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How to edit hidden traits on roommates?

plauplau Posts: 156 Member
edited February 12 in General Mods Discussion
I want to remove some of my roommates hidden traits, especially the "archetype mealmaker"..
I've forgotten how to edit the hidden traits (I've done it before but had a break from the game). I have the MCCC mod and the sim info mod, but I can't figure out where to edit the traits, I remember I could remove and add the traits, and I didn't have to cheat or anything, I think it was a mod. Please help :)


  • NightlyCoffeeNightlyCoffee Posts: 55 Member
    edited February 15
    I've edited my roommates in the past. This is how I did it:

    1. Get their Sim ID with this cheat: sims.get_sim_id_by_name [First name] [Last name]
    2. After you have their ID number use this cheat to remove the archetype: traits.remove_trait [Archetype to remove] [SimID]
    3. Once the trait is remove then add the one you want with this cheat: traits.equip_trait [Archetype you want] [SimID]

    So an example would be:
    sims.get_sim_id_by_name Bob Pancakes
    traits.remove_trait trait_RoommateNPC_Archetype_Mealmaker 1234567890
    traits.equip_trait trait_RoommateNPC_Archetype_SuperNeat 1234567890

    Here's a list of all the archetypes:



    I forgot to add, but there is a mod to fix this problem as well. Scarlet has a No Meal Spawning Roomies mod.

    It doesn't remove the archetype, just turns off the meal spawning. You could still use the above to replace the archetype with something more useful if you wanted.
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  • Vicky_chingyu1023Vicky_chingyu1023 Posts: 53 Member
    I think you may be talking about my mod 😀You can add/ remove hidden traits with my "Add Traits In Regular Menu" 😉 It was on MTS and now I'm posting them on Patreon (Free):
  • plauplau Posts: 156 Member
    edited April 10
    I figured it out, sort of. It can be edited in MCCC. Click the roommate, choose MC Command Center > MC Cheats > Cheat Sim Info > Mood/Buff Control > Remove Buff. (You can also add buffs, but beware, there are many and not in alphabetical order. Finding what you're looking for takes time.)

    The problem now is that the buffs and traits change back again whenever my sim travels to another lot. They don't stay like I adjusted them. Really annoying since I spent forever finding the right traits for several roommates, and removed all the annoying ones. (For example, my nerdy maker roommate had the breaker archetype, I changed it to fixer as it makes more sense. But whenever my sim leaves the lot, she changes back to breaker again and the fixer archetype is gone)..

    Anyone knows how to manage this? I can't play with roommates if 4 of them bring several plates of food every day and everyone else breaks stuff and play the violin like psychopaths.. I just can't. :p
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