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The People of Simbria

SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
Click HERE to skip the prologues (takes you to Chapter 1.1 - Springtime of never-neverland.)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (inside spoiler to save you from scrolling)
0: Prologue.

Plum Tree Family trees Further down in this post.
Prologue 0.0: The United Kingdom of Simbria. Further down in this post.
Prologue 0.1: H.K.H. Høigaffel. Further down in this post.
Prologue 0.2: The Original Families. Moving into town.
Prologue 0.3: What are memories but snapshots in time?

- 2021 -

Chapter 1

1.1: Springtime of never-never land.
1.2: The plan that failed
1.3: Oliver Freddys birthday

Chapter 2 (Optional side story if you don't want to read about war.)

2.1: Of politics and war
2.2: Don't be afraid of the horizon
2.3: Who wants to be a painter man?
2.4: What's up with these old people?

Chapter 3

3.1: The Holm-Fredriksen Family
3.2: Margrethe's Birthday Party

Chapter 4 - A continuation of the storyline introduced in chapter 2.

4.1: A week in the life of Deng Osman (out of the hospital II)
4.2: Amena Alnuman

Chapter 5

5: The Reppe Family and Inge Reppe's birthday

Chapter 6

6: Oliver Freddy and Inge - what's next?

Chapter 7

7.0: Oliver Freddy and Inge goes to university
7.1: Day of arrival and first impression
7.2: August

Chapter 8

8.1: The Kråke-Motorsen Family
8.2: Double Birthday party

Chapter 9 - More university life for Oliver Freddy and Inge.

9.1: September
9.2: October and November
9.3: December. Part I - Exam and exam results.
9.3: December. Part II - Coming home.

Chapter 10 - Christmas Holiday in Sunset Valley (Christmas 2021)

10.1: Christmas Holiday in Sunset Valley (Christmas 2021)
10.2: Christmas Eve, December 24th, 2021.

Chapter 11 - Sprottenham

11.0: Introduction and 11.1: January and february 2021
11.2: March, April and May 2021
11.3: June 2021
11.4: July Summer Holiday 2021 - Day 1 & 2
11.4: July Summer Holiday 2021 - Day 2 & 3
11.4: July Summer Holiday 2021 - Day 4
11.4: July Summer Holiday 2021 - Day 5
11.4: July Summer Holiday 2021 - Day 6
11.4: July Summer Holiday 2021 - Day 7
11.4: July Summer Holiday 2021 - Going home and the remaining days of July
11.5 - August 2021 (The last month of summer)
11.6 - Autumn part I: September 2021
11.7 - Autumn part II: October 2021
11.8 - Autumn part III: November 2021
11.9 - December 2021 (part I)
11.10 - December 2021 (part II - Christmas Eve)
11.11 – Epilogue - Bewickton

- 2022 -

Chapter 12 - January 2022

12.1 – 2022 Introduction and January in Sunset Valley (part I)
12.2 - January 2022 in Sunset Valley - Part II
12.3 - Lake Onebega - University
12.4 - Bewickton
12.5 - Sprottenham

Chapter 13 - February 2022

13.1 - Sunset Valley part I: Kleopatras birthday
13.1 -Sunset valley part II
13.2 - Lake Onebega: More University Life with Oliver Freddy and Inge.
13.3 - Bewicton: A new addition to the Chitrakaar family
13.4 - Sprottenham: Frozen greenhouse?

Chapter 14 - Spring 2022


14.1 - Sunset Valley: Jonathan and Sofies parents, part I.
14.1 - Sunset Valley: Jonathan and Sofies parents, part II.
14.2 – Lake Onebega, University Town: Romance...?
14.3 - Bewickton: Lets make paintings and songs about babies and fish...
14.4 – Sprottenham: Crime doesn't pay?


14.5 – Sunset Valley: Leaving the nest.
14.6 - Lake Onebega: Exam preparations...
14.7 – Sprottenham: Babies and umbrellas...


Sunset Valley May: Spring Party Time/Kristinas birthday
14.8 – Lake Onebega: Exam... and let's get the party started.
14.9 – Sprottenham: The girl by the Harbour Café..


14.10 - Bewickton: Sleep, what is sleep?

Chapter 15 - Summer 2022

15.1 -June: Sunset Valley/Lake Onebega
15.2 - Sprottenham Summer 2022

15.3 – Bewickton June 2022 – Palash and Sofias wedding.
Part I: Preparations.

15.3 – Bewickton June 2022 – Palash and Sofias wedding.
Part II: The wedding.

15.4 – Bewickton July and August 2022.
15.5 – Sunset Valley July 2022. Chess, books and family.
15.6 – Sunset Valley: Of snobs and bookworms...

Chapter 16.1 - Lake Onebega/University Life

16.1 - Part I – August 2022
16.1 - Part 2 - Lake Onebega - September 2022.


16.2 – Sprottenham September 2022 - Greenhouse Blues.
16.3 – Sunset Valley September 2022 – Ingrid and her aunt walk into a bar fine establishment...
16.4 – Lake Onebega October 2022. Tonight we are young, so lets set the kitchen on fire...
16.5 – Sunset Valley October 2022 – Swimwear and macaroni..
16.6 – Sunset Valley/Sprottenham October 2022 – Part I: You have the right to remain silent...
16.6 – Sprottenham October 2022 – part II: Aftershock.
16.7 – Bewickton – October 2022. Part I: All on board!
16.7 – MS Princess Ragnhild/Westphalian Sea - October 2022. Part II: Elevator Boogie.
16.7 – MS Princess Ragnhild/Westphalian Sea - October 2022. Part III: Surrounded by the strange and unfamiliar..
16.7 – MS Princess Ragnhild/Westphalian Sea/Sunset Valley - October 2022. Part IV: Until Death do us part...
16.7 – MS Princess Ragnhild/Westphalian Sea - October 2022. Part V: Murder on the dancefloor...
16.8 – Belo Horizonte Part I: Arrival
16.8 – Belo Horizonte: Day III – Spring Festival, Love eggs and a little more action..
16.8: Belo Horizonte – Day IV: Up and down and in circles we go..
16.8: Belo Horizonte – Day V and VI: Enjoying the view for some good, clean fun..
Chapter 16.8: Belo Horizonte – Final days and going home..
16.9 – Sunset Valley November 2022 – Charisma, politics and law...
16.10 – Lake Onebega November 2022 – My coffee is but a drop of fuel for science and painting..
16.11 – Sprottenham November 2022: Part I – Orinders Birthday
16.11 – Sprottenham November 2022: Part II – The Trial
16.12 – Bewickton November 2022 – It's all about what you can chew.


17.1 – Sunset Valley/Sprottenham December 2022 – Reunion.
17.2 – Lake Onebega – December 2022 – Supernatural Art: part I.
17.2 – Lake Onebega – December 2022 – Supernatural Art: part II.
17.3 – Lake Onebega/Sunset Valley - December 2022 – part I: A clean ending.
17.3 – Sunset Valley - December 2022 part II: Queen of Rain.
17.3 – Sunset Valley – December 2022 part III: Painting on the wall..
17.3 – Sunset Valley December 2022 Part IV: Under the mistletoe..
17.4 – Sprottenham – December 2022 part I: In the circle of life...
17.5 – Bewickton December 2022 – part I: Cat's in the cradle..

