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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge


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    *Updated my November 13th post above! I'll get started on comments next. I'll have today's update, at least the daily post pic ready later this afternoon. Just a heads-up, the next two weeks is gun deer season and I will hunting with my family. This will involve going to bed early to get up early and be in the woods before the sunrises. In lieu of that, the next two weeks I might not have time to post much, if any, story mode in my updates. I'll probably just post the daily post pic with a short summary of Essa and everyone else's progress. I'll try to make full posts whenever possible though. Hope y'all have a good day/night! <3
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    @Karababy52 ,
    Samara looks great, tho imo she had no reason to hide those scars :) I hope she can someday be without anything covering those :)

    @permanentrose ,
    Nicely done Pepper :) Love that first pic, that whole area in that hood looks great :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    I've had problems off and on with Imgur not wanting to upload my images as well. Not too much lately, but there was a time not long ago, I had to use Postimages to upload my screenshots instead. I hope you get it sorted out soon, or perhaps you could try using another graphics upload site such as Postimages? Here's a link to Postimages just in case you'd like to try that one:


    hehe Thanks! I had fun coming up with that dialogue for the pets! :) I'll probably regret making them mate, it'll be a full house with FIVE pets if Shelby has two kittens, but oh well. I've never bred pets before, so I wanted to check it out to see how it goes. Cross your fingers she's preggers! I didn't get a notice yet. Buster is just so adorable! I love that little dog so much! Even though he's a Terrier and not a Beagle, he reminds me a lot of a childhood pet I had that looked like Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon. His name was Peanut. :)

    Thanks, and I agree! She doesn't need the make-up, she should wear them as a badge of courage. Perhaps one day something will happen that will help her to understand that they don't define her, they are just a part of her, battle scars that show she survived as I wrote in a previous post. We'll see what happens. :)

    Gorgeous, gorgeous daily post pic! Lovely intimate shots of Jules and Emmett! :) Good job teaching Pickle not to bark. Essa and Josh just need to train out one more bad behavior and they can move on to the next milestone. This aspiration is going slower than I thought it would. o.O Oh well... Pugowned pets are always so well made! Poppy and Pepper are beautiful! Haven't caught Buster in the pool yet. I hope he does swim in it before the month is finished. And I hope one of the cats ride that dang Robo Vac. hehe

    Whoa! I didn't know the rings could be set on fire either! Well you know I have to try it now too! hehe Thanks for the tip! BB is so beautiful eh? Great family shot around the fire. :)

    Aww, that was so nice of you to do, giving our Sims pets! Daisy is so cute and Louie is gorgeous! Love the pets you gave Melody too, always loved German Shepards and the cat reminds me of some of our cats. Thanks again!
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    November - Day 14: "I don't have to be perfect, I just have to be me!"


    Hopefully I'll be able to update this tomorrow after hunting!

    Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    @Karababy52 Wow, super gorgeous daily pic <3


    Update 315 - Kitty Snuggles

    So I did run my vet clinic for a bit, didn't grab any screenshots though. I did take out my mod that makes all customers give 5 star reviews and frustratingly, I can only get them to give 4 star reviews, no matter what I do. But the clinic is increasing its rating nonetheless :)

    I know I won't have time to log in and play more today so this is it for now :)
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    November - Day 15: "Conquer your fears!"


    Yesterday's daily post will be the post for the day as will today's. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to do a story mode post. I'm just too exhausted from walking all day in the woods and climbing a ladder stand. For this screenshot I caught Buster sleeping on the platform! Obviously he is thoroughly over his fear of it. Good boy!

    Samara's first day of Uni went, okay. She was about an hour late getting there because she left late for her first class and got the message that she could've done better. But for the second class, she was able to get everything out of the class that she could. Essa caught Shelby on the counter eating the Superfood Salad, so was able to yell at her for both things, and for scratching the couch, but it didn't work to train out the bad behavior for any of those things. o.O Shelby is a toughie!

    The stray cats jump on the counter and do the same thing, but she's not able to try to correct them for some reason, even with the cats that are her friends. Maybe the pets need to be family members in order to correct them? I just don't know. Other than Essa making more Wellness treats and Age Down treats, that's about all that happened when I was able to briefly play.

