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Sim Personality Depth - Bring back Personal bios, Zodiacs, favorites and more

FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,591 Member
edited February 13 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
Our Sims need more depth. Here are things from past games that made Sims more alive and interesting.

1. Personal bios

Many pre-made Sims and families have written biographies. These biographies allow players to piece together a storyline for that particular Sim or household. These storylines are often intertwined with other Sims and families in the neighborhood or world, creating a broader story for the player to explore.


2. Favorites (& Dislikes)

Favorites are part of a Sim's personality and can be set for them in Create-A-Sim. There are three types of favorites: food, music, and color. A Sim's autonomous behavior is mildly affected by their favourites. For example, a Sim that likes lobster thermidor will always be very happy after eating lobster thermidor.

3. Zodiac signs

Sims will generally get on well with other Sims who have the same sign, because they are attracted to others with similar personalities. However, personality and zodiac are separate contributors to chemistry, because Sims will keep the same sign even if their personality points are altered. "Attracted to" and "disgusted by" are not absolutes, but modifiers that help or hinder the growth of a relationship.

Sims can discover other people's signs by asking them in the romantic interactions section: "Ask sign".
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  • bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,651 Member
    more emotions & transition for emotions, attraction system, favorites, more traits and they could have a points system to specify sims personalities, zodiac signs, more reactions, enhanced AI, more interactions, interests, etc.

    overall traits need a big rework cuz they don't really work as they should, and there could be way more of them. also, make them more compatible with emotions and give them more importance. when you have less than 20 emotions and all sims behave guided by them, it's normal that they all will end up acting the same.
  • mysph1tmysph1t Posts: 180 Member
    Sims actually have a favorite drink, but this doesn't show up in any menu, and can only be changed with the MCCC mod. I definitely think this should be an option to chose from in CAS, along with adding favorite dish, music, color, etc.

    Favorite color could also easily tie into home decorations as a mood bonus. Since every piece of decor and build items have a color category, different sims could gain a bonus moodlet for colors that they like being used to decorate. I would also add decoration style preferences as well. different decor has styles from tudor, to cosmolux, to gothic farmhouse, etc. Sims should also have dislikes to counterbalance the likes. So maybe a sim likes the color black, Tudor, and metal, but dislikes pink, suburban contempo, and pop, or some other combination.

    And of course an attraction system really needs to be added to the base game. Obviously there are mods that already do this, but it's something that should be a base-game feature.

    I also thing the personality point system should be brought back. Maybe not necessarily zodiac signs, especially since they didn't even do anything in Sims 3, but I think the point system is better than modern traits. Obviously you can still have traits along with the points, but they would more dictate hobbies and interests as opposed to overall behavior.
  • telmarinatelmarina Posts: 3,897 Member
    Personal bios are so needed imo. It's so important to be able to write a few notes about what you're doing with one particular sim, what are his/her goals, what was already achieved, how he/she relates to others... when you're playing in rotation (where i think sims 4 really shines) you can get confused with so many sims in so many households... and we shouldn't have to use exterior tools to manage game's info...
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,591 Member
    We really need more personality for Sims
  • CangwenCangwen Posts: 29 Member
    I completely agree, and it would be fun.
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,722 Member
    I like writing personal bios and always include one for each Sims of mine in Sims 3, household bios just isn't cut it for me
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  • KhrisstyneKhrisstyne Posts: 298 Member
    This would be AMAZING!!

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    BTW I play on console so please stop telling me to add mods to my game. Me can't :'(
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,141 Member
    YES PLEASE!! <3
  • DragonmasterleoDragonmasterleo Posts: 62 Member
    it would be great if they could add personal bios and favorites/dislikes into the sims 4, but if they put in zodiac signs, I'll quit
  • Missmagoo2Missmagoo2 Posts: 1,006 Member
    I'm in favor! I was so disappointed by the lack of personalities when the game launched (still am). I though the whole point of this version of the franchise was to expand on the personality system... sure they have "moods", but they still don't have much uniqueness!
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  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,679 Member
    Am I the only one who didn't think zodiacs or favorite did anything special? There was no unique gameplay that I remember, and dealing with which zodiac was attracted to which was a pain.
  • manicobsessivemanicobsessive Posts: 100 Member
    I completely agree with this. There should definitley be more ways to create a more unique personality. I have always found this a bit lacking in the game.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,591 Member
    Am I the only one who didn't think zodiacs or favorite did anything special? There was no unique gameplay that I remember, and dealing with which zodiac was attracted to which was a pain.

    Favorites had a huge influence on the Sims autonomy.

    Favorite music:
    When Sims turn on stereo it will always be their favorite music
    They learn skills faster while listening to favorite music

    Favorite food:
    Sims will autonomously eat favorite food
    Sims will get very happy after eating favorite food
    Sims can already cook their favorite food, even if it’s higher level cooking skill
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 1,991 Member
    edited February 23
    To be honest I don't feel like these things are that important for personality depth.

    Star signs just gave a pop up every now and then saying "these signs are compatible!" and made it slightly harder/easier to talk to some sims and that was about it. Can't say I ever noticed favorite color having any effect on gameplay at all either same with food and music. They got a positive moodlet occasionally from music/food but that was all it did, it didn't really expand personalities much at all. And with bios, there's already written bios for every household in 4 which you can see in manage worlds.


    Imo what the game actually needs to add personality depth is for traits to be overhauled so they affect autonomy for townies much more heavily. Evil sims should be rude and hard to talk to, snobs should be rude and judgemental towards poorer sims, loners should be unsociable and avoid crowded lots, creative sims should autonomously do more creative things, etc etc. That's what actually would add depth in my opinion rather than "I'm happy because I'm eating my favorite food".
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