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Maxis Curation - General Discussions, Feedback & Reporting Concerns


Welcome to the General Discussions, Feedback & Concerns thread dedicated to all things Maxis Curations!

Some examples of what this thread can be used for:
  • Discussing the latest Maxis Favorites, praise & feedback
  • A place for nomination newcomers to receive help and tips on how to nominate creations
  • Do you have any concerns about the latest selected Maxis Favorites? Did we miss to spot a re-upload or do you feel that the curated content is not appropriate? You can use this thread to let us know! (For re-uploads, you can also use this Report Form to make our team aware of curated items that you find to be a re-upload without giving credit to the original creator.)
You can also start your own thread if you feel that your topic is more specific and could benefit from it's very own discussion. :smile:

If you want to discuss the specific changes that we made to the Maxis Curation Guide and provide feedback on the new process, please use this dedicated thread.

On this note, and before we leave the stage to you - our beloved community - we would like to thank you!
We would like to thank you for highlighting the most amazing community creations that the Gallery has to offer, and thus helping us to make the Sims experience something truly special for all Simmers out there.
Thank you for the encouragement and all the positivity that you send to fellow Simmers. We see it in your lovely comments on Maxis Favorites, but also when congratulating each other on your Maxis Favs on the forums and on Twitter.
And lastly, thank you for your continuous feedback and support! The rework of our Maxis Curation Guide would not have been possible without you and we are extremely grateful for having such an outstanding devoted & affectionate community!

Keep doing what you're doing and please stay safe and sound while doing so!

Happy Simming everyone! <3

- SimGuruKuxiku
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  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 3,708 Member
    edited February 2021
    I have a quick question .. where or how does debug fit into the equation when looking at rooms or lots .. is it a detractor or just neutral. How much of a negative would it be .. as I consider nominations I have been placing without moo to see that very little of importance is missing and I keep an eye out for TOOL (even tho I love it) but I have noted more and more debug and I myself love debug. I have one I want to nom now but it has debug.
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  • lisabee2lisabee2 Posts: 3,708 Member
    If this is in the wrong place .. I am sorry .. not sure where to post it.
    New readers can visit here first: In-a-NUTSHELL
  • x4m1r4x4m1r4 Posts: 3,901 Member
    I have a question & I have even reported it to the EA AHQ. Why did all my Maxis Favourite builds got flagged?

    Here's the link to the report. As of now, no one is responding to it.

    Here's the link, Gallery - Report & Flag abused. It's not only me, but there's many others are experiencing the same thing.

    I've also noticed that, most of the Maxis Favourite creations are being re-uploaded multiple times by different users.
    OID:- x4m1r4
  • brenleedeebrenleedee Posts: 427 Member
    As awesome as Maxis favorites are, if you look at who is nominating who..it is typically the same group of People nominating one another and that is just NOT fair at all to any builder. There has to be a better system than this to nominate all kinds of builders, I could list names of the same People always getting nominated..but I'm sure no one would appreciate the obvious even though you can go look for yourself who is nominating who...PLEASE make this fair for all builders, not just People that have tons of friends in the forum!!
  • SimerallaSimeralla Posts: 937 Member
    I find the system of nominating a little bit silly. I don't see why you can't you nominate yourself. Having self-pride in your work should not be frowned upon. There are groups of people who nominate each other. it's like a clique. I agree with the above comment. Please think about it. Thank you
  • brenleedeebrenleedee Posts: 427 Member
    Simeralla wrote: »
    I find the system of nominating a little bit silly. I don't see why you can't you nominate yourself. Having self-pride in your work should not be frowned upon. There are groups of people who nominate each other. it's like a clique. I agree with the above comment. Please think about it. Thank you

    You are so right, occasionally Maxis will seemingly pick their own favorite. I have brought the "clique" aspect out before, and apparently those in the clique don't like those trying to shed light on how unfair the process is!!

    And basically People are nominating themselves they just ask their friends to do it and they will nominate them...that is partly how this is going down the way it is..But they believe we are too blind to see what is really going on or will not speak up in fear they will never get nominated..well I will speak up and know this system is extremely unfair and biased in SO many ways!!
  • nightlionessnightlioness Posts: 57 Member
    I appreciate the Maxis nomination process, especially making it so easy to do so on Twitter. Not everything is perfect but bringing joy to veterans and new creators in the gallery is so much fun! :)<3
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 586 Member
    edited April 2021
    I also have been thinking about this nomination process... I have seen a few repeat people on there, not to bash anyone's creations as all, there are some really great builds out there! However I know there are tons more builders out there with great builds that have never even gotten a nomination because they don't have someone to nominate them.

    Maybe someone could create a thread where people who have not been selected as a favorite yet can ask others to nominate them and everyone kind of (hopefully) takes turns nominating people? But there needs to be a way to control it and not get insane with the amount of nominations. just a thought
  • ZebSimsZebSims Posts: 67 Member
    edited May 2021
    One of the latest Maxis Faves (Millie & Moodle Noodle) contains a re-upload from another Simmer—the poodle in that household was originally created by Pugowned. Pugowned's signature of "PO" is clearly visible on the poodle's back paw.

