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Help: My Sims refuse to dance


They just put a hand to the face like it's all so wrong and walk out of the room. I have no idea why.
They are happy and have no negative moodlets.

Any help would be really great.


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    rosenero10rosenero10 Posts: 536 Member
    edited January 2021

    I think one of my Sims was in a time-clock performing a "show off moves" or "dance battle" and maybe she's such a bad dancer that the others were too embarrassed to be seen on the same dance floor :D idk......

    Either way, I reset the Sim to force it to stop its sequence. and then the other Sims are now happy to dance together.
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    SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 9,062 Member
    I have the opposite problem of my toddler defying every routing rule to autonomously go dance the second i turn on some music :lol:

    its cute tbh cause theyre also ghost so its not all too wrong for them to defy the routing but lmao
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