weekend and take care! :heart:

- Leeloo


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