    I'll do comments at some point tomorrow. Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    @Karababy52 ,
    That pic of day 14 , stunning picture <3 And Buster looks adorable in the next one <3

    @permanentrose ,
    I know I said this in other thread too, but I really love that hair on her <3
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Just a small time jump needed to be done.. so just a small update. I will need to be in track of this again.

    Melody Connors

    Day 9-300 something, she lost count..

    The one with the time jump.




    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November - Day 16: "The more things change, the more they stay the same."


    It's a miracle! I found Shelby actually sleeping in a pet bed for the first time. I'm glad, if she's going to be a Mommy (still no notice), she deserves a soft, comfy spot to sleep. Glad she realized that too.

    Essa wanted to try a different massage on Josh. He reluctantly agreed, hoping she'd either improved or the massage she chose wasn't as intense. This time she tried to give an aromatherapy massage using Mint and...some other ingredient I don't recall.

    "Ahhh, that was fantastic, I feel so relaxed and loose. Thanks Beautiful, you're getting better!"

    "You're welcome Babe! Maybe I'll try the deep tissue again next time."
    "Uh, yeah, maybe...or you could try another aromatherapy instead."
    "Hmm, perhaps. But if I don't do the deep tissue again soon, I won't improve, right?"
    "I guess so."

    Aww, Buster decided to be friendly with Shelby all on his own.

    He even gave her a puppy kiss! What a sweetheart! See what I mean about how these pets have very little bad behaviors? Gah! I will be extremely surprised if I'm able to finish this month's aspiration on time.

    *Woof Woof Woof*
    *Let's play Ollie!*
    *Hissss Meow*
    *Okay, but I have claws and I'm not afraid to use them Buster. Go easy or else.*
    *Be nice to him Buster, he might be my baby(ies) Daddy. I need him to watch the kids.*
    *Say what!? Does that mean--*
    *I said 'might' be handsome.*

    Samara is taking advantage of the warm Autumn day to do her homework outside on the front porch gazebo. I just love the red trees in this world.

    Feeling confident from the successful massage, Essa challenged Josh to a round of Darts. First time I've had either one try this game. Eh, Essa's not very good at it.
    "Opps, uh, sorry Babe."
    "It's okay, you missed my foot at least."

    However, Josh looks like a Pro at it!
    "Great, you've played darts before, haven't you?"
    "Ohhh Yeahhh, in the service. Me and some of my buddies played every chance we got."
    (Of course he did, just my luck.)

    Josh beat Essa 5 to 1. Naturally... Poor Essa, well at least she's better with a lightsaber!

    What's with the face Shelby? She looks shocked. Nope, I still haven't gotten a notice, yet. But I wonder if Shelby did! o.O Hmm...

    A bit of a short update for me, but it's something at least. :) I'll get started on comments next. Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    Thanks! I love it myself too! <3 :Love your daily pic too! Jules looks so happy and the bangs really, really suit her in my opinion! I had the same problem with a vet clinic I tried to run a long, long time ago for a challenge. Notice where it says under opportunities for growth 'Ambiance'? Environment is a huge factor for ratings I found out. Try putting some expensive paintings or plants around the clinic. Especially in the waiting room. That's what I did and it made a BIG difference! I used the bamboo plants. Good luck! You're doing great otherwise! :)

    Thanks so much! I love that daily pic! <3 Buster looked a bit sheepish I thought being caught sleeping there, I thought it was adorable as well. :)

    Love, love, love the time jump screenshots you took with the changing of the seasons and the gargoyle looks so menacing! I love that statue, it's so evil and mysterious looking, perfect for the world. Lots and lots of reading! Been there! Can get a bit tedious, but best way to get more vampire levels/perks! Thanks again for that tip! :)
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    Update 316 - Naughty Cat

    "Hehehehe, I'm gonna scratch up all your furniture."

    "Ma'am, excuse me, but you can't do that."

    "Ma'am, are you even listening to me?!"

    "It's cute you think you can tell me what to do."


    Rowan decided to change Riley's diaper all on his own, and I'm pretty sure he immediately regretted this decision.


    "GET IT AWAY!"
    Even the dog looks affronted by the stench :D

    "Thanks for stepping up and being such a big helper, honey."
    "I am NEVER doing that again, Mom..."

