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Should I Move the Newsons into Pleasantview?

Simtown15Simtown15 Posts: 3,949 Member
Alexander had a crush on Ginger Newson as a teenager and he never met Lucy Burb, whom I planned to match him with, so I was wondering if I should move in the Newsons so Alexander can marry Ginger. However, Ginger comes from a family of six orphans, which is both a pro and a con.

Pro: There will be more kids for the Pleasantview sims to end up with, preventing inbreeding since most of them are related by generation 2/3.

Con: It’s a huge household and I hardly ever have my sims have more than 3 kids. Also, they’re orphans, so they won’t have a source of income until the teens age up.

Should I Move the Newsons into Pleasantview? 6 votes

auroraael14Twiggers849Rflong7DevSims91PotsaeGamecubeLover26 6 votes


  • PotsaePotsae Posts: 73 Member
    That sounds like an interesting turn of events. Teens may work part-time jobs for some income or do stuff like drawing. It's still challenging but that may be fun.
  • DevalaousDevalaous Posts: 1,219 Member
    The Newsons were designed for Belladonna Cove, but since they come with the Magic subneighbourhood, there's nothing saying they cant go in any of the other neighbourhoods. This family has always been one of the toughest to play, and its sad that neither Sims 3 or 4 have yet offered a family with a similar dilemma.

    Its possible to abuse the mechanics and cheat by sending both the teens to university at once, as the kids will be in stasis basically till the teens come home, assuming you never play the lot again. Doing things legitimately is a real challenge though, as there just isnt enough money to hire a nanny full time, one of the teens will have to stay home and teach toddler skills, and since teens get fired for bad grades, balancing work, school and toddlers is problematic. A nanny cant track the schedule of a teen going to school either, so you'd have to hire one EVERY morning.
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  • Twiggers849Twiggers849 Posts: 101 Member
    Funnily enough, after seeing some stuff about Pleasantview playing order, and wanting to get back into some Sims gameplay. I was looking at populating the hoods and thought the Newsons would be a really interesting family to play in Pleasantview. I moved them into one of the 'trailer' lots, and can't wait to see how they intergrate with the rest of the neighbourhood!!
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