17.6 - Bewickton, December 2022, part II: Falling
17.6 – Bewickton December 2022: part III - A nighmare before christmas...
17.6 - Bewickton December 2022: part IV - From Darkness
17.6 - Bewickton December 2022: part V - A stormy night
17.6 – December 2022 part VI: The Curse of the Lady
17.6 – December 2022: Part VII - Perpetual Motion Machine
17.6 – December 2022: Part VIII – Parenting skills.
17.6 – December 2022: Part IX – Welcome to the family...? / Cold in December
17.6 – December 2022: Part X – Moon Landing
17.6 – December 2022: Part XI – What day is this?
17.6 – December 2022: Part XI – What day is this? (continued)
17.6 – Part XII – Home for the New Year..

The plum tree family trees are subject to constant updates, some may be incomplete.
Right click and open in new tab/window if you don't want to leave the thread.
Primary families:

The Motorsen Family:
The Karlsen Family:
The Kråkesen Family:

Secondary Families

The Holm-Fredriksen Family:

Tertiary Families

The Reppe Family

In game family trees inside spoiler (some of these may be outdated because sims have aged up, etc.):

Ranveig Motorsen:
Oliver Freddy Motorsen:

Kathrine Kråke-Karlsen:

Sofie Motor-Karlsen:


I must start with a birds eye view of everything and some background information to create a context for my story, complete with an over the top title to make it sound epic or something. Alright, here we go!

Prologue 0.0: The United Kingdom of Simbria.

The United Kingdom of Simbria, commonly known as Simbria, is a sovereign state comprising of six countries on the greater island of Simbria located in the Westphalian Sea on the northern hemisphere of the Simtopian Planet. It is a very big island, almost the size of a continent and thus covers many climate zones ranging from maritime subtropical on its southern tip to maritime subarctic on its very northenmost edge.


On the southwestern part of this large island state lies the mountaineous country of Frydain Pawr. Most of the population of this country is centered around it's capital Wad Nahadau, but this is not were our story plays out.

Prologue 0.1: H.K.H. Høigaffel.

The small town of Solskinnsdalen, also known as Sunset Valley, is a small and fairly isolated town on the southwestern edge of the great island of Simbria, in a country called Frydain Pawr. A long time ago, there lived a man called H.K.H. Høigaffel. Already while he was alive, he rose to legendary status as the most impressive chess player the Sim World had ever witnessed. In the year of 1783 sim time, he founded what is known as Solskinnsdalen Schak-klub (Solskinnsdalen Chess Club). It was here he would spend the majority of his days, challenging people to a game of chess, or writing on his best selling books about the magic, mysteries and strategies (as well as joys) of chess. From the money he made on his books, teaching chess and winning tournaments all over Frydain Pawr, he erected a tower to be his home on what was then the outer edge of the town area. The tower quickly became somewhat of a landmark and tourist attraction, and were nicknamed "The Rook" by the locals, as it resembled the chess piece with the very same name.

Photo of the tower, "The Rook", as it looks in the year 2021, sim time.

As this was long before the invention of the camera, no pictures of H.K.H. Høigaffel exist, but there is a painting of him by an unknown painter (ca. 1795) hanging up in the lobby on the second floor of the chess club.

Solskinnsdalen Schak-klub (Sunset Valley Chess Club) the way it looks in 2021, sim time.

Portrait painting of H.K.H. Høigaffel by an unknown painter.

As far as legend has it, H.K.H. Høigaffel did not enjoy any romantic relations, preferring to stay by himself until old age when he eventually befriended and married a sim called Joika-Kari Bastiansen. Joika-Kari was an avid gardener for the last days of her life. Officially she died of old age, but evil tongues still gossip that she died while they were woohooing in bed.

Modern day aerial photo of the chess club, with the tower "The Rook" in the back of the picture.

H.K.H. Høigaffel lived for a long time still after her death, and it was then he became an avid painter. After his death, his tower was left abandoned for years and almost fell into ruin, before the town council in 1873 declared that it should be restored to it's former glory and be opened to the public as a museum. At the same time a memorial stone was placed by the entrance of the chess club. It is rumored that if you stay at the chess club late at night, you may catch a glimpse of H.K.H. Høigaffel's ghost still roaming the corridors, or maybe even challenging you to a game of ghostly chess.

H.K.H. Høigaffels memorial stone by the entrance to the chess club.

10.05.2021: I just recently discovered that a lot of pictures are now missing from the tread. The pictures are not gone, the links are just broken because their url changed. I am working on updating the posts with new urls one by one, but it could take some time. I apologize for the missing pictures.
04.11.2021: All pictures updated. It just took me about 5 months...
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Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
Story threads in the creative forum:
The people of Simbria



  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member

    Nice you are rolling, I guess this is a new story without connections to you previous story.?
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
    edited January 2021
    @Tamijo Yeah, it's not directly tied to my current story in any way as he didn't leave behind any children (as far as we know..), but I couldn't start the story without mentioning this character. I suppose you could say he is only there to explain why there is a chess club in town. That's his legacy.

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @Sprottenham : Great explanation why there is a chess club!
    LOL at: "Officially she died of old age, but evil tongues still gossip that she died while they were woohooing in bed." What a nice way of dying!
    Will you connect this beginning with your recent story?
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
    edited May 2021
    @AlexaKry It will connect loosely, as it all happens in the same town.

    Prologue 0.2: The Original Families. Moving into town.

    Jumping forward a few years to 1977 sim time, a young couple, Asgeir and Lucie Karlsen moved into Solskinnsdalen. Asgeir aspired to be a world famous painter and writer and Lucie wanted to reach the top of the medical career. Since they used almost all of their money buying their first home at Vannlilljeveien 58 and as Asgeir's career as a painter and writer was a long way from taking off, they both started a job at the bottom ranks of the medical career. Camera technology was still very expensive and unaccessible to the general public back then. Only licensed photographers and the wealthiest of families usually owned one. Everyone else would either have to rent or borrow a camera, or go to the photograper to have their picture taken. Hence to tell this story, actors with pretty much identical looks and personalities were hired to reenact them moving into town.

    Reconstructed photos of Asgeir and Lucie entering their new home for the first time. This is only what it might have looked like.

    Asgeir often woke up feeling grumpy and irritable in the mornings, but this worked well enough for a while, largely due to Lucies kind and friendly nature.

    Another couple, Ingmar and Eirin Motorsen, had moved to town just a month after Asgeir and Lucie. Ingmar wanted to move to town as he had read about the chess triumphs of H.K.H. Høigaffel and had early on felt compelled to become a world famous chess player as well. Ingmar was quite the slouch, but they needed food on the table, so he got himself a job in the medical career. His wife Eirin was a lucky and charismatic person, but often found herself struggling with forgetfulness and sometimes lapsing into periods of insanity randomly running off talking to herself. In spite of this, she got a job in the police force, where she is to this day doing quite well as a forensics specialist.

    A reconstruction of Eirin and Ingmar engaging in flirtatious conversation in front of their new home. It's not that it's a trailer... it's just very long and narrow. ;)

    Not quite one month after the Motorsen couple had moved to town, the young couple Egil and Frida Kråkesen moved in right next door to the Karlsens. Egil, a highly ambitious individual, quickly got himself a job in the business career, whereas Frida got a job in the medical career. Houses were much cheaper out here, compared to the capital city of Wad Nahadau, even in the suburbs. And who knows, they might just like it enough to make it their permanent residence.

