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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge


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    @Karababy52 ,
    I hope Shelby and Ollie get lucky :p
    -- Aww , Ollie looks so adorable there, sitting on that rumba <3
    -- Once again, lovely first pic!!
    Malcolm?? Are you talking to Shelby there, I bet it was you who told Shelby to scratch that seat??!!
    Awww, Shelbys face i so adorable on those pics after being lectured <3 Yes very sweet that she touched Essa's hands after :)
    And that curled fur ball Ollie sleeping :p
    Great that Samara is doing well at uni too :)

    @permanentrose ,
    -- Parsley's visit in clinic was funny, sure he feels that treatment, it is easy for you to say, Jules!

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Thanks for all your comments <3 I feel really bad I'm not keeping up well these days :( In response to Ophelia and Robin looking so grown up, I did give them both a little bit of makeup with their formal outfits, just since I remember getting excited when my mom let me wear makeup to special occasions when I was kid. I've loved seeing your updates - your pets, especially your cats (and in particular Shelby) are just too darn cute. You really capture some great shots of them and have funny dialogue for them. And way to go Samara for her grades! you are much better at managing someone going to uni than I am haha.

    Thank you for your comments <3 I don't think I ever commented on your last post, but I loved the seasonal shots of Melody on the park bench!
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    Update 321 - Feeling the love

    Jules invited Dill over so they could become companions since he is still the pet she has the highest relationship with, minus Pickle. Honestly I'm not sure why I didn't have them become companions until now. She's been companions with Pickle for ages.

    And of course after that, they decided to feel the love.
    "Look at your adorable little teefers. So sharp."

    She scolded Pepper for jumping on counters. Slowly but surely making my way through this aspiration.


    Robin came home from school in a sad mood.

    "Don't worry I have a present that will make you happy."

    It was a squeaky ball, and Robin does indeed look happier.

    Bryon popped by for a visit (@skeilah). Looks like he's still glowing from one of those drinks from one of the SM festivals haha.

    And Poppy was back to prowling at the docks.

    More presents for the humans.

    I ended the evening by bringing Robin to the jungle gym near the docks :)

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    @permanentrose ,
    thank you for your comment :) I needed a time jump, and that was easiest way to do that :)
    -- Aww, Parsley , that's the way , dude. I will call you as Dill again :p Haha Poppy, real cute how it gave that present to sad Robin <3 Poppy is so cute when hunting those feathers :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November - Day 21: "Celebrate good times, come on!" Part One


    To celebrate the end of Samara's first term in Uni and her fantastic grades, Josh suggested they go out for a night on the town to the Spice Festival in San Myshuno. It was Samara's first time traveling the Spellcaster way and she had to admit it was a big thrill. Of course all three tried the Spice challenge. I just didn't show it since we've all seen Sims breathing fire numerous times. They all lost in case you were wondering.

    They grabbed a bite to eat from a vendor stall and sat down to enjoy the free meal at a close by picnic table. They were just sitting enjoying the atmosphere afterward when someone familiar walked over to say Hi.

    "Molly! It's so good to see you girlfriend. It's been way too long! How is Damon and the boys?"

    "They're great! And we're getting ready to move out to live on our own again."
    "You are? Well that's great, but why?"
    "Too crowded in the mansion, if you can believe it!"
    *whispers* "Who is that?"
    "Essa's very best girlfriend, Molly Masters. They've known each other since they were teens. She was the first member of Essa's dance club when she was a DJ."
    "Essa was a DJ? Wow, what hasn't she done?"
    "Not much. She's amazing."

    Molly sat down to have a chat and catch up with everyone. Essa introduced her to Samara.

    "This is our friend, Samara Jameel, she's living with us for awhile. She's a student at Britechester. She and Josh met when he was in the service. She's had some hard times and we're helping her get back on her feet."
    "Hi Samara, I'm Molly Masters, Essa's best friend, we've known each other for a long time. It's a pleasure to meet you."
    "It's nice to meet you too!"

    After catching up for awhile, Molly had to leave, so they said their goodbyes promising to get together soon. The trio decided to check out the karaoke bar across the street and have some fun after she left.

    "Wow, she's getting really good Josh, don't you agree?"
    "Yes she is! GO MAREE! Woo Hoo!" Josh cheered, clapping his hands and smiling for her.

    Next up was Josh who sang 'Hotter than Sin' and rocked their world. He was fantastic, as always.

    "Wooooo Josh, you're magnificent!" Essa cheered and Samara did the same.
    "He sings like a pro, I had no idea."
    "He kind of is a Pro, he sang back-up for Adam Lambert, you know who he is, right?"
    "Adam Lambert! The Global Superstar! Oh yeah, I know who he is! Why isn't he singing with him still?"
    "Adam wanted him to sing with him, but Josh turned him down after their last gig to be with me. It's a long story."
    "Seems there's a long story for everything in both your lives."
    "We've had an amazing life together and been separated for long periods of time, but not by choice. Somehow we always, always find our way back to each other."

    Finally it was Essa's turn to sing. She actually did sing professionally when she was making movies, so of course she has a beautiful voice.
    "You're fantastic Essa, you go girl! She sings like an angel too? I guess I shouldn't be surprised. She seems like a Super Woman or something."
    "That's because she is, at least to me. And I'm batman by the way!"
    Josh said with a laugh and an adoring smile for Essa. Essa winked at him upon hearing what he'd said and he winked back, silently mouthing 'I love you.'

    It seemed everyone was attending the Spice Festival and abandoned the karaoke bar, including the bartender. No worries, Josh, as we all know, loves to bartend. So he grabbed the tricks of the trade and stood waiting for their drink orders.
    "Bartend? I'll have a Granny Smash please!"
    "I thought you would, it was your favorite if I remember correctly."
    "You do."

    "What's in a Granny Smash?"
    "It's made with Granny Smith apple juice, lemon juice and either bourbon or vodka, and...something else I don't remember. I just know it's good!"
    "I remember how it's made and she's right, they're delicious. I'm having one too."

    "Okay, make that three bartend!"

    Josh smiled, gave a snappy salute and got to work.

    "I'd like to make a toast! To Samara, congratulations on finishing your first term with style! May you continue to do well. We're proud of you!"
    "I'll second that and drink to it! Bottoms up ladies!"
    "Aww, thanks! I'll drink to that too!"
    Samara said with a grin.

    "I never thought in a million years I'd be sitting here celebrating finishing a term in Uni, it's unbelievable! I owe it all to both of you. Thank you for taking me under your wing and helping me. It's humbling. Thanks just doesn't seem like enough. I'll say it again though, thank you from the bottom of my heart."
    "Aww, you're welcome Samara, and you earned those grades all by yourself, you should be proud of yourself."
    "I am, but I do owe it to both of you, because without your help, I never would've had a chance to do this."

    "So, here's to you Essa, and to you Josh. Thank you!"
    "I'll drink to that, oh hey, speaking of helping...."

    Josh sat listening to Essa and Samara chat, and laugh, having a good time together as new friends. If you'd told him one day his first love and first wife would be friends with the love of his life and his new wife, he'd say you were crazy. But here they were chatting away like old friends.

    (Hey Watcher, thank you!)
    (For what?)
    (For making all this happen. I feel like the luckiest guy in all the worlds right now.)
    (Aww you're welcome Joshie, always.)

    "Hey, I've got a great idea! Let's go to Deadgrasse Isle and check out the pet cemetery!"
    "What? Why?"

    "To see the ghosts of pets of course, what else? I've heard they come out at night there and haunt the entire island. I bet nobody else will be there either this late at night. It'll be a hoot! What do you think."
    "I don't know...seems like a horror movie in the making to me; cemetery, late at night, nobody around, least nobody but ghost pets, maybe."
    "Yeah, who knows what or who else could be lurking around out there. Nobody or nothing good anyway."