    Sorry that I'm behind on comments. I'm so busy and so exhausted, but I did manage to get a tiny bit of play time in for this update today :) Thank you for the vet clinic tips, @Karababy52!
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    Update 317 - A Very Special Day

    So I took the time to put together a little wedding for Ruby on the beach near the lighthouse.

    Jules was a bit emotional but very excited to see her baby girl marry the love of her life <3

    And of course Kristine was her maid of honor :)

    And it was a lovely little ceremony.
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    What a beautiful ceremony! I love that Kristine was her maid of honour, and I love how scenic the wedding is!
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    Oh boy, the look on her face she gives Jules is kind of evil eh? hehe Can't say as I blame Rowan for not wanting to change a diaper ever again! Nice that he did it though on his own. :)

    Very pretty wedding for Ruby and Zane on the beach. I love her dress and the poses are very sweet and romantic! Congratulations to them both! Very cool Kristine was her Maid of Honor, I figured she would be. :)
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    @permanentrose -
    I had to comment on Ruby's special day. She looks so grown up there, and what a beautiful setting. And that dress...spectacular. Oh my gosh...what a journey she has gone through. Did you cry in rl during the wedding? They look so good together. Congrats to Ruby and Zane! And a special appearance by Kristine, too. :)
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    November - Day 17: "I'll spread my wings and I'll learn how to fly. I'll do what it takes till I touch the sky!"


    "I saw you Shelby! Stop eating our food, you have your own!"

    *Oh alright. You caught me...this time.*

    "That's right, don't pretend you don't know better."

    I thought Essa had trained out one behavior already, turns out it was Josh only. Well, they each have one now. Just one more to go for this milestone. I might resort to a Mod if the pace doesn't pick up though. Just to help complete the behavior goals. I'll remove it afterward. I'll give it a couple more days though.

    Josh is out on a jog with Jake the Corgi. Making friends with all the strays hanging around the lot isn't hard at all. Too bad they can't train out bad behaviors with them. The cats are always jumping up on the counters. Oh well.

    Essa wanted to play with the cat wand with this stray cat, but it just sat there with it's back turned, on the counter ironically. Look at it's fur design. Looks like it's wearing a toupee or maybe a hat. It finally jumped down and they played together. I need to pay attention to the names of the strays, I only know a few. Opps!

    Ollie thought it would be fun to sneak attack Shelby. She has no idea he's behind her. It was fun watching him slowly creep over there. Look out Shelby!


    *Meow Meow*
    *Get off me you big lug!*

    *What was that for? You scared the catnip out of me!*
    *Aww, sorry Babe, I just wanted to give my lady a hug and a kiss*
    *Oh, well be careful handsome. I might be in a delicate condition.*

    Look at that dog Josh is hugging, isn't it the ugliest thing you've ever seen? I mean, it's so ugly it's cute! What kind is it anyway? It had a funny name too, something like Vu Fufufarganoogin. Or something like that. He wanted to 'relax and unwind' so Josh took him over to the couch. He looks happy anyway.

    Samara's fun need was seriously low, but she didn't have much time before class, so she decided to sing a song. Judging by the looks on Essa and Josh's faces, I'm not sure if she's good or not. I had the sound off, so I couldn't hear her (on purpose).
    "Hmm...she's not bad really."
    "Yeah, at least she's in tune. What song is that though?"
    "I have no idea. Should we, say...something?"
    "Okay, I will."

    "That was pretty good Samara."
    "Thanks. First time I've felt like singing in a long time."

    "You sound great Maree, keep it up!"

    "Do you guys really think I'm any good?"
    "Sure, keep practicing though and you'll get even better."
    "Maybe take a singing class?"
    "I'll think about it, but it's just for fun really."

    "Hey, did you still want a manicure? There's some time yet before you have to leave for class."
    "Sure, thanks!"

    "I know I keep saying it, but thanks again for...everything. I keep thinking I should pinch myself every time I wake up and realize I'm not on the street anymore. It still doesn't seem real."
    "Hey, no problem, we're happy to help you out."

