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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge


  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,493 Member
    I’m so sorry to hear about your beloved Squiffy :( I can see that he was loved a lot. I know that he had the best time with you and your Hubby. I know how you must feel (I recently lost a pet myself). I also cried a lot, that’s okay. Squiffy was a huge part in your life, family. Just take it on your own pace, we all get that the story and comments and everything won’t go as smooth as normally :) it’s okay!
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  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,359 Member
    Thanks! Glad Essa could inspire you. I'm so glad I decided that Simeon was her Father and yes, L. makes a very interesting substitute Mother. Glad you decided to go with Knitting for Jenny and very cool you'll be writing a story with her descendant next year.

    March - Day 6: Aww, great they became BFFs and that she can knit socks now. Bummer Rohan didn't like them. I had no idea socks were so hard to knit. Glad Rohan at last made up a little for it by helping Jenny with her school project. Oh and I agree, Jenny's hot weather outfit is cuter than Megumi's.

    March - Day 7: Congrats to Jenny for maxing out gardening! You're right the rare plants seed packets are a bit lame for the price you pay.

    March - Day 8: Okay, am I seeing things or is Jenny pregnant? o.O I apologize if she's just a little chunky instead, or maybe that jacket is just poofed out a little? Anyway, if I'm wrong, good girl for doing her homework! :) (I might just have pregnancy on the brain from reading about Astrid's surprise.)

    Update 73: Love the bassinet in the daily post pic, very cute. Nice that Dell and Lenny moved in with Jules to help with the baby. Makes sense about no off-the-grid anymore. Jules being chunky I'm sure is due to a combo of both I would say. I think she looks good though. Nice of Dell to watch Ruby while Jules spends time with Lydia. Congrats for getting the aspiration dings too. She looks good in the 'real' SE school uniform too.

    No worries about the mix-up with Grandfather/Mother. It's the thought that counts! Yeah, the mops are awesome! When Sims ride them, they have bubbles coming out of the back. Very funny! A lot of Simmers don't like collecting, but I think it's fun. It was cool Essa won so many duels in a row, was not expecting that. It's indeed nice that Simeon autonomously helps Essa with her homework, he's the only one of the Sages to do that even though she's good friends with all of them. She won't actually get a cat. It was just a thought. Still waiting for Brindleton Bay before she gets one.

    Update 74: The white does look good on her! Love the shot of her first try at skiing. Makes sense Lydia would move it for that. It was the same reason Josh moved in with Essa, at first. Very cute how Lenny was guarding Ruby. Love the hike animations! Bummer about no puppies, but I understand. That would be a lot to handle.

    It is nice having another Sim to focus on while your Sim is at school. I loved that when Josh lived with Essa. :) Very cool mod with the invisible bassinet! Nice photo collage with Ruby. Bummer about the forest spirits. Have they tried hiking the trail with the temple? There's a little covered seating area along the outside part of that trail they like to hang around I've noticed. I spotted them when Essa and Josh were at the Temple, could see them from there and had Essa run over to them.

    Ohhhh, I see someone got the Vampires pack! Looks like you're enjoying it. I have to wonder though how she's been able to keep such a big secret from Jules. Especially since they lived together before and now. Was she always a vampire or perhaps just recently got bitten and changed when Jules moved back home?

    Thanks about all Essa's dueling wins and her collections. None of the dueling challengers were challenge Sims, just random townies, so no that wasn't Sakura. Just someone with the same hairstyle.

    Day 24: Beautiful screenshot of the sunset! Of course Wolfgang was waiting outside for her! He's so in love with her! It's so cute! Oh my gosh! Hilarious that Mila was in a towel grilling! o.O Glad they can't fall off in this game. Now that would be embarrassing! Lucas is SO cute! Aww, love that he drew a picture for her. Nice that she met Gunther and that he likes her efforts with Homework Helpers. Aww, so cute about the gig and Lucas deciding he'd rather go to his sister's since she has a rocketship playset and a pool! Love that he wanted bees too and that Sakura put him to bed and read him a story.

    Very cool about the sentiments Mila got for Sakura. I think she does like her and hope she'll maybe join their family one day. Great story Wolfgang told about why Max is the leader of the renegades and about his story too. I love that he's changing because of Sakura's influence on him. You're just really trying very hard to make me like him aren't you? ;) Well, it's working!

    Lovely moment they had in the games room with the holding hands. So Sims can get romantic interests and pink in the romance bar without any interactions by Simmers? I had no idea! That's really cool though. You know...I like Kyoshi, but I like the thought of Sakura and Wolfgang being a couple even more. Sorry... they just seem to connect better.

    Congrats on getting your new computer! Yay! Wonderful news! I'm so glad I could help in picking what kind too! HP has great computers in my opinion. Your test photo is gorgeous!

    Day 25: This post was simply fantastic! I freakin' loved it! With all the disasters going on, such as Pumpkin running away, Jenny's laryngitis, Sakura's stage fright, etc. So much going on. AND the best part? Sakura and Wolfgang kissed! *gasp* I can certainly understand why though. He's been such a sweetheart and helpful to her in every way possible. I seriously want to play him as a good guy in my game now. So, I have to ask though, I'm curious about what will happen now between Kyoshi and Sakura. Guessing Kyoshi might be out of the picture? Or maybe not, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Oh and I love all the outfits you picked out for all the challenge Sims. Especially Roxanne! That outfit is epic! Glad Bryon fixed the Bouncer's little red wagon so Pumpkin could come inside.

    Day 73: I like how River describes the time flowing differently in the Realm, and how advancing as a Spellcaster isn't just about learning from others at higher levels. Very cool River brought Jenna back to life! She doesn't look very happy about it though, I wonder why. I see River is using his Drogon familiar. Was that the first time? Very cool he found her at the bar on Ghost night. I have Dine Out and I love it! I don't use it often enough though. Today was the first time I sent Essa to a restaurant I placed in Newcrest and it's been there for quite a while.

    Day 74: Oh dear, I think Jenna doesn't like being a full Sim again for whatever reason. Poor Kado, he was so happy to see her and then, bleh... Happy River is so proud of himself though, as he should be! Poor Dirk, that would be a bummer being a ghost, especially since the taste of food is dulled! AH! If I were a ghost and wasn't already dead, that alone would kill me. I don't know why, but I would've thought Dirk would be the first one that River tried the Dedeadify spell on. Maybe just in case it went wrong is why he used it on Jenna first. He cares more about Dirk. Whoa! Your Mischief Sage is so colorful! I like her.

    Day 75: So funny how Dirk makes fun of him for doing simply Scrubaroo. Is he trying to goad him into using Dedeadify on him? ;)

    Aww man, bummer about the ear infections. Hope you can get that sorted out soon! No worries about not being able to comment. Just take care of yourself!

    March 14th: Wow! What a dramatic chapter! Love that Bryon saves his Mom and Kumiko, then runs back in for Gabbie. Glad he found the Love Spell recipe too! IF, that's truly the real one and not a fake left behind by Isaius. Love how you used the lava bombs for the explosion/bulldozing of the building. Such a great little cliffhanger too when Gabbie thought Bryon has been crushed in the building. Of course he wouldn't die, he's the star of the show! But it was still nice to wonder a little.

    I actually have just the body hair, eyelashes and hairstyle in my game at the moment. Yes Essa's memory is slowly coming back. I hope nothing happens to Josh! I'll cry if it does! I just meant as a back up if something does happen, not that I'm planning anything to happen. :) Ah yes, that all makes sense how the G-Gang got started.

    I love the Sages photos Essa took! they turned out very well! Oh yeah, Morgyn beat her and was a bit cheeky about it, then feeling his oats in how he was flirting and got so close to her. He wasn't really flirting, but it sure looked like it! He does talk in a very mature manner, yes. He was a child genius, grew up so fast and understood adults so quickly it was bound to happen he'd speak 'correctly' instead of "Yo, wass up?" or whatever YA's say these days.

    She does have a way with the guys eh? ;) But not every guy falls for her, she's also met Josh's brothers, Joel and Jon, plus Ridge didn't fall for her. Kent did though, and Carter had a crush, but that was all. Kyoshi liked her, but didn't have a crush really, I don't think. Maybe. Who else... um, Father Winter didn't fall for her either! I feel bad for Gordon too, I hope he's okay and didn't actually die in the building collapse.

    I'm curious what the game decides Damon should be when she uses Morphiate on him too! Wish they could turn them into frogs. Thanks about the aspirations. :)

    Casting that spell on Lilith was fun! The look on her face afterward was priceless!

    Yes, she's been busy dueling and collecting these days. I don't think she actually will use a familiar, it was just a thought of a cat when Simeon suggested she get one.

    Bryon saves the day! Love that! And thanks, I appreciate it very much! I know how life can kick you in the teeth, obviously. It happens, no worries whatsoever.

    Not cool that Jerrad kicked out Randi because he has another love interest. What a pig for doing that to her while she was missing! He doesn't deserve her. Very happy Bryon and Naoki welcomed her and Johnny into their home with open arms! Very cute group hug pose! Their house looks so bare now. I'm sure you'll get it filled up again in no time though. Bummer about Kumiko still being in a coma.

    March 16th: Congrats to Bryon for completing his aspiration! Oh no! Poor Kumiko. :( That is so sad. So now curse Isaius is a murderer on top of everything else. What a surprise Randi is now the caretaker of the baby, Kristine Braidee, I like that name. Good reasoning behind it. Glad Bryon was able to hold his half-sister. Oh and interesting what he said about how maybe his Mom had actually met the good, teen Isaius. I think she did too and then when Isaius got out of the hospital, he figured out a way to kick the real Isaius out of the body and take it over.

