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Sims 5 Wishlist

wineland88Pwineland88P Posts: 598 Member
With a lot of speculation of the Sims 5 being currently in development I was wondering what is everyone's wishlist for features in the Sims 5? Below I am going to list my wish list for features in the Sims 5.

Here is my wishlist for the Sims 5. I have a lot of features I would like to see in the Sims 5 so my list is going to be long Feel free to just read my tldr if you don't want to read my whole post. Since my favorite sims game is the Sims 3 I would love for the sims 5 developers to reintroduce and fine tune a lot of features from the Sims 3.

TLDR - Reincorporate various features from the Sims 3 like open world gameplay, create a style, create a world, and story progression. Reincorporate Sims 2 lore and wants/fears system. Improve upon Sims 4 build/buy mode.

1. Reintroduce Open Worlds - What I love the most about the Sims 3 is open world gameplay. This made the Sims 3 feel a lot more immersive than other Sims games and I loved being able to visit neighbors, community lots etc. without a loading screen. While open world gameplay and the large worlds of the Sims 3 did make the game lag a lot I am fine with the long loading screens so long as I do not have to have loading screens everything I visit other lots. Considering the Sims 3 was released back in 2009 and it is now 2021 I would imagine game performance should not be as huge of a concern because computer performance has improved quite a lot and with cloud computing technologies I imagine this would make memory issues a non issue although this would require internet connection(which I think could be included so long as offline gameplay was an option). I would be okay with the Sims 5 having scaled down worlds from the Sims 3 and incorporate world environment objects like the Sims 4 or Sims 3 rabbit holes. I think a world with around 50-70 lots might be a good size. Big enough where it does not feel too small like the Sims 4 but not too huge like Sims 3 worlds that might be overwhelming to some users or too laggy.

If open worlds is not an option then at least have open neighborhoods. In the Sims 4 there is semi open neighborhoods since sims can interact with the neighborhood outside of their home but can't visit neighbors or other lots in their neighborhood without a loading screen. If it is truly an open neighborhood then this would be no loading screens between lots.

On the subject of worlds I think it would be nice to have 2-3 base game worlds. I think like the Sims 4 maybe two of them would be full of premade sims and lots while one could be a build ready empty world like Newcrest. This would give options to players who want to play a gameplay ready world and a world they can build from scratch.

2. Have the ability to travel between different worlds just like the Sims 4. I really like this about the Sims 4. I like the ability to interact with different worlds in the game and I am okay with loading screens for this to be included.

3. Reintroduce create a style - I know not everyone likes this tool because of how laggy it can be in the Sims 3. However as a simmer who likes to build the most I love the ability to customize patterns and objects with this tool. It also makes CAS a lot more fun to customize sims. Having a create a style tool would be great to reincorporate so long as it functioned without slowing down the game significantly.

4. Reintroduce wants and fears from the Sims 2 - This was a great feature of the Sims 2 and made you feel more invested in the sims aspirations. I often feel whims from the Sims 4 are just pointless. Most of the time they just want to buy new things and this makes it feel rather shallow.

5. Semi-open to open careers - I really love the Sims 3 Ambitions open professions. I think having features from the Sims 3 Ambitions and Sims 4 Get to Work and Sims 2 Open for Business would be a lot of fun as a potential expansion pack for a Sims 5 game. What I love about Sims 3 Ambitions, Sims 4 Get to Work, and Sims 4 Get Famous is they all include professions where you can follow your sim to their workplace. I would not want all careers to be open and think the majority of these could be like the Sims 3 where sims just go to a rabbit hole but I think having things like the ability for sims to do tasks even for rabbit hole careers in the world like doctors doing flu drives(like the Sims 3 ambitions), politicians giving speeches or organizing protests etc. would be fun things for there to be for careers that otherwise would be mostly limited to rabbit holes. I think also having the ability to work from home like there was in the Sims 4 should be included in professions/careers in the Sims 5 base game.