    Reconstructed photo of Egil Kråkesen admiring his looks in his new home at Vannliljeveien 72.

    Reconstructed photo of Frida Kråkesen reading the local newspaper in her new home.

    Prologue 0.2b: Profiles of the original sims

    Ingmar Motorsen

    Ingmar Motorsen was born in his parents little farm house in 1953. His parents were Rolf Motorsen (8.4.1920 – 10.10.1996) and Else Kari Motorsen (10.6.1922 – 1.2.2000). Both his parents were tenant workers at the farm of the Geekmos family. Ingmar Motorsens childhood was alright. His parents made enough to get by and to feed him and his three other siblings. His older brother, Svein Motorsen, and his two younger sisters, Marit and Grethe Motorsen.
    Ingmar went to school in the nearby town of Enebakk. It was in the schools library he found some old books written by 18th century chess legend H.K.H. Høigaffel. The then young Ingmar lost himself in these books and this inspired him to be a chess legend.
    In 1976 he married Eirin Jensen, the cute girl working at the local coffee shop. Eirin took the Motorsen name after marriage. The young couple wanted to move to the big city of Wad Nahadau, but prices were to expensive. In 1977 they moved to Sunset Valley, and the following year they gave birth to their first daughter, Ranveig.

    Eirin Motorsen (maiden name: Jensen)

    Eirin Jensen was born at the Little Enebakk hospital in 1954 to her parents Einar Jensen (14.7.1919 – 30.10.1972) and Aslaug Jensen (10.4.1919 – 3.5.2004). Eirin was their only child. Aslaug worked as a teacher at the local school, and Einar was a mechanic at the local tractor and car shop. The family tried for many years when Eirin grew up to hide that Einar had a drinking problem. This wasn't always easy for Eirin.

    The couple finally divorced in 1968 when Eirin was 14 years old. It was after this she started working part time at the local coffee shop, as things went downhill with her father after this and Eirins mother didn't get any money for child support. He died four years later from a stroke. Eventually, Eirin fell in love with this nerdy guy that would always hang out at the coffee shop, Ingmar Motorsen. They married in 1976, she took his name and they moved to Sunset Valley the following year.

    Asgeir Karlsen

    Asgeir Karlsen was born in 1952 at the Tavastehus Hospital to parents Bjarne Karlsen (12.12.1916 – 23.8.1999) and Gunvor Karlsen (1.4.1918 – 2.3.2003). Asgeir has two older brothers, Magne and Frank Karlsen. His mother was a painter and writer, and his father was a sailor on trading ships that went across the Westphalian Sea, meaning he would be away for months at a time. This left the mother alone with three children. It was hard, but the pay Bjarne got was nice.
    While his two brothers were out and about, Asgeir preferred to hang around his mother, greatly fascinated by her paintings or the books in her shelf. After graduating from high school, Asgeir took a part time job at the Tavastehus Hospital, and this is were he met Lucie Lehtoranta at the time a young nurse working at the hospital. They fell in love and married in 1975. In 1977 they moved to Sunset Valley.

    Lucie Karlsen (maiden name: Lehtoranta) (Warning: This is the darkest of the stories.)

    Lucie Lehtoranta was born in 1955 at the Pamtere Hospital to parents Tahvo Lehtoranta (11.12.1920 - 5.6.2000) and Kerttu Lehtoranta (2.3.1925 – 10.1.2009). Tahvo and Kerttu were both working as surgeons at the Pamtere Hospital. They were strict parents and demanded that Lucie and her older brother Jaska (3.10.1950 – 8.7.1965) always got the best grades in school. They had already decided that their children should also reach the top of the medical career.
    As Jaska got into his teens, he would no longer listen to his parents. He often ran away from home and could be away for days and weeks sometimes. This was a great distress for the parents, and it got even worse when his body was found at the bottom of a lake one morning in 1965. After this the parents divorced and Kerttu moved with Lucie to the smaller town of Tavastehus where Lucie finished school. The years were hard for 10 year old Lucie now.

    She had within a year lost both her brother and her father and had just moved to a new town. On top of that, her mother was as strict as ever. Her mother eventually softened up though, and in spite of all this, Lucie still grew up wanting to excel in the medical career. After she finished high school, she got a job at the Tavastehus Hospital and began to climb the ranks. She eventually fell in love with an aspiring writer and painter that also worked part time at the hospital, Asgeir Karlsen. The couple married and she took his last name. In 1977 they moved to Sunset Valley.

    Egil Kråkesen

    Egil Kråkesen was born early morning on New Years Day of 1952 at the Borlänge Hospital to parents Kerstin Kråkesen (3.4.1918 – 17.05.2004) and Lars Kråkesen (6.8.1920 – 12.05.2004). The young Kerstin worked as an intern at the town hall, and would eventually become the towns mayor. Egils father Lars was the founder of the to-become mega-corporation TelComNor. Egil has one younger sister, Liv Kråkesen.

    Egil always looked up to his father and wanted to follow in his footsteps, and was already set on his path to one day become the CEO of TelComNor. Egils childhood was good as the family always had what they needed and then some. In 1972 he fell in love with Frida Söderbärke, a young local athlete. They had an on an off relationship for a couple of years before going steady. In 1975 they decided to marry. In 1977 they moved to Sunset Valley, and Egil Kråkesen established the TelComNor regional office in town, later to become the TelComNor Headquarters.

    Frida Kråkesen (maiden name: Söderbärke)

    Frida Söderbärke was born at the Borlänge Hospital late summer of 1956 to parents Emil Katthult Söderbärke (18.12.1909 – 01.04.1992) and Astrid Lind Söderbärke (14.11.1907 – 28.01.2002). Fridas father Emil was an avid gardener and botanist. Fridas mother Astrid was an award winning novelist and screenplay writer, famous for her childrens books.
    Frida has two older brothers, Lasse and Bosse. Frida early on showed in interest in sports and athleticism, first signing up for the local cheerleading team, and eventually switching grounds to the local womens soccer team. It was after a match with the soccer team she first met Egil Kråkesen. He sought her out after the game, because he was so impressed by her work on the field.

    She didn't care much for him at first, dismissing him only as a rabid fan, but he kept on pursuing her, and eventually they ended up in some kind of relationship that went on and off for a few years before deciding to marry. When they married in 1975 she took the name Kråkesen, and two years later they moved to Sunset Valley.
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    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member
    Nicely shaping up the original sims of your town.
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
    edited May 2021
    A brief word from the narrator...
    The development of technology is a curious thing. Imagine that only 40-50 years ago people hardly had access to cameras. And nowadays, everyone walks around with one, and so much more, in their very own pockets. Unfortunately, the lack of photographic evidence of past events can make it somewhat cumbersome to visually depict these events as they happened. But just the other day, the narrator came in touch with a man that claims to have a potential solution to this problem. And so the narrator rolled the dice of narration and ordered one of the narrators victi.. I mean, simulated human beings to pay a visit to this man at his hideout.

    Prologue 0.3: What are memories but snapshots in time?

    Year: 2021. Location: Secret.