    "Oh come on, are you both chicken or something? Don't worry, I'll protect you, I'm batman, remember?"
    "I'm not scared."

    "Me neither, batman." *gigglesnort*
    "Okay then, so, let's do this! You're both in?"
    "I'm in!"
    "Me too!"

    "You could take that make-up off too Maree...if you want to. It's just us, nobody will be there and it's probably not good to wear that stuff all the time, am I right Essa?"
    "Yeah, he's right. You've been wearing it all week. Give your skin a chance to breathe, okay?"

    "Well...okay, I guess it sounds like a good idea. We can stop home first though, right?"
    "There's a museum, Deadgrass Discoveries, on the island, I'm sure you could use the bathroom there to remove it, or even here if you like."
    "No, I'll wait until we get there since you said nobody would be there. If that's okay."
    "Sure, whatever you want Maree."
    "Alright, I've got my scarf just in know, somebody shows up. Let's go!"

    Josh transportalated them all to the island, and just as predicted, it was abandoned at this late hour. Samara went inside the museum to remove her make-up and Josh took the opportunity to give Essa a few delicious kisses while they waited for her to return.

    "Okay, I heard there's a pathway off of this one that goes deep into the forest where the cemetery is located. It shouldn't be hard to find since it's reportedly lit 24/7 for visitors. Let's hope what I heard is right and we don't get lost."
    "Lost! What? We could get--"
    "I'm just kidding, we won't get lost. It's an island, and we'd have the lighthouse beacon to guide us back anyway."

    "You're such a smartbutt sometimes Babe."
    "Maybe, but you love me anyway Beautiful." Josh said with a chuckle.

    Just as predicted, they found the cemetery with little trouble, it was brightly lit. A low mist seemed to surround it as well. Which was a bit strange since no where else on the island had any fog.
    "Oh, well, I guess someone else had the same idea. There's a guy over there."

    "WHAT! A guy? Someone's here? Oh Allah!" Samara whispered loudly after stopping dead in her tracks just inside the pillars of the entrance to the cemetery.

    One lonesome guy stood staring at a tombstone in silence. Who was he? Was he here to mourn a pet? Or just a curious tourist, like them? Or, could he be something else entirely...

    Stay tuned to find out in Part Two coming up sometime tomorrow! I'll get started on comments next! Hope y'all had a fantastic day/night! <3
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    Gah! I hope they do too! Shouldn't she have had the kitten(s) by now though if they did? I loved that he finally took a ride on that thing! It was so adorable! It actually took him backwards and through that door behind him into the bathroom. hehe

    Do you think Malcom would do that? Hmm, yeah, he totally would! :D Shelby was doing that before he appeared though, so not this time. It was cute when Shelby did that, I literally said "Awww!" out loud when she did, same with Ollie all curled up! :)

    Oh yeah, I figured they were just dressed up with make-up and stuff because it was a special occasion. :) They looked great though! Thanks about the pets and their dialogue. I'm having fun thinking up things they might say. If only we really could get inside their heads eh? ;) Honestly, I haven't been doing all that much with Samara and Uni except make sure she does her homework, term papers, presentations and takes notes when in class. That's it! It's tough juggling so many Sims and pets, but kind of fun to have the challenge at the same time. :)

    Oh Wow, I LOVE that outfit on Jules! Is that from the airport kit? So sweet how she's feeling the love with Dill and his goofy, toofer smile is hilarious! :D Dogs can jump on counters too? I had no idea. Great that you're able to get those actions to lecture your pets. Wish mine would do it more. *sigh* Gah! Lydia! Give it up! You're married and have a child, Jules is married with kids, it's over! Sheesh! Aww sweet Robin was cheered up with the present from Poppy! Good kitty! Hi Bryon, long time no see Bud! Man, Poppy always looks so sinister. hehe Love the shot of the feathers in her mouth! Love that the 'canon' on that ship blows bubbles. hehe
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    Update 322 - Essa's Visit to the Vet

    Opened the clinic again, and Essa showed up with her pup, Daisy.

    The poor thing was in rough shape.

    "Alright, Little Miss, let's see what's going on."

    "Open up. Oof, there's a lot going on there..."

    "Poor thing, your temperature is climbing too."


    "Oh dear, we're gonna have to move you over to the surgery station..."

    "Alright, Daisy, step right up..."

    "I'll run a few scans first."

    "Yikes, wrong button. Let's get you back in there."

    "Alright, focusing in on the abdomen."

    "She should be good now. Just leave her cone on for a few days so she can't reach her incision."

    "Come on Daisy. It's not so bad...."

    Jules' hot headed trait hasn't reared its ugly head in a while, but with full autonomy on, I was too late to cancel this little outburst.


    All better?

    I was gonna have her just pick up the trashcan, but I saw that she could transform it with her simray. We haven't had fun with that in a while.

    And that's a wrap for today :)
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    @Karababy52 ,
    Thank you for your comments :)
    Oh yes, that would be so Malcolm, as he cannot teach Shelby to do that electric handshake with her paw, so this would be second best :p

    -- THey had great tie in spice fest, I see, my favorite festival :p Hey there Molly, nice to see you too :)
    Of course they had great time in karaoke, must be cause of festival there were no others this time :D And naturally, Josh is good at bartending :smiley::D
    Oh to the cemetery.. why I always think of Stephen King when I hear "Pet Cemetery" , hah.
    OH!! And who is that mystery sim? I have tiny suspicion that I might know who he is, and if I am right, great !

    @permanentrose ,
    -- Oh nice that Essa showed up :smiley: Poor Daisy, in so bad shape :(
    Oh.. oh.. "Super-Duper Swamp Mouth?? LOOOOL :D Nice job Eaxis with that inside joke :D
    (TS2 has a test social in it's code, called Super-Duper Hug "Bug". It is not a bug itself, but badly made mods, or removal of certain social mods will activate it, and it is like a virus, spreads with shared lots to anyone's game. It causes sims to hug all the time, I mean all the time, they just hug and hug and hug)
    Ohh.. well glad Daisy was okay in the end, that cone tho, poor thing :p
    Trash cans are always fun :joy:

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Small update again, but I want to separate the story parts, will post faster than one per day after this.

    Melody Connors

    Day 300+

    The one with finding Cordelia.

    One day when she returned from one of her reading trips, she saw her dad and Nikolas getting inside.
    "Hmm, this must be about Cordelia.. well she is in Realm! Believe me. But mt dream was incorrect she was not pregnant" She thought herself.
    "Hi dad! Hi Mr... Nikolas. What's up?" She said.
    "We are discussing about Cordelia, Pumpkin. Don't you worry." Greg said.
    "I am pretty sure she is in Realm, as she liked to spend most of her times at there anyway.." Melody mentioned and went to upstairs.
    "Pumpkin, let us handle this, you do.. your stuff, paint?" Greg replied.
    "Yeah yeah, I'm on my way.."
    "I think she has a point, Greg." Nikolas Sr said after Melody had gone. "Cordelia has spent lots of time in Realm, And when I last saw her, I sensed another soul, inside her. I think she was pregnant."
    "WHAT!? Oh my, that's why she left? When I became Grimm, I would of sense it too! But she does not even have a boyfriend! " said Greg almost shouting.
    "No she does not, as far as we know.. Unless she does and she somehow needs to hide him.. spellcaster perhaps? "
    "Yes but I have nothing against them, it was our parents who didn't allow us to get friendly. And they are long gone by now.." Greg mentioned.
    "Does she know that?" Nikolas Sr asked.
    "Not sure, we have never actually talked about that." Greg replied. "Can't you go there, Nik? You aren't Grimm anymore?"
    "No, I am not ever allowed to step inside Realm, something what will never change. Either aren't you." Nikolas Sr said. "But I may know someone who will, she owes me a favor."
    "Please ask her, whoever she is. I owe you one now, Nik."
    "I will, and yes, you do.. Yes, you do.. " Said Nikolas Sr and flied away.