    Here is Pugowned's original upload of the poodle, and it is the exact same animal as the "Moodle Noodle" poodle.
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  • AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    I am trying to understand the 'Maxis Favourite'. One thing in doing so is to download the builds that get nominated/liked/faved.

    I have read the list of requirement for Maxis Favourites. According to it they accept move object cheat as long as it does not affect gameplay. They also supposedly check for pathing issues (routing). They say they playtest the builds.
    Read the rules here: https://forums.thesims.com/en_US/discussion/985556/the-maxis-curation-guide#latest

    This post of mine is a review of the latest favourited build. This post is not directed to the uploader, and if they had not recieved a Maxis Favourite, I would not review their build, unless they ask me to; and if I would comment on their builds I would only do so in a positive way.

    This review is to figure out what the Maxis Favourite is, and how it benefits me; and so it is only for that reason I am looking at the build. This post is directed only to the ones hired by Electronic Arts to do the Maxis Favourites. I don't know who they are, but I think the "fave" is coming from an official account by EA, and so the ones doing any work needed are assumedly not ordinary players.

    The build is: Crazy Catlady Cottage by Riverleigh.


    According to the Gallery presentation of the build on the Gallery no packs were used. According to the uploader's presentation there is no hints of where it was built or for what, but the jokey way of the name och the line about a cat thing. When I downloaded the build there was a message of missing items. I have all Expansion Packs, and all Game Packs and Stuff packs except Vampires Pack and Spooky Pack. I have two out of three Kits; the one missing is the CAS clothes Kit. Maybe this is a bug.

    I placed the build on Brook Bungalow in Willow Creek, in a new save, and moved in a single test sim. This is how it placed:

    I adopted three cats: 2 kittens and an adult cat, since the three cat bowls (CD) and the name of the build, and its description hints at that as an intention with the build. I tested to use all the interactive objects in the house, staying there for a day and a night.

    The Cat Wand play toy (CD) placed behind the sofa is unroutable for all interactions, included Place In Inventory.

    The cat litter box (CD) is placed on the second floor of a winding stair, and the kittens, when asked What is Wrong after making puddles on the floor, wished for a 'clean cat litter box'. I am not sure they can climb the stairs. Perhaps that is a bug.

    The cats could eat from the bowl, but the adult cat resetted when trying to do so. My guess is that the space around the bowls are too small.

    The Murphy bed (TL) is placed next to the wall on two sides. My sim could sleep on the outer side, but did not sleep on the inner side despite me designating that side for them.

    When asked to woohoo with an acquaintance, they went to the other bed. When sims cannot access an interactive object with woohoo-option, they pick the next same object that is routable. Perhaps the fact that sims cannot woohoo in a bed with no space on one side of the bed is a bug, but I know that is has been like this for a long time: at least 1/2 tile on each side of the bed is needed for that interaction.

    The sims could not woohoo in the shower, but had a routing error.

    The house is very cute, but the rooms are tiny and objects and stairs are placed in such a way that the camera can not register what happens in the house. The decorations on the outside of the house facade does not go away when walls are down, and hinders sight as well. This usually happens when they are placed with the move object cheat/Alt key placement. Especially for a house built for cats, this makes gameplay in the house hard because the cats are so small and not easy to find with the camera.

    From this build I do not understand the actual point of having a system where EA favourites certain builds. I also cannot find any information on what the purpose is for Favouriting builds, given from official source, EA. If there is such information, please let me know.

    Given the faults of this build, I do not understand how I, as a player, consumer and costumer of the game and included in that, the Gallery; am to use the Maxis Favourites search option.
  • TikaaniaTikaania Posts: 65 Member
    I wish we could get more buildings from EA with each pack as I am not good with building, but I am great with making sims and decorating. Where on the gallery can I get modern minimalist houses/mansions? I have searched there, but the buildings are so small and packed with too much stuff.
  • james234298james234298 Posts: 2 New Member
    Thanks for your information.
  • bonnithozabonnithoza Posts: 8 New Member
    I'd be ashamed if I was in charge of maxis favs. There is a guy Kyle who has been spamming every single maxis fav for months - and I occasionally go in and spend some time reporting everyone of his juvenile, 🐸🐸🐸🐸 posts. Of course, the next time I check he is still there. It is pathetic that you allow folks to report perfectly fine uploads (Pug's doggies) yet you seem incapable of stopping this persistent spammer.
  • ZebSimsZebSims Posts: 67 Member
    The latest Maxis fav of a Sim seems like an accident or a misclick: the Sim in question (Cayden Braxton) is one of the Sims who will appear when opening CAS; this Simmer has just changed his hair and added tattoos. Screenshots below for comparison.


  • ZebSimsZebSims Posts: 67 Member
    edited August 2022
    One of today's Maxis faves (the one titled "Susan") is originally by KSsDesign. Below is a screenshot of the Simmer who uploaded the Sim saying as much in the comments.

  • Lixy_170Lixy_170 Posts: 91 Member
    edited February 14
    Hello! I got my Maxis fav yesterday but I think someone reported my Cottage because I can't see it in my catalog unless I check the reported box.
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