THINGS we want to see in 2023!!


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    Please revised the purchase menu to provide a better overview. A lot has built up with the packs. Some things are probably hard to find.

    Tools for rounded walls / floors and rounded pools
    Run and live in hotels
    owning several houses at the same time

    Better yet, 2 CAS features more
    The penguin and the skunk from Sims 2
    All the features from Sims 3
    Some Sims sleep standing up
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
    All CAS features from Sims 3 for Sims (in deutsch: Ich meine die CAS Merkmale aus Sims 3)
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    Please revise the purchase menu to provide a better overview. A lot has built up with the packs. Some things are probably hard to find.
    This is another reason why we could use Sims 2-type customizable catalogs. There's a lot of items, so once we do find something, we should be able to just add it to a custom catalog, making it easy to access next time.
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    I’d like smaller fireplaces too (most of the ones we have are so high they reach my sims shoulders!).
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
    again a gallery between two basement floors
    that columns can finally be placed on boxes and not just in the corner.
    Objects that "float" in the air before changing the height of platforms should also be moved in height. I already had problems because of that.
    On an inclined floor between 2 floor coverings at different heights, you can place 2 floor covering that is inclined, as in Sims.

    the Sims line up at the till
    revamped business system, like Sims 2 with star ratings and stuff.
    Entrance machine for entry
    Store manager
    Business also possible on residential properties
    Partners like in Sims 3, but for business
    land bought increase bills

    in relationships there is a subdivision especially for family.
    It would be useful if extra Sims who have developed feelings towards you can also be displayed in relationships.

    children and toddlers can also have brightly colored hair.
    Eye color and eye shape can be changed individually at random.
    One random button for hair only and one for hair colors only

    As in sims 2, sims can dig up the ground for guesswork
    skills bass and drums
    a juggling ability up to level 5

    sims can play music with each other, with enough music combinations, with and without certain instruments, and there is a musical career. the ability to play music is free to choose.

    An extra gameplay pack for dragons with lots of content for dragons.

    the ability absorber from sims 2
    the telescopes from sims 2
    social bunny from sims 2
    that sims 4 is funnier and the sims.

    diving and underwater plots from sims 3.
    Moon phases with the involvement of creatures (different effects of forces in moon phases). but please not with appearing zombies.

    Spiral stairs
    curved stairs like in the last Sims 2 Stuff Pack
    Children can jump on beds. At some point these will break.
    maybe also that like in Sims 2 beds have to be made

    again different ghost colors and not according to current emotion. That would give it something unique again, different from now.

    the money inheritance system from Sims 2. Money is lost if Sims selected as unplayed perish through old age if the aging of others is active. So you always have to let the corresponding Sims move in.

    Sims can also adopt Sims that have been given up for adoption. You can choose them in a selection window. This means that no Sims will be lost if the last adult / teen accidentally dies and the other Sim is put up for adoption.

    the terrain tool is like sims 2

    the beach and the ground can be worked on on beach properties.

    more colorful, stronger colors for sims 4

    Overhauled pets, the training system and ads from Sims 2
    Rain in sunshine and rainbow
    that the item limit (number) is 999

    A property feature that enables income through property tours, possible for every property type

    Visit and guide attractions:
    Amusement parks
    Fair, but costs extra for each attraction

    Attraction system:
    I think the new system in Anno 1800 is great (attractiveness system for visitors). You could have something similar in Sims 4. So a popularity system for amusement parks, fairgrounds, zoos and other community properties. But also for normal community properties. That would give the game better value. E.g. if you are building a tower and you want it to be popular for viewing. The system should also be a little active when the Sim is a visitor. One expands e.g. Zoo by further enclosures, where the animals can be cared for in a similar way to the bees. It's also about cleaning. Entrance as in reality at the entrance.

    Over time, fewer visitors come. You can advertise and get more visitors and employees (and shop buyers) for powerful PCs. You can choose that in the settings.

    Stars can also be greeted normally by sims that are not stars. Over time, this can be disruptive.
    with aliens when creating a sim you can copy the shape, face and clothing onto the alien camouflage and vice versa. That is missing.

    a wish display like in Sims 2. So where the Sims acted weird when not enough wishes were granted.