    Dr. Aaron Goth Pammy led Ranveig Motorsen into a a room that looked like something from a sci-fi movie. "This is it" he said, "That's it right down there! That.. is the Memory Machine. I call it... the MemPhis SP3-e1000."


    "What uhh... what excatly does it do?" Ranveig stuttered nervously as the sound of doors being locked was heard behind them.

    "Oh, this marvelous wonder.. well, it is very simple in fact" he told her walking down the spiral staircase. Ranveig couldn't do anything but follow this strange looking man. It was all to weird, she thought. Either she was dreaming, or her insanity had just gotten worse and taken everything to a whole new level...

    "This machine simply works by subjecting your brain matter to short but intense electromagnetic pulses and measuring their backscatter signal" he explained with a mad enthusiastic voice.


    "And then the signal will be transferred from the machine to the computer-brain below us, and the image of your memory will be displayed on the big white wall over there. We call the method electroencephalodiaphy."

    "That was a ... long word.... does it hurt?"

    "Oh no, not one bit... well, atleast I don't think it does. So, are you ready?"


    "Oh, I.. I'm not sure..."

    "Look, do you want to tell your story or not?"

    "Oh, I certainly do, but..."


    "Then what are you waiting for? Get in!"

    A little frightened and uneasy Ranveig hesitantly sat down in the strange looking machine, while Aaron went on and pressed some buttons on the computer keyboard.


    The machine began to hum a deep bass tone. "It's warming up, everything according to plan. Just breathe slowly, and relax." Aaron said assuring, before turning to the computer to press a few more buttons. This made the deep hum begin to pulsate, slowly at first, its frequency continuously increasing until it became more of a loud and high pitched, almost ear-piercing sound.

    "Oh, my ears... my head... oh..." Ranveig gasped. "Relax" Aaron said. "The sound will eventually become so high frequency that it will appear to fade away and disappear once it approaches the frequency of your memory waves. Isn't that amazing?"

    "Oh yeah, one of the wonders of the world..." Ranveig said sarcastically. "Just not right now... "

    "Shh! Did you hear that? The sound is fading away! Images of the memories from your database should appear soon!"

    "Oohh, I can't wait. Just make it stop." Ranveigs voice almost cracked.

    "Shh, my darling." He bent down to hold her hand. "Soon you will see the images in your mind, and I will see them on the screen. Oh, look, somethings already starting to app.."

    "I'm not your darling and don't touch me!" she interrupted, now with anger in her voice.

    Aaron backed off slowly towards the computer and picked up a small device resembling some kind of remote control.

    "Ok, ok, but tell me sweetheart... what do you see?"

    "Just a blur of colors for now" she answered. "But it's getting clearer"

    And yes, it was. Within a few seconds, a clear image appeared on the screen, displaying a man in a labcoat holding a baby in front of a crib.


    Ranveig: I see my dad, Ingmar. He looks very young. He's holding a baby.

    Aaron: The baby you see, my dear Ranveig, that's you.

    Ranveig: But how can that be? How can this be one of my memories? Surely, I would have seen it all from a different perspective?

    Aaron: Ah yes, that't the thing. This is not one of your memories.

    Ranveig: What?

    Aaron: It is your fathers. You see, this machine does not only tap into your brain. It taps into the brain of anyone in your direct lineage, either up or down. This means that I can visualize not only
    your memories, but also memories of your father, your mother and even your two lovely children.

    "I am speechless" she said, "but how can you know about my chil.."

    Aaron, interrupting: But it only works on intervals of 18 years give or take, and I set it to focus on the period from your birth to when you became a young adult. After all, it is the past that we want to visualize. Well, as best as we can. Some memories may be impossible to retreive, typically the more everyday ones that aren't as impactful.

    Ranveig: I see.. I think.

    Aaron: And that's why you are, my dear. Anyway, lets not delve to much into the clichés of philosophy. On to the next one, shall we?

    Aaron squeezed the device in his hand and the image shifted. "Ow! I felt that!" Ranveig shouted.


    Ranveig: That's me! And my mom in the kitchen. Oh, lets see.. I think I remember this...

    Aaron: Well, of course you do... this memory is yours.

    Ranveig: Yeah, this was after my first day of school. I was so excited! Everything was so new back then.. so much more vibrant. I mean, not that things can't be vibrant today, but... you know. I still saw the world with the eyes of a child, and eveything was safe, good and wonderful. Like I was living in a bubble, you know. Well, for a while anyway.

    Aaron: Oh, I understand..

    For a moment, Aaron lost himself in a moment of sentimentality, but quickly snapped out of it.

    "On to the next one!" he almost shouted while squeezing the device once more.


    Ranveig: That's Sofie Karlsen in the green skirt and Helene Kråkesen in the purple dress. I was a young teenager at this point. I would sometimes stand in the window and watch them while they were out playing outside Sofies house just across the street.

    I used to have a crush on Sofies older brother, Jonathan. But he didn't care about me... He only cared about Kathrine, Helenes older sister.

    Ranveig became silent for a moment.

    Aaron: Go on. It's okay...

    Ranveig: They used to say I was weird. Well, not Jonathan and Kathrine, we were still friends.. kind of. But some of the other kids at school. They would sometimes steal my books and write nasty things in them. Call me names and shout at me. They said I was insane. Some older boys would force me to the ground and sit on top of me, shouting to my face that they would...

    Ranveig began to sob.

    "That they would... that I was... and that they would... my clothes and..."

    Ranveig became silent once more, clenching her fists, tears running down the sides of her face.

    "I hated that rabbit hole!" she shouted, baring her teeth as if ready to bite. "Eventually noone wanted to hang with me, and I was left alone. Some nights I cried myself to sleep, face down in the pillow. I didn't want mom and dad and my younger sister Monica to hear me."

    Aaron bent down to hold her hand once more. "So so, my dear. It's ok. Everything is ok now. That was the past. It's not your fault. Kids can be stupid sometimes... often, they don't know any better."

    "I... I know..." Ranveig sniffed, doing her best to stay composed. "Can we... move on?"

    Aaron: Oh yes, definately. Moving on is always a good idea, as long as you are able to. And we certainly are.

    Aaron got up and walked towards the screen while giving the device in his hand a squeeze.


    Ranveig: Oh, yeah, mom and dad playing chess of course. They used to do that quite a bit. There was a lot of chess playing at home...That was really what my dad lived for. Nowadays, I think he lost it. He spends most of days on the couch just watching tv... but not so much back in the day. If he wasn't at work, or over at the chess club...
    He would always invite these people over to our house for a game of chess. He always moaned on and on about beating the next ranked player. I'm willing to bet he even talked about it in his sleep.

    Ranveig continues: It took me a while to understand it. Though I did play chess and read some chess books at home as well, I mean, how could I avoid it...

    Well, I didn't really get it until after my 18th birthday, but then it all clicked and the pieces came together, so to speak. And I wanted to do the same! I wanted to be a top ranked chess champion! Finally something I could excel at! The weird and insane crazy Ranveig, now who would have thought that, huh!? Yeah, who would have thought that, huh!? Who would have!?

    Ranveig clenched her fists once more, and her feet began to twitch as if she wanted to go somewhere.

    Ranveig: Finally I was someone other than just the insane one that everyone thought they could... can we move on again?

    Aaron: Sure thing, my love.