    Melody started painting, bus she had hard time to focus.. memories were fading.. Was Molly white with black or brown parts... she realized she cannot remember..
    She cried for a long time..
    Then she remembered that red haired dude from gym.. one who gave her his card. Why not ask him out?

    Why not?

    To be continued...
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November - Day 22: "Celebrate good times, come on!" Finale



    This post is about double the size in screenshots and text than my normal posts and a story within the story as well. I promise I won't have any this large after this one. I hope y'all like it and it makes sense. I spent all day working on it, trying to get it right. Anyway, here we go...
    After seeing the mysterious man in the cemetery, Samara quickly put on her scarf and turned the scarred side of her face away from his vision.

    "We can go if you like Samara."
    "No, it's okay, Josh is already halfway across this place checking out tombstones. He was so excited to see a ghost pet. I don't want to spoil his fun. I'll be alright."
    "Well, okay, but if you change your mind, just say the word and we'll leave."

    Essa and Samara meandered their way around the cemetery, reading tombstones and watching Josh running around like a little boy in excitement playing hide and seek. He was checking every nook and cranny, looking behind every tombstone, behind bushes, anywhere he thought a ghost pet might be hiding. Before Samara realized it, they were very close to the silent man still gazing at a tombstone with his head bowed.

    "I wonder what he's doing here this time of night."
    "My guess would be mourning that pet, he hasn't left that spot since we got here."
    "Yeah, you're probably right, but why this late?"

    "Is someone there?"

    "Oh Allah, we got too close, he heard us! What do we do, should we run?"
    "Why would we do that? He looks harmless."
    "Looks can be deceiving though."

    "Well hello Ladies. I didn't think I'd see anyone else out here this late, what a nice surprise!"

    "Samara! Look, don't turn away, I think you'll want to see this guy." Essa whispered jabbing Samara with her elbow.
    "But then he'll see me!"
    "Trust me, okay? He won't care. Just look."

    (Well, would you look at that. What are the odds?)

    "He's got scars just like me! Hey! Did you guys set this up?"
    "No way, I've never seen him before now and I'm quite sure neither has Josh."
    "Shhh, he's coming this way!" Samara whispered.

    "Hi, I'm Samuel Wilkes. Are you ladies lost or something? It's quite late."
    "No, we're just here to maybe see some ghosts, just for kicks. I'm Essa Hunter and this is Samara Jameel. Oh and here comes my husband, Josh. I'm guessing maybe you have a pet buried over there? Or maybe you're just curious about this place too?"
    "Oh well, yes, my beloved Katrina is buried there, I come here often to pay my respects."
    "Ah, so you live in Brindleton Bay?"
    "No, not anymore, it's...well would you like the short version or the long version?"
    "Is everything alright here Beautiful?"
    "Yes, we're fine, we were just about to hear what Mr. Wilkes is doing here."
    "Please, call me Sam. Mr. Wilkes was my Dad."

    "I'll try to keep this short, but a bit of background I think is needed for you to understand why I'm here, since I live so far away. Do you have the time to hear it? I won't bore you since we don't know each other if you're in a hurry to get going."
    "No, we're good. We live not far from here. We're just out celebrating tonight. I'm curious, what about you guys?"

    Josh and Samara said they were curious as well so Sam told them the story of why he was here so late at night.

    "Years ago my Great Grandfather was the lighthouse keeper here. He lived there with his family. When he passed away my Grandfather took over until the lighthouse beacon was switched over to full automation and a keeper wasn't needed full-time. He moved to Brindeton Bay near the docks, but still came to the island as the museum curator and would keep up maintenance on the light. When he passed away, my Father took over and then years later, I became the museum curator and caretaker of the light."

    "One day a few years ago, I brought my dog to the island with me and let her run around enjoying herself while I worked. She never went far and would always come back for her dinner. But that day she didn't return as expected. I went out looking for her and saw a group of four young guys playing with her on the beach. I started to walk over there and then ran when I saw they weren't really playing with her, they were torturing her. They'd broken her back legs so she couldn't run very far very fast and were throwing rocks at her and laughing when she cried. I was furious, of course, and without thinking, in a fit of rage over their cruelty, I ran straight over there in the middle of them and punched the biggest guy in the nose."

    "That was an almost fatal mistake since I was outnumbered and they were all much bigger than me. The other three jumped me and assaulted me then pinned me down in the sand so the first guy I'd punched could use a knife on me. As you can see, he cut me up pretty bad, broke both my legs, my ribs, nose, well, I was a mess and barely alive when they finally ran off laughing. The other curator of the museum found me unconscious a few hours later and...what was left of Katrina."

    "To make a long story a bit shorter, I lost my job as curator since it took months of intensive care to recover in the hospital. A few kind souls buried Katrina here for me I found out later when I regained consciousness. After that I sold my house and moved to Henford-on-Bagley in the Brambles. I have a little hobby farm there that helps keep bread on the table now. It's a quiet life, but I love it and I love my animals. Anyway, I come here 3-4 times a year to visit Katrina and old friends that live in Brindleton Bay. I like to come late at night because usually no one is around and I can visit her in peace."

    Sam stopped speaking and everyone just stood in silence a moment taking in the incredible story this man had just told them as he watched their faces and finally smiled, and hung his head. He'd risked his life, all for the love of his dog.

    Samara loved animals and after hearing what Sam had been through, he was a hero in her eyes. How he'd gotten his scars was much different in many ways than the reasons behind her own. The only similarity was they were both victims of the absolute worst beasts of humanity.

    "Anyway, that's my sad story, I'll admit I'm curious about your story Samara, but I won't ask you to tell me unless you feel like sharing it yourself."

    "Oh well, it's nothing like what happened to you, not as heroic anyway. If we see each other again, perhaps I'll tell you about it. Can I ask you something though?"
    "Sure, anything."
    "Did they catch those guys? I certainly hope so."
    "Unfortunately, the authorities were never able to track them down. They didn't ride the boat over here, so they must've had their own. It was a slow day since it was almost Winter so not many witnesses visiting the island to see what boat they had. Nobody saw them except me."

    (Look at her, I think she likes this guy. He certainly seems decent. He could be good for her. I think he likes her too. He hasn't taken his eyes off her for very long since he walked over here.)
    (Hey! Can you hear me Beautiful?)
    (I hear you Babe, what's up?)
    (What do you think about leaving these two alone so they can get to know each other? Can you get any kind of read on him? I can't, I can only communicate with you. Well, I could Morgyn once, But, anyway, my gut says he's a good guy though.)
    (You're right! Everything he's said is the truth, he's harmless and a sweetheart. He's crushing on Samara a little too. The guy is lonely. That dog was his only companion for years.)
    (Alright then follow my lead.)

    "That's an incredible story Sam, thank you for sharing it with us. I think Samara's right, you are a hero! My sympathies about your dog. My apologies, but Beautiful, I think I saw something ghostly over by the front entrance, want to go check it out with me? We won't be long Maree, I promise. We'll just be right over there if you want to stay and talk to Sam."

    "Oh, sure, yeah, I'll come check it out with you. That's the whole reason we're here anyway. My sympathies too Sam. You're a true animal lover, I'm glad you were able to share a few years with Katrina at least. I can tell you loved her very much."

