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whats your dream pack

LiefLief Posts: 107 Member
edited February 1 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
sims 4 fantasy living for me

-has castle world and gurads and everything (dosent impact other worlds execpt if someone from a other world came)
-no tech
-a bit open world like sulani
-special hoildays
i will edit more

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  • BookBearBookBear Posts: 318 Member
    magic. ROM is nowhere near enough.
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  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 3,828 Member
    edited January 29
    - Real Babies and more baby related items for the home.
    - Child, Teen and Elder life stages finally receive some love and get some unique game play.
    - More pet options.
    - Tree houses.
    - Bunk beds for those that want them.
    - Cooking Overhaul. New food types and grocery shopping.
    - More school options, private school, boarding school. More after school activities and prom.
    - More romantic interactions, cuddling in bed or on a couch, slow dancing.
    - Fix the bugs.
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  • Colton147147Colton147147 Posts: 10,368 Member
    • Justine Keaton Expansion
    • Monte Vista
    Your Justine Keaton Enthusiast.
  • carpe_diemcarpe_diem Posts: 139 Member
    edited February 8
    Game packs
    1. LIFE STRUGGLES (collecting points from negative/positive life/childhood experiences, "Parenthood 2.0", personality overhaul, deeper game play, consequences/struggles, active therapist/healer career. SEE MORE:
    2. FREE TIME (interests, talents/inabilities -unlimited and optional, new skills/hobbies & freelance career for these).

    Expansion packs
    1. EDUCATION (multicultural world, active: kindergarten/day care, elementary/high school).
    2. GENERATIONS (mid-life crisis, deeper game play for all ages *baby-elder*, bunkbeds)

    1. Romantic pack (with a destination)
    2. Hotels (+more destination packs to make it replayable)
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  • mustenimusteni Posts: 4,503 Member
    I want a lot of things, but I think I have to say horses. Close second is a pack with romance improvements.
  • DocPrivasDocPrivas Posts: 761 Member
    I agree with carpe_diem on two packs, here's my list:

    1. Generations (more life stages like pre-teen, older adult)
    2. Education (active teacher career could be fun)
    3. Into The Past (Victorian/Edwardian looking world without modern stuff like computers or cell phones)
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  • FatTribble23FatTribble23 Posts: 176 Member
    edited January 29
    @carpe_diem Freetime, yaaaaaaassss! I'm also one of the ones who would love a farming pack. I live in a rural area and I'd love to see something representative of where I live. And of course a world to go with it, with fields and animals and no fake skyscrapers in the distance. Something like Appaloosa Plains Riverview from S3.
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  • Globiddle23Globiddle23 Posts: 19 Member
    My favorite pack ever was The Sims 3: Into the Future. I went to the future and lived there for quite some time and didn't want to go back to present day. The robotics in sims 4 isn't even close. I would really like a full-fledged into the future expansion for sims 4!
  • KimmerKimmer Posts: 1,282 Member
    edited January 29
    I already have my dream packs in the game. Cats & Dogs, Island Living, Vampires, RoM and Snowy Escape. Also Seasons was one of the packs that I wanted and I thought would be a dream pack but it didn't turn out as great as I expected, I still like it, though.
    I don't really need anything more, but I'd love to have a Generations type of pack. I'm quite happy with the packs we already have, everything else will be just extra for me. Paranormal Stuff has been very entertaining and it was a great surprise. I wish more similar surprises. :)
  • BusufuBusufu Posts: 1,809 Member
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    My Sims 4 challenge:
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  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 3,152 Member
    edited January 29
    I have many many dream packs

    but mostly its improved versions of
    Makin' Magic, Sims Medieval (or other old time period of no tech) and Urbz gameplay

    other than those id love romance pack
    with awesome loads of couple activities and interactions

    for example snuggle while reading book together or cooking together or laying on your partners lap while they watch tv or such also doing activities from other packs together
    boating,floating, skating you know things like that

    and some things from past games
    if it was in ts1 or ts2 or 3 and it was romance thing and we dont have it give me

    and few couple dance styles and couple dance skill
    maybe dance markings or floor of some sort to help the routing

    possible addition of ball party option would be cute for that also!

    better wedding gameplay

    and cas and b/b for some awesome weddings

    like massive wedding cakes,

    cute arches

    and invisible arch markings cause there is never gonna be enough arches to satisfy all needs

    veils and tiaras that go with all hairstyles even males

    some more cultural wedding things would also be very beautiful

    aaand yeah some dresses to wear to that ball and as wedding dress and some nice suits for the dudes also
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  • KerriganKerrigan Posts: 570 Member
    Werewolves and more High school activities. I think the Scouts was a good start but I need something more school related. "hey Cassandra, will you go to the Prom with me?"