    Oh no... so many kids, so much crying all the time. I mean, this is.. this must be a memory from when my sister Monica and my two younger brothers Evind and Knut were young. Monica and my brothers were born within less than a year from each other. My parents always wanted another child, so naturally they got Monica, and I remember, she was so sweet.

    But then shortly after she was born, my mom was pregnant once again. I didn't excactly get the impression that they had planned for that... because I do remember overhearing atleast one heated discussion about it from my room when I just wanted to be alone after a rough day at school...

    I think it was hard for them.. or, well, perhaps mostly my mom, as my dad still mostly cared about his chess.... Well, as the oldest sister, I had to help out too. If it wasn't for me, they probably never would have learned to walk or use the potty in time. Ok, next!


    Yeah, excactly! That's what I'm talking about! This is me teaching one of my brothers to walk. They were twins, and honestly, a lot of things eventually became a bit of a blur back then.. with school and everything I had to do at home... They were so similar, I'm not sure which one of them we see on the picture here, actually.. I do love them, though. Don't get me wrong... they are my brothers, afterall.


    Yep, this is mom teaching one of them to talk. I don't really know why, but my parents would often walk around in nothing but their underwear a lot when they were at home... Maybe it was fashion back then, or maybe it's true as they say, that us Motorsens are a little weird... haha. Well, I can laugh about it now sometimes, but..

    I remember one day, I came home from school and my dad was naked in the kitchen, cleaning himself in front of the sink with a sponge! That was SO embarrasing. I did NOT want to see that!

    "That's probably a memory we can skip..." Aaron said while squeezing his handheld device rapidly two times in a row.


    Ranveig: Oh yes, here we are, my 18th birthday. Just like I remember it.. oh, wait, nevermind...
    Yeah, just don't look to much at the swimsuit! I remember overhearing a conversation once about birthday suits.. and in my mind back then, that equalled to swimsuits. I mean, what else could it be? So of course, I wore a birthday suit on my birthday... it made perfect sense to me! I guess now I can sort of see why people would laugh at me, and say mean things about my clothes... sometimes.. I guess...

    Oh, I don't think you should mind to much. The world needs people that dare to be different and go on their own accord to, sometimes.

    As the machine had now reached the end of its range and showed signs of overheating, Aaron shut it down and the lid covering Ranveigs head lifted off. Ranveig got out of the chair feeling both dizzy, dazzled and confused.


    "Just look at me, my dear. Don't you think that people have mocked me and called me names in the past!? Oh, I can tell you one thing my dear, they certainly have."

    Aaron went on, seemingly getting more and more worked up.

    "But did that stop me? Oh no, no it didn't! If anything, it only made me more determined. More determined, you hear!? That I should stay on my path, and never deviate. And if anyone tried to push me off, I should come back onto it, and I should do so with twice the determination and fervor for each and every time!"


    "That's what this is all about!" he continued. "The world needs people like us, my sweet darling! The ones that are not afraid to be different! The outcasts, the rebels, the free thinkers and the geniuses! The philosophers on the hill, the mad scientists and the magicians of the otherworld! The black sheep and the bright shining butterflies! Oh yes, the world needs us my sweet and lovely darling! The world needs us!"


    Ranveig: Umm, yeah, sure. Now, look, I thank you for this experience. It has no doubt been very... interesting, but... I think it's time I leave. Can you show me the way out?

    Aaron: Oh, oh yeah sure my precious. I will unlock the doors for you.

    Aaron clapped his hands, and the sound of a lock opening was heard.

    "Just... go up the staircase and after going through the doors. There is another door to your left. That door will be a portal to your hometown. Just go through it and close your eyes, because the light will be very bright. Then before you know it, you will be back were you left."

    Oh, ok, well... goodbye, then. And once again, thank you.

    Aaron: The pleasure is on my side. Goodbye for now, Ranveig and...

    The door slammed shut behind her, and a bright flash of light was seen in the hallway outside..

    Aaron: ... see you again soon.. someday, I hope... my dear...

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  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member

    Very nice and special update here, great idea with the time machine, taking us back trough the ups and downs of her life.
    Like that you take up some issues with normality and the fact that normal can be very pale compared to "not normal".
    Being an outcast is seldom nice, if you are also feeling lonely, but.....

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    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
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    Chapter 1.1: Springtime of never-never land.
    Now I lay me down to sleep,
    I pray the Lord my soul to keep;
    Guide me safely through the night,
    And wake me with the morning light.
    - 18th century children's bedtime prayer


    It was the first day of spring and Ranveig Motorsen woke up feeling drowsy. She had been having these strange dreams since shortly after she started writing that science fiction book. She had almost gotten used to them by now, but the dream she had just this night seemed so much more real and alive then the others. Almost as if she had actually been there.


    She stood by her bedside and pondered about it for a few seconds, before heading downstairs to make pancakes and have breakfast with the boys and send them off to school.


    Most days she wouldn't have time for much more then a brief good morning, as she had to go to work early, but today was her day off.


    Oliver Freddy, her oldest son, was close to aging up to a young adult and would have his high school graduation later this spring. She was so proud of him, as she was of both her boys. They spoke the usual everyday chit chat at the breakfast table, before they had to run out the door just in time for the school bus.


    After they had left, she quickly went over to her computer and sat down to finish her book. Though she was not a professional writer of novels by any means, she had worked hard on it for quite some time. And like so many times before, she was stark in her determination to finish this project. All that was left now, was just the last round of editing and touching up a bit on the ending chapter, and the book would be done and could be sent off to the publisher.


    By noon she was finished, and decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing on her bed while watching the romance channel. She had always wanted to find the true love she dreamed of and get married. Sure, she had tried a few times, but nothing really seemed to work out. At 42 years old and with two children she hadn't completely given up that thought, but didn't put anywhere near as much effort into it as before. She was pretty pleased with herself after all. She was already a well respected chess champion, and this she had achieved the hard way while simultaneously and single-handedly raising two children. And keeping a full time job to boot. This moment slouching on the bed was well deserved, she couldn't say anything else.


    After a while, she felt an urge to call her old childhood neighbour Kathrine Kråke-Karlsen to invite her over for a talk. Just as she went downstairs to make the call, her phone let off a beep. Oliver Freddy had sent her a text message saying he would head over to a girl he knew from school, Inge Reppe, this afternoon. Ranveig wasn't surprised. She had long suspected something to be going on between the two.


    She paused for a while, thinking about the dream again, before making the call to Kathrine. And sure, she would be over in just a bit as soon as her shift at the hospital was over. While waiting, she went back up to her bed to continue watching tv.
    Kathrine knew her well enough to know where to find her. Or maybe it was enough to just follow the sound of the tv at near full volume. Whatever the case, she rang the door bell once, and when nobody opened she quickly went inside and up the stairs to find Ranveig excactly where she expected her to be.


    "I had a really strange dream tonight.." Ranveig began.
    "I was being led into this weird looking place.. and there was this guy there. A complete nutjob! I don't know, but he had some machine that could read memories.. but the strangest part is how real it felt. Like I was actually there, and it really happened. I have never had a dream give me this sensation before.. Maybe I'm just overworked from writing on my book and everything.."


    Kathrine: Eh.. I'm no expert on dreams or anything, but it was probably just that, a dream. I wouldn't worry to much about it, if I were you.