6. Have better lore and relationships for premade sims - One of my biggest gripes about the Sims 4 is the boring unfinished feeling lore. You have narratives of premade sims that are great concepts like the love triangle of the BFF household, Don Lothario and his love triangle with Katrina Caliente and the Caliente sisters, Johhny Zest being disowned for pursuing a career in comedy yet all of these sims do not have relationships outside of their existing households or do not have relationships promised in the household bios. I think the lack of any romantic relationship in the BFF household was a major disappointment as was the lack of any familial connection in Johnny Zest family tree to the Landgrabs or the lack of there being any romantic relationship between Don Lothario and the Calientes. It is also super awkward that preamde sims in the Sims 4 do not have any relationships with other sims in their neighborhood. Irl people would know their neighbors and have a circle of friends outside of their household. The Sims 2 I think had the best lore of the sims franchise despite the game being really old now because of the interesting storyline of the love triangle in Pleasantview, Bella Goth's disapperance, aliens in Strangetown, and the forbidden love narrative of Veronaville. I think it would be refreshing if the Sims 5 had a strong lore like the Sims 2 had or even the Sims 3. The Sims 4 had the most disappointing lore to me and this is largely because of the lack of any relationships outside of households. These small details that the Sims 4 lacks really makes the game feel unfinished to me and makes me bored of gameplay. I think having compelling lore would make me feel more engaged in playing premade sims.

7. More interesting life stages - I really think that the Sims 4 is really lacking when it comes to life stages. For the most part I only usually play with young adults or adults because the children in the Sims 4 can be annoying, the babies are non interactable, and elders are often too fatigued that even doing simple tasks makes me worried I might kill them by exhaustion. I think the lack of toddlers before an update was a major problem in the Sims 4 as well as the lack of interaction with babies. I often just age up babies in the Sims 4 because they are basically just objects constrained to their bassinets. Having more interactions and the ability to have babies outside of bassinets would make this life stage more interesting. While packs like parenthood did give better gameplay for sims families I think those kinds of features should just be included in a Sims 5 base game. The ability for parents to shape their childs behavior I think is realistic and I think makes families more fun to play with.

8. Build/Buy - This was actually a very strong feature of the Sims 4. I like how it was simplified compared to previous sims games which makes it more of an approachable tool for both new players and more experienced ones. I do miss there being a create a style tool but overall I think the Sims 4 build/buy mode is very advanced and allows for nice builds. I hope the Sims 5 continues this trajectory but continues this improvement. If create a style is not included in the Sims 5 I would at least like to have more swatches for items especially matching items and neutral colors. I really dislike that a lot of the items in the Sims 4 do not match that I end up using a lot of the same objects over and over. Having a greater variety of swatches and more ideally a create a style tool would make building feel more customizable.

9. Story Progression - I love this feature. I really think it should be included in the Sims 5 because I like how other sims continue living their lives without you actively playing them. I think this should be fine tuned compared to the Sims 3 but overall I think this is a feature that really makes the gameplay more immersive.

10. Create a World or custom neighborhoods - I really love the ability to create new neighborhoods in the Sims 2 and the ability to create worlds with the create a world tool for the Sims 3. I think having this ability would be really cool for the Sims 5. I would prefer there to be a new and improved create a world tool like the sims 3 had but I think it would be okay for there to be more blank pre made worlds like the sims 2 had with the ability to place lots.


  • Emusimmer32Emusimmer32 Posts: 217 Member
    I would definitely love an open world, people say open neighbourhoods would be a good alternative, which I agree would be better than a closed world, but, how often am I gonna visit my neighbours in my residential neighbourhood? We could place community lots there but I'm not gonna put a random nightclub on bargain bend.

    Would love to see bookstores and grocery stores reintroduced too.
  • wineland88Pwineland88P Posts: 598 Member
    edited February 5
    I would definitely love an open world, people say open neighbourhoods would be a good alternative, which I agree would be better than a closed world, but, how often am I gonna visit my neighbours in my residential neighbourhood? We could place community lots there but I'm not gonna put a random nightclub on bargain bend.

    Would love to see bookstores and grocery stores reintroduced too.

    I agree with your points 100%. I think if EA did not have an open world gameplay I think open neighborhoods could work like how it is with the festivals in city living or the university campuses in discover university. The Sims 4 does have the capability to have these seemingly semi open worlds but that illusion is always broken whenever I have to have a loading screen to go between lots. But I think doing something like that is something I would hope at the minimum would be included in the Sims 5 but an open world like Sims 3 would be the best case scenario. Again EA did demonstrate open world play is possible with the Sims 3 and if they are concerned about game performance cross platform and on lower end computers they could just have worlds that are in between the Sims 4 and Sims 3 worlds. I would be okay with downsized worlds compared to the Sims 3 so long as there was open gameplay and more lots than the Sims 4.
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 1,944 Member
    edited February 8
    One thing I'd really like to see is more nostalgic design and references to past games.