    Better camera: If there is no room under a room, the camera view no longer falls downwards.
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    My idea:

    Buy a dragon egg and watch the dragon hatch. There are many different colors. Take care of him and teach him to talk and other things. That makes the Sim happy. But your Sims should be careful. Dragons are wild animals. Every now and then his paws are scratched. Dragons are mostly under control. However, if the dragon is in a bad mood, is the Sim too rude to him or if he is mean to him, there is a 3% chance that he will be attacked by magical dragon fire that cannot be extinguished (that’s it with the Sim) .

    Dragons should also occupy a household space.

    Addition: That you can make a dragon family and that they get older than cats. And characteristics: Also cuddly dragons and particularly dangerous (increased fire probability) and wise dragons. When the dragon has learned a certain level of a certain skill, he has the interaction Grant wisdom with a friendly Sim: The Sim learns skills a little faster for a day. Only wise dragons can learn the level of this ability (speaking ability required). Friend dragons can be used as a means of transport. To do this, kites must first be able to fly.

    And often smoke from the nostrils with a corresponding moodlet for the Sim. And reactions between dragons and pets. Cats also cuddle with cuddly dragons and are not afraid of them.

    Dragon fire:
    Corresponding effects for ice and snow
    Only magicians can (magically) extinguish dragon fires. There are different intensities of fire. Stronger dragon fires can only extinguish virtuoso magicians.
    Ability to train kites

    you can choose which households appear automatically in different neighborhoods. you can pinpoint that.

    that you can set the seasons and frequency individually for cities again

    several pools with different depths regardless of the setting of the rooms
    rounded pools

    That with an alien abduction the needs change again as in Sims 2. Or at least when the Sim later has an alien child

    Spiral stairs

    Switching to 1, 10 or 100 when moving the inventory and e.g. buy food at festivals and elsewhere.
    At the gallery / library you can enter 1 property name + 3 hashtags, 1 ID + 3 hashtags, 1 ID + 1 property name + 2 hashtags or 4 hashtags. Just 1 can be far too little.

    Martial arts
    Archery skill with competition, forest is not a real substitute
    Garden competition: The number of plants, trees and growing plants and their quality are included in the evaluation and the decorated moodlet.
    House competition: The decorated moodlets are added together for the evaluation from all rooms.
    Sims are a little more fun and can do crazier things. I mean stunts or something but are a little more childish overall.

    The fast-forward function from Sims 3, that is, the one that stops when the interaction is over.

    a skill for every musical instrument from sims 2
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    > @Madz_LB said:
    > I'd like to see a general re-work of all the worlds so that they are not all flat. this would make the use of the terrain tool more realistic. also the addition of ponds like we had in Sims 3 if you lowered the terrain far enough

    I love the idea of mixed terrain. I know if you get a big enough lot you can play around with terrain but at the edges it flattens out which makes for some weird builds. I also wish they would add the option for basements to have windows or outside doors depending on terrain levels. This would allow for walkout basements or natural lighting in basement bedrooms. Another cool building tool would be for retaining walls. Much like a fence but with the terrain smoothly against it for multi level lawns.

    A camera fix would be much needed with mixed terrain as I find the camera bounces a lot with the terrain rather than the floor levels.
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    -I really hope we eventually get more LGBTQ+ sims options. Such as non-binary sims, an option to choose pronouns, polyamorous relationships, and some pride celebration in the sims world like an event would be amazing.
    -Height options for sims!!!!!
    -more options for teenager sims, ex: Marching band, Cheerleading, Sports, student counsel
    -New personality traits please!
    -New careers
    -A royalty expansion pack. Where it's a new world that's a monarchy and has like 3 sections each with it's own ruling family. You can play as the families and even attempt to overrule one or the other. It would need an option to reset the world to a new randomized royal family for each if you got tired of ruling them all.
  • Yasminni79Yasminni79 Posts: 6 New Member
    Spiral and diagonal stairs!!!
    Roller blades.
    Pool water slides.
    More after school activities.
    More hobbies:
    - pottery wheel.
    - sewing machine.
    - roller blades.
    - more musical instruments.
    - start a band.
    - sports equipment (soccer goal, golf)
    Normal Telescope 🔭 and microscope 🔬
    Board games / family game night.
    Cars (even though it's not an open world it would be nice... Like in The Sims 2).
    Bunk beds.
    Treehouse .
    Picnic basket.
    Slow dancing.
    More traits.
    Lifetime wishes that are actually take a lifetime.
    Crime and punishment (I'd love to be a burglar and get caught)... And burglar alarm.
    Firefighter career you can actually play.
    Police officer can give ticket or arrest people during or after work (not only to fulfill the daily work quota).
    Less glitches
    Story progression
    Better attraction system
    More real life drama... Tragedy (?)
    Oh man... There is sooo muuuuch more!
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    What build/buy objects do you want to see in 2021 and forward? What is your personal list? I want to see these things:
    • Pool table
    • MTS_riotmaker-303129-Pooltable.JPG
    • Picnic
    • sims-3-cok-oynanan-oyun-durmaplay.jpg
    • Pizza oven (to make your own pizza)
    • Thumbnail_300x300.png
    • Vibrating heart bed (100% chance for baby)
    • Sims_web.jpg&quality=70&width=808
    • Tree houses
    • ca6213e9bc5c81f377e5fd02584aa6a916e4b5f0_large.jpg
    • Rodeo riding
    • maxresdefault.jpg