    Buster was moping around a little because he missed spending time with his Buddy, so Josh is pampering his little guy on the couch.
    "Who's a good boy? You're a good boy! Don't worry Buster, I love you the most, always!"
    *Woof Woof*
    *I know, I love you the most too!*

    "You're really good at this."
    "I've had a lot of practice when I was acting, always did my own nails."

    "And we're done. Check them out, let me know what you think. We can do them over if you'd prefer a different shade or length, just let me know."
    "I'm sure I'll love it!"

    "Oh...Wow, they're so pretty! I can't remember the last time I actually wore nail polish, it's been so long."

    "I'm sorry, but I have to thank you yet again. I love them, they're gorgeous!"
    "You're welcome, better get going now though. Class starts in less than 15 minutes."

    Samara left for her first class of the day feeling very pretty and bouncing in confidence. Hopefully she'd do well in class. Maybe she'd look into a singing class too for next semester too.

    Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    @Karababy52 ,
    Thank you for your comments :)
    -- Lovely update, that sweet moment between Buster and Shelby is lovely <3
    HAHAA!! That face Shelby is making! In last pic. She absolutely mush know something :D
    --Awwww.. tat hug and kiss- attack between Ollie and Shelby was so sweet !!! Nice to see Samara is doing so much better :)

    @permanentrose ,
    -- haha :joy: Jules, you should know that it is not possible to train cats, really. :p
    -- lovely wedding! Very beautiful setting :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    November - Day 18: "Love is a game that two can play and both win by losing their heart!"


    After Samara left for Uni, Essa found Josh playing darts by himself and decided to join him.

    "Are you sure you want to do this?"
    "Yeah, I won't get any better if I don't play."

    She went first and it looked like a pretty good shot. Unfortunately, since Josh had already been playing, the scoreboard never zeroed out for their match.

    Switched around to this angle because I thought it would be cool to pause at just the right moment and catch the dart coming straight at me.

    Unfortunately, either Josh threw the dart too fast or I wasn't quick enough to pause. Oh well, it was a great shot anyway because...

    Josh got a bullseye! Not exactly in the middle, but close enough! Great job Josh!

    "Fantastic shot Babe, congrats! But how am I supposed to top that? Ugh!"

    "Hey Shelby, how's our little Mama today?"
    *Mama? Do you know something I don't?*

    "Okay, I can do this, maybe..."
    "You never know unless you try, right Beautiful? I'll help you."

    "Just watch me Beautiful, it takes focus and finesse, plus--"
    "--oh sure, you're the expert, you always win at everything!"
    "No, I don't, I just practice a lot and have years of experience. It's not easy, you can't just pick up a dart and expect to instantly be great at it."
    "Yeah, I know. You're right. I'm just annoyed at myself, not you babe."

    "Hold the dart in the middle between your thumb and first two fingers. Look at the board with both eyes open and never lose focus on the bullseye."

    "Don't throw the dart, fling it letting your fingers open and follow through with your body, still focusing on the board, don't look at the dart!"
    "You make it look so easy."

    Josh got another dart very close to the bullseye, but just outside the ring this time.

    "Ohhh yeahhh! That's what I'm talkin' about Beautiful! It only looks easy, because I'm gooooood!"
    "Yes, you are. No need to rub it in Babe. Alright, my turn."
    "Sorry, can't help it, you know I love to win!"

    "Nice hold Beautiful, now concentrate on the bullseye and fling it!"

    Essa tried to remember everything Josh had said and done, but she subconsciously reverted back to the way she'd been throwing the dart before; one eye shut and grasping the end to throw instead of fling.

    "Where did's behind me again isn't it."

    Essa was so frustrated with herself, she started shouting a string of forbidden words and stomping her foot.

    "Whoa, hey calm down Beautiful, it's just a game."
    "Easy for you to say you WON...AGAIN! GAH! AND I FLUBBED UP, AGAIN! DANGIT!"
    "Winning isn't everything Beautiful, it's supposed to just be fun."

    Meanwhile, Buster is in the Relaxation room with a couple stray dogs. They're much bigger than he is, but they look friendly. One even acts like he wants to play.

    Poor Buster ran off in fear to hide under one of the family room couches. I guess they were just too big and intimidating for him.