    There's some features of past games that just make the game feel more exciting and I'd love to see them return. For example the Sul Sul! as the game loads is just fun and it makes it feel so much more exciting than looking at the Maxis logo before arriving to a bland minimalist news page. I also like how in Sims 3 the loading screen would change with new packs, or it'd be specific to the world you're going to, the whole UI feels more exciting to load into on the older games than 4 so I'd like to see similar visuals brought back in 5.

    For example this Sims 4 prototype has more of a Sims 2/3 inspired look (from 0:58 onwards) and it just feels so much more fun and interesting to me visually than the minimal look we have in 4.

    ✨ manifesting an italian inspired world ✨
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,706 Member
    Dedicated Photo mode where you can apply filter. change time of the day, make specific sims pose and is separated from photography skill/gameplay mode
    I win.
  • Emusimmer32Emusimmer32 Posts: 217 Member
    phobias or fears i think could also bring some more personality to the game. Whether its random or we get to chose idm but i feel like havng a seperate tab for fears rather than traits would be good and we wouldnt have to waste a trait slot for something like doesn't like water.
  • DaWaterRatDaWaterRat Posts: 2,005 Member
    Honestly, I want to see little realistic life changes...

    Sims have a circadian rhythm with a 4-12 hour sleep cycle depending on their life stage. Bed comfort doesn't lead to shorter sleeping times unless it also leads to energy depleting slower.

    Cooking and eating to not take crazy amounts of time relative to real cooking times (I can do a stir fry in 30 minutes, why does it take my sims 2 hours?)

    Having the option for your sims to run for the bathroom instead of always doing the "hold it in" walk

    Stuff like that.

  • lexiiiiplayssimslexiiiiplayssims Posts: 3 New Member
    Open neighbourhoods, yes! I hate having to come across a loading screen when I'm just trying to go 4 paces to my neighbour's house! Another thing is the HAIR! The hair! We have sliders for skin, makeup and everything else, but when it comes to hair, I still have like 5 basic colours! Also, more disability recognition...and maybe some hearing aids. I wear them myself and would love them in the game. That's all byeeeeeeeee :)
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 4,717 Member
    My fav iteration is sims 4, so my choices are influenced by that. I'd say sims 4 style art, sims personalities, trait system, and game play but add in non-mutual relationships, gradual aging, and free babies, plus maybe more freelance, open careers
  • Metior_IceMetior_Ice Posts: 563 Member
    I think sims 4 needs certain elements added before I would be willing to spend money on Sims 5. For example, merfolk have multiple bugs that I feel come from incomplete designs. I also feel like potential gameplay that is supported by the PS4 level processing power as seen in other games is lacking.

    And yes, merfolk in the Sims 5 will be a deciding feature for me that will make or brake the sale of the game and by extension all other packs. I bought the sims 4 because it was the current game and it featured merfolk in Island Living. I'm constantly reminded of lost potential with merfolk... They don't even use the correct terminology for the merfolk race by calling them mermaids...

    Anyways, in spite of all the flaws, I can't think of another game that allows for a MerMAN and MerMAID protagonist. The male gender for merfolk has historical relevance, but is extremely underrepresented in video games.

    I can use screenshots from the sims 4 to demonstrate almost everything I wish they either updated to the game or added a pack go expand on absent gameplay elements.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,068 Member
    That it never exists.
  • Chicklet453681Chicklet453681 Posts: 999 Member
    SERVERFRA wrote: »
    That it never exists.

    The great thing is, when it does come out you can pretend it doesn't exist and stick with TS4. It's not ever mandatory to "move on to" the next version of any game.

    Besides in another 3-4 years when it gets released, you never know ..... you may feel differently and be ready for it to be released.
  • izecsonizecson Posts: 2,706 Member
    edited February 15
    SERVERFRA wrote: »
    That it never exists.

    The great thing is, when it does come out you can pretend it doesn't exist and stick with TS4. It's not ever mandatory to "move on to" the next version of any game.