    All of these plus Photo Booths,Porch Swings,Cars,Pool Slides and Pool Waterfalls.
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
    Lifestyles, one to be awake during the day and the other to be night owl
    These determine the energy need. If the household is changed, this is filled or empty according to the time.
    There are the characteristics of easy sleep and late riser.
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
    In relationships there is a subdivision for relatives.
    In terms of lifestyles, relatives are not counted as friends.

    All Sims have normal interactions with Stars. It's stupid when all Sims without the appropriate Star Level could faint when they are supposed to get to know the Sim normally. Some star interactions can stay, but every Sim should be able to deal with a star normally.
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
    Stars können also auch normal begrüßt werden.
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
    Oops, in English: Stars can also be greeted normally.
  • PHOEBESMOM601PHOEBESMOM601 Posts: 14,594 Member
    What I would really like to see in 2021 is the announcement of TS5 that is a combination of the best of TS, TS2,TS3 and TS4.
    "People really love to explore 'failure states. In fact, the failure states are really much more interesting than the success states." ~ Will Wright
  • HaileyS4HaileyS4 Posts: 1 New Member
    I would really like to be able to build and use apartments As well as farm life such as horses cows sheep etc. I’m like listen before I don’t mind the idea of cars garages
  • Mak27Mak27 Posts: 1,041 Member
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    Ok, he we go again...

    Items from TS3 Store and TS Freeplay as kits, like the pizza oven, the deep fryer and the nectar maker.

    Interaction details like in The Sims 2 and The Sims 3

    New items and gameplay system:
    Water heaters (kit)
    Roof gutters (update)
    Awning tool (update)
    Pond tool (update)
    Propane tanks (kit)
    Swimming pool cleaning (kit/update)
    Composting (kit/update)
    Aquarium care (update)
    Lawnmower and brushes trim (kit)
    Spiral staircases (update)
    More gym and outdoor items, including martial arts skill (kit)

    Life stages:
    Better babies
    Pre-teen (11 to 14 years)
    Elder adult (45 to 60 years)

    Generations EP: items, interactions, relationships, boarding schools, parties and celebrations
    Farming EP: horses, farming animals, poultry, canning, homemade food, more harevestable items, outdoor activities
    Showtime GP: magicians, acrobats, singers, musical instruments, bands, concerts
    Freetime GP: sewing, pottery, sculping
    Medieval SP: forging, duels, trading

    Maybe for 2022:
    Scuba Diving SP: diving lots
    Amusement Park GP: carrousel, wheel of fortune, roller coaster, amusement park lot type
    Supernatural EP: werewolves, zombies and fairies
    Hotels GP: hotel and fast food chains
    Fast Lane SP: cars related items and clutter, junk restoration car
    Endgame EP: all the left items from TS1, TS2 and TS3, interactions and fix to close the development and support
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    an improvement option for entered cheats like with the google search
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
    Please see a lot of details in sims 4.
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
    A swing tool like Sims 2
  • DanielGalaxy92DanielGalaxy92 Posts: 37 Member
    edited April 2021
    EA, please create a team that adds more animations to the previous game, while others create new expansions.