    "Yes, I did, with all my heart. want to go with them Samara, it's fine. I did not mean to intrude on your outing. I hope you'll stay though so we can get to know each other a little more."

    All three stared at Samara wondering what she'd decide.

    "I'll stay here, you guys go ahead." Samara said even though her paranoid reflexes were telling her to run away.
    (Be brave girl. He's a hero and...he's cute!)

    "Okay, cool. We'll just be over here if you need us just...uh, yell."

    Samara suddenly fully realized what was happening. Josh and Essa were leaving her alone...with a stranger. A cute stranger, but a stranger nonetheless. Butterflies the size of moths started to flutter in her stomach in a wild dance making her instantly nauseous.
    (Oh Allah, I hope he's not just a clever liar scheming to get some unsuspecting lady alone and... *gulp*)
    (Come on Samara, look in his eyes. He's a sweetheart.)
    (He does have honest eyes...and such a beautiful blue.)
    (Still though...)

    (Are you sure this was a good idea? You know how paranoid she gets around strangers.)
    (Have you ever known me to misjudge anyone?)
    (Well...yeah, but just the one time and she was an exception to the rule. I couldn't read her.)
    (Right and we're Spellcasters. If he tries anything, we'll just cast a spell on him!)

    "Are you okay? You look nervous. Please don't worry. I'm harmless, honest! Your friends are you just over there. It's still okay if you want to go though. I'll understand. We really don't know each other. I'd like to change that though."

    "That's just it, I don't know you. You could be a lady killer for all I know. You LOOK harmless, act harmless, sound harmless, but..."
    "No, you don't, but I assure you I'm not a lady killer."

    "I can't even wrap my head around that thought. I can't even kill a fly, I always shoo them out the door or window. I did catch one once that was flying around my head and bugging the heck out of me. I could feel it buzzing around in my hands, it tickled! But I took it outside and set it free. The darn thing flew back in again, but I just laughed and tried to ignore it."

    "Samara, I've never hurt anyone in my life except that guy that was hurting my lady, Katrina. I defend ladies and would never harm them, especially such a beautiful lady as you."
    "Well now, aren't you the sweet talker. Thank you for saying that, you flatter me."
    "It's the truth Samara, you're beautiful, hasn't anyone ever told you that before."
    "Oh yes, lots of times, before..."
    "You're beautiful now as well. Anyone can see that."
    (Oh yeah, he's a lady killer alright, but in a good way. So charming!)

    The lady killer conversation seemed to break the ice and Samara forgot all about thinking she was in stranger danger. Sam was a very charming and sweet man. The two talked for a long time getting to know each other. Telling jokes and stories from their lives. She even told him how she'd gotten her scars. She never told anyone else that before. Not even Josh or Essa. At least not yet.

    "Will you be staying in Brindleton Bay for very long?"
    "A couple more days, then I have to get back to the farm. A neighbor is taking care of my animals for me and he gets cranky if I'm gone very much longer. I love the old guy, but he's set in his ways. I try to respect that."

    "Maybe we could spend more time together while I'm here?"
    "I'd like that. But I really should go. I think my friends have left. I don't see them over there anymore so it must be really, really late now."

    "Can you stay just a little bit longer? It's a clear night with lots of stars. Would you like to watch them with me?"
    "Really? Here? In the cemetery?"
    "Sure, why not? It's just us and the ghosts. You're not afraid of ghosts are you? I have to believe ghost pets are pretty harmless too."
    "No, I'm not and I guess you're right. Besides I haven't even seen any ghost pets here. Have you?"
    "Oh sure, a time or two, but not tonight. So what do you say?"
    "Well...okay. But just for a few minutes."

    "Hey, there's Orion's belt in Taurus, do you see it?"
    "Yes, it's very bright tonight."

    "Oh! And see that cluster of bright blue stars? Do you know what that is?"
    "I sure do, it's M45."
    "M45? Never heard them called that before, I've always known them as the Seven Sisters."
    "Some call them that too, yes. Or the Pleiades."
    "You really know your stars."
    "I should, I have a degree in Astronomy. Dad bought me a telescope when I was 10 and I fell in love with astronomy after that. We would look at the stars and planets from atop the lighthouse on clear nights. One of my best memories of him."
    "I had a telescope when I was a kid too!"
    "I guess we have more in common than we think."
    "I guess we do." Samara said and turned to smile at Sam.

    "I bet I know something about them that you don't know."
    "I find that hard to believe unless your Professor was better than mine."
    "I didn't take Astronomy in Uni. There's some things you can't learn in books."
    "Oh sure, that's true. So what do you know that I might not know?"
    "Those 'stars' aren't really stars."
    "Yes, they are!"
    "No, they're actually what's left of the Magic Realm. It's where Essa was born. Her Dad is the Practical Sage."
    "That's incredible! I had no idea."
    "Neither did I until she told me one night while we were watching the stars."

    Samara and Sam watched the stars and talked for much longer than a few minutes. They just never seemed to run out of things to say to each other. It was like they were old friends even though they'd just met.

    "I really should go this time. The sun's coming up, we've been out here for hours. Josh and Essa must be so worried."
    "Send them a text to let them know you're okay. Then maybe you'd let me buy you breakfast? There's a small cafe in the museum that serves a great omelet and their coffee is the best."
    "That sounds wonderful, but I really shouldn't."

    "Alright, but can I ask you something before you go?"
    "Sure, what is it?"
    "Would you, maybe, if you're comfortable doing it, I'll understand if you aren't, but...we've been together for hours and, you're still wearing your scarf. ..? I would hope you know by now you don't need it. Would you consider taking it off?"
    "My scarf? Oh, um, I actually forgot I was wearing it. I'm so used to it. So, okay, I think that's a reasonable request."

    Samara took it off and closed her eyes, waiting for Sam to say something. However, he was mesmerized and rendered speechless. At least for a moment.

    "Ta da! This is me in all my naturalness. No make-up, wrinkles, crow's feet, scars, gray hair and all."
    She waited nervously for him to say something.

    "My Gawd Samara, your hair, it's beautiful, why would you hide it under that scarf? I already knew you were beautiful,'re a Goddess. The most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life."

    Samara launched herself into Sam's arms and hugged him tight, fighting to hold back tears threatening to spill.
    "Hey, hey, what's this? I mean I like it, but why are you shaking? Are you cold? I'm sorry for keeping you out here so long."
    "No, no, I'm not cold. It's because I haven't heard anyone except my ex say that to me in decades. I always feel so ugly, but you make me feel, you make me feel... I don't know what I feel, just very happy I guess. Thank you!"
    "It's the truth! I only speak the truth Samara. It's not just your physical beauty I admire either, you're beautiful inside, I can just tell. I felt it the moment I looked into your eyes."
    "That's what he said too! Oh Sam, I am so glad I met you."

    Samara pulled back and smiled at Sam. He was looking a bit hesitant about something. He looked at her, then looked down as if he were thinking long and hard.
    "What? Something wrong?"
    "No, I think it's very, very right. At least I hope so. I've been thinking about something else for a few hours now, but didn't know if you'd think I was too forward or something. But, do you think it would be okay if I...kissed you?"
    "Sam, we're not teenagers, we're adults. If you want to kiss me, then kiss me. You don't have to ask."
    "Well, I didn't want to scare you away, but, you're right..."

    "Wow Sam! Just...Wow!"
    "I guess you liked the kiss huh?" Sam said with a big smile.
    "Ohhh yeahhh...Sam?"
    " Kiss me again."

    And so he did, slow and tender at first and then a bit more until she finally pulled away.

