the sims 1 extra puppet?

zero35zero35 Posts: 99 Member
i found sims 1 have three types puppet:
in game


  • GraveDirtGraveDirt Posts: 41 Member
    Yes! I have also seen Minstrel Carlo from downtown in Hot Date bring the bird puppet to the tables instead of his guitar. :D
  • zero35zero35 Posts: 99 Member
    but parrot and monkey only be used in TSO
  • NyosimNyosim Posts: 816 Member
    zero35 wrote: »
    but parrot and monkey only be used in TSO
    Is there any reason why only the weasel is in the offline game? Seems like an odd thing to exclude if they’ve been in the code already.
  • zero35zero35 Posts: 99 Member
    different with tso,no codes in ts1,seem ts1 and tso are dev by two team
  • air380777air380777 Posts: 4 New Member
    I played Complete Collection for years and for some reason I can't remember ever seen the puppet. I got the game back two days ago and Mortimer showed it to Bella when they came to welcome my sim to the neighborhood. I think it shows I didn't have my sims socialize a lot back then, I always had them play with their pets for socials lol.
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