    Love the remodel of their house. I see you're a big fan of black and white interiors as well. I love using those colors too with a bit of another color for interest here and there. Great job on that!

    Thank you once again for your sweet thoughts about Squiffy! I remember you lost your pet too, so you know how hard it is. I'm sure everyone that's lost a pet knows. At least we had him for over 7 years full of great memories. *Hugs*

    March 13 & 14: Whoa! Glad you explained that screenshot, I was thinking she'd overcharged or something. Go Roxanne! Maybe SHE should be Princess of the Realm for winning all those duels! Wish I could say the same about Essa in relation to curses. But at least she knows the spell to get rid of them quickly. Great that she got to meet if not duel all the challenge Sims. :)

    Thanks about Lilith! I think she looks great with the eyelashes I put in my game and I like the new hair/makeup I gave her too! She really is a beauty. You like that name for what Essa is going to do to Damon eh? ;) Thanks about her house being pretty!

    Uh Oh! Look out Justin! Not a good idea to mess with a deviant Spellcaster. I have not had any Sims wander inside my Sims' houses since IL. I learned my lesson then and always keep the doors locked. When IL first came out, Makoa would swim out to the island lot in Mua Pel'am just to break in and get a drink of water. I tried that Infatuate spell with my first Spellcaster, but it didn't work! The two Sims he told to kiss, wouldn't do it so all he got for casting the spell was embarrassment. Bummer about the Butler. :( Bummer about Archie's popup going wrong. But at least he got to become a Spellcaster out of it. I am SO curious what that Sim's name is now. o.O

    March 16: Congrats to Roxanne for completing both aspirations!

    March 14th - Congrats to Astrid for completing the Frog collection and Curator aspiration! I wonder why Essa was just standing there like she was stuck in the hedge or something. Sheesh first Knox insults her and then wants to hang out? What nerve! Oh man, the screenies with River was so funny! If anyone is a lame-o, it's him! Well not really lame, but the animations he was doing were. Congrats to Astrid for joining Scouts! Congrats on earning the 'Give Back' badge. What did she give back to Essa to get it?

    I don't think she'll bind any of the familiars to her. They're just for collecting purposes. :) Every celebrity? Well that bites! Has she tried to ask more than once? I know with Judith, sometimes if she says no the first time, I'll have my Sim ask again right away and she'll say yes! Wow, that townie could be the Merman's brother!

    March 15th - *GASP* Astrid's pregnant? Oh boy... or not? I have no idea about MCCC and it's settings. If you didn't have teen pregnancy turned on and she doesn't have the buff for it, perhaps it's just a glitch?

    March 16th - Oh my gosh, this is too funny! That's the same sculpture that Kent gave Essa as a good neighbor gift. Aww, look at Astrid and Duane at the Romance Festival. They are such a cute couple! So sweet! Was Duane crying about something? GAH! Judith is such a brat. I like her though. Hard to explain why.
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,451 Member
    Update 76 - Bring on the mood swings


    Well, someone came home from school today with an angry mood swing. It was really nice to have a break from mood swings while Jules wasn't attending school. Jules is going through a lot right now, being a new mom and attending school once again, and with her hot-headed trait, it makes sense she might be prone to some heightened bouts of anger.

    She met up with Kaori after school. Kaori had been telling her about a rock wall in her neighborhood they could try since Jules had recently taken an interest in climbing.

    This wall was definitely harder than the one Jules had been practicing on though.


    She did eventually make the climb though!

    They hiked around for a bit afterwards. Kaori is like, I don't know if I should be sympathetic or annoyed right now...just gonna give her some space in any case...

    But yay! Finally some forest spirits (although I will need to encounter them one more time since both aspirations need an encounter/wish, and unfortunately I was only able to get the ding for one at a time)

    Jules came home and took a long, hot shower, and it turns out you can't stay mad for too long with this little cutie around though <3<3<3
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,451 Member
    edited March 17
    So it looks like Astrid will be joining Jules as a teen mom lol. How long are your pregnancies? I’m excited to meet her little one! What a crazy household that will be - three pets and a baby, but definitely fun for sure! Cute pic of Duane feeling her belly. Nice of Tessa to give her a gift - I’ve never had a sim autonomously give a gift before!

    I’m so sorry that Squiffy didn’t make it, but at least you were there for him through the end. I was with both my dogs when they died a few years ago, and even though it was so sad and so hard to watch them die, it gave me closure to hold them to the very end. I hope that you find healing and closure as you cope with this over time, my thoughts will continue to be with you ❤️

    I am looking forward to Essa’s revenge on Damon storyline, in whatever way you feel up to storytelling these days. It’s good to have you starting to get back into the groove of things, though I totally understand that you’ll need time for things to feel normal again.

    And to answer your questions/speculations about Lydia. Jules and Lydia have actually never truly lived together as far as it being an official plot point to the challenge (though obviously I have moved them both in to each other’s homes at various points to make controlling them easier). So there has been some distance and space between them as far the storyline goes, so Lydia does have some privacy. Also I don’t think I’ve even actually made them official girlfriends either (i have to check on that lol, though the romance bar is maxed) so Lydia is definitely holding back a bit. I’m starting to come up with a storyline for Lydia that hopefully will mesh into the world I’ve already created, though I’ll definitely have to create some rules and lore surrounding how vampires work in my world to make it all make sense. I have to explore the pack a bit more to see how I’ll do all that. For now Lydia is just going to seem very human until I’m ready for Jules to find out, I have some ideas brewing though :) Lydia has been a vampire for a very long time though and she has very good control over her powers (i used cheats to make her a master vampire) That much I am certain of.
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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,552 Member
    @Karababy52 -
    So sorry to read that your cat, Squiffy didn't make it. I am a pet lover, too, and have a beagle, and I've lost some pets in the past, and it was really hard. My first cat, Sam, had feline leukemia and was very young when he passed. My second, a dog, Mac, a sheltie, passed away in the morning, when my ex-husband had gotten up in the morning. That was hard. Anyway, I know what you are going through, because pets, even though they are dogs or cats, are a big part of our lives, and it is very sad when they pass. *hugs* to you and thinking of you at this very sad time.
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,552 Member
    @Karababy52 - March 16 - Wonderful update on Essa. Congrats on completing a collection, and doing great in your duels. Operation Geld Damon - lol - love that phrase...funny :)
  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,493 Member
    Well, I really didn't think that Astrid would turn out to be a teenage mom lol. Surprise! I wish her the best, and hope her kiddo will be healthy.
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  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,552 Member
    Hi All!

    I just wanted to comment on a few things in my story line...or the story line that has gone astray...lol. If anyone has the original Wolfgang in their game, the guy has a seriously deep voice when he sings country, almost like Akira Kibo from Karaoke Legends in San Myshuno. I was so surprised. So, when he and Sakura sang together, they actually sounded really good. Until this challenge, I have never really played Wolfgang before, and I really don't like that he has a mean trait; however, in my game, he is really smitten with Sakura. From the first time he saw her at Pan Europa Disco and came to talk to her (and at that time, she was a Paragon), the guy has been drawn to her. They have had full friendship bars for awhile now. So at Wolfgang's house, he autonomously did the "hold hands", and Sakura just accepted it. Until that time, they had no pink in their relationship, and then...suddenly they did after the "hold hands". So, the game is trying to tell me something here. Anyway, for the last chapter, I took a chance, and had Sakura do the "first kiss" with him. I was taking a chance, because if Wolfgang had not accepted, the story would have been written another way. But, well, we all know he did accept it, and I also initiated him to kiss Sakura back. So, now they have more "pink" in their relationship than before. In fact, the "pink" is at the same level as Kiyoshi's romance bar, since Kiyoshi's has dropped so much. Kiyoshi has invited her on dates and to hang out, etc., but because he is at "Olympic Training Camp" and has no access to communication with the outside world, I cancelled all of these. Kiyoshi has also not autonomously shown up at Sakura's house.

    So, to be fair to Kiyoshi, I did a little test. I DID NOT SAVE THIS TEST. Sakura invited Kiyoshi over to the club where they had their gig to see what would happen. Kiyoshi arrived...and get this...so did Megumi, his mother! lol I couldn't believe it. And instead of chatting with Sakura first, he turned to his mother and chatted with her. Not good Kiyoshi. I was kind of expecting him to come over and perhaps autonomously kiss Sakura on the cheek or something, but no. During this test they did get the compatible lifestyles and she got this moodlet. So I would say that Sakura still has deep feelings for Kiyoshi. Plus, these two look really good together. Since I wasn't playing Kiyoshi, I really don't know what moodlets he got for Sakura. I should have looked before I just exited without saving.


    So, yeah, Sakura is in a bit of a pickle with her love life here. I had a whole scenario worked out for month 3 with Sakura and Kiyoshi...until the game threw me a curve ball. I just never expected Wolfgang to be so "gung ho" after Sakura like he has been which now has created a sort of love triangle. I know this could be solved by Sakura just telling Wolfgang she just wants to be friends with him, but the way Wolfgang is drawn to Sakura is a "gift" from the game, and I am very torn here. I guess we will see what happens, and I think that Sakura will make a decision at uni. If it's Wolfgang, there is a re-traiting potion that he can take to get a new trait to replace that mean trait. That way, it will show he has "changed" because of Sakura. If it's Kiyoshi, they will continue on their love story that started at the beginning of the challenge.