    "I better go."
    "Wait! Did I do something wrong? It sure didn't feel wrong."
    "Oh no, nothing wrong, I just...better go."
    (Before I start ripping my clothes off. Holy Simoly! I don't trust myself Sam, that's all.)

    "Can I call you later?"
    "You better!"
    (Oh believe me, I will. I think I'm in love. Wow, who would've thought I'd meet someone as incredible as her in the cemetery of all places.)
    "Bye for now then, I'll be thinking of you."
    (Every minute, every second until we meet again.)

    I'll get started on comments next. Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    Awww, poor Daisy. Such a little Sweetie! So glad Jules could fix her up! Essa looks like she has complete confidence in Jules with that smile. :) Oh no! Uh, yeah, she sure did hit a wrong button. hehe Aww, Daisy looks so sad. I don't blame her, those cones are the worst! But she won't have to wear it long. :) Ugh, and there's a good example why I very rarely let my Sims have autonomy. hehe So, so funny though how she used the SimRay on the trash can to get...another trash can! Woo Hoo! HAHA!

    Oh man, can you just imagine if they COULD use that handshake on pets. o.O Yes, they had a lot of fun there and that is my favorite too! And the Romance Festival. But more to do at the Spice Festival. I was SO surprised no one was at the Karaoke bar, that's never happened in my game. Weird. But Josh to the rescue, yes! I always think that when I read Pet Cemetery too!! I love that book! Oh yeah, you know who it is, yep! ;)

    Oh gosh, your daily pic is SO spooky! Love those gates! And I love those screenshots with Nik Sr. and Greg side-by-side! They look so intimidating! Looks like they are slowly figuring out what's up with Cordelia. Yes guys, she is indeed hiding her boyfriend from you! I absolutely love how there are so many similarities between our stories for the characters, but different, even if just subtle. Makes me smile, very clever my dear! I bet I know who Nik is talking about to help! ;) Well, anyone would if they've read my story close enough. Aww man, poor Melody crying again. Bummer her memories are fading away. :( Ooo, red-haired Dude, well I think I know who that is! ;)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,212 Member
    @Karababy52 ,
    Thank you for your comments :)
    --Sam!! Of course, he would be great for Samara :D I had him in my gallery for long, but nobody was very interested about him :) And in my game he is usually so sad. They both have their scars, physical an mental ones. <3

    KATRINA!!!!! LOOOL, honestly you named his dog as that :D:joy: That is hilarious, I have mentioned this in picture threads, even have had some pics of him as very sad, because MCCC married him to Katrina Caliente :D
    They had great time, okay, I wanna see their kids? fast fast , Sam i know you can do it :D (My sister used Sam in her "different kind of 100 baby challenge" :p )

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November - Day 23: "First day of Winter"


    Samara went home and Sam called her later that morning. They had a wonderful chat, but unfortunately weren't able to get together before he left to go back home to the Brambles. His cranky neighbor called him with a family emergency and needed Sam to come back sooner than expected. They have plans to meet again sometime in the very near future though.

    The rest of the day was spent working on aspirations for Essa and Josh while Samara finished her homework, a presentation and term paper. It's now very early Sunday morning on the first day of Winter and Samara is finishing up her homework before her Second Term first class in a few hours.

    Josh is playing The R.E.F.U.G.E. on the gaming mat.

    Essa was doing lab work to try to max out the Veterinarian skill, which she finally did! Congrats Essa!

    Ollie is just sitting at the bottom of the second floor stairs looking very handsome.

    Shelby is sitting pretty as well over by the bathroom door.

    Buster is over by the front door looking curiously at a stray cat that just came inside from the pet door.

    His name is JJ and if I'm not mistaken, he's a Russian Blue. Growing up, my Hubby had a cat named Boris that had the exact same coloring and was that type of breed.

    Since Essa needed to be friends with just one more pet for a total of 12, I had her transportalate downstairs to meet JJ and offer her friendship.

    After a series of pets, hugs, praise, treats, playing with the laser pointer, pampering on the couch, etc. She and JJ became good friends and Essa completed that milestone! Congrats again Essa!

    Finished with his game, Josh steps out of the gaming mat and is greeted by Ollie. Aww, I guess he wanted to say Hi to his newest companion. Josh and Essa are both companions now with all three pets. I love this interaction!

    Look at Ollie's adorable derpy face! So cute! Also, you can see for the first time that he is cross-eyed! I don't know why he hasn't looked like that in other screenshots. Oh well, at least I have this one now.

    Here's an example of how crazy it can get with the cat and dog hangout lot traits! At any given time, there can be a total of 14 strays, plus their own three pets. I count 12 here and there's more inside!

    One of the newest strays is Buster's doppelganger, Jake! Guess which one is the real Buster! They look identical. Just one result that can happen if you don't customize your pets, which I didn't with Buster. Well, except for a red collar.

    Since there was still a few hours before Samara's first class, I had her work on her writing skill while Essa and Josh traveled back to Deadgrass Isle to look for ghost pets. They got a little distracted in the previous update with Sam. Only one ghost pet showed up then. It was way over by the museum though when I noticed it and had disappeared before Essa could get back there.

    The two decided to have a lightsaber sparring session while they waited for the ghost pets to manifest. There wasn't any there again when they arrived. Soon enough a couple did show up and they were both able to play with them to get that milestone completed! Congrats to both! Essa just needs to 'feel the love' with 5 more pets to complete the aspiration! Josh has a bit more work to do. He needs to be friends with 4 more pets and 'feel the love' with 5.

    The couple went back to the museum after that to grab a bite to eat in the little refreshment area I had remodeled.

    Here's an overhead view of how it looks now. In addition to the coffee maker, I added a tea maker, another microwave for a total of two, a couple vending machines, a dishwasher, a few decorations and several bar height tables and chairs. Oh and those pendant lights. There's actually a line of them across the entire room but I must've been too close so they disappeared as often happens with objects. I did this a long, long time ago and I think it needs yet another remodel now that there are more packs released.

    "Hey, we haven't checked out the lighthouse yet, would you like to do that? I bet the view is amazing!"
    "There's a blizzard outside though, we won't be able to see a thing. And won't it be freezing cold up there?"
    "Beautiful, we are both impervious to the weather, we'll be fine."
    "Oh, yeah, right. Okay then, let's go!"

    Since they're Spellcasters, I had them bypass the rabbit hole and just transportalate to the platform up there where they immediately shared an embrace.

    Turns out it was a 'warm embrace' according to a moodlet Essa had. Aww, she doesn't need to be warmed up, but I thought that was a nice touch! And Josh had a sentiment for Essa, Adoring, but the text was different. It said he was feeling protective of someone he cared about, wanting to keep her safe. So sweet! Maybe that's where the 'warm embrace' came from. Perhaps he was trying to keep her from freezing? Either way I thought it was very sweet!

    And then he kissed her. Not surprised, despite the blizzard, it's still a very romantic spot up there.

    "Are you sure you're not cold? I can see your breath."
    "Nope, I can see yours too, are you?"

    "Nah, but if we were cold, I know something we could've done to get warm. If you get my drift? Perhaps you'd like to anyway Beautiful?"
    "Hmm, wellllll, I always get your drift, of course, and..."

    " know, I've always said, any time, anywhere Babe." Essa whispered seductively in his ear.
    "I had a feeling you'd say that."

    I think it's cute how there is a double heart logo above the lighthouse door.

    The love within them shone as brightly as the lighthouse beam through the howling wind and snow on this dark and stormy Winter's morn...

