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sim_knowledge error help?

ashley9483ashley9483 Posts: 116 Member
I keep chasing the same error to no avail... I've checked and made sure mods and cc are up to date but cant seem to find the culprit. The better exceptions says
"Exception when applying action <KnowOtherSimTraitOp ParticipantType.Actor> for loot <class 'sims4.tuning.instances.Loot_KnowTrait_Random'> (AttributeError: 'UnidirectionalRelationshipData' object has no attribute 'sim_id')"


  • Celeste951Celeste951 Posts: 1 New Member
    Oh I have that same problem! I have no idea how to fix it exactly but I read another forum that said the game needs updating ( and to update any mods (which you said you did) if that doesn’t work and you are still getting the exception then the person said this “ One or more of your sims might have a stuck cc trait from before patching game and updating mods.
    Move all your mods to your desktop in a temp folder except for the resource.cfg file.
    Delete your localthumbcache
    Load game but only to the map screen then 'save as' testing' or whatever then exit game.
    (This will be the game save you load next time). Delete the localthumbcache again.
    Move mods back into game and retest normally. If you still get same errors it's likely you still have a mod or some cc traits that are broken.” I really hope this helps! Or if you find a better solution then that would help me lol, I have not tried doing ^that yet so be careful!
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