    So, yeah, sometimes you have a plan for your story...and then...well, the game intervenes. lol But then, that's The Sims for you.
  • KanindotaKanindota Posts: 101 Member
    edited March 20
    Day 76, 17th March
    Back in Glimmerbrook, I rechallenged Dirk to a duel. Finally felt like I’m one step closer to being able to bring Dirk back. It was the end of our scheduled magic training--the one I insisted on after he defeated me when we were both apprentices. He took to Practical Magic and I dove deep into Untamed Magic. But Dirk defeated me for the second time.

    I challenged more Spellcasters in the Realm and I kept losing. Until one of them read my aura and said that I’ve been neglecting my own needs. They had a quick solution for it and handed me a potion of plentiful needs, which I had about 10 vials of.


    I transapotalated out of the Realm and reappeared in our bathroom. There was nothing wrong with what I was doing but privacy was helpful. One more vial down the hatch…

    I felt invincible again.

    Keep going River, nothing stands in your way. You should go to your prom and take back what’s yours…


    River donned his best suit, paid for by Dirk’s credit card. It was under §200 so it won’t make a dent in his bank account. He even left a note on Dirk’s computer (Dirk took up another side job and is in the process of making another mobile app, Mango isn’t doing so well).


    River swept Kat into his arms and danced his way back into her…There you go River, you’re making her happy too. Kat never wanted to break up with you, but you had to go and blow your cover...


    They spend the night together in her bedroom. Here you find River transapotalating himself back home. Landing outside his house was no biggie. He was exhausted but nothing a potion of plentiful needs can’t fix. That's right, River. Focus on getting stronger, you absolutely should forget about that photo with your parents, Dirk and Bjorn...It's better for the both of us that way. Now, make some more potions. Cast more spells and keep that balance, okay?


    My ears are really really bad. I often get ear infections but lately it's not


    I've played ahead the last few days so I'm putting stories together wherever this is leading. I'm glad the past post brought a chuckle to some of you. I'll end it here for now...also I'm shipping Wolfgang and Sakura @SoulGal7 so I'm staying tuned to that and to all of your wonderful stories.
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  • SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 1,493 Member
    March 17

    Bryons Diary
    I told mom that I wouldn’t come over today after class. I wanted to finish that cat-potion and give it to Kitty, now that everything had settled down again.

    As soon as classes were done, I said goodbye to Julian and walked towards Gabbie and Jess.

    Julian walked away with Johnny, just as always. It’s still hilarious how those two go together so well. Some other classmates left while other stayed to talk with their friends.

    The three of us went to Ms. Beltran.

    (Bryon) “Ms. Beltran. Do you have time to work on that cat-potion with us?”

    (Anika) “Oh, sure! Let’s get right to it!”

    Ms. Beltran carefully gave the instructions and we followed closely. Gabbie and I talked about my real father. She told me her entire story: how Gage found him at the base and took him home, how Gabbie met him at Gage’s place, how he followed her to her own home, how Morgyn bumped into the reunion like that, ... Everything. Jess just stood there like “what on earth are they talking about?” Lol.

    I also told Gabbie about my conversation with mom and how I suspected that Teenage Isaius might know mom.

    (Bryon) “So where is he now?”
    (Gabbie) “Still at my place. Why?”
    (Bryon) “Do you think I could meet him? With my mom?”
    (Gabbie) “I think you could... But..”

    (Gabbie) “Are you sure? I mean, he’ll get crazy once he finds out he has a son… Two sons!!”
    (Bryon) “I just want to see for myself if he actually knows her… I don’t care that he doesn’t recognise me. If he recognises mom, I’m happy.”

    And then...


    (Bryon) “Is this it...?”
    (Anika) “Let me see...”

    *sniff sniff*

    (Anika) “Yes, this is it!”

    (Gabbie) “Really? Can we give it to Kitty now??”
    (Bryon) “Yep!”
    (Gabbie) “Whoa! We have to go to your place, Bryon! I don’t want to miss this!!”

    (Bryon) “So, no Isaius today?”
    (Gabbie) “We could do that tomorrow, right?”
    (Bryon) “Of course, we can do that tomorrow. Let’s find out which human is under that cat-spell first.”

    And so, we went to our house and gave Kitty the potion...

    (Gabbie) “Do you think this will work?”
    (Bryon) “I certainly hope so”

    Well, it sure did something...

    But we didn’t saw this coming.

    (Gabbie) "FIRE!!!"
    (Bryon) "Oh no, we failed...."

    But then, we didn't.

    (Roxanne) "Well, thank you for extinguishing me."

    (Roxanne) “Hello!”
    (Gabbie) “Roxanne?!”

    (Roxanne) "It's nice to see you again"
    (Gabbie) “So you really didn’t ran away...”

    (Roxanne) “Is that what Isaius told you? That brat turned me into this and poofed me to the wilderness! I- I’m sorry Gabbie. I should’ve believed you when you told me about how bad Isaius was...”
    (Gabbie) "It's okay! I'm so happy to see you back!!"

    (Gabbie) “But why did Isaius turn you into a cat?"
    (Roxanne) “I went to find answers on myself, and then I found...”

    Roxanne looked at me.

    (Roxanne) “Your mom!! We gotta go there! We have to save her!!”

    (Bryon) “It’s okay, Roxanne. We already did the saving-part”
    (Roxanne) “She’s... Okay?”

    (Bryon) “My mom is okay. The woman that was with her... Unfortunately didn’t make it.”

    (Roxanne) “There was someone else with her?? I totally missed that part!! But then again, I only saw your mom for a brief second before Isaius barged in and took me with him...”
    (Bryon) “So, you’re also not aware of the fact that the woman was pregnant?”
    (Roxanne) “No... What happened with the baby...?”
    (Bryon) “The baby is weak but healthy. A girl named Kristine Braidee.”

    (Roxanne) “That’s a beautiful name... Do you... Think I can visit your mom and the baby?”
    (Bryon) “It's too dark now and I have plans with Gabbie tomorrow, but we can go the day after tomorrow? I’m not sure if we’ll be allowed to visit Kristine, but we’ll see.”
    (Roxanne) “Yay! Thank you! I just hope your mom doesn’t dislike me for barging in that room like that, getting myself in danger...”
    (Bryon) “Of course not.”

    And then, Naoki came in.

    (Naoki) “Kittyyyyy! I have some good food for you!!! Oh... What happened with this bowl? Where is Kitty?”

    (Roxanne) “Ehm...”
    (Naoki) “Oh, hello! A new face! Nice to meet you. I’m Naoki, you?”
    (Roxanne) “Eh.. I was the one you called ‘Kitty’. Nice to meet you. Roxanne is my actual name.”

    And with that, all of Naoki’s dreams stumbled apart.

    (Naoki) “No... But I was just enjoying having a cat...”

    Roxanne and I looked at each other and laughed.

    (Naoki) “That’s not funny!!!”
    (Roxanne) “I’m so sorry, Naoki.”
    (Bryon) “Well actually it’s a little bit funny”

    Some time later, when I had a moment alone with Roxanne, I whispered in her ear.

    (Bryon) “Do you want to go to the animal shelter with me after the hospital visit?”
    (Roxanne) “Oh, are you going to buy a new cat for Naoki??”
    (Bryon) “Yep. I need some assistance. Are you in?”

    (Roxanne) “Of course I'm in! It’s been so long since I went somewhere as my usual self.”

    That’s when I remembered that Roxanne used to be in jail. Well, maybe we shouldn’t think about this now. We only just freed her from being a cat.
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    March 17 Sigh...
    So Winterfest in my game always includes Clement. This year I decided to have the Grand Feast with Judith and Nester too. Anyway I had a good morning decorating the house, buying gifts, firing the new butler... Then invited Judith and Nester over. Before exchanging gifts I decided to change Nester into more Nester-y clothes. When I came back from the CAS cheat it showed that Judith and Nester lived in the house... and not Roxanne and Archibald. I'd never seen that, panicked and quit without saving. It took away the prior days play and that day's play... and as maybe some of you understand I was frustrated and decided I didn't want to play again today.
    I'm going to pretend this much happened at least. Hopefully Roxanne will see Clement the next time I play. If no pictures show up I probably made it happen anyway!
    Lol... Merry Winterfest! You're Fired! No Butlers were actually harmed here... she walked out smiling.
    I think Roxanne will be a good mom one day... or at least a protective one... I do like seeing her with Nester it gives that awww sweet feeling. I might keep him at this stage and when Roxanne has one they can grow up together.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,792 Member
    For March 16 Nice that you got to add more to your collection :).
    I'm so sorry to hear about Squiffy.. it's heartbreaking. I understand the occupy yourself though, even if your not feeling like doing more just playing sometimes can help. Just do what you can when you feel like you want too.
    I have to say I kind of enjoy visitors wandering in now.. gives me a reason for Roxanne to do something mean lol.

    For March 15 Pregnant! Uggh those motive trials!
    March 16 Grats on the Cowplant. Awww never saw that invite to the Romance Festival, that's nice.

    For March 15 I gotta say for your daily picture I kept looking at the picture on the back of the wall. It was making me giggle because it looks kind of like blood splatter. Call in Dexter!
    Good riddance to Jerrod! Mom don't need to put up with that! I like that she's moving in for now.. or longer, that's great. Poor Kumiko.. guess it's wait and see. Ohhh if you don't want your guys to have a baby they can adopt! Am I ahead of the curve here?? I hope so.
    For March 16 Grats!! on the Aspiration. The baby stuff got a lot of awww's from me. Nice redesign on the house too. Looks really nice!
    For March 17 Woot on the next aspiration. Finally Roxanne is released! You are harboring a fugitive yahh!