    I'll get started on comments next! Hope y'all had a fabulous day/night! <3
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    Yes! Sam! I love him, he's such a sweetheart and just perfect for Samara. They get along so well, almost like they were made for each other. <3

    hehe I just could not resist! It just seemed like a perfect idea to name the dog Katrina considering his history with her. :D I'll do my best to have them get together to have those kids. They have to woohoo first though, haven't got that far, but soon! ;) I'll post pics of their child(ren) when they have some. A 'different kind of 100 baby challenge?" Okay, I think I know what you mean but can't say here, of course. :D;)
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    Update 323 - Rainy Day with Riley


    Just one pic today, I'm too exhausted to post more, will save the rest of my screenshots for tomorrow :)

    @Karababy52 LOVE your daily pic, and I totally forgot you could woohoo in the lighthouse! Might need to try that in my game now haha. I'll hopefully catch up better on comments soon. Also to answer your question - Jules' outfit from my update the other day was from that free stuff we got in a patch a few updates ago.
  • permanentrosepermanentrose Posts: 2,693 Member
    That house in your update is really cool! And I see Melody has her original hairstyle now too. Totally curious to see what Cordelia is up (I mean, we know some of it) but also want to see how she is involved in what happened to Melody

    I'm sorry I'm falling behind with your updates. I've had a chance to skim through your most recent ones, hopefully will have time to read them more thoroughly later, it's just been an incredibly busy term with school. I love that you've still been able to creatively tell a story within this challenge, and it's cool that you've found someone for Samara to bond with too! Love the winter shots of BB too :)
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    edited November 24
    Update 324 - Rainy Days

    Pickle is so confused about why he's getting scolded. He didn't mean to wake anyone up. He's just a little old man who needs some love. wawPhqF.png

    More sharing the love...not sure Pepper is really feeling it though :D

    So cute <3

    It was a dark and rainy day, but Jules took the dogs and Riley to the park anyway.

    She went over to autonomously kick a soccer ball with Malcolm and he accidentally smacked her in the face with it :joy:

    And I love this picture so I'll post it again :)
  • EllupelluelluEllupelluellu Posts: 3,212 Member
    Comments will have to wait till tomorrow :)

    Melody Connors

    Day 300+

    The one with finding someone to kiss at.

    Melody called Joel, the guy he met at the gym.
    There was the sparkle right away.
    She asked if the training offer still was valid, and sure it was .

    Some boxing, that's why she is here... maybe.
    No idea from where he got that right in there, but it was cute.

    They went to skating.
    And there it was.. he asked her to be his girlfriend and that got sealed with a kiss!

    After Joel went home, Melody went to San Myshuno's park. She was out of plasma bags, and she liked to fish here more than in dark Hollow.
    She started fishing..
    And she didn't have to do that alone for long, Josh arrived to catch some fish too.
    "You know, this being a vampire business is not bad at all. And my brothers would like to became one as well. I cannot yet do it, so could you?" Josh asked.
    "Oh, are they sure, you have told them what it takes?" Melody answered.
    "Yes! And you would be perfect to do it!" Josh replied
    "Okay then! I will, not tonight, but I give you some books, they can read those for now, before making final decision." She replied.
    "Great! Thank you , cutie!" Jos said.
    "Cutie?" Melody repeated.
    "Yes, I want to ask something else too, will you be my girlfriend?" Josh managed to say it out loud.
    "Yes!" Melody replied.

    Josh had to leave too , and Melody decided to have some fun in ski slopes!
    Who was the first person to show up? Jon!
    They decided to take another try on that bunny slope!
    Can't be worse than last time!
    Or it can!
    They then did something not so dangerous than sledging in bunny slope.
    Jon told his wish that could he have a second chance, and she accepted!
    Then Jon said something and off they ran inside this rental house. Camera could not follow, as then the building would just fade.
    ( I often send sims in front of one of the rentals if those are free, rather than Onsen. As that onsen often gives me townies running around at their swimsuits, haha)
    So they had fun under duvet, at fully clothed in winterwear :D All I could do is be a window peeper :p
    ( I do not have teen woohoo allowed, they were doing that teen make out stuff )

    As the evening was young, at least from vampire's point of view, she decided to check out the nigh club barn. Meredith was there too.
    "So you are telling me you are dating 3 dudes at the same time??" Meredith asked.
    "Don't you be afraid that they can find out??" She asked.
    "Not an one bit! Sim City is so big and full of sims!" Melody replied.
    They continued their night dancing.

    In the meantime, at San Myshuno...
    "I cannot wait to tell the guys!" Josh thought.
    "Hey bros!!" He yelled at door.
    "Not now, game is starting!!"
    "YES NOW! That vampire girlfriend of mine, promised to transform you too! COOL!!!" Josh yelled.
    "That is great! WOW! What a day! We all had dates today, and we are gonna be vampires!!!!"

    Uh, oh.. oh my... will be continued..
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    edited November 25
    November - Day 24: "Animal Whisperer"


    You probably already guessed from the title that Essa has completed the Friend of the Animals aspiration! Congratulations Essa! When I chose Mansion Baron for her to do next, it automatically completed, so Congrats to her for that as well! Since Josh is not the challenge Sim and the 'Feel the Love' milestone goal is extremely time consuming and frustrating to finish, I used UI Cheats Extension to complete it for Josh as well. The reason it was so tough is the strays kept wandering away or Essa/Josh would get stuck just standing there when I queued up actions for them to do with the pets. I don't know if it's a bug or what. Plus, they have to be 'good friends' before they can feel the love, which can take a long time too. Ugh... not sure if I'll ever do this aspiration again! o.O

    Anyway, I also chose Mansion Baron for Josh and it completed automatically for him as well. Then I tried to give them both the Tech Guru aspiration. It again completed automatically for Josh, but not for Essa so that's what she has now. Josh has the Archeologist Scholar aspiration. Not sure if he'll actually complete it since it involves going to Selvadorada, but we'll see. Samara had returned from her second class of the day in the background.

    Now that the aspiration is completed, I removed the Cat and Dog Hangout lot traits too. There is no need to have all those stray pets hanging around anymore taking attention away from their regular pets. I feel bad for Shelby, Ollie and Buster since they've been left to do whatever with not much attention the last few days, so they will be giving them some extra love and attention now to try to make up for it.

    Essa picked up Shelby and plopped her down on the couch to relax after giving her a brush.

    The sideways looking bug is still in full force, but I thought it made for a really funny screenshot here. Look at Shelby. hehe Incidentally, she still is not pregnant, so no kittens any time soon. I'll keep trying though!

    Josh received a couple artifacts in the mail to authenticate and was busy doing that. I've never seen this particular knife, I like the green with the gold decorations on it.

    I queued for Josh to go enter a video game tournament, but he just stood there ignoring it. This is why. Buster was on his way up there to ask for some attention. Look at that little tongue.

    Aww, he wanted to dance with Dad! So cute!

    Josh gave him some special smooches afterward.
    "You're such a good boy Buster, I love you Buddy!"
    *Woof Woof*
    *Love you too Dad*

    Shelby ran off somewhere when I checked on Essa and found her sitting next to Samara who was doing her homework. Tomorrow is Thursday and she'll give her presentation then.

    "I noticed you're not wearing the make-up to cover your scars. Very proud of you for having the courage to go to Uni without it."

    "Thanks, I'm proud of me too. I was scared and so nervous thinking everyone would be staring at me. But even though I only got a few curious looks, and nobody said anything mean..."

    "...I still only made it through half the day. I chickened out and put my scarf on. I'm kind of ashamed of that. But I guess I'm still not ready to go completely without some kind of cover all day."
    "Oh Samara, don't be ashamed, you should be proud of yourself, I am."
    "Well, I guess, maybe. I'll...I'll maybe try again tomorrow. But I'm still taking my scarf again."
    "You'll get there, I know you will."

