THINGS we want to see in 2023!!


  • wyrofoxywyrofoxy Posts: 11 New Member
    I wish I could think of new features, but mainly all I can think of are fixes lol.

    Toddlers not always getting negative, long lasting sentiments against their parents (honestly, the sentiment system just needs to be reworked altogether because it still isn't functional for me.)

    Selectable secondary or even tertiary colors for styles (some of the multicolored hair colors look really strange with their preset secondary colors, I'm okay not having Create a Style in TS4 but EAxis please give us more options to work with lol, some of the color schemes are just not good looking.)

    Ability to own more homes would be nice I think? Like in TS3. I'm not too worried about that though since rentals exist.

    Hopefully not having to go through a loading screen just to visit my next door apartment neighbour. The rooms outlined by the walls seem to appear there, you see the neighbours come out from time to time, so I'm not 100% sure why it has to go through a whole loading screen :/ I've missed open world gameplay but have honestly grown accustomed to a not totally open world - but I feel like at least all the areas in the neighborhood you're currently roaming around should be open, unless it's not possible.

    Also, I don't know if I've seen people talk about this yet but adjustable/varied heights for the ceiling lights would be neat, like the different sizes for windows and doors, and even the vertical wall lights have different sizings. There are ceiling lights I'd LOVE to use for certain lots and situations but they simply hang too low because they seem to be meant for higher walls. I don't always want to make my walls higher for some nice lights for my rooms.

    I might think of more later.
  • LShresthaLShrestha Posts: 3 New Member
    Would love to have back:

    * Werewolves Sims
    * Zombie Sims
    * Fairy Sims

    - Above all and a little disappointed that it did not happen this last expansion HORSIES! As it is a FARM expansion!
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
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    Houseboats and an activation for terrain and cellar function please for beaches. and a surf skill.

    I think the work should still be revised for the old checkout system and the star rating system and business rank which is completely missing. And a makeover for your career. the accompanying message does not block the screen. in the case of police and medicine, namely skills instead of the normal compulsory tasks that are required for the promotion, in which you should definitely accompany the Sim every time. police and burglar from sims 2.

    In Jahreszeiten / Sowy Escape, the high snowfall should be revised so that this is also possible in other cities. Just add tall snow in place of the ice. Is it so hard? It already exists.

    And a university that complements other careers for degrees.

    why, why do the developers seem to give some CAS things only to toddlers like this Inuit suit? It will likely be the same with lion makeup. Where? Adult Sims are welcome to have this too.
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  • temporalgodtemporalgod Posts: 800 Member
    LShrestha wrote: »
    Would love to have back:

    * Werewolves Sims
    * Zombie Sims
    * Fairy Sims

  • daryl921daryl921 Posts: 11 New Member
    The ability for detectives to have a dog that can smell and detect drugs and use them in investigations maybe?The dog would also help find clues during investigations on crime scenes or whatever.The ability to for the profession to have another branch to be a member of the dog brigade,maybe up to the grade of dog master,don't know how to say it in english but you get the point.
    Also more occult,people never get tired of new races.Fairies,imaginary friend,genie are good but I also remember the frogman alien on the movie channel during the sci fi movie,the starship as a new rocket would be pretty neat.As I said in another post a space pack would be awesome with all the tech stuff from oasis spring in sims 3 with the holo creatures and the laser harp being my favorites.Aliens anyways should be totally revamped.No area to live in,sixam sucks and should be redone,psy powers blow.I want an ability for my senior sim to for example possess another sim and trasfer its soul into another sim before dying maybe or just because you want a young sim again.Very good for RP,play a dying sim that keep transfering into other sims to live forever,kinda exciting somehow.I think that's it for now.Ah yes,add purses and handbags for women to wear.Maybe there is a mod for that,if anyone knows of one feel free to tell me.Just some of the things I'd like to see.
  • havsplantorhavsplantor Posts: 13 New Member
    Spiral staircases, curved pools, curved walls, more antique exterior details, like, french balconies and stuff.
  • havsplantorhavsplantor Posts: 13 New Member
    Also, more construction items for greenhouses
  • havsplantorhavsplantor Posts: 13 New Member
    I also wish it would be easier to make custom worlds. Like, imagine it would be like doing a buzzfeed quiz. Pick the shape of the town/world/island, pick a climate, the amount of lots, and maybe overall coloring options like saturation and darkness. Then you press "Go" and you get a custom town based on your preferences, premade by EA.
  • temporalgodtemporalgod Posts: 800 Member
    I also wish it would be easier to make custom worlds. Like, imagine it would be like doing a buzzfeed quiz. Pick the shape of the town/world/island, pick a climate, the amount of lots, and maybe overall coloring options like saturation and darkness. Then you press "Go" and you get a custom town based on your preferences, premade by EA.

