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Hoping For A Sims Medieval 2



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    luvdasims55luvdasims55 Posts: 14,658 Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2!
    I'd love to see an updated sequel from the original! <3

    I know this thread was started awhile ago, but I just noticed it today. Interesting to me since I just played TSM about a month ago. I find myself yearning to play it every so often.

    I actually love doing all the quests and leveling up like in D&D. So I'd love a new and improved sequel with new quests.
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    AjaGioAjaGio Posts: 262 Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2!
    I still play Sims Medieval!!! I love getting all my sims to level 10 with legendary trails!! I sometimes spend entire days playing that one.
    I would absolutely love an update to The Sims Medieval!!! I've been asking for many many years now!!!
    I also would like an update on the Sims Castaways too!!! I love that game also <3
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    AjaGioAjaGio Posts: 262 Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2!
    canitbeman wrote: »
    I think it should be expansion pack for a mainline Sims game. It could be like Into the Future, just reversed. TSM was okay, but it wasn't a very strong Sims game or RPG.

    I love this idea!!!
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    AriesValentineAriesValentine Posts: 29 Member
    Honestly, I am hoping for a MySims Agents port, they promised us one back then but never delivered on that promise. I'm just sad it never happened as MySims Agents on the Wii and DS were my favorites and it was nostalgic.
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    CrayliciaCraylicia Posts: 12 New Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2! AND Sims Mediveal 1 digital copy should go on sale!
    I so badly wish that they'd expand upon this and not make it shallow like the Sims 4. The Sims Medieval and The Sims 2 Castaway were and still are my favorite releases from the Sims franchise.
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    Coconut27Coconut27 Posts: 884 Member
    edited May 2023
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2!
    I was just saying in another thread how I would love a new TSM with full sandbox mode and living life just like you can in the other Sims gens of the franchise. I want the power to be whoever I want to in medieval style. Whether it be a common citizen, a monarch, a witch--I want that in a sandbox mode where they do everyday things.

    Some ideas of things for each sim type
    1. Monarchs could: Host banquets, do daily duties such as hearing petitions, battle training, consult their royal consultant
    2. Common citizens do things like go to the pub, work their day jobs, take care of their family, go shopping, garden, etc
    3. citizen jobs include: doctor, blacksmith, merchant/shop owner, maid, cook, fisherman
    4. palace jobs include knight, royal maid, royal chef, entertainer/jester
    5. Magical sims can be the magical royal consultant or can be a shop owner and sell things like potions, perfumes, etc that they make
    6. Different villages for each sim type: Palace area, local citizen village where all of the local jobs are, the pub, gardens, shopping, etc
    7. Forest: for all magical sims, and they are more powerful if they live in the forest village (there can also be some small wild animals there)

    This honestly seems like a slightly untapped market waiting to just pop off with the right game?? Like i know many medieval-styled games exist BUT not in the style of a sim sandbox. If they made a version in sandbox with similar life like in TSM and gameplay/interactions functioned like TS2/3 I would buy it in a heartbeat, literally no questions asked lol. If The Sims team can't make this happen, please someone who knows how to develop games make this happen :D
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    popcorn52popcorn52 Posts: 15 Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2!
    I would love a sims medieval2
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    MejraTheaMejraThea Posts: 16 Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2! AND Sims Mediveal 1 digital copy should go on sale!
    I thoroughly enjoyed The Sims Medieval, and a reboot of it would do really well! Keep a lot of the old stuff but expand a good bit. It would do better to stay in the Sims 3 graphic style, though.
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    LeucosiaXLeucosiaX Posts: 1,957 Member
    I never played Sims Medieval but I would love it as an expansion, time travel and a old world with castles and everything.
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    Simsister2004Simsister2004 Posts: 3,536 Member
    edited November 2023
    Rather than a Medieval 2 I would like some good expansions to the Sims Medieval I have now. It's a very challenging game. I can play it over and over. And yes, Sims castaway for new computers.
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    Iceman_Iceman_ Posts: 21 Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2!
    I would love a sequel to The Sims Medieval, but with one big caveat. I have very specific expectations and a clear idea of how I would like the game to be, so if they were to release this sequel, it's most likely to be far from what I'm hoping for. But I can always dream, and I'm curious to know if I'm alone in this, or if there are others who would like it too.

    It couldn't be just an expansion for The Sims 4. They could use the aesthetic of The Sims 4, but they would need to rework many of the mechanics. There's an indie game called Founders Fortune, which is loosely inspired by The Sims but focuses more on the creation and development of a colony. The game is great in concept and execution, but being the work of a single person, it's quite basic in terms of visuals and overall variety.