    For Update 75 You all put such effort into your game with the pictures and stuff I feel like a slacker! Lol but the pictures are cute. I'd never looked up close at the gondola's either. Wow Lydia is a really sexy looking Vampire!
    For Update 76 I'd be giving Jules some space too! That baby melted it all away..

    For March 15 and 16 Ut oh about Jenna.. Loved the "trapped in a Andy Warhol painting" line that was witty. Aww I love Scruberoo... don't listen!
    For March 17 Such great pictures. Take back what's yours River!
    -Awww sorry to hear about the ear infections I'm worried if it's hurting that bad though.

    @SoulGal7 Wow that set up looks great for the shot! The Roadies are looking good too! *wolf whistles*. Lol ... I love the way you dressed Roxanne... especially the hat!
    Love the way you got to force Sakura to be on stage.. nice! Aww Wolfgang telling her to keep her eyes on him got to me.. and then the rest sheesh. Great Post!
    I actually love that Sakura and Wolfgang have such great chemistry. If I were playing I usually go with what the game keeps telling me. But then again you probably have a set up. Both ways sound good to me though and .. real.

    For March 8 Keep it up Jenny!
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    @Hermitgirl a quick reply to your editing of Nester - I have found that when I edit a sim I’m not playing and go to CAS from gameplay instead of through the manage worlds screen, it will switch me to that sims household as soon as I exit CAS. But it doesn’t mean that they are now living in your house - it just switched control to the house you edited. All you have to do is go back to manage worlds and reselect the house you want to play :)
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    March - Day 17: "Karma doesn't have a menu, you get what you deserve."


    Essa woke up Saturday morning and was suddenly hit with the memory of a dream she'd had that night.

    "...He's not here to give you the first kiss of the New Year you deserve."
    "But I'm here. You want me to kiss you, don't you?"

    "Yes, Damon. Kiss me. I want you."
    "Oh Gawd, yes, I want to kiss you too, so dang bad and so much more. I love you, my beautiful blue-eyed girl."

    "It's not enough for me and it's not enough for you either. You want me, you love me. You can't leave me without being with me just one more time. You desire me and want me with a passion you can't control. You want to kiss me, don't you Essa? Kiss me Essa and we can be together, again... I'll never let you go. You're mine and I'm yours...forever."


    (I remember...all of it. It wasn't just kisses. He made me say those things and then he made me...touch him and then he, he...made love to me...)

    (NO! He abused me, he assaulted me! He took me against my will for his own pleasure. That's not love. He has to pay for it, today!)

    Essa took care of her needs and then transportalated herself to Windenburg. She was ready, knew everything she needed to know to make Damon pay for what he'd done.

    (Will he show up here? It's right down the road from his house. I bet he comes here all the time, right? Maybe I'm too close. He might see me and I don't want him to know, yet, who's messing with him. Let him suffer and wonder.)

    Essa looked around for a better place to be concealed and saw a large tree off in the distance.

    (This is better. I can duck behind that tree if he looks this way. Yeah...okay, come on Damon, show yourself. I've got a little present for you Mr. Hot Shot Vamp and it won't feel good this time. It's payback time you Son of a...)

    Essa waited, standing for hours, silent, focused. Several people entered the bar, but none of them were her quarry. Most of them were older too. She didn't see even one teen go inside.

    (Okay, he's not coming here, it's not lively enough. No music, no dancing...AHA! That's it! I need to go to the club!)

    She transportalated once more to just outside the Narwhal Arms Nightclub and stood behind a large fountain. This is where her old club Eight is Enough used to perform. Surely he'd show up here on a Saturday Night.

    Essa watched as several young adults and teens, some of them club members went inside. And then...

    There he was, Mr. Hot Shot Vamp himself looking like a snack. She couldn't deny he was gorgeous. It was just a fact. If anything he looked even better than she remembered. His hair was longer for one thing and he'd finally grown somewhat of a beard. But none of that mattered. It was what was inside, not the outside that made someone beautiful. He was a beautiful apple with a rotten core and she was there to turn him into applesauce! Or a cactus, a frog would be even better. Either way, he was toast!


    "Fergolious, Adonisrotcorius..."


    Essa watched her magic hit Damon square in the back. He paused and his body stiffened as if frozen for a moment. She heard him gasp, then relax and continue to walk inside the club.

    (WHAT!? It didn't work? Maybe it's just delayed?)


    She saw what looked like a burst of light through the club windows that brightened everything inside a moment, and smiled.
    (Oh yeah, it worked! Let's go see what I turned him into. Gawd! I hope he's a frog!)
    (Give up that dream, you can't do that.) *sigh*

    (A Knight!? A golden Knight in shining armor? Uh, okay...)

    (I don't believe it! That's the last thing he is, a noble Knight that saves damsels in distress. Oh the irony, huh?)
    (Better get out of here before he wakes up and sees me! But, but I want to see his face when he does!)

    Essa hurried up to a balcony overlooking the dance floor. She'd stay just long enough to see how long the spell lasted and his face, then duck into the bathroom to transportalate out of there.

    (HAHAHA! Oh My Gawd! He never knew what hit him! I LOVE it! What can I turn him into next?)

    She stood up there for quite a while thinking about the things she wanted to do to Damon to make him pay. She watched as several bar patrons looked at Damon as the Knight standing there on the dance floor. Most just shrugged and focused their attention back on the DJ or other people mingling around the club.
    (They must think he's some kind of decoration. HAHA!HAHA! )

    After awhile Damon finally remorphed into himself again in a burst of light. His eyes were huge and his mouth hung open in shock! It was worth the wait to see the fear in his eyes and the confusion. The best part? Nobody was paying any attention and didn't see it happen. But she did!

    (Oh Damon, if you only knew! This is just the beginning Mr. Hot Shot vamp. Okay, time to leave before he looks around and sees me!)

    Essa ducked into the ladies restroom and quickly poofed herself home.

    (Whew! Home sweet home and he's none the wiser!)

    (I'd call that a successful test...but, it's not enough. This isn't over yet, not by a long shot. Watch out Damon, you'll never be safe again. Wherever you go, I'll be there to make you suffer. Karma's gonna get you and her name is Essa!)

    A bit longer than usual. I'll comment and reply next! Hope y'all had a great St. Patrick's Day! Erin Go Braugh! ☘️
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    I feel you about being in a pickle about your sim's love life lol. I originally created Lydia just to be a fling for Jules, but I've grown attached to her and added her to the story in ways I never intended. And then there's my darling Emmett...obviously, your game created more of the predicament for you, while I created mine myself, but I totally get that feeling of not knowing which person your sim should end up with. I wish you the best of luck - I feel like I might be rooting more for Wolfgang, but it's also been so long since we've seen Kiyoshi in your game so I feel like my memories of him have dulled. Plus, Wolfgang has a super cute little brother and a mom who loves Sakura...and then Kiyoshi has Nanami and Megumi LOL

    Nice daily shot! These duels are so cool to see in your games. And then you bring up the photo again...I feel like the big reveal is gonna come sooner rather than later...and I wonder how it will ultimately affect River. Also I hope your ear starts feeling better soon :( I have also been prone to ear infections as an adult, and they are not fun at all.

    And there's all of our sims again, hard at work on their potions! And yay, another aspiration done! The stuff with teenage ghost Isaius is certainly about to get very interesting, but I think it will be good for him to meet Randi...and then his teenage sons that he knows nothing about, lol. I hope that when he gets back into his adult body, he can settle into adulthood even though he's been trapped as a teenager for so long. Also that fire was pretty funny, lol, poor Kitty. But also hilarious that pets are unaffected by flames and can just casually stand in them. And then there's good old Roxanne...who had been in prison, hope she can be on good behavior now though :D Also so cute that they will be going to get a cat of their own now from the shelter. I am curious to see what kind of cat you choose and what you name it!

    I addressed some of your update before, but I wanted to say that the few shots you managed to get of Winterfest were very nice, a bummer that you had to leave without saving though. Also I totally love playing in that tedious way of getting photos for my sims to hang up on their walls and posing them constantly (I know, I'm crazy haha). So that's why you'll see so many photos of Jules' life and relatives up throughout this challenge. All of my favorite sims get a ton of photos to hang up all around their homes.

    Uh oh, her memory came back, and it's fueling her spirit of revenge. I wholeheartedly support Essa though, he deserves what he has coming! Definitely a fun little experiment to get her revenge started - so I'm guessing you can't pick what the spell will change someone into and the game just randomly picks an objects? Kind of a bummer for storytelling purposes, but very amusing to see what the game will randomly give you. Also the look on his face when the spell hit him was priceless :D Those eyes! And I definitely think she has the upper hand for sure - his vampire powers will be no match for her magical abilities, and since I actually have no idea what you can pull off with this ROM pack, I am looking forward to seeing what kinds of things she can ultimately do to punish him.

  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,359 Member
    Oh man, teen mood swings are the worst! But funny too! Love that goofy walk they do. Nice of Kaori to hang out with Jules after school, tell her about the rock climbing wall. Congrats on finding the forest spirits! Would be nice if they got credit in both aspirations though. Jules is right, you just can't stay in a bad mood when holding a baby, especially your own!

    Thank you for your thoughts about Squiffy! We had him for almost 7 years, so lots of memories. But it will take time, lots of time.