    Ranveig: Yeah, you might be right. I just don't like how this brought back some memories I thought I was done with. From school and everything.


    Kathrine:I remember that, too. Those guys weren't really nice to you. And I did feel guilty about.. well, we shouldn't have left you alone like we did, but.. at the same time, it was so important to hang with the right crowd, and.. well, I'm sorry.


    "It's ok, I guess", Ranveig said with a sigh. "We can't change the past, or something. Let's go downstairs, shall we?"

    Downstairs Robert Bråge, Ranveigs youngest son, had just come home from school. It was clear he felt agitated by spending his days there, and if he was anything like his father, he would much rather have skipped school to go fishing. Preferrably as far away from any building or road as he could get, but Ranveig was a strict mother. She wanted her kids to make something of themselves, and skipping school was not an option. As long as everything else was ok at school of course. And luckily, Robert Bråge didn't seem to have any problem at all with his peers at school. It was more the teachers , the lessons and the homework that were his problem...


    After spending the entire afternoon over at Inge Reppe's house, Oliver Freddy came home for a quick meal before going to bed.

    Kathrine stayed for a little while longer, while she and Ranveig exchanged a few more memories from the school days.


    After Kathrine had left, Ranveig sat still for a while, watching Robert Bråge with feelings of pride and love as he was doing the dishes.


    Then they both took turns brushing their teeth in the kitchen sink before going to bed.


    Family trees

    Ranveig Motorsens family tree. Ingmar also has the Motorsen last name, but I left that out to save space/clutter.

    Kathrine Kråke-Karlsens family tree.

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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    WOW What an Interesting story!!! I think you should put All of it on the what happened thread! That time machine is just so awesome!!!
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member

    Love Ranveig, a hardworking single mum, providing for her two sons. Still able to write a novel in the little spare time she could have. Sad that she haven’t found a soul maid at that age, but as long as she is fine with things as they are.
    Ohh that was a dream.
    Great that without adult company in the home, she has such a good friend
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

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    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
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    @DivaDoodle @Tamijo Thank you for the comments, I am happy when people enjoy my story. I was afraid it would be a little dark, but.. that's what I think makes it interesting.

    Chapter 1.2 - The plan that failed
    Broken is the promise, betrayal
    The healing hand held back by the deepened nail
    Follow the plan that failed

    - Metallica, "The God that failed"


    The next day, as if by fate perhaps, Ranveig was phoned up by Sofie Motor-Karlsen, now married to her brother Eivind, and asked to hang out at the bowling alley. Ranveig didn't think twice before answering that sure, they would meet up. She had wanted to talk to Sofie herself.


    It rained alot this spring, and this day wasn't any different. They met outside the bowling alley and talked about the rain and the weather for a while, before heading inside to play a round.


    Even though Ranveig thought of this as a good opportunity to have a talk about the old days, she couldn't help letting her competitive instinct take over once the game started.


    This fired up Sofie, and certainly, she wasn't going to let herself get beat. All in good sport, though, of course. The match ended with Ranveig as the winner by 29 points, and after that they sat down for a meal and a drink.


    "I was thinking about you just the other day" Sofie began. "I was thinking about the time when we were children. Those were some... interesting times..."


    Sofie took another sip from her drink before excusing herself to the bathroom for a while. As she came back, she sat down at the opposite end of the table before jumping straight into it.

    " are things at home for you?"

    Ranveig: Oh, they're not to bad. both of my boys are doing well in school, and I think Oliver Freddy is making himself a new friend, if you know what I mean.

    Sofie: Oh, I think I know excactly what you mean. That's so sweet!

    Ranveig: And... for you? How are things?

    Sofie: Oh yeah, me and Eivind are doing good. I just got promoted at my job, and I'm now a sous-chef at the restaurant, and Eivind is not far from his dream of being an astronaut. And our children are just lovely, both Kleopatra and our little Walter. Oh, and just the other day he finally figured out how to use the potty by himself, I'm so proud!


    Ranveig: Yeah, but I meant... between you and Eivind? How are things?

    Sofie: Well, truth be told, and you know what he's like.. he has his quirks..

    Ranveig: Oh, I can imagine. It runs in the family.. that's we are like, us Motorsen folks..

    Sofie: ..but I have made it my vow to stay faithful, and that I shall keep. Besides, and I say this with all my heart, he is an excellent father for our children and also... let this be between us, but your brother is really good in bed! Sometimes it helps to be both a little inappropriate and insane!

    Sofie: But most of all, I am going to stay faithful for the children. Because I know how it hurts when...

    Sofie could feel the lump building up in her throat and that sinking sensation in her gut. The sense of panic, confusion and lack of safety.

    Sofie: I was only a toddler when they divorced. It was... I still remember the shouting and the screaming. The.. yelling and the threats they gave to each other... I could barely talk yet, but I understood... and I'm sure everyone else knew as well.


    Ranveig: Yeah, I think my parents knew. Well, I knew too, somewhat. The rumours did circle around. I must admit though, I was a bit shocked when your parents divorced. I didn't know it was that bad, but I can see now that it was probably for the better at the time.

    Sofie: Yeah, my dad just couldn't handle it anymore one day.. after she started a physical fight with him in the library. That's when they finally split and mom moved out. I didn't really know my mom until I was almost a young adult. She didn't visit us for years. And I was really mad with her at first. How she could cheat on my dad like that, and everything.

    Sofie: I mean, I know he could be a bit grumpy and hard to deal with sometimes, but... that doesn't make it right... it just doesn't. And with Beau Andrews of all people... the fat, lazy slob!


    Sofie: I don't really know how they did it, and it sure took a long time, but at least nowadays they are friends. Somewhat, I think. But I still see it from time to time, and I'm sure Jonathan does, too.. that sometimes when we have family get-togethers, she will prefer to hide away in the next room..

    Sofie: He told me she did that just this christmas at his house. When everyone else opened their presents, she was upstairs playing computer games! She didn't come down until she had to, when it was her turn. Somehow that doesn't surprise me.

    Christmas eve story inside spoiler (as previously posted here):
    The Kråke-Karlsen familys Christmas holiday.

    Christmas eve. Time for presents!

    Grandparents are invited too. This is going to be great!
    The couple holding hands up front are Kathrine's parents, Egil and Frida Kråkesen.

    Ingrid opening her present. I don't know who is most excited, the mother or the daughter? :p

    Kathrine opening her present. Jonathan apparently thinks its some kind of sea creature.

    Jonathan opening his present. "I dare not look."

    Frida opening her present. The man at the back by the chess table is Asgeir Karlsen, Jonathans father. It's also pretty clear from this image which one of his grandfathers Morten is most alike!

    Egil opening his present.

    Asgeir opening his present. He was the only one not pleased with what he got. I attribute that to his grumpy nature. Everyone else cheered and clapped after opening their presents. He just sat down like it was nothing.


    And then of course, it was time for some guitar entertainment. Wait, hold on... aren't we missing someone?

    Ah yes, of course. This is Lucie, Jonathans mother. For some reason she was hiding upstairs playing computer games while everyone else opened their presents.

    Lucie finally came downstairs to open her present. Ingrid looks like she's getting tired of it all by now.

    Morten playing with his gift, a snowbear.