    For those who have played that game, there's not much to explain—I would like a game like that, but with the quality and depth of The Sims. For those who haven't, here are some key aspects of its gameplay:

    Colony Management: Players need to manage and oversee various aspects of their colony, including resource gathering, construction, and assigning tasks to individual colonists.

    Survival: Colonists must contend with basic needs such as hunger and shelter. Players must ensure that their colonists have access to food and suitable living conditions.

    Building and Construction: The game includes a building system where players can construct structures, including houses, workshops, and other facilities.

    Crafting and Research: The game includes a crafting system that allows players to produce items and resources. Researching new technologies is also a part of the gameplay, unlocking additional structures and capabilities.

    Exploration: Colonists may need to explore the surrounding environment to discover resources, encounter other settlements or threats, and expand their territory.

    Events and Challenges: Random events and challenges may occur, adding a level of unpredictability to the gameplay. These events could include weather disasters, encounters with hostile creatures, or interactions with other groups of settlers.

    Although the way you control the sims remains, traditional structures are broken:

    There are no family units; you can control all the sims simultaneously. However, you have systems to establish schedules and assign tasks, allowing you to control 10 or more colonists without the need for micro-management.

    There are no fixed jobs; all colonists can perform any job, albeit at a basic level. Initially, your colonists need to fulfill various roles (farmer, lumberjack, carpenter, miner, etc.), but as the colony grows, you need each one to focus on a specific role so they can specialize and develop the talent branch in their area. Like The Sims Medieval, players directly engage with their Sims' professions by guiding them through activities related to their roles, no rabbit holes.

    There are no lots, and construction is not instantaneous. You don't buy furniture; you must craft them, and to do so, you need the materials and a colonist with the necessary skill (carpenter/sculptor/blacksmith).

    The issue with the game I'm talking about, in addition to what I mentioned earlier, is that once you reach the maximum level in each profession and have a prosperous colony, there isn't much to do. In contrast, with the depth of The Sims, reaching this point allows you to focus on social aspects and let a new generation enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

    The possibilities for additional content are endless (new climates, professions, factions, animals, etc.). However, I am aware that this game deviates from the original saga and enters the territory of other genres. What do you think?

    TL;DR: I want a mix of The Sims and an indie game called Founders Fortune.
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    BonnieLM77BonnieLM77 Posts: 6 New Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2!
    I would love to see a Sims Medieval 2 and not just an expansion pack like Pirates and Nobles, a remake would be nice too
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    lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 5,139 Member
    No, I don't want a Sims Medieval 2.
    lisamwitt wrote: »
    Catzilla wrote: »
    The Sims Medieval is a deeper, more involved game than a pack could ever cover. It's a full game all on its own, so it's almost a case of apples and oranges that way. It's a little something like the Strangerville mystery or the Batuu missions but much more involved and with a lot more to do and play.

    That's actually why I never bought it, because I didn't want another game, particularly not a quest oriented one. I bought Strangerville for the neighborhood and other gameplay stuff, but I only did the quest once. And I don't own, nor will I ever own Journey to Batuu. Just not my thing.

    I was gifted a bundle for my birthday that included Batuu, so I now own it. Lol. But I have not used anything from the pack yet. I'm sure I eventually will because it's there, but I refuse to use anything from the pack in things I share on the gallery just on principle.
    Gallery ID: LadyGray01
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    gothceltgirlgothceltgirl Posts: 10 New Member
    I have Dragon Valley Gold, so this seems unnecessary & from what one poster said w/it being quest oriented. I don't want to have to do stuff, I want to be able to choose what I do, I agree, that's not really "The Sims" to me either. So beige. Also I think that option should be one of the choices on every test ever, even serious tests. All multiple choice questions should have "Beige" as an answer IMO. LOL
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    rjssimrjssim Posts: 1,362 Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2!
    I would like a The Sims Medieval 2 but that is actually played like the Sims. A sim's game but in a fantasy world.
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    rhaliusrhalius Posts: 487 Member
    Yes, I'd love a Sims Medieval 2!
    I feel like we have more chance of seeing another company make such a game.
    A pity that all the sims competitor games currently developed are all so boring, focusing on just the boring modern day real life stuff.

    If one where to go full in on medieval and fantasy, it would have zero competition and would scratch a very popular itch of Sims players that have been begging for more medieval stuff since the very first Sims game.
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