    I've started Essa's revenge in today's daily post. It's a very tame beginning, but it's something. I jumped in with both feet again into the story part of my posts. I can't wallow for too long, though he's never far from my mind. It's hard, I see him everywhere or remember all the little things he'd do every day and keep looking for him to come walking in the room. *sigh*

    Ah, okay about Lydia. Thanks for the explanation.

    I was bummed when I first realized you couldn't pick and choose what Sims turn into when your Spellcaster uses Morphiate on them. But it is kind of fun with the randomness. Of all the things the game could've turned him into it just had to be a Knight! Sheesh! I wanted something worse than that. But it is kind of ironic, which makes it okay. Oh there's lots of lovely things Essa can do to Damon, I can't wait to do them!

    She definitely has the upper hand on him. For one thing, he has no idea at the moment who did it to him. Loved that look on his face when her magic hit him! It was weird how he changed though. He was running into the club when she cast the spell. He stopped, made that face and kept going. Then I saw him in the club standing there. He then jumped back outside, then inside again and turned into the Knight. I think the game was confused where exactly he should change or something.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your experience with losing your pets. We've lost other pets in the past, many of them actually and it never gets easier. Whether they are young or an older pet, it makes no difference. They are a member of the family, so it hurts to lose them either way. I appreciate your kindness, understanding and compassion, it helps!

    Thanks, it's coming along quite well collecting every magic artifact. There's only one problem. Several of the wands are not registering as being found, they're still greyed out. I've tried several things to see if it will help, but nothing has worked so far. I think I might need to do a repair. o.O Glad you like the name I've dubbed Essa's plan to get back at Damon. It just seemed to fit. :)

    Thank you so much for your explanation about what's going on with Sakura, Kyoshi and Wolfgang. I like that you did that test and are trying to be fair. I think Kyoshi should've definitely shown more of an interest in Sakura after being apart for so long. And the fact he brought his Mother is very telling. I really liked Sakura and Kyoshi as a couple, but honestly? Like I said in my previous comments, I think I'm liking the pairing between Sakura and Wolfgang even more. They just seem to click together. I believe you're right, the game is giving you a gift. I love when surprises like that happen in this game! Of course, it's your story, so do what YOU think is best. Just giving my opinion. :)

    Wow, River looks so run down in that pic of him drinking the Plentiful Needs potion. So now he's thinking he's invincible! Okay, well I can't tell if that's good or bad. Probably not good considering he's putting everything that's been troubling him on a back burner. It's okay to do that for awhile, but pretty soon it'll catch back up with you if you're not careful. o.O Good luck River, I hope everything turns out great for you!

    Ah man, I'm so sorry to hear about your ears not getting any better. Do you perhaps need some stronger medicine? I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery with your ears. *Hugs*

    Yay! So glad the potion worked to free Roxanne from her kitty prison! Well, after she caught fire that is. o.O Aww, I feel sorry for Naoki, he looked so sad about not having a cat anymore. I figured Bryon would get him another one to make him feel better. Poor Roxanne, she looked so scared for Randi. I'm sure it was only a delayed reaction to the fire, but I love how you used it for the story in that way. I wonder how freaked out teen Isaius is going to be when he finds out he's a Dad twice over! I bet it's going to seem very weird.

    Gah! I'm so sorry you had struggles with CAS like that. I've never heard of that glitch before. Very weird! Man, what a rotten time of year to be fired from your job! Archie doesn't look too fussed about doing it though. Glad the butler didn't hold a grudge against him. I love how you decorated too, that fireplace is gorgeous! Speaking of gorgeous, Roxanne looks amazing in that Mrs. Winterfest outfit. Good plan for Nestor and any children Roxanne might have growing up together. Maybe they'll even become a couple! o.O

    I love collecting! Essa's collection is coming along great. Thank you about Squiffy! Yes, keeping busy does help a bit. I'm doing alright, it just takes time. Ohhh, I see. Yeah, I guess if I were playing a Sim like Roxanne, I wouldn't mind if Sims wandered inside my house either. Plenty of victims to try out spells and such on at least. ;)
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    - Info & Index.
    - Day 22 full album.

    I will do my best to reply tomorrow c:
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    Update 77 - A day at the slopes


    The weekend has finally come! Lydia was away this weekend, and there is no hidden vampire plot behind that lol, I just wanted to give Jules a day with Emmett.

    And here he is!

    "It's always so good to see you," Jules said as she burrowed deeper into his embrace.

    Emmett had brought a gift over for Ruby too.

    "I had this made for her from one of the photos you sent me," Emmett smiled, looking a bit bashful, though pleased with himself.
    "Emmett, I love it! It's perfect!"

    Sofia was visiting for the weekend, and she and Dell were getting quite cozy on the couch.

    "You guys should go enjoy the slopes!" Dell encouraged. "We can keep an eye on Ruby." Ruby was upstairs conveniently napping.

    Yep, Jules, get out of here, these two clearly need some alone time.

    "You're telling me my skis are gonna come out of that tiny slot?!" Emmett asked incredulously.

    And then Jules took Emmett over to the Bunny Slope.

    After skiing for a bit, I decided to let Jules try snowboarding, hoping to get her injured for the aspiration since she's never snowboarded before.

    No luck. She just ended up with sore feet from the rental board.

    They ended up soaking at the hot springs for a bit. Rose was there as well, so I finally let Jules interact with her since Rose has been showing up on her doorstep for weeks now haha. Rose congratulated her on the birth of her daughter, and recommended the nanny she and Carrie used for the girls for if Jules ever needed a sitter. (Why won't they look at each other when talking in the hot springs??? So awkward lol. Also, I am trying out some CC eyes that @Ellupelluellu gave me, since I love the options I can use for vampires, but they do look a bit different than what I'm used to for normal sims, so I'm deciding for sure if I want to keep them in my game, as Rose's eyes do look quite different than what I'm used to)

    It was also the Festival of Snow, always so pretty.

    Then I sent them on a hike, since Jules was one forest spirit encounter away from finishing the sightseer aspiration. No luck though, but after she and Emmett hiked, I sent her to the trails in the other neighborhood in one last hopeful attempt, and yay! Success! I have finished the Sightseer Aspiration now!

    She got this weird little doll thing after trying to collect the spirits. Can't decide if it's creepy or cute, but decided to hang it up by Ruby's crib anyway haha.  

    And yes, if you were wondering, Jules knit every baby onesie the game offered, so that's why Ruby gets an outfit change every other screenshot. It was how I finished the aspiration lol.
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    March - Day 18: "Zipppadeedooda, Zapppadeeay..."


    First thing in the morning, Essa visited the Realm. She figured Damon wouldn't be at the club again until later tonight. At least she was hoping he'd be there. She visited Caster's Alley first and bought a tome she needed for her collection, dueled a few noobie Spellcasters, of which she defeated all but one, but didn't get anything good for her efforts. She headed back to HQ to find her Father. She found him and L. together in the blue room.

    "How's my Sweet Essa today? Haven't seen you in a few days."
    "Oh, well, you know, I've just been busy with...stuff. Practicing mostly, school, the usual."
    "I heard you've also been challenging everybody and anybody to a duel too, and winning most of them. Morgyn said he lost one of his best Crystal Zoomers to you. That's one way to get your skills up."
    "We're very proud of you Honey."

    "Thanks Mo...I mean L. And thanks Dad, you guys always make me feel like I can do anything. Morgyn too!"
    "Have you tried any spells on that boy yet?"

    "What boy? Is there a problem I don't know about? Just say the word and I'll..."
    "Hey, Dad, would you want to duel with me again? Bet I can beat you again old man."
    "Oh, you think so huh? You just got lucky before young lady. Sure I'll duel with you again. But, don't think for a minute I'll forget about this boy situation."
    "Never mind about that now Simmy Dear, I'll tell you about it later."

    "Simmy Dear?"
    "How bout that duel? Let's go."
    "Now who's trying to distract Dad."
    L. started laughing and Simeon just smiled and winked at her.
    (Well, well I think Dad and L. are dating or something.)
    (Or something Dear, but nevermind.)
    (I knew it!)

    This time Simeon made short work of Essa's efforts to defeat him and showed her exactly why he was a Sage.


    "Oh yeah, the old man's still got it!"
    "Great, perfect, you got me Dad. Owww..."
    "Did you have to prove yourself that much Simeon? Look at her, she's hurt!"
    "No, no, I'm good, really! I can take it. I'll be just fine. Seriously!"
    "I know you will, you're a Silversweater. We're tough!"
    Morgyn just shook his head, but grinned a little before walking away.

    Essa went back inside HQ to sit down for a minute and catch her breath. She'd never let her Father know, but his magic had rattled her a bit.
    "Are you sure you're alright Essa?"
    "I'm fine Morgyn. You're sweet to ask though."
    "Well, alright. If you're sure. Can I get you anything?"
    "Okay, well, there is one thing."
    "Whatever I can do to help is my pleasure, just name it!"
    "How about we duel and you give me another one of those fancy crystal brooms when you lose?"
    "Are you sure you're ready to take me on again? Maybe you should rest awhile first."
    "I don't need to rest, I'm strong Morgyn, let's go!"
    "What do I get if I win?"
    "Um, how about a rocket broom?"
    "You have one of those? Those are almost as rare as the Crystal Zoomers."
    "I have several." Essa smiled.
    "Lucky girl! Okay, it's a deal!"
    "Luck had nothing to do with it! Face it, I'm good!"
    "More trash talk, I love it! Keep it up Essa, you're incredible."
    "Thanks, ready?"
    "I was born ready."
    "Hey, what a coincidence, me too!" Essa said and laughed as Morgyn joined her.