    I mention the two together because the series Teen Wolf would be a good basis for Werewolves and teen activities in Sims 4.
  • OnverserOnverser Posts: 2,175 Member
    A Caribbean inspired pack with lots of colorful decor and houses, beach shacks, tropical beaches with white sand, lots of festivals and island events, Caribbean inspired radio stations, etc etc. We won't get it because we already have an island pack but I can dream..

    Also an Italian fashion inspired pack set in a bustling coastal town with modelling active careers, catwalks, shows, managing a fashion show active career, beaches, touristy spots, hotels, a second more rural neighborhood with vineyards and big traditional houses, etc etc
  • RySBIRySBI Posts: 111 Member
    I have a few “dream pack”’s too, so anything like:

    - Werewolves with strong skills tree and perks like the vampire and spellcaster packs 🐺
    - Time-travel (is it greedy to want future AND past?). I agree with @Globiddle23 - I really enjoyed Into the Future
    - Updated ghosts with new abilities to possess other Sims (temporarily take control of them even if they are townies) and added as an occult type in Create a Household.
    - Morocco/Venice-inspired world with multiple empty lots to build on and Genies
    - Supernatural-hunter career/pack that gives Sims more abilities to seek out and fight with occult Sims. Similar to how Sims can make vampire cure and get the interaction to “Slay Vampire” but more established and for other Occult’s too (witches, ghosts, werewolves etc). Adds a component that affects fighting ability so that fight outcomes aren’t so random.
    - Active versions of some existing careers (Criminal/Secret Agent/Astronaut/school)
  • VikVik Posts: 115 Member
    Generations type play, I actually never played it but I watched others play it and it want much better family game play in the sims 4. I want the ability to take the baby off the lot. Want eldery to have cains. Have kids have play dates. Etc.
  • comicsforlifecomicsforlife Posts: 8,022 Member
    if I have to pick just one sims medieval pack would be it
    the sims 4 isn't getting new whims right now and I think they have dropped them all together if we want new whims in sims 4 we need to tweet the gurus and tell them we like whims
  • MetaphasicMetaphasic Posts: 650 Member
    An “into the future” expansion.
    This game needs more Sailor Moon!

    Hold SHIFT while using the FRIEZE tool to apply it to a single wall, and not an entire room!

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    If you download one of my builds, by all means, leave me a message and tell me what you did and did not like about it.
  • bella_gothbella_goth Posts: 1,735 Member
    for the sims 4, a pack featuring A LOT of gameplay. sims need more new interactions & more new things to do.
    devs don't even need to come up with new ideas, past sims games have plenty of them!
  • duhboy2u2duhboy2u2 Posts: 3,138 Member
    My ideal pack would feature something for the misrepresented or underrepresented sim age groups. My elders are still languishing away with nothing to do in their golden years. There's only so much knitting one sim can do. My sim teens are still stuck in an awkward limbo between childhood and adulthood where they cannot do their childhood aspirations but aren't quite old enough for their adult aspirations. They can't go to prom, get their first driving lessons, get dumped for the fist time, learn about life in a safe and teen friendly way... I feel like this game should be renamed "Young Adult Simulator".
    Loving yourself is the most simple and complicated thing you can do for you.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,691 Member
    I have a few some I don't think will come... or at least not the way I want them:

    Farming of course! I want mostly to be able to take care of farm animals and have a more old fashioned type of farm. I'd like some crafting that would be expected for the products you get from the animals.. eggs, wool, milk. I'd also like to be able to make jam or jellies.

    Dance pack to include couples dancing from club dancing (facing each other) to ballroom types of dancing waltzes, foxtrots, salsas, tango ect... The more options the better. I think the amount of animations I have in mind though are too much for one pack so at the very least a few couples slow dances and some club dances.

    Bands with a singer or just to have play a variety of music together. Have multiple ways to perform classical, jazz, retro, country, rock ect... Mostly if they bring it I don't want to get stuck with only a rock band and some rock show.. I mean I'd probably play it but not as often as if I could pick what they play. Would be nice if you could get a band to play at an event like a wedding reception or in a music hall... maybe you'd have to set it up a certain way to work or they could have a band object you set out so that the sims take their places. Lots of ways this could be done.