    Samara has arrived home from her first class and is doing homework on the other couch opposite from Buster's with Shelby relaxing next to her. Buster popped just his head out and stayed there shivering in fear looking at Shelby.

    *I see you Buster, what's the matter?*
    *Dog, BIG dog, two BIG dogs.*
    *Want me to take care of them for you?*
    *NO! They'll eat you!*
    *Pfft, doubt it, but okay.*

    Ollie wants to be friends with yet another big dog in the relaxation room. Apparently he's not afraid of big dogs either.

    *Hey, hey you, wanna play? I promise not to use my claws. Unless you get too rough, then all bets are off!*
    *Meow Meooooooow*

    The dog ignored Ollie and just kept staring off into the distance for some reason. Maybe HE was scared of Ollie and his claws.

    *Fine, I'll go find Mom, she'll play with me.*

    Back in the family room Josh is trying to calm down Essa by being very tender and sweet to her. He takes her hand and touches her cheek, brushing aside some of her hair with his thumb.

    "Please don't be so upset Beautiful, we're all good at some things and bad at others. It doesn't matter. You're always a winner to me. I'm the loser, the biggest loser here, would you like to know why?"
    "Loser? How? "
    "Because I lost my heart to you, the best thing I've ever lost in my life and I never want it back."
    "'re going to make me cry. I'm sorry for acting like such a big baby."
    "I don't care, it's alright, you're MY big beautiful baby."

    "Hey, I know something we can do that'll make you feel better and we'll both win!"

    "I know what that means. I feel better already."
    "Good, but you'll feel even better when we're upstairs."
    "Ohhh Yeahhh!"

    Yup, autonomous once again! I thought they were going for the closet in the relaxation room, but they went upstairs to their bedroom instead. With the bed right there, they wanted to do it in the closet. These two never autonomously go for the bed, it's always the closet, shower or hot tub. I guess the bed isn't as exciting or something. I just love these two so much!

    Buster was there in the room the whole time too, sound asleep on a big pet bed. He didn't make a peep while his owners were gettin' busy this time. I guess he was too tired to bother. Aww, he looks so small laying there eh? What a cutie!

    Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    Update 318 - Sunset


    Just one picture today - hoping life slows down a bit soon, but school is good even though it's busy, and I've also sort of been starting to see someone, which is taking up a lot of my time ;)

    Thanks for all the sweet comments about Ruby's wedding though! <3 Your updates are fabulous too!
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    Update 319 - Best Frenemies

    After the wedding ceremony, everyone headed back to the museum for the reception.

    Everyone was having a good time.

    Except for Robin. She thought weddings and dancing were lame.

    A young girl about her age approached her. It was Kat and Lydia's daughter, Ophelia. Robin recognized her. They had played together a few times through the the years. "What are you doing out here?"

    Robin shrugged. "Just getting some air. It's pretty boring in there..."

    "We could go dance! I saw a lot of people dancing before I followed you out here."

    "Dancing is super lame. Also, why did you follow me?"

    "I don't know...I guess I was kind of bored too," Ophelia admitted.

    "Well, we should do something fun then. I heard there's a cemetery around here...we could try to find it."

    "I don't moms told me not to go to far away from the reception."

    "Oh come on, let's have some fun. No one will notice we're gone. You aren't scared, are you?"

    "I'm definitely NOT scared."

    "Okay, follow me then. I think it's this way."

    "Here it is..."

    "I bet I could climb over that fence."

    "Um, yeah I don't think this is best idea, Robin..."

    They did some more exploring. Ophelia lightened up a bit.

    "Maybe we should head back is getting pretty dark."

    "Seriously, you're a vampire! There's still a lot more we can explore."

    Suddenly, overhead...

    "Ophelia! What are you doing? I've been looking all over for you!"

    "Mom! Sorry. We were just exploring a bit. Everything's fine..."
    "That's enough. You both are coming back with me now. I'm going to have a word with your mother too, Robin...."

    "This is all your fault..." Ophelia huffed.

    "My fault?!" Robin sputtered. "You came willingly!"
    "Well if you hadn't suggested it, we wouldn't be in this mess."

    Well things escalated quickly. You know how kids can be when they get mad. They just react....

    Uh, oh...