    I was crossing my fingers and hoping Essa would win just so I could show Morgyn flying through the air as someone asked to see. Luckily, she did win!

    "Fly, fly high with my power!"

    "YES! And that's how it's done fly boy! Time to pay up!"
    I couldn't believe it when the pop up said she'd won ANOTHER Crystal Zoomer AND a Rocket Broom from Morgyn! Two rares! She always gets something great from Morgyn. I think Essa needs to duel with him more often! ;)

    Essa and Morgyn shared a hug afterward and said their goodbyes. She left the Realm for the Narwhal Arms again hoping Damon would be there.

    As luck would have it, he was just walking toward the door when she poofed behind the fountain as before.
    (Oh yeah! You're mine Damon. Hang onto your boots baby, you're going down!)

    "Zipious, Zapious HUZZA!"
    (Nothing? Again? Maybe it's delayed again? Why does this keep happening? I think I need a better wand or something.)

    (Oh no! Oh God No!)

    Damon turned and looked straight at her with an awful frown of anger, disbelief and disappointment on his face. At least that's what it looked like to her. Was he really looking at her?

    And then it hit him! Damon screamed and... ZIIIIIIPPPPP! *crackle crackle crackle*

    ZAAAAAPPPPP! *crinkle crackle crinkle*

    He slumped over and would've fallen to his knees if he hadn't caught himself.
    (Is it over? What the heck was that? Who keeps doing this to me? Wait, it was, it was...)

    (Duh, I dunno. Who am I? Duh, me Diamond, no, duh, Doorman. Duh... Carlton your Doorman, duh, yeah, dat's me. Tee Hee!)

    The powerful spell Essa had cast on Damon had fried his brain and left him dazed. He couldn't even remember his own name, let alone what or who he thought he saw a few seconds ago. His memory wiped clean. At least for awhile.

    Essa poofed herself out of there, just in case it wore off quicker than before. She wasn't taking any chances and had learned a valuable lesson. She'd need to be farther away from him, hide even better. It was too risky being so close. But how was she going to see him, make sure it was him if she had to be that far away? She'd have to think of something or this was never going to work.

    Comments coming right up! :)
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    Aww, Flea Market smooch! :) Astrid's garden is looking fantastic! What was she doing knelt down on the kitchen floor with Pumpkin? Did she buy the couch? Ohhh, you're getting close with Bess! Probably just a couple more 'payments/donations' before you hit the jackpot! (I hope!) Uh oh! Naughty kitties! Stop that! Okay, what's the cat doing by the door? And why is Pumpkin crying? Is she in heat again? I hope she doesn't run away and get knocked up again. o.O Making friends with Lilith? Aww, what a cute cat bed!

    So happy Jules got to spend some time with Emmett! Very nice gift he had made for Ruby too! HAHA! The Skiis comment cracked me up! Oh and uh, Wow Jules, nice 'trunk' you got there. Tsk, that sore feet thing is so silly! Glad Rose finally got to see the baby too.

    Gah! I've noticed that too about the Hot Springs! It's frustrating when you want to take screenshots of them talking together. First time seeing Rose without her glasses. I think her eyes are very pretty.

    Gorgeous screenshot of the Snow Festival! Congrats to Jules for finishing the Sightseer aspiration! Essa always just asked for a blessing instead of collecting the spirits so it's the first time I'm seeing one like that. I think it's cute!

    Great job making all those onesies! That's one of the things I love most about Nifty Knitting. Well, and Plopsy, the Yarnies, hanging plants, rugs, etc. Lots of things, it's a great pack!
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    I just got back from my weekly volunteering at an animal shelter, where I walk dogs, and today it rained for the full two hours I was there, and I found myself wishing I could buy a waterproof trait from the reward store like our sims can :D Anyway, on to commenting!

    Ooh, yay, a cowplant! And Bess called again lol, how long can this go on?!?! :D Also sweet kiss with Astrid swooping Duane - I always think it's extra cute when the girl does it to the guy in the game. And now the boys are all grown up! Happy birthday to Sam and Cat. Looking forward to meeting Astrid's little one soon!

    Oooh, secret love with Simeon and L? Their flirting was amusing...I'll be curious to see if you do anything else with that relationship! Also Simeon being a protective dad was cute - he would probably personally kill Damon if he knew that he assaulted his baby girl though :( Simeon looks so smug after he wins, haha! But then Essa really handed it to Morgyn!!! And very cool that she can get such cool rewards from winning against him. And then more revenge on Damon. The lightning spell was pretty good, but I'm hoping to see him suffer even more hahaha. I did love the little bit about him stumbling over his own name though :D Also I love that you picked a shirt for him that shows off that chest hair, HAHA.

    Thanks for your comment on Rose's eyes. It's not that I don't think they're pretty, but it's like what you went through with Josh - it is not the same blue that I'm used to for her. Right now I'm too lazy to go take them out of my game/find new ones though, so I might just end up adjusting haha.

    And about Jules' behind - LOL. I told you she had gained some weight hahaha. I did not gift her with that in CAS :D

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    February (Saturday): Day 26: A Talk With Wolfgang


    The next morning, as Sakura was getting dressed, she glanced at herself in the mirror. She looked the same...but she knew the truth. She wasn't the same. She didn't even know who she was anymore. How could she have done what she did? She thought back to last night and that first song, and how she had felt terrified on stage and was going to leave...and then, there was Wolfgang...singing her song...looking at her...giving her the courage that she needed. And, then, all of a sudden, she was singing with him, and they sounded so good together. And the way he looked at her when they sang the last verse together..."who knows...if we are ready to make this something..." It's the line he came up with when he helped her write the song, and in her heart she knew he was singing right to her. He wanted their relationship to be more than it was now. And afterwards, Sakura had felt so exhilarated, so happy, and thankful to Wolfgang, and she just felt like she owed him the world. And he was standing there looking at her with that look of caring in his eyes, and her emotions had been all mixed-up. And when she looked at him, she just felt...oh my gosh...she felt so in love with him at that moment. And without thinking, Sakura had just given him a kiss on the lips.


    And as soon as she had, she knew it was wrong. Not wrong in the way that kiss felt, but wrong because she had a boyfriend. A caring boyfriend in Kiyoshi. And that could have been it, one kiss, just because they were wrapped up in the moment. But it was more, because when Wolfgang held her in his arms, and kissed her back...there was no denying that she had feelings for Wolfgang, and Wolfgang most definitely had feelings for her. Very intense feelings. Wolfgang had shattered her world with that kiss, and now, she didn't know what to do about it.


    Sakura still didn't know what was going on with Kiyoshi. Was he with Kaori? Or, was that some hyped up story like Sergio had suggested? If only Sakura could get through to Kiyoshi, or if Kiyoshi would write to her, then maybe she would know. It's the not knowing part that was the hardest. Kiyoshi was still her boyfriend, and she just had to wait another month to actually talk to him. Hopefully, if something had happened with Kaori, Kiyoshi would be honest with her. And then Sakura would have to make the decision on whether to tell Kiyoshi about what happened between her and Wolfgang. She went to the mailbox and mailed another letter to Kyoshi.


    And so today, Wolfgang wanted to have a "talk" with her. What was Sakura to say? That yes, she wanted Wolfgang to hold her in his arms again and kiss her like he had last night? Sakura felt tears well up in her eyes.

    And what about Kiyoshi, and how she had felt when he had kissed her on that mountain top? She had felt so safe, so special, so protected in Kiyoshi's arms. Sakura felt tears run down her face. She had never wanted to hurt anyone, and she didn't know how...but she had feelings for both Wolfgang and Kiyoshi. She wanted to be with both of them. And she had brought this on herself...she had been the one to kiss Wolfgang first...she was the one who had cheated on Kiyoshi. And Sakura felt so very sad about the whole situation.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    She thought she would do some gardening as she always felt better when she gardened. But that didn't help at all. And instead of just watering the plants with the watering can, she was watering them with her tears. She had to get a grip. She couldn't keep dwelling on this incident. She decided to head into the kitchen and make herself a cup of tea. Maybe she would feel better then.


    As she was rounding the corner, she saw Wolfgang's mother at her doorstep. Oh no! She couldn't see Sakura looking like this. Sakura took a moment to compose herself before she went to say hello.



    Mila had been over to the Bjergsens dropping off something for Lucas, and she stopped by with a gift for Sakura. When Sakura opened the gift, inside were some gummy bear pancakes.


    Mila: "I thought you'd enjoy a bit of home cooking."


    Sakura thanked Mila and said she would be right back and went inside and placed them in the fridge. When Sakura came outside again, Mila was sitting at the chess table.


    Mila: "You have a beautiful garden, Sakura. I know that a garden takes a lot of care and patience, and it shows that you spend a lot of time out here. Your passion for gardening is like my passion for cooking. Although, sometimes, even with the most carefully laid out plans, things can happen that you don't expect. I remember one time at a catering event, I had made several cakes. I had a bit of batter left over and I made a single cupcake. I always used to do this to test my cakes, Well, it's a good thing that I did because when I tasted it, the cake was dry. So very, very dry. It was a disaster, and I didn't know what to do. But then I remembered that trifle used cake, and in that dessert no-one would ever know the cake was dry. So I quickly whipped up some custard, added pieces of fruit, and the cake slices and whipped cream, and it was the hit of the catering event. To this day, I have sims still telling me how they remember that delicious dessert. So you see, sometimes things happen and they turn out better than you ever expected..."

