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TheSims Twitter Profile Icon Pic Different?

Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 999 Member
Has the TheSims twitter profile icon always had a yellow background with the green plumbob?

If so, I'm just now noticing it.

Either way ..... I really like it! It has a bright and happy feel to it.

We don't see much yellow in regards to sims things, it's normally just different shades of blue and green with some white.

EDIT: Ok this was really bugging me, that I thought all these years that I never paid any attention to the yellow background. I found an old twitter icon and it was blue, so this is new for sure (not sure when they actually changed it) but I like the new one.

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  • lostatcorelostatcore Posts: 27 Member
    I think it's in relation to the #BlackPlayersMakeTheSims campaign they have been running as all the posts have the same yellow theme running through them.
  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 999 Member
    Ohhh you could be right! All of the posts highlighting black simmers does have a yellow background. I really like the yellow.
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