    "Robin Mabel Keyes, what do you think you're doing?! You're ruining your sister's special day!"

    "Time out! Now!"

    "I hate you..." Robin hissed in Ophelia's direction before complying to her mother's demands.

    Well, that relationship declined quickly...

    So obviously I felt like telling a story today haha...sorry it's not super specific to Jules, but I kind of wanted to flesh out some relationships for Robin since whether or not I play her as part of this challenge next year, I do want to continue playing her as a legacy of sorts to this challenge :)

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    November - Day 19: "Life is a journey, enjoy the ride!"


    I apologize for not being here all day. I had a little time to be online this morning and look around the forum before I had to leave to take care of my youngest Grandson all day and most of the evening. I just finished playing a little, but didn't take many screenshots since Essa, Josh, and Samara were mostly just doing things for their aspirations. It's the last Thursday of Fall now and Samara has one more day of her first term. She turned in her term paper, presentation and has two exams to take before she's finished.

    Josh is on the next to last milestone now and Essa isn't far behind. I put the mod in that makes pets selectable, but it didn't help with the need to train out bad behaviors and they both kept freezing up when I queued up things for them to do. Josh got stuck hugging Buster for hours before I noticed. o.O So, I removed the mod and cheated the milestone goals for that. I'll still have them train out bad behaviors if they come up, but I'm guessing they won't. We'll see... I'm bummed I had to do that, but I didn't see any other choice other than to fail the month. Perhaps I did already by cheating, but... oh well. Bums me out, but I'm not going to fret about it, too much.

    Anyway, other things that happened were Essa is now at Level 8 in the Veterinarian skill and as evidenced by the Daily Post Pic, Ollie finally got a ride on the Robo Vac! Yay! He looked so cute on it, especially since it was going backwards. :D This will be it for today's post, no story this time. We're not hunting in the morning, so I'll be able to play then and hopefully have a full post for tomorrow's update in the evening when we get home from hunting.

    I'll get started on comments and hopefully have them finished before I need to get some rest! Hope everyone had a wonderful day/night! <3
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    You're welcome and thanks for your comments too! I thought that was adorable how Buster just ran up to Shelby and started rubbing her head then licked her face. hehe He has the friendly trait though, so I'm guessing that's why. :) Yep, I think she does, but I'm not sure. How many days does it take for a cat before they have kittens? It's been a long time and still no sight of them or a notification. However, I did catch Ollie and Shelby autonomously mating, so maybe she is now? hehe I loved watching Ollie sneak up on Shelby and tackle her, it was adorable. Especially the shocked, surprised, maybe even a bit scared face she had with her ears laid back. hehe

    Gorgeous Sunset pic! Brindleton Bay sure is beautiful eh?

    Oh dear, Robin and Ophelia on an adventure to the cemetery at Ruby's reception! Uh oh... On a sidenote, they are both beautiful! They look so grown up, like miniature adults! Very pretty, both of them! I figured they'd get caught and they did. Bummer they had a fight though and are now enemies. o.O I hope they can resolve that at some point. Fun they had the reception in the museum too! Great update! :)
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    I am gonna do my best to catch up on some comments and replies tomorrow morning. I've been so busy this week that I've barely had time to sit down at my computer, and when I do, I've just been squeezing in some play time, so I really apologize for not keeping up better. Hope you all are having a good weekend <3


    Update 320 - Dill's Check Up

    I opened up the vet clinic, and Ruby showed up with Dill. He looks pretty healthy though.

    Yep, looks like I was right. Ruby's just being good about getting him in for his usual check ups :)

    "It's so cool to see you at work, Mom. I'm glad you've found something you really love."

    "Dill just needs a booster for his vaccines. I promise you won't feel a thing."

    "I totally felt that...."

    "You're such a good boy."
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    November - Day 20: "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way!"


    Malcom stopped by for a visit and caught Shelby scratching that outdoor loveseat. He wasn't too pleased about it. Essa was doing lab work, but I had her transportalate down there to lecture Shelby and say Hi to Malcom. Before she could get there though, Malcom went POOF as a bat. Dangit!

    However, she was able to lecture Shelby about scratching the furniture.
    "NO! Bad Shelby, don't do that ever again! Understand?"

