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So day one of my, hopefully only, five day lockdown. It's just as well I bought Paranormal last night - I'll have that to occupy me in the next few days. Any others in lockdown with me? I was up at 5.30am this morning walking the dogs - had the park all to myself! Made a quick trip to the shops when they opened as we were low on milk & got home to find the power was off! Just what you need on a 36 degree day. :/:s:'( Keep safe everyone!


  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,774 Member
    How's it going?

    We were supposed to have a 6 day lockdown a while back, but it got shortened to 3 days, making it just a long weekend at home.

    I think these hard and fast lockdowns are effective.
  • Yep all good here, no lockdown and no new cases.

    I did pass a quarantine hotel in the city last week, which sits beside a hotel. As I passed the hotel, I noticed someone that was clearly a quarantine hotel worker (wearing PPE) standing outside the hotel having a smoke break, so I gave her a very wide berth just in case haha.
  • grevilliabluegrevilliablue Posts: 301 Member
    As I'm sure you know our lockdown ended after five days with only the one Covid case. Whilst some of the media have been quick to say that Mark McGowan panicked by forcing a lockdown after only one case, I've had many American & British friends say that they wish their leaders had been so proactive! When you see the numbers of cases & deaths overseas it really reinforces just how lucky we are living here in Australia & in my case, in Perth. All going well we will be able to ditch our masks on Sunday & life will return to pretty much normal. We are so fortunate!
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,871 Member
    Brisbane has done reasonably well so far as well. We did a 3 day lockdown with just one case that turned into 2 cases with the partner of the original case tested positive as well eventually. I just hope it stays this way.
  • nope, I'm not in Victoria, but I read of your lockdown earlier today. Fingers crossed it's all over at the five-day mark and no new cases.

    Stay healthy and entertained! I hope you haven't lost work hours because of it.
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