    Jonathans parents having some fun. Who says old people can't dance?


    Ranveig: Yeah, I get that, but at the minimum they are living together again. So it looks like they are trying.
    Sofie: Well, they live in the same house again now, but they're not really living together. Mom has her separate apartment. Though they have settled the peace and are not fighting anymore, and they can have their grandchildren over for a visit without any trouble...


    Sofie: Oh, I'm sorry for all my blabbering about this. Some conversation, huh?

    Ranveig: Well, I am glad we could have it. Honestly, it sets things a bit in perspective. You were always the popular one in school. Especially you and Helene, and well.. I won't say I downright envied you, but there were moments I wished to be in your shoes, without thinking about how it could be at home for you.

    Sofie: It wasn't bad at home after mom left, just.. empty. Dad was a good father for me and my brother, though all that happened didn't really help his grumpiness. But still, we had everything we needed and then some. Some days though, it was quite the facade to put up... but yeah, that's what it was like back then.

    Ranveig: Yeah, I guess...sometimes though its interesting how things do not always go as planned. Maybe it's just me being crazy again, but every now and then I feel as if there is someone watching over us and whoever that is, actually has it planned for us.

    Sofie: Oh no, I think I know excactly what you mean, because I feel the same. And yet plans still fail, it seems. I always felt growing up, that I was meant to live in a traditional happy family where everything was easy and happily ever after and all that. Well, it couldn't have been more wrong!

    Ranveig: Yeah, I thought the same. And that I would grow up, get married and live my life just like that. Oh, we could probably go on about this all night, and I would love to continue this conversation with you again soon.


    Sofie: Yeah, it's getting late, and I should probably already have been home! Eivind has likely gone to bed by now, as his shift always starts really early. I just hope he remembered to put Walter in his crib...

    Sofie Motor-Karlsens family tree.


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  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member

    Awesome with the bowling.
    Great update about the Sofie childhood “background”, love that you keep a constant dramatical very Scandinavian tone to the story
    (partly what I am also attempting to do, at least sometimes)
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

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    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    This is so Good!
    :D I Love Sofie! ''let this be between us, but your brother is really good in bed! Sometimes it helps to be both a little inappropriate and insane!'' :D

    Do any of your sims by chance speak with an accent? For some reason, (and I hope it doesn't offend because it is delightful and brilliant!) but my mind has Sofie speaking with a hint of a Swedish-American accent, and it makes me love her all the more! (Accents are my very favorite and I wish I had one! Oh I guess I probably do to some parts of the world, but I doubt mine is delightful!)

    @Sprottenham I urge you again, to post this on the what happened thread, or at least a link. I think everyone should read this! :)
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
    @Tamijo Thank you for the comment, I appreciate the feedback. :) I don't quite understand though what you mean by a "scandinavian dramatic tone". :p I'm not really trying to write in any special way other then to put myself into my sims shoes as much as possible. I try to feel what they feel, think what they think and write from there, hopefully making the conversation seem natural and flowing.

    @DivaDoodle Thank you as well for the feedback, it warms the heart. :p Again, not sure how you can see the Swedish-American accent. In my mind, I suppose, they talk a mixture between British and American english, but if thats what you get out of it... that's.. interesting! :p

    I take both language/accent comments as a compliment, though.

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  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member
    @Sprottenham Good! I do mean it as a compliment! :)
  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member

    By "scandinavian dramatic tone" I mean that we the Scandinavians tend to have a darker approach than others. Maybe due to the fact that we have lived in a world with drak long winters. Munch, Dreyer, Bergman, Von Trier just to come up with a few. Also in music a band like "Ulver" have what i see as a very dark tone you would hardly find outside Scandinavia.

    I see some of it in you writing - that does not mean you are not yourself by any means.

    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
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    @Tamijo Hmm, ok, that could be. I don't know how much influence "long, dark winters" will have, but it probably creeps in somehow.

    Anyway, this update should be more upbeat.
    Chapter 1.3: Oliver Freddys birthday


    The next day Robert Bråge came home from school with Lise Veronica Motor-Notesen. Lise Veronica is Robert Bråges cousin and the daughter of Monica, Ranveigs sister.


    It's always easier to do homework, when you have someone to do it with. Later in the evening, Robert Bråge got an allergic reaction to the pollen floating in the air, so Ranveig took him to the hospital to get an allergy shot.


    This was a perfect opportunity for Oliver Freddy to sneak out for his date with Inge Reppe, as she had texted him if the could meet up on Little Black Mary's Hill by the mental hospital with the same name.


    An unusual location for a date, but a good spot to watch the night sky as for once it wasn't raining. And hopefully out of reach from the police..


    Surroundings are not important when you are in love..


    The day before Olivers birthday party began with a misty rain as the boys ran off to school, with Oliver finding it natural to switch to his swimwear as soon as he got off the bus. It runs in the family, I'm afraid.


    He checked the weather forecast as soon as he got back home from school, as he wanted to celebrate his birthday in the park at the spring festival. But the weather forecast didn't look promising. Rain, rain, and pretty much nothing but rain.


    Olivers birthday party was a huge success, though, and everyone really enjoyed themselves.


    On this picture from left to right: Inge Reppe, Eivind Motor-Karlsen, Oliver Freddy Motorsen, Ingmar Motorsen (with the back towards the camera), Robert Bråge Motorsen, Monica Motorsen.


    Blowing out the candles. On this picture, in the background: Ingmar Motorsen, Monica Motorsen, Ingrid Kråke-Karlsen. Sitting on the chair in front: Morten Kråke-Karlsen.

    Once he aged up, his last trait was revealed to be inappropriate, something he must have inherited from his grandfather Ingmar.


    Mother (Ranveig Motorsen) and grandmother (Eirin Motorsen) are so happy and proud. Seems like Ranveig is still a little confused regarding the birthday/bathing suit. Eirin thinks its a good idea to wear outdoor clothing inside. Who knows if the roof is leaking in this place...


    Oliver dancing with Inge Reppe in the kitchen.


    Then Ingrid Kråke-Karlsen wanted to talk to Oliver Freddy outside.

    Ingrid: So.. what are your plans from now on?

    Oliver: Oh, I am starting a job at the research centre for now, before heading to university after summer.


    Ingrid: Oh, that sounds super exciting. I am not sure what I want to do yet. I don't think I will go to university. I want to get a job at the police station. I already sent an application, keeping my fingers crossed.
    Oliver: Oh, I think you will no doubt get a job. Police officers are always in demand.
    Ingrid: Yes, I hope so. Anyway, it's getting late and I think its time to head home. I really loved your party, I had so much fun!


    After the party was over and all the guests had left and Ranveig was cleaning up all the leftover food, Oliver just had to talk to Inge on the phone once more before going to bed. What a successful day it was!

    Oliver Freddy Motorsens family tree:


    Oliver Freddys father is Fengselsdirektør Holm-Fredriksen. Fengselsdirektør translates to Prison Warden. Yes, there is also a prison in town. No inmates from Sunset Valley, though.

    Robert Bråge is only his half-brother. Robert Bråges father lives in another town called Sprottenham.

    Margrethe is his half-sister and the daughter of Fengselsdirektør and Psykiater (tranls. Psychiatric) Holm-Fredriksen. Family relations in Sunset Valley can be a little intricate, but hang in there...