    *I was just fooling around, no harm done*

    *Honest! I promise not to do it again, you still love me, right?*

    "Aww, Shelby, of course I still love you. You just need to learn not to scratch stuff, okay?"
    *I won't!*

    I thought this was so cute. Shelby went over and grabbed Essa's hands as if to really say she was sorry. Wouldn't you know it, just when I cheat for this task, she can do it. Oh well, I'll keep doing it whenever possible to make up for cheating the task.

    Feeling the love with Ollie! Pretty much all she has left to do is make friends with 4-5 more pets, Feel the Love with 6-7 more pets and play with 2 ghost pets.

    *I love you Mom*

    Josh is doing the same thing by pampering Buster on the couch, he's hoping to be able to Feel the Love. He could, of course. Buster loves him.
    "You're such a good boy Buster. You make Dad very happy!"
    *Can we go play now?*

    Samara is practicing writing before her first exam today. She's Level 7 now. She has two to take and then the term is over and she'll get her grades later tonight.

    Aww, after Essa was snuggling with Ollie, he curled up into a ball to sleep when she put him down. So cute! I love it when my cats in real life do this.

    Essa went upstairs to do more Lab work to increase the Vet skill. She's Level 9 now, but still has explosions all the time. So glad they don't start fires when this happens. At least she hasn't had any, yet. *crosses fingers*

    Yay! Josh is having some dinner in the formal dining room! Very rare thing to see! I think Samara is the only other one to use it. I had to follow Samara to Uni to do her presentation and when we got back, Essa was grilling fruit. Why do Sims always go for the grill when they have the opportunity? Aww well, at least it's not fattening!

    Shelby, why are you in the bathroom staring at the toilet?
    *It's weird*

    Weird? How so?
    *Mom and Dad poop and pee in it, but it's got water in it, why would they ruin water like that? I don't get it.*

    *It's scary too, so loud. I don't trust it. It's weird.*

    No reason for this screenshot other than I sent Josh down to get the mail and he turned and looked straight at me again. I love when you do that Josh.
    (I know. Why do you think I do it?)

    There was a couple artifacts in the mail to authenticate, so I had Josh transporatalate to the third floor. I'm SO glad they are still Spellcasters. Makes it easier to get around in this three story monster of a mansion.

    The garden was ready to harvest too.

    (Uh, Watcher? Why did you have me harvest just one snapdragon plant? You know I can do Supersell, right?)
    Oh yeah, I know. But I wanted to see you holding a flower in your hand.

    You're right though, Supersell is much more efficient, go ahead and do that now. Cha-ching!

    They don't need the money, of course, but it gives Josh something to do when I'm focusing on someone else. All three artifacts were authentic and worth between 3500 and 4K+ a piece.

    It's finally time for Samara to leave for her first exam. Don't worry dear, you'll do fine.
    (If you say so. Wish me luck!)
    Good luck!

    Back home, she immediately had to leave for her second exam. She didn't mind though, a few too many pets and the mail carrier there. She was tense from Stranger Danger and happy to go.

    Look at this little guy, isn't he adorable! I love Bichon Frises, at least I think that's what he is. His name is Doodle! hehe I'd so have them adopt him if they didn't have too many pets already and perhaps more on the way. o.O

    Josh is pampering a stray named Mia in hopes to Feel the Love. I guess they weren't good enough friends yet though because the option never came up. Ah well...

    Finally, Samara's First Term grades came in. Wow, she did great! All A+ and one B-. I think I know why she got that B-. Her first day she was late for that class by over an hour and I forgot to have her 'take notes' once for it too. Opps! Oh well, at least she ended up with an A average! Congrats Samara, you did great! She looks surprised eh?

    That's it for this update. It's still Friday and the Spice Festival is going on. For my next update, I'll be sending them all there to celebrate and then they will travel to the cemetery afterward in hopes of meeting some ghost pets.

    I'll get started on comments next. Hope y'all had a wonderful day/night! :)
  • Karababy52Karababy52 Posts: 4,741 Member
    Very cool Ruby brought Dill in for a check-up. So glad he was okay and wasn't really sick! Great screenshots of Jules examining him and funny comments you had him say about the shot. :D
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