    What's stopping me from creating Morioh from Diamond is Unbreakable.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 6,869 Member
    I still so much want my Fairies & Wolfies. :p
  • Franko30Franko30 Posts: 64 Member
    There are still a lot I want in this game, but BODYHAIR is the most wanted feature for me. Common sims team do it for the male CAS lack luster, especially now that girl have their nails... I know you dont have to tell me, anyone can have nails... even though 90% of male don't. Its not an accurate statistic, its just me ranting on this subject, meanwhile being so glad they finally had cool things in CAS. Love the nails on my girls! But really can't stand the daddies with smooth skin.
  • Franko30Franko30 Posts: 64 Member
    I will say, that there is one gameplay thing I would love, and its an Attraction system... detailed attraction system.
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
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    Ninjas and martial arts
    All adult hair colors for toddler and children
    A button to mirror hairstyles
  • Behappy1stBehappy1st Posts: 685 Member
    Werewolves and long hair
  • havsplantorhavsplantor Posts: 13 New Member
    I'd love to have the the ability to customize the colors of the lighting with hex codes. I'm not really a fond of the current, limited color settings, and to be honest, the lighting can do so much for the rest of the interior.
    I think you could do that in The Sims 3? Anyways, maybe there are mods that have this function for TS4?
  • Behappy1stBehappy1st Posts: 685 Member
    The very sad because someone died needs help. Someone you don't know/ nothing. Someone you just met/a few hours. Someone your friends with/ 2 days. Family/ 3 days. I once started a new save, the baby aged up to toddler and 2 days later they were sad for 2 days when someone died. The problem with that is NOBODY died. The parents only met 2 sims and the toddler only knows mom and dad. And the game didn't say someone died.
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 8,119 Member
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    Simmingal wrote: »
    basically every gameplay object from The Sims: Makin' Magic we don't have yet

    I don't even have excuses its obsession.

    additional amusement park,circus or occult items be also cool like as long as i can shove it into clown park like it belongs there bring it on

    aaand i second all of the above
    especially would love to have bonehilda and picnics with couple interactions and all it be cute

    and i would never say no to crafts as long as my sims can do them with old tools i dont want huge futuristic machines like eco had like nah thats just not vibing make it realistic or even cute old style if its crafts

    oh dang its almost happening

    now we just need the romance, more occult and amusement parks/circus

    and may i add couple dancing for the romance theme please..idk how i dodged mentioning it

    oh and yes makin' magic vibes haven't quite shown up
  • Iago12Iago12 Posts: 5 New Member
    pls bring back the dragons from the sims makin magic!!!
  • SoftballChick_88SoftballChick_88 Posts: 13 New Member
    I would love cars, skateboarding, BMX, motorcycle, scooter, more teen focused stuff like that and more. Teens get no love in this game and it's sad 😢
  • havsplantorhavsplantor Posts: 13 New Member
    Does anyone else miss the floating heads for the selection bars? It's kinda sad that EA didn't keep it from TS1/TS2/TS3. They were a part of the true sims essence.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,939 Member
    I would really like to see trampolines!
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 6,918 Member
    How about a fun new watersport? It's called water zorbing! :lol: We already have the bunny suit. :)




    There is even such a thing as bubble dancing.



    If those are too much of a novelty, then I would like some bumper cars.


    or bumper boats


    And how about pogo sticks?


    These kind of unicycles are quite popular in my city, I see them rather often.

  • LeGardePourpreLeGardePourpre Posts: 14,994 Member
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    Minor updates :
    • Lin-Z : Food delivery service
    • Instant Upgrade : Bed upgrades
    • Tablet : Put it on a table like a dish instead of the floor
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  • AngelDAngelD Posts: 6 New Member
    I've been a member of this forum since 2017 but unfortunately not active enough to have member status to be able to create my own thread. Scumbumbo was very important to the modding community in the Sims 4 and I would like to see some of his mods in base game. If someone who thinks the same could make a thread about this, since I cannot, I would be grateful.
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,939 Member
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    Updated this thread for 2022! What do you want to see this year?
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