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  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member

    Yes that was a post in a much more uplifting tone
    Inge and Oliver might turn out to be a the founders of the next generation.
    Great shots from the party and love that you have those family-trees every time, I am so easily confused and dont remember names well..
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

  • AlexaKryAlexaKry Posts: 2,706 Member
    @Sprottenham : great updates!
    It´s very strange of Dr. Aaron Goth Pammy calling Ranveig "sweetie" and "love" and such and seeking body contact with her. I first suspicioned that he showed her the wrong way out of his laboratory and captured her.
    It´s a great machine he invented.
    Nice talk in the bowling alley, that gave me a lot background information. (although I still struggle with so many names, especially because lots of them are double names. I am very bad in remembering names though, can´t hardly remember my name sometimes :D )
    "Surroundings are not important when you are in love.." so true!
    Nice pics of the birthday party, there were a lot of people in this small house.
    I wonder if Oliver and Inge stay together after school....

    "with Oliver finding it natural to switch to his swimwear as soon as he got off the bus. It runs in the family, I'm afraid." had to laugh out loud when reading this!! :D
  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    @Sprottenham darling picture of the kids running, it's a cheerful sight with the mountains in the background! Did you say this is a world of Rflong?

    lol I adore that Oliver snuck out to meet his date! I love all the flirting poses! <3
    "Surroundings are not important when you are in love" so poetic, lovely and true!

    hahahaha changing clothes to swimwear for the rain is so smart! extra special that it runs in the family :D
    I really think EA makes it rain too much! It almost never rains here! Of course everyone loves to complain about it in a drought! lol

    Happy Birthday Oliver! you are so cute smiling as you dance with Inge!
    I hope his relationship with her can continue, they are cute together!

    So is your name here on the forum after a town? or is the town's name just for the story? :)

    I love your update!
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
    @AlexaKry About Dr. Pammy: I meant for him to be a weird character, and how he called her sweetie and love, etc. I don't know, it just sort of happened naturally as I wrote his lines. I suppose he must feel lonely sometimes living alone in his secret hideout...

    Sorry about the double names. That's something I gave them at first for my own amusement, before I came to this forum and thought about writing about it here. :p

    @DivaDoodle I have not heard about Rflong (?). This is just the original Sunset Valley that came with the game, except that I added some more lots and buildings.

    I agree that it rains to much in the game sometimes. I think it can be changed in some settings, or maybe using the NRaas Tempest mod, but I haven't looked into that yet.

    My username on the forums is after the first (and only so far) town I made myself using the Create a World tool. The town has some smaller errors in it, and probably lacks a few things here and there, so I don't think it is ready for sharing.

    Also, I made family trees using plum tree. Hopefully this will help to get an overview.

    Primary families:

    The Motorsen Family:
    The Karlsen Family:
    The Kråkesen Family:

    Secondary Families

    The Holm-Fredriksen Family:

    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
    edited February 2022
    I will leave this chapter as an optional read as it introduces a new side story to my tale, and because it starts off with one of the most unpleasant topics; war. It will also introduce new characters not, for the time being, not related to my main characters.

    If you want to read, here goes:

    Chapter 2.1 – Of politics and war (Optional side story).
    It was dark all arond,
    There was frost in the ground
    When the tigers broke free
    And no one survived
    From the Royal Fusiliers Company Z
    They were all left behind
    Most of them dead, the rest of them dying
    And that's how the High Command
    Took my daddy from me

    - Pink Floyd, When The Tigers Broke Free

    Map of The United Kingdom of Simbria and its six countries.

    The foundation for the story presented in this chapter dates back to the year of 1935 when what became known as The Great War had come to an end. The Great War was a worldwide disaster for the Simtopian planet, lasting from 1930 to 1935, killing millions of sims and leaving almost no nation without any scars or consequences. During the times of war, the world was thrown into chaos and suffering, and it was all because of the greed, selfishness and short-sightedness of power hungry political leaders. As with any war or conflict, there will always be losers and winners.

    Downtown Sunset Valley, april 9th, 1935, after The Great War had ended. Photo courtesy of The National Wartime Museum. Picture was taken next to where the Corsican Bistro is today.

    And so it was in this war. The losing side consisting of countries from the Northern Ocean Alliance Treaty Organization (NOATO) was as a result subject to international isolation by the other countries, essentially stopping all forms of trade between the alliance and the rest of the world. This, as well as the unusually cold years of 1948-1950 and 1983-1986 which froze the oceans around them and killed the majority of their crops, gradually sent the countries towards poverty.

    World map of the Simtopian planet, pre-1997 NOATO countries highlighted in yellow.

    As a result, an increasingly discontent and starving population was an easy manipulation target for corrupt politicians with other plans on their mind than peace and quiet. This was especially notable in the country of Ines Wrist where Glomi Jink of the National Wristparty (NWP) won the 1992 election.

    Glomi Jink holding an enthusiastic speech at The Triangular Office. His son, Gnumo Jink, in the front left. Photo credit: Ines Wrist Central News Agency.

    To make a long story short, Glomi Jink and his party continued to starve his population while at the same time expanding the military section to abnormal proportions. In 1997 the country left the NOATO alliance, further isolating the country. By the year of 2012 it had turned into a full fledged military dicatorship. Following the death of Glomi Jink in 2013, it was clear that his predecessor would be his son, Gnumo Jink.

    Fibi Lei Delta Bravo Internment Camp, somewhere along the border between Ines Wrist and Genaro Molokai.

    Then, during winter season of 2019/2020 chaos broke lose, as Gnumo Jink invaded its southern neighbour, Genaro Molokai, literally bombing every city, killing hundreds of thousands of sims and putting sims in internment camps for no reason. This sent several thousands more on a desperate escape and dangerous journey away from their own country. Some of them, greatly traumatized from the torturous terrors of war, had by spring 2020 made their way to Sunset Valley...

    Post edited 11.05.2021 to fix broken image links.
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    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

  • DivaDoodleDivaDoodle Posts: 1,858 Member

    Ah I see, TY for the links! I listened to Pink Floyd while perusing your update, I love your pics and maps! I am not into reading about war, but that is no reflection on you or your writing, it is just me!

    oh LOL never thought I would ever have a 'it's not you, it's me' conversation with a pal on the forums! ;) LOL :D
  • SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 784 Member
    edited January 2021
    @DivaDoodle That is understandable, war is not pleasant in any way. I was considering skipping this part of the story, and just play it out for myself without writing about it. And I might still do that for two/three reasons. The first being its background topic, the second being potential for controversy and the third being that it might just introduce way to many new characters and make everything 'overcrowded'.

    Edit: I have made a decision and will discontinue leave the side story introduced in chapter 2 as an optional read. Hence there will be no formal introduction of the refugees. They will still be in town and I will still play them, but I plan for the characters of the side story they will to be introduced to my main story accordingly if/when they interact with any of the sims from my 'main families'.
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    Blog: The people of Simbria where I repost chapters from the beginning.
    Story threads in the creative forum:
    The people of Simbria

  • TamijoTamijo Posts: 832 Member
    I like the fact that you have this “historical/political” side story, add some extra debt to the storyline. Great update
    Want to follow my story - Suggest that you read the Biographies at the first post here:

    Survivors the River

    That should help a lot understanding what is going on.

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