    Sakura: "I bet you were glad you remembered that recipe..." she smiled and they both laughed. They chatted briefly about the gig last night and Mila said she was sorry she had missed such a 'monumental' event.


    Mila: "Sakura, I know that you lost your parents and your Grandfather, and I just wanted to say that if you ever need to talk to someone, you know, get some "motherly" advice, you can talk to me. You know...about anything..."

    Mila was looking at her intently and Sakura almost blurted out and confided in her about Kiyoshi...and about Wolfgang, and what had happened last night...but she couldn't...afterall, this was Wolfgang's mother...and Sakura was feeling rather ashamed. No, Sakura couldn't talk to anyone about what happened.

    Sakura: "Thank you Mrs. Munch, I'll remember that...if I ever need some advice..."

    Mila stood up, "Okay Sakura, well, I have to be on my way. But just know that you can call me anytime..."

    Sakura waved goodbye to Mila and thought about what Mila had said. Sakura wondered if somehow Mila had heard what had happened last night at the gig. Mila had just come from the Bjergsens, and Sakura knew that Sofia would never say anything...but Sofia's father had been at the gig, too. Hmmm...Sakura wondered if Bjorn had said something to Mila.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Sakura had already told her Scoutmaster that she might not make Scouts today, and she was actually glad that she wasn't going. She just couldn't bear to be in the same room with Wolfgang for two hours with all the other Scouts asking her about last night. Especially Luna and Sofia. She just wasn't ready to answer any questions yet.


    Wolfgang had texted Sakura in the afternoon and asked if she would like to get together after Scouts at South Square Coffee. Wolfgang heard they had some great cappuccino and pastries and he thought she would like to try some. Sakura knew that this was "the talk", and she couldn't really avoid it, so she agreed. The funny thing was that Wolfgang had never even mentioned anything about last night. Maybe Sakura was making too much of a deal about what had happened, and maybe it didn't even mean anything to Wolfgang at all.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    It was a thunderstorm when Sakura arrived at South Square Coffee, and almost immediately, Wolfgang showed up. Wolfgang greeted her warmly and they hurried inside to get out of the rain. Wolfgang suggested that they grab something first and then they could sit down together.


    Sakura looked at all the pastries and coffee and tea choices, and then decided.

    "Cappuccino, please," they said together.

    "Jinx", Wolfgang said, and Sakura smiled.

    They sat down and Wolfgang looked at Sakura as she sipped her cappuccino, "Sakura, I wasn't going to start off this way, but you look so down, and I think you need some cheering up...so..."


    Wolfgang made a funny face at Sakura, which surprised her and suddenly she was laughing. {This was an autonomous action by Wolfgang.}

    Wolfgang: "There. Much better. I don't like to see you sad, Sakura...and I think I know what's bothering you..."

    Sakura didn't say a word and just listened.


    Wolfgang: "It's about last night, and what happened after we sang together..."


    Sakura nodded her head.


    Wolfgang: "Look, Sakura, there were a lot of emotions going on last night, and I think we both just got caught up in everything. I know you have a boyfriend and maybe you're feeling guilty about what happened..."

    Sakura cast her eyes down, "Yes" she said softly.

    Wolfgang: "Please don't be. You kissed me and I kissed you, and I'm not sorry it happened. Because, Sakura, I really care about you. A lot. But if what happened last night is going to jeopardize our friendship, then, yes, I am sorry. Because I need you as my friend, Sakura. I like who I am when I'm with you..."


    Sakura: "Wolfgang, I care a lot about you, too. And maybe you're right, we were just caught up in the moment, or maybe it was something more. But right now, I just can't be anything more than your friend. I can't cheat on my boyfriend, even though I have no idea if he's actually with Kaori or not. Maybe he is...maybe he's not. But I have to give him a chance to explain. And that's the thing...he's at this Olympic Training Camp with no access to the outside world...just this courier service that is sent from his Mom's with letters...and I've been writing him everyday...and I haven't received any letters from him...even though I gave his Mom a letter with my address in it...and I've called her and it just rings and my texts go unanswered...and I just feel so far away and I don't know what's going on...." she said and felt her lower lip tremble.


    Wolfgang understood now how Sakura felt and all he wanted to do was hold her in his arms and see her smile again. And kiss her...oh how he wanted to kiss her. All last night and today, all he could think about was Sakura. All he could see was her face. And now this...her boyfriend was a smuck. It was hard for Wolfgang to admit it, but Sakura really cared a lot about Kiyoshi. But how could Kiyoshi do this to Sakura? Why was the dude not writing to her?



    Wolfgang took Sakura's hand and made soothing noises,: "Shhh...shhh...it's okay Sakura...I didn't know the situation with your boyfriend. I didn't know that you haven't heard from him. All I can say is that he is a fool if he hasn't written to you. I didn't mean to add more stress in your life when I kissed you last night, Sakura. But I was just so proud of you, and the way you looked...you were glowing...you looked so beautiful...and maybe...yeah maybe...I was wishing that you were my girlfriend..." There, he had said it. It's true, that's how he had felt. He so wished that Sakura was his girl.

    xx [Sakura looked at him and thought, "Oh my gosh, Wolfgang had felt something, too. I hadn't imagined it. And what he just said makes me feel all warm and happy inside, and I could just kiss him again. But, dang, no! That's what got me into this mess to begin with."}


    Sakuara : "Wolfgang, last night I was so afraid up on stage, and when you started singing, and kept your eyes on me, you gave me such courage, you had such faith in me that I just felt so happy you were there, and then you looked at me with such a caring look, and I just wanted to...I just wanted to show you how much I really cared about you...I just wanted to kiss you and make you mine..."


    xx [Wolfgang stared at Sakura and thought, "Holy Plumbobs! Sakura had felt something when they kissed. If it wasn't for her slacker boyfriend, I would take her in my arms right now and never let her go. She deserved so much better."]

    Wolfgang: "Well, that was a revelation. So, we both have feelings for each other. Now, what do we do about it?"

    Sakura shook her head unsure, "That's the problem...I don't know..."


    Wolfgang took a deep breath. He knew what he wanted to say, like ditch that deadbeat boyfriend of yours and be with someone who really cares about you, but he didn't. Instead, he said, "Sakura, I hope you know that I will always be your friend and be there for you. And I think right now, that's who you need me to be. A friend. Because you really don't need any more complications in your life. And just know that I would do anything for you because I just want to see you happy. No matter what happens. Okay? So, I think it's best if we just put what happened last night behind us, to put it down to an emotional moment at an epic gig, and move on...and continue as friends. Because I really don't want to lose you as a friend. What do you say?"


    Sakura smiled shyly at Wolfgang, "Yes....Okay...I don't want to lose you as a friend either..."


    Wolfgang: "Good. I'm glad that's settled," as he gave Sakura a hug, "And now I was wondering if you could help me with a homework writing assignment..."

    Sakura: "You're doing homework?" she said astonished.


    Wolfgang: "Yeah, well, I've been thinking of applying to university, and I need to get my grades up. A friend of mine said I had some gifts that I wasn't using..." he said as he winked at her.


    Sakura laughed, "Oh...I think I said that! Oops! But, it's true, you know. You're really smart. So, what were you thinking of applying for?"

    Wolfgang: "Not sure just yet, but I've always wanted to build a robot. You know, it's nice to have one around the house to fetch your snacks while you're playing foosball..."

    Sakura: "Oh, yeah...I can see that happening...: she laughed.

    Wolfgang saw Bryon enter the cafe and went over to say hello.

    Bryon: "Hey, Wolfgang...everything alright with you and Sakura? She looks a bit down. Did she talk to her boyfriend? Are you two together now?"


    Wolfgang: "Bryon, Sakura is still with her boyfriend. He's in a training camp with no access to the outside world, so things are a bit complicated. And Sakura and I...we're still friends. What happened last night was just a heat of the moment type thing. That's all."

    Bryon: "If you say so, bro, but I think you and I both know that if Sakura didn't have a boyfriend, that you would be with her now..."

    Wolfgang thought to himself, "Yes...oh yes I would..."

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    When Sakura woke up, she had the "Time To Wear Black" sad mood swing. So, that is the reason she was crying every second, which I just used in the story. And Mila just autonomously dropped by with a gift, which worked great for the story, too. And I guess with all the talking that Sakura did, she got her Friend of the World Aspiration completed.
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    Not so secret to them and everyone else in the Realm, they just hadn't really thought to mention it to Essa yet. I am thinking about cheating up their relationship for each other to make them a couple, yes. Simeon is very protective of Essa, he WOULD most certainly go after Damon if he knew what he'd done to her. I don't think he'd actually go so far as to kill him though. o.O I loved how smug Simeon looked after he won, made me laugh. :D Essa's actually beat Morgyn twice now! This last time did look the most epic though.

    Oh don't worry, there's plenty more spells even worse than the two she's done to him that she'll use. ;) I had fun writing the part where he's dazed! I doubt anyone actually knows where the 'Carlton your doorman' reference comes from, but that's okay, I know! ;) Damon's had that shirt right from the beginning, it's part of his party outfit. The fact it shows off his chest is just more obvious now that he has body hair.

    I understand. I personally just couldn't get used to Josh's eyes being a different color, the CC eyes weren't similar at all. I couldn't find any that were either. Even the Maxis Match eyes I found weren't the same. Oh well, I hope you can adjust to them if you keep them. :)

    Oh I know, I just couldn't help commenting on it. Sorry... :#

    Aww, I feel so bad for Sakura. I've only seen the water plants with tears once in my game, but that was when my Sim's wife had died. So sweet of Mila to bring her those pancakes. How cool is it that she loves to cook and the game had her give a gift of food eh? Someone definitely told her what happened at the gig, it was obvious she wanted to talk about it. Don't blame Sakura for not wanting to do that.

