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21 yrs of Sims - Walking Down Memory Lane

playermarko456playermarko456 Posts: 4,965 Member
Post screenshots or videos of a cherished memory you've had playing the Sims. Let us reminisce the 21 yrs of the Sims.

For me, it would be when I was around 8-10 yrs, waking up early in the morning, booting up that Windows 95/XP, plopping that scratched up CD, launching the game and listening to the amazing soundtracks composed. My favorite go to families to play were the Goths and the Newbies. I enjoyed every expansion pack, but my favorite top 3 were Makin Magic, Hot Date, and Vacation.


  • SallycutecatSallycutecat Posts: 135 Member
    I haven't played the Sims for 21 years, I was only 2 when it came out, but I have played all 4 iterations. I started Sims 1 when I was about 9. I've made myself in all 4 games at the different stages in life I was at at the time, child in Sims 1 and 2, teenager in Sims 3 and 4, and more recently a young adult in 4. I made my cat in Sims 1-3, each iteration getting closer to her real life look. Sims 3 came real close, just missing the white tip on her tail.

    My favourite packs from each iteration are:
    Sims 1: Vacation, and Unleashed.
    Sims 2: University, and Pets.
    Sims 3: Pets (the only pack I had, but Showtime sounds like it would have been a lot of fun).
    Sims 4: Island Living, and Snowy Escape.
  • telmarinatelmarina Posts: 3,826 Member
    I've started playing in 2000, when i was 20.
    At first i always played as Bella Goth. Always! For years :)
    My favourite expansion pack was hot date. I played that one so much! My Bella was always on the disco having drinks and dancing in the dancing cage 😅
  • TARDISgradeTARDISgrade Posts: 18 Member
    My first Sims game was TS2, I started playing in the mid-noughties, which means at the time I started there were already several EPs available. I remember I had Pets, Seasons, Open for business, University, Bon Voyage and Apartment life. I only have vague memories of TS2 but I remember I used to love all the occult characters and that OFB and BV were my favourite EPs. I also used to download a lot of custom content back then, but it often messed up the gameplay so when TS3 came out, I made it a point never to use CC, nor use mods anymore.

    When TS3 came out I was disappointed that I would "lose" everything I had created on TS2. I wondered whether I should continue playing with both. But as soon as I got it and started playing with it, I lost all interest in TS2, the new gameplay being so good. I loved the open world and all the new features.

    I had 5 EPs, World Adventures, Ambitions, Generation, Pets and finally Seasons, and I loved them, especially WA. Until Pets came out, most of my game play revolved around WA and exploring locations in Egypt/China/France. There was a quest in France that I never completed - but I completed all the ones in the other locations. After Pets came out most of my gameplay revolved around creating cool pets and roaming around with them (they were playable characters back then), in search of collectibles. I also loved the horses and I remember you could befriend a unicorn from the wild horse herd. The Open world, playable animals, exotic travel locations and the quests you could undertake there, and the jobs from Ambitions (especially the firefighter) were my favourite game features. They are definitely the gameplay elements I miss.

    I kept playing until about 2012, which was when I stopped using a PC and got a Mac. The PC broke down and I lost everything. Then I stopped playing any Sims game until earlier this year, when I got TS4 for Mac. I took advantage of the bundles offer first, and the 1/2 price discount these past days and so got a few expansions and gamepacks. Snowy Escape and Seasons are my favourite packs.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 3,128 Member
    Started with Sims 1 on day 1 and not looked back. Had all the packs, especially liked the ability to tell my own stories via the household connected album. Even posted a few on the website. There was great creativity, both by Maxis and the various players, and Maxis even provided the tools to make stuff.

    Sims 2 the same deal, and it remains my favorite of the series for too many reasons to list. It's, for me, more immersive and flexible in what I can do.

    Sims 3 was a later start and couldn't really get into it. Lots of great features, but loss of the album and look-alike sims really dampened the enthusiasm. Still have it, and go back on occasion.

    Sims 4 Got it early on, believing/hoping it would be a blend of the best of 2 & 3. Sorely disappointed in that, but play from time to time depending on mood. Lots of great features, and beautiful to look at, but shallow, boring, and still no proper album. :(
  • SimmerGeorgeSimmerGeorge Posts: 1,992 Member
    edited February 20
    I remember when I got all the packs for the Sims 2 late 2009 and I deleted all my previous saves and started fresh. This is when I started combining all the packs together and I was having a blast. I would wake up every morning during summer break only to play the Sims. I played a lot of my own families at the time but I also loved replaying Pleasantview with every new pack that came and have them do the stuff from the pack.

    This is when I got Dina and Nina to go on a winter vacation along with their boyfriends Malcom Landgraab and the chinese food delivery guy:


    And here are the Pleasants at a graduation party:

    Where's my Sims 5 squad at?
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