    Some sort of Beyond Death pack. It would feature going to the Grim Reapers world or areas, either as a ghost or a living person. I mostly want more interactions with Grim and ghosts. I'd like to be able to woohoo grim or have a child with him. (Let me create Nervous Subject from Sims 2 without cheats!) More depth as to what happens to ghosts and where they are when they aren't popping out of the tombstone. Aside from that it could have a quest or a way to cheat death or bargain with death if your sim recently died or drag someone back if your sim is living. (Maybe with repercussions like possible zombies). That they made the Star Wars pack and a way for us to chose to go there but limits what you experience otherwise gives me hope that we could get a pack like this with limited effect if you don't chose to engage.
    Would be nice if they included a cemetery lot with more interactions free with some sort of pack that features Grim.

    A romance pack... with things simmers want like an attraction system. Mostly I want bed cuddles and more interactions and that slow dance I mentioned if we don't get it another way. Maybe more structure for a wedding ceremony?

    A motel pack (I know people want to run resorts but with the 20 sim limit... ehh). I'd like to go to a motel or hotel on my sim. Pay for the room, be able to keep your area private from walk ins. Maybe order room service and have maid service. I'd also like to be able to run a motel (really want to run a Bates Motel) or B&B.

    A vehicle oriented pack with a free base game car update. I'd the pack to have a mechanics career, be able to build some cars, have a large variety of cars to buy and park in your sims driveway, repair cars and of course be able to woohoo in them ect... although the woohoo option should be base game update also. Other possibilities maybe... have a raceway area that you could go to? I wouldn't put too much put into that idea though I'd rather have more car options and mechanical abilities.

    Lol sorry I have way more than one dream... and still want so much I haven't listed.
  • jimbbqjimbbq Posts: 2,727 Member
    No tech would be very good. Sims 4 gameplay is centred too much around gadgets.
  • Cassieb95Cassieb95 Posts: 312 Member
    A World Adventures and a Medieval pack.
  • NightwalkerArkanisNightwalkerArkanis Posts: 76 Member
    edited January 30
    Well, the first post already stated most of mine. Though in my case, it be an entire new game.

    Medieval, magic and supernatural creatures.
    Class system - Royalty, Priests, Nobles and Commoners. Special interactions for all of those.
    Are you a smithman, a tailor, a hunter, a thief, a clerk, a monk or an adventurer? Medieval has so many jobs for your struggling Sim.

    Only the King's court wizard is allowed to do magic, but that doesn't stop some Sims who has the gift to practice in secret.

    It would take your Sim longer to advance in their field of work and skills would take longer to level up (your Sim would actually have to struggle to get somewhere in their life).

    Phones would be replaced with messenger pidgeons, falcons, seagulls, hawks and eagles (Vampires can use bats and Spellcasters can use dragons). And it would cost to send messages (this would cause your "friends" to stop messaging you five times a day).

    Punishment! If your Sims is a criminal who gets caught (special hideout floor hatch where your wanted Sim can hide when the Knights come for inspection) or neglect to pay their taxes, they'd be thrown into prison for a number of days.

    Woohooing for fun and social would be a risk, cause now you can't just decide or not decide to try for a baby, unless you visit the greenwitch in the gloomy forest for some special and costly herbs (might have to do her a favor if you can't pay...!). But avoid being seen going there, Knights will arrest people they suspect of witchcraft.

    I'll stop here. I could write a minor novel about the things I want.
    Sigh... the stories one could cook up in a brutal medieval life setting....
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 3,440 Member
    1. Fairies
    2. Genies
    3. Werewolves
    4. Moonlight Falls
    5. MasterSuite with the Heartshape Bed
    6. Generations
    7. Bridgeport
    8. Apploosa Plains

    Basically, I want the best from Sims 3 in Sims 4.
  • SuRihtanilSuRihtanil Posts: 1,450 Member
    A pack that improves everyday gameplay of sims, things slow down and sims enjoy finer things as well smaller things. A pack that includes more organic world where sims clothing match, careers, lives evolve outside of my lot. Also worlds have their own pace IE Brindleton Bay, Forgotten Hollow, Strangerville should be slow and you see less sims on public areas or lots, only people that live in that town daily travel around town with a super rare chance of seeing a sim from another world and a 1% chance of a global superstar. Where as a world like Del Sol Valley is most crowded publicly. I dream of a world where global superstar sims do not show up everytime I take my dog for a walk and my sim can enjoy the fresh air in the park painting and taking pictures without strange sims I have never seen coming to chat with me about aliens while walking from across the entire lot.
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