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Is it just me or is Sims Spark'd a bit cringeworthy?



  • FabooshFaboosh Posts: 160 Member
    edited February 15
    It would of been more interesting if they had brought more people that created for the game. Who would be the best alpha creator or the best in maxis match? Who made the best hair, clothing or mods? That would of been real competition to see who made it into the game then making ALL the content available for download that would of brought creators,viewers and new people together. I hope they try it again but only with my idea :)
  • PreCiiousPreCiious Posts: 272 Member
    It definitly became cringy when xMiraMirax showed her melanin cc pack at the challenge

    showcasing you that this is not available for console and you have to download it extra.

    Very cringy since this particular challenge she had to dress these sims up and it was about diversity and inclusivity

    I mean they tried to advertise the sims with this show so... man did the guruNinja not feel uncomfrtable.

    Cringe moment when they tried to create beef but the simmers had none of it. Man these are (mostly) friends, that now each other pretty well they are not gonna attack each other, for some reality drama stuff.
  • lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 4,540 Member
    Didn't watch it. Sims doesn't seem like the right kind of game for any kind of show.
  • GenkiderGenkider Posts: 60 Member
    It felt weird, The Sims is not a competitive game lol I don't know why they thought it was a good fit for that genre of TV show. Although I'll admit I may or may not have watched the show regardless because I thought the host was cute 😗 *walks away while whistling*
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