    Essa went inside since she was hungry to grab something to eat, but the fridge was empty. For some reason she decided to prepare a Superfood Salad group meal in the Pets supply room. Why Essa!? You have a beautiful big kitchen with lots of counters. *sigh*

    She tried to leave it there too, but I made her put it away for two reasons. She's not a Fresh Chef like Josh, so it would've spoiled and I didn't want the pets eating it.

    Samara finished her homework and went upstairs to turn in her term paper. After tomorrow when she gives her presentation all she'll have left is two exams on Friday and her Second Term will be finished! This term seemed to go so much quicker than the first.

    Josh finally made his way down to their bedroom to enter a Professional Tournament playing Sims Forever. Dang sideways looking bug! Sheesh!

    Buster is now outside on the front walk surveilling his domain, or perhaps standing guard to protect the family from any intruders. Good boy!

    Shelby is sacked out in front of her favorite toilet in the downstairs bathroom. Silly cat! hehe

    Where are you going Ollie?
    *Upstairs of course, D'uh!*

    Ah, I see, he wanted some affection and attention from Dad, but Josh was still busy with the tournament.

    *I can wait.*

    He would've had a long wait, even though he sat there patiently for a long time I felt bad for him and had Essa come up to give him some love. Josh finished his tournament and came in Second Place this time! I don't get it. He's always won in the past, but the last few times he's played, he's come in third or not placed at all! I guess he needs to play more or something. Ah well...

    Now that everything I wanted to do in this world; the aspiration, vet skill maxed and pet training skill done, there are still a few things that need to be completed, such as Samara's Uni degree, getting her together with Sam and they still haven't had their wedding reception yet. So I'll at least be doing some of those things, plus I want to build their last home in Henford-on-Bagley. Wow, can you believe it? One more month to go and this challenge is complete! \o/

    I'll get started on comments/replies next. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that celebrates the holiday! Oh and speaking of that, tomorrow's post might end up just being a daily post pic since we'll be spending most of the day and night at my Son's house. Hope y'all had a great day/night! <3
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    November - Day 25: "Happy Thanksgiving"



    We're leaving in about an hour to spend time with family for Thanksgiving. Not sure when we'll be back home, so this might be the only update for today. Or it could just be a placeholder until later tonight. For those who celebrate the holiday, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Otherwise, hope y'all have a fabulous day/night! <3
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,741 Member
    edited November 25
    I don't blame you for using the same image twice in your last two updates, it's an adorable screenshot. :) Thanks about my daily pic, I love that image too! Ohh, okay. I guess I just haven't noticed those clothes when in CAS lately. I'll have to look for them. Thanks for the clarification. I'm glad Samara has someone else now, especially since they have a lot in common. Sam's a very sweet Sim, they'll be good for each other. Love Winter in BB too! The snow just makes everything sparkle and glow. I love that! <3

    Aww, poor Dill. He's such a sweetheart. Must've broke Jules' heart to scold him in that way. He was just doing what dogs do, but he has to know it's not okay to wake everyone up. hehe Oh boy, that little grimace from Pepper. Well, it could just be a doggy smile. Sometimes they look bummed out or scary when they smile. Sweet Poppy all curled up sleeping is cute! Riley is such a little cutie too! Oh, bummer Malcom kicked the ball right in Jules' face. o.O I wonder if he did it on purpose! Wouldn't put it past him. :D So good to see him though! He looks good in that outfit.

    Love, love, love your daily post pic! <3 So sweet and beautiful. Hi Joel! Aww, Joel, he's such a romantic Sim, I love him so much! They look so cute together too! Oh cool, skating afterward, and a kiss! Plus they're a couple now! Woo! Melody is moving along great with this aspiration. Well, hey, hey, there's Josh. The guy sure loves fishing. Always shows up wherever my Sims are fishing in my game too. Ohh, aww, man, he's such a big 'ol romantic too! Very sweet seeing him caress her cheek like that. Gah, they look great together too! Boyfriend #2! Oh boy... :D Cool how he asked her to turn his brothers to vampires. Wait until she finds out who his brothers really are though. ;)

    And there's Jon! Oh dang! It WAS worse than last time, they got dumped out this time. Still, it looks like they had a great time together. Love the shot of them stargazing together. Mistletoe kiss! Then a makeout session in a house you can't go inside? o.O Whoa, Jon and Melody. Yeah, uh, I'd say they had the most fun of all three so far. ;) Hi Meredith. Yep, three boyfriends so far for Melody. Oh Honey, they'll find out about each other, they're brothers!! LOL Oh no! Okay, well they're all happy now, but just wait guys, you have a big surprise coming in your future. :D It is SO fun seeing my three special brothers in your challenge, thank you so much for including them! *Hugs* <3
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    Update 325 - Experimental Treat Making

    Idk why the only kind of catnip that wasn't glitching when I tried to give it was the napnip. I wanted one that would make Poppy frisky, but oh well...

    Sleepy kitty.

    Jules popped over to the clinic to craft some treats too, since that's something I've never really done before. I enjoyed that there were a variety of animations :)

    "I have a special treat for you, Pickle."

    "Oh, no, Pickle, I'm SO sorry. I think I put a bit too much of a kick in this batch..."

    Poor Pickle.

    "Don't worry, we'll sort this out."

    I could have put an exam table on their home lot, but it just seemed to make more sense to pop over to the vet office, so Jules rushed Pickle over there to examine him right away.



    "Pickle, you are so dramatic. Everything is fine."

    Good as new :)

    After school, Robin autonomously decided to do her homework by the pool, which I thought was fitting for this little mermaid :)

    Poppy is on the prowl again. I am one feather away from having the full collection. I've actually been collecting since January, since Jules found a few feather piles back in Willow Creek on a cat hang out lot.

    I also had no idea you could hang them on the wall like this!!! This is arguably even cooler than that bird you can assemble with the full collection.

    Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate! I hope you have a wonderful day with family and friends :)
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    edited November 27
    @Karababy52 ,
    Yes, you guessed correct about the "different kind of 100 babies challenge" :p
    Thank you , they actually made the hug inside the gym, but sunset was so pretty I put walls down :D Josh indeed show uup in every fishing spot :p And yeah , maybe Jon was the luckiest :D I cant wait to play the part when they find out :D

    -- Lovely pic of the snowy lighthouse :) Awww that pic where Ollie is reaching to Josh is so lovely! <3 Haha, that amount of pets in lot would make me crazy :smiley:
    Haha, naturally they had to woohoo in that lighthouse :p
    And very nice remodelling of the museum :)

    -- The sky looks fabulous in your first pic :) Congrats for all the aspiration stuff! Well done, I may never do that one with any sim :D
    Haha, I think that lookin side bug, when she holds Shelby is hilarious, it looks like Shelby would of left something on the bench :p "Did you poop at the bench??" "Meow, cat has to go when has to go!"
    All pet pics are cute, naturally, but I love that pic of Buster outside <3

    -- Very pretty first pic, again :)

    @permanentrose ,
    Yes I decided it is about time her hair to grow to what it was :) Cordelia is not involved anyway what actually happened with Melody , but had to be in the story still :)

    -- That is lovely pic , I love the outfits :)

    -- Very nice first pic again :) Too shame that sims cannot walk in those broken docks. Poor Pickle! haha Malcolm! Do not kick that soccer ball on her face!! All pet pics are super cute <3

    -- Poor Pickle!!!!! Aww he looks so sad!!! Loved the thoughts of his, about those vet equipment :p Those bird pictures look great, indeed :smiley:
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    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Melody Connors

    Day 300+

    The one with a toddler.
    When returning from nightclub, Melody saw Nikolas Sr And Kat Cave talking.
    "Oh, I know what this is all about. So, I almost had a dream what happens in the future. Not similar as in my dream, but close. Just like dreams are.. and at least Cornelia is not pregnant." She thought.
    "Hello! So what's up here?" Melody asked.
    "Oh, hi Melody! Nothing, I was just admiring how lovely Kat looks in that dress!" Nikolas Sr replied.
    "Ehmmm..." Mumbled Kat.
    "Oh, but she is not wearing a dress.." Said Melody.
    "Oh , of course not! How silly of me.." Nikolas Sr managed to say.
    "Yes , but I LOVE dresses this much!" Kat yelled.
    "YOu sure you both are okay?" Asked Melody smiling.
    "Yes.. I would love to stay and chat with both of you.. " Kat said.
    "...but I have to GO!! Byee!" Kat continued and ran away.
    "Not a surprise.." said Melody.
    "okay , I need to go home." Said Melody and hugged Nikolas Sr.
    "Yes my dear, all will be well." He strangely replied.

