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Nightblaze Legacy (Updated 8/7)

DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 4,089 Member
This is a legacy with fantasy and supernatural elements. Each generation will have a summary. So far, there is a summary for two generations.

Generation 1 - Zelda runs away from an abusive home and meets Braeden in Glimmerbrook. Will she heal from her past pain?

Generation 2 - The triplets, Eilonwy, Rosalinda, and Liam, face obstacles in their lives. They also have very different dreams. Who will stay in Glimmerbrook, and who will move someday?

Generation 3 - In Del Sol Valley, Jamison dates the daughter of a mafia boss and is caught between the world of fame and the criminal underworld. Stella dates a runaway boy with a traumatic past. And Luna dates the runaway Prince of Windenburg. Consequently, she finds herself stuck between the world of magic and the human world. With secrets and conflicts in each relationship, will everything work out in the end, or will a flame fizzle out?

For anyone new to my Simlits/Legacy, you can check out the chapter index here:
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