    There is no limit to how you can convince other Sims to do something. But it costs a lot of life time points.

    build and buy can be placed under stairs

    Stairs need 4 fields down into the long again

    Fences can be drawn at the edge of the property

    Many more storey

    Due to the length of the stairs (3 instead of 4) and the floor restriction, it is difficult to recreate the house (from the kurious family from Sims 2).
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    Dice of aspiration

    Switch between Sims during the reward storage and switch between Sims during the endeavors

    Sims can learn Latin

    Zombies (Sims 2)
    Imaginary friend
    Toad Sim

    - Animals can be played
    -There are animal careers again
    -Animals can learn skills on their own
    -Training animals is simple and easy to see like in Sims 2
    - I think this jumping tire is excessive
    -Animals can be trained and sold
    -Animals can learn anything from Sims 2, such as using the toilet
    -This also applies to cats
    -Animals can be sold for more money after training. this also applies to adult animals.
    -Animals seem kind of useless in Sims 4 at the moment.

    more fun and Sims 2 logic and more animations please

    ninjas and ninja teleportation

    please make a whole expansion full of Sims 2 animations.

    an easy college system, like in Sims 2. There is enough realism in reality. it's not really fun. college projects and click on each homework individually ...

    please reconsider if you cause problems for us players. every expansion increases the possibilities. But that also applies to possible difficulties. this increases the stress. for example at college: you have the feeling that you are already working yourself.

    after all, we want to laugh and not stress.

    can you somehow bring all the animations from Sims 2 to Sims 4?
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    -stairs can be placed at an inclined angle
    -rooms can be turned at an inclined angle
    -houses can be turned at an inclined angle
    - Residential plots can be turned at an inclined angle
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    What build/buy objects do you want to see in 2021 and forward? What is your personal list? I want to see these things:
    • Pool table
    • MTS_riotmaker-303129-Pooltable.JPG
    • Picnic
    • sims-3-cok-oynanan-oyun-durmaplay.jpg
    • Pizza oven (to make your own pizza)
    • Thumbnail_300x300.png
    • Vibrating heart bed (100% chance for baby)
    • Sims_web.jpg&quality=70&width=808
    • Tree houses
    • ca6213e9bc5c81f377e5fd02584aa6a916e4b5f0_large.jpg
    • Rodeo riding
    • maxresdefault.jpg

    I do like the concepts of white water rafting, zip-lining and kayaking as well as boating, and a Greece inspired world. I also would like pottery. Pottery's not in "The Sims 4". I also would like for Sims to be able to do bonfires in the game outside the homes whenever they want to.
    I also want many of the Urbz sim interactions back. As I mentioned before, I would like to see more interactions with my sims like the ones in "The Urbz: Sims In The City" available for all sims and for all the "The Sims 4" game owners. Such as Back Slap Buzz, Euro Kiss, Fake Punch, Game On, Head Butt, Rap, Knuckle Up, Panhandle. I would also like to see Air Guitar, Artsy Dance, Blow Flame, Bust A Move and compare Phones. And Vogue would be cool. Just a suggestion. I would like to see the mean interactions as well, such as "Deafen" and "Firecracker Dance" as well. And the "Skate Trick", too!

    I want to see an anime-style world, with different types of clothing for men such as male clothing similar to what Roy and Marth wore in Super Smash Brothers Melee with the plated armour, capes and boots and Link from "Legend Of Zelda" with the different tunics, tights and hats. And the female clothing can be like Samus Aran's blue tight outfit and the different dresses that Princess Zelda wore from Legend Of Zelda". And females can dress like the "Tales Of Symphonia" characters Presea Combatir, Raine Sage, and Colette Brunel as well as be able to dress up like Sheena Fujibayashi from "Tales Of Symphonia". And females can have the option to be able to dress up as Muffy and Celia from "Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life". I think it would be fun and interesting to have an anime style world.

    And I want a supervillian/superheroes expansion pack. I ALSO would love a werewolves pack with werewolf/vampire hybrids WITHOUT farming. Farming is already in a ton of games such as the Harvest Moon series and other series, which is why I don't think it should be in The Sims 4.

  • EliteGirlEliteGirl Posts: 537 Member
    I do think the treehouses are cool though, it'd be a neat addition.
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