    So, lets follow Kat now, shall we?
    If yes, then it is to Glimmerbrook

    "Here, better mask myself."
    "Now to Realm."
    There was this bat what followed her..
    She was in hurry.
    As was her follower.
    "In Realm, alright. Now to find her!"
    "An easy task.. there she is.. "

    "Cordelia!" Kat said.
    "Oh my! NO!!!" Cordelia screamed.
    "I knew I found you, You need to get back home!" Kat continued.
    "I know who you are, Kat. remove that silly scarf!" Cornelia replied.
    "Fine, then, but you still need to get back home."
    "It is not that simple Kat! You have no idea. Just go!" Cornelia replied.
    "What is not more simple as going home ?? Your family misses you! I do not understand why you hide here where your brother cannot reach you??" Kat asked.
    "You will see soon." Cordelia answered.
    "I see what??" asked Kat, and then saw some little sim trying to get her attention.
    "What in..." Said Kat.
    "HUGG!!!! You mommy's friend?? HUGGG!!!" Said Essa.

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November - Day 26: "Any new beginning can start now, find the courage to pursue it with all you have..."


    Thursday was another day with blizzard conditions. Do you think that would stop these two from having fun in the hot tub while Samara was gone for her first class?


    After Samara's first class was over I traveled with her back to Britechester so she could give her presentation. She also needed to share knowledge on the Research machine. Still don't understand why anyone would do this, it sounds SO painful! However, she did receive $605 for her contribution. Not too shabby!

    Back home Samara decided to practice her debate skills since she didn't have any homework for tomorrow, only two exams and second term is finished. She'll begin her Third and final term on Monday. She's Level 7 now in the Research & Debate skill.

    Essa is playing Blickblock on the gaming mat for two reasons. First, she's bound and determined to beat Josh at video games, and second, she needs to play video games for a 2 hour session while focused for the Tech Guru aspiration. After that she joined the Tech Guru career at Level 3 and then immediately convinced her boss to give her a bonus. She got the bonus and is pretty much guaranteed to get promoted Saturday when she starts her new career.

    Sam called to ask Samara out on a date at the Center Park in Myshuno Meadows. I guess the city must not be very far from Brindleton Bay for him to think she'd be able to meet him there this evening. She greeted him with a lovely kiss.

    "Wow, best greeting I've ever had in my life."
    "I missed you."
    "I missed you too. I'm so glad you could make it."
    "How long do we have?"
    "A few hours. I came here for an Astronomers convention and hoped you could make it before I had to go back home. Mr. Ziffel needs to get back to his own farm soon."

    "What would you like to do with the short time we have? There's an observatory not far from here if you'd like to look at the stars, a small lake for fishing, some food stalls, and the convention hall. Everyone has left now, except me, so we'd have privacy if you'd like to check it out. There's a bar and it's heated too, if you're cold."
    "Let's go there, it's a bit too cold to fish, and I...I just want to be alone with you."
    "I was hoping you'd say that."

    Sam and Samara went inside the convention hall and spent the next few hours, talking now and then, but mostly just snuggling and sharing kisses. Things were getting pretty heated, but the time slipped away from them. The venue cleaning staff arrived anyway and kicked them out.

    "I think I need to be careful or I just might fall in love with you Samuel Wilkes. We only just met, but I feel like I've known you all my life."
    "Why do you need to be careful? If you feel something, don't deny it. I won't deny I feel something very strong for you too."

    "I wish you didn't have to go."
    "I'll be back as soon as I can."
    "I know you will. I'll miss you so much. Call me, okay?"
    "Every day and I'll miss you too Samara."

    They shared another long, lingering kiss and then parted ways until next time.

    The next Friday morning Samara left for her first exam during yet another blizzard. The weather doesn't affect Josh and Essa, but the animals don't like it much. However, Buster wanted to go for a walk, so they went for a short jog this time.

    Essa was making a mobile app on her computer when he got back, so he decided to turn on the stereo in her 'office' area and have a dance while she worked. Ollie was hanging out as well. He likes to sometimes just sit and stare at that cat statue.

    Josh doesn't look too pleased that I made him do some knitting, but that hallway with just a photo gallery and the Fabricator bugs me. It needed something, so a rug it is, handmade by you Joshie!

    Samara returned home and then later went back for her second class. Not long after she arrived home from her final exam, she received her grades. She got an A+ in every class! Congratulations Samara! Plus, a little while later, she got a wonderful surprise visitor!

    Mr. Ziffel's nephew, Eb, was staying with his Uncle for the Winter and had agreed to take care of Sam's farm so he could surprise Samara with a visit. It had only been a day, but he had to see her again. He didn't have to be back home until tomorrow afternoon.

    She invited him upstairs to her bedroom so they could have some privacy.
    (Her bedroom?)
    Sam wasn't sure if that meant what he thought it might, but her certainly hoped so.

    "You look so beautiful Samara, you're glowing!"
    "I just got the news I got straight A+s in my second term of Uni, isn't that great!"
    "Hey, congratulations! That's great! Do you have much longer before your graduate?"
    "One more term and I should be done...and Sam? That's not the only reason I'm happy."

    "Oh? Did something else happen?"
    "Yes, you. You're here, you came all this way just to see me."
    "I had to."
    "You had to? Why?"

    "Well, because, I wanted to tell you something and it just couldn't wait. You remember those strong feelings I said I had for you?"
    "Samara, you said you should be careful or you might fall in love with me. Well, I guess I'm a bit reckless because I have fallen in love with you. you Samara. And I hope you love me too."

    " do?"
    "Yes, I know it's crazy, but I do." He smiled and reached up to pull Samara into his arms.
    "Is there anything you want to say about that?"

    Instead of words, Samara leaned over and kissed him.

    Then she whispered in his ear. "I love you too Sam. Would you like to spend the night with me?"

    Of course Sam eagerly agreed. She excused herself for a minute to 'slip on something more comfortable.' He watched her step inside the bathroom, a big bright smile never leaving his face.

    Sam took off his hat, put it carefully on the settee and stood thinking about Katrina. His faithful and loving companion for so many years.

    (Well Katrina, it looks like I might've found a new love, someone like me, that understands me, that can talk back. I hope you're happy for me. I loved you for years, couldn't love me the way she can, of course. You were a dog! But I still loved you., just not like her. I hope you understand.)

    "I know, not very sexy, but it's all I have."
    "I don't care about that Samara, it's what's underneath that counts. You won't be wearing those for long anyway." Sam said with a loving look for her before they slipped under the covers.

    This was so, so cute! They both laughed individually afterward, I'm assuming (hoping) in joy, and then laughed together!

    Good night you two, I hope this is just the beginning of a very long, happy and loving future for you both, together!

    I'll get started on comments/replies next. I hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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