    Absolutely loved the talk between Sakura and Wolfgang. I love the way you had Wolfgang handle the situation. He's such a sweetheart! So understanding, he loves her so much, it's heartwarming to see. Can't wait to find out how all this plays out now. I really want to see them together, but I understand how Sakura needs to give Kyoshi a chance first. She loved him first and none of this probably would've happened if only she'd been able to get his letters and he her's.

    Now, if he's actually with Kaori or if that's just media hype remains to be seen. He could've decided Sakura didn't love him anymore when he didn't get her letters and still has feelings for her. That's what I think has happened because of Megumi. Once that's resolved though, will he still stay with Kaori since they have a history together from the very beginning, or will he drop her to be with Sakura again? So many questions that need answers! You're doing great with this little love triangle, I'm loving it! :)
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    @Hermitgirl - Response to comment on The Plumbobs Gig and the "keep your eyes on me." I actually did a bit of research on stagefright when I was writing this chapter, and one of the things that they advise is picking a cheerful looking person in the audience and focusing on them. So that is what Wolfgang was trying to help Sakura with because he knew she had stagefright. But of course, saying to focus on him only made it more intense. In fact, I picked that song, Who Knows, because it is about two people who are trying to convince themselves that they're not in love with each other, but they are "losing control" and might have to "give in" to what they are trying to resist. This was definitely a song made for Wolfgang and Sakura as they try to resist each other, but ultimately "lost control" and kissed each other.

    March 17 - So sorry about the problems you had with your game. Believe me, I know how frustrating that can be. I love Roxanne in her Santa Baby suit with Nestor. So cute. And what a better way to celebrate the holidays than to fire your butler. Happy Winterfest - you're fired - no tofurky for you. Go! lol

    @Skeilah - March 17 - Congrats to Bryon for completing the Purveyor of Potions Aspiration! And I love the cat potion - is there actually one in the game? But then...fire...that poor kitty's fur was singed for sure! And then....yeah....Roxanne is back! I thought it was funny how Naoki came home and was sad that kitty was turned into Roxanne. He was only sad about losing the kitty. hehehe. But I think that Bryon has a plan to help Naoki...funny! I think that maybe Bryon is trying to get ghost Dad and his Mom back together. Loved seeing some of the challengers at the school :)

    @permanentrose - Update 77 - Well, I can't help it, but I still ship Emmett and Jules, but I guess I should be happy they are friends again. I love the gift that Emmett got Jules...that is one sweet pic. And congrats to Jules for completing the Mt. Komorebi Sightseer Aspiration! Woot! And I love that Festival of Snow, always so pretty. Sakura is working away at the Knitting one, but I had a few other aspirations that I wanted her to work on before this left this world. One of them was Friend of the World as your friendship bars don't decay. I probably should have done that one first, and maybe then, Kiyoshi's romance bar would not have decayed (not sure if it only works on friendship or romance).

    March 17 - Wow! That's a surly photo of Jules. lol Those teen mood swings are something else! And that walk..talk about attitude! lol At least she got a ding for see those forest spirits, and the best photo of all, Jules and baby Ruby. Sweet :)

    @Karababy52 - March 18 - Sorry, but I had to laugh when Essa got beaten down by Simeon, her Dad. Yep, the old man's still got it! lol And what is going on between L and Simeon? A little romance? lol But Morgyn...geez...the way Essa is going, she should be a Sage soon! hehehe Morgyn...you need practice! hehe! And then Damon Revenge time. What would he do to Essa if he knew it was her? I shiver to think about this, since he's a vampire. But yeah, brain daze...Carlton the Doorman...lol reference from Rhoda. Funny! Hopefully that lightning hit him where the sun don't shine! Huzza! Yes!

    March 17 - Oh poor Essa, remembering what Damon did to her. Turning him into a knight in shining armor...nope...he's not one. But, anyway, Essa's spell worked. I love that she keeps wanting to turn him into a frog lol

    @AnnoyingTiger - March 17 - I thought I had commented on Astrid's "pending" state in another section, but I guess I didn't. So Astrid is going to be another teen Mom. Woot! Geez, Sakura hasn't even messed around with anyone as yet! lol I love all the albums shots, and all those kitty shots too. I was kind of worried when I saw Duane in front of the cow plant with the cake, and then there was that passionate kiss scene. So maybe Astrid just saved him from being eaten. hehe And Astrid belongs to the Garden Gnomes, nice. Love the update.

    @Kanindota - So sorry you're still not feeling well. March 17 - River downing the potions...he was getting ready for quite the night...hehehe...right? So, his prom...does that mean he is done high school? And that photo...still the mystery...interesting...Lots of questions left unanswered in this chapter...I guess we will find out soon. And thanks for the vote of Wolfgang and Sakura. She will have a few more hurdles to overcome before she finds "the one".
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    Oh, I completely forgot I can check that way! It confirmed it but there's still no buff for it, even in her second trimester. Thanks for the information, I was really worried about it lol Me too! Karababy mentioned getting money back from her when it's all said and done, but I wonder if there's more than one thing that might happen. I'm really curious to see what Bess does. On the bright side, they are really good friends now haha I'm pretty sure she is, because she's got the bump now! I think the length is just the normal 3 or 4 days? I haven't changed it. I'm not sure if it's Eco pack or not, but it might have something to do with the neighborhood plans, the autonomous gifts. No idea lol she called again for today's update, as well :P

    That's pretty cool how you have it set up with the baby, feels much more unique and natural. That collage is adorable <3 Omg, it looks like that statue is tutoring her while she does her homework hehe Jules is so pretty, gosh. Watching them climb makes me so anxious. I don't even know if they can die from it but I'm so scared they are going to fall, look at how high they are! Those forest spirits are so cute, ahhh I've never seen those before. Aw, what an adorable shot of those two <3 omg I ADORE that photo of Ruby, that's so cute and creative! That festival of snow pic is gorgeous, wow.

    He's knitting, how cute ^-^) And the cat scratching the sofa lol I'm glad Naoki is okay with Bryon's mom coming to live with them. The house looks beautiful, can't wait to see it decorated. Aspiration completed, woo! Poor Kumiko :( And the baby, gonna grow up without its mother, how sad. I hope Randi takes good care of the babe, though I know she will. Oh, it's his half-sister! He looks so cute holding her awww Woo, he completed his aspiration, nice! THEY SET THE CAT ON FIRE I'M SCREAMING ;_;) but it worked, I'm so glad~

    I most definitely did NOT expect nor plan for her to be a mom so early but I guess fate had other plans lol

    He set. The toilet. On fire. HOW?! How is that even possible, Dirk please xDD Wait, you can unspoil a meal with Scuberoo? Holy cow, I never knew that! I hope you feel better <3

    Oooo the girls look awesome <3 So beautiful, all of them. And the boys are looking handsome, I love those bracelets. Pumpkin ran away again, how dare she T_T) Lol, the famous lady in the background trying to hype them up while you're telling the story xD Don't worry, Sakura, you got this! Blow them away, girl. Wolfgang looks so angry in that one shot lol So feckin' cute, their duet, I love this so much. AHHH AND THEY KISSED!! Astrid, feckin' finally, girl you kept everyone waiting T_T) And how dare the bouncer not let Pumpkin in, Astrid looks sooo offended, but Bryon to the rescue! That punk rock look looks so good on her, too, might switch to that for the next month hehe Bryon is holding Pumpkin, his cuteness just skyrocketed ahhh

    She completed her aspiration, nice! She seems really bothered by her new feelings, I hope she is able to sort them out. Poor thing. Good thing they talked things out and are still friends.

    It's funny because the cowplant got a bit too nippy when Duane was playing with it and he scolded the plant xD I didn't get the shot in time, though, which made me sad but that's okay~ I make sure to watch him closely every time he comes over. Maybe I should put a light fence around it, hmm

    Grats on completing her aspiration! =D Sorry that happened to you, I know how frustrating that can be :/

    Ooo she won two brooms, nice! I'm really sorry to hear that *hugs I know it's hard, but try to focus on the good times you had together rather than these past few days. Stay strong <3 Ooo I really like the filter you used on the flashback images, very nice. "He was a beautiful apple with a rotten core" bro, that is such a cool line, like I'm reading a fairy tale! LOL He turned into a suit of armor xD cold steel like his heart? Oh jeez, Simeon destroyed her in that duel sheesh At least she beat Morgyn hehe He went zooming like superman! It's a shame, Damon is so attractive but he definitely needs to pay for what he's done, shaking my head.

    I think she was stuck in the hedge, and then she just left lol With Essa, I think she got the badge that requires being funny, she just told her a bunch of jokes hehe Nope, she only asks once, didn't think about trying again. I'll do that next time! It seems she really is pregnant! I did not plan nor expect this o_o) Her momma is gonna give her an earful haha, oh there's an idea ;) She was petting Pumpkin when she kneeled down but the game glitched and she wasn't in the proper position lol And yes, I just put it in the house in today's chapter, had to update the house to make it bigger! He was hissing at the door when Lilith knocked. He also hissed at her when she came inside, don't think he likes her much lol She's got the hearts so I'm pretty sure she is. I really need to go get her fixed but ahhh

    OKAY it took a while but I think I finally replied to everyone (@ [email protected]) I also finished my next post at exactly 11:57 pm, right under the wire hehe
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