    Besides in another 3-4 years when it gets released, you never know ..... you may feel differently and be ready for it to be released.

    I agree, some TS3 players believe The Sims 4 doesn't exist, if people doesnt like the existence of TS5 in the future they can just pretend that series never existed.

    as for what I want, is a combination of what makes all the sims series good,

    The Sims 2 and 3 details to trivial things, The Sims 3 Open World and Story Progression, Combination of Sims 2 Personality Point and Trait System of Sims 3, put a point on your evil trait to determine how evil your sims gonna be, etc. Sims 4 easier drag and drop build mode and stairs placement. all of unique Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims 4 build features, Sims 4 drag and drop create a sims with an optional sims 3 sliders, create a style, create a world. basic weather system in a basegame.
    I win.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,068 Member
    I sure hope it takes about 3 or 4 more years before the release of it, because Sims 4 isn't done yet. I hope the devs don't do the same mistake that they did in Sims 3 & just drop it before it needs fixing. Also, I hope that if & when Sims 5 is released it won't be an empty shell like in Sims 4 2014 release date.
  • StrawberryYogurtStrawberryYogurt Posts: 1,974 Member
    ▪Personality takes precedence. A hybrid of traits and personality sets. Memoried, attraction systems, wants, fears.
    ▪Open neighborhood. Create a neighborhood/world
    ▪Greater or equal quality of CAS/Build and the gallery of TS4
    ▪The return of the story album with editing tools. Plus sim, family and neighborhood descriptions
    ▪More pregnancy gameplay, gender reveal/baby showers
    ▪Good black hairstyles from base game
    ▪Different sim languages
    ▪Being able to create a culture : create a school, traditional clothes, the sim language, religion, mannerisms, festival/holidays
    ▪Original storylines return for console releases
    The Sims has currently lost its identity. Bring it back for TS5


  • Sk8rblazeSk8rblaze Posts: 7,481 Member
    I agree with pretty much everyone's responses (minus the one that selfishly asked for it to "never exist" 🙄).

    In The Sims 4, Sims have the daily requirement to perform an action for their job. My one wish is that The Sims 5 developers have the requirement of playing The Sims 2 and The Sims 3 as part of their job. It feels like TS4's devs kind of just skimmed through the predecessors' many features and details, almost like a college student trying to quickly write an essay from a textbook the night before due date. Look at retail in The Sims 4 and compare it to Open For Business, for instance -- there is such a stark contrast there.

    I hope that it would allow the game to reach the quality of the predecessors, while also leaving much room for them to improve upon the each concept, too.
  • bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,616 Member
    inspirations: sims 1 creativity, humor & aesthetic, sims 2 details & gameplay, sims 3 new concepts like open world & color sliders, and sims 4 kind of graphics, cas & build mode.

    of course everything good you can imagine, new content, improvements on everything i'm too lazy to list, good AI, CAW, height sliders, lots of toggles especially for story progression & random townies, focus on gameplay, don't use so many recycled and recolored content, etc.

    also, weather, pets and more important past content on base game. ea, didn't you want to innovate? then start for not selling the same pack five times. give more budget to devs and hire more people to work for Maxis. stop with the "altruistic" marketing ea no one believes you. stop with the mega expensive packs; it's a videogame, not gold. you keep separating content so it's fair that you lower the prices, you can afford it too and all the players would be thankful.
  • SimsLivingUpSimsLivingUp Posts: 5 New Member
    I don’t know if I’m right but in the Sims2 did the love of your life fall into your arms from the sky? I think that and others would be a really good detail to have back.
  • SimsLivingUpSimsLivingUp Posts: 5 New Member
    Black culture should be part of the base game and subsequent expansion packs. There is a real lack of black hairstyles currently and there should be greater representation in the game. Calling for more hairstyles as numerous as the other hairstyles and please include black culture throughout the game and EPs.
  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,670 Member
    Aliens in the base game, with well designed skill trees like Vamps and Spellcasters have now

    Travel between world (I can't go back to the TS3 style)

    Better game play for teens

    Rabbit holes (I do NOT need to see inside schools or office buildings)

    The ability to be lazy and order everything on the computer and have it right there in my inventory

    A good mix of weird AND realism.
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