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How do you succeed with the interrogation chair?

I hate it. I cannot get it to work. Even if I think my sim is successfully interrogating someone the task never clears and I always get the failed responsibility message.

How vital is the chair to quests? I refuse to use it any more unless it will mean I can't complete a quest at some point. It's a waste of my sims entire day juggling the stupid meter up and down and then failing over and over.


  • Hawkflight1066Hawkflight1066 Posts: 244 Member
    Some sims seem to be totally resistant. Whether you tickle, threaten, show box, etc the gauge barely moves. I'm playing no quests at the moment, just daily tasks, and I have no clue how you'd fit in a day long failed interrogation as well as doing the quest.
  • ChynettaChynetta Posts: 3 New Member
    Last time I had this issue (and pains in my head for this thing to occur over and over again xD) I used a cheat code to re-roll those daily quests, so my Spy got a new daily quest thing. I think there is also a cheat code that you can be successful in daily quests without actually doing anything. Cheats are sometimes lifesavers, I tell you :D
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 33,618 Member
    edited May 2021
    Every success in TSM depends on your Sim's focus. The game may say your hero has high focus but by looking at the buffs you can see they probably don't. Max out their focus by doing positive buffs to gain longer lasting buffs before doing anything that is task, or quest, or relationship related. I'm wondering if your hero actually has enough positive buffs and very high focus to succeed at this. But there could be an old bug lurking in the game, so maybe a cheat is the way to go. ETA: It wouldn't hurt to have the hero be battle ready by practicing with the sword until they are before doing this one. (higher buffs, battle ready etc., read a good book, had a really good meal other than gruel etc.)
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  • gettpsgettps Posts: 420 Member
    Everyone is susceptible to something. Just need to try everything until you find the one that works best. Then keep doing it.
  • historyfreak1historyfreak1 Posts: 16 Member
    @Cinebar thanks for the tip!
  • CrayliciaCraylicia Posts: 12 New Member
    Oh I forgot that this even existed. Hoping to try it out soon!
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