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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge (Complete!)


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    @Karababy52 , Great pictures :) Needles to say I love the color of her outfit :joy:

    One question, you mentioned there is one fish spot in the SE world ? And it is showing in your pictures aswel. Where is it? I have tried to find if there are any and so far haven't found any :) I must be blind :D

    @Ellupelluellu - I thought I would answer this question, since I found it myself. The sneaky fishing spot is in Senbamachi. I had a hard time finding it, too. I could not find one in Wakaba, even though you can swim in that lake, you can't fish in it. So, to find the fishing spot, in the Senbamachi neighborhood, click on the Nishidake Household. They live at the end of the river part, and there is no fence there. At the end of their street, if your sim faces the house, it is to the left on the same side as their house. Kind of hard to see. I have placed my sim, Sakura on the spot so you can see it better. Hope that helps :)

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    @SoulGal7 , thank you! Haha yes I assumed it was near the lake somehow.. :joy:
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    Heres.... Roxanne Newbury
    She's a teen
    World: Mt Komorebi
    Neighborhood: Wakaba
    Lot: 2-4-1 Wakabamori (empty lot)
    Household funds: 0
    Traits: Creative, Loves Music
    Beginning Aspiration Mt. Komorebi Sightseer, might do Enthusiast during the 3 months also. Will be flipping between other aspirations at times also.. but probably not to completion... unless the aspiration isn't tied to a world.
    Beginning Season Summer and starts on a Sunday (new save)
    extras: Seasons set to 14 days, aging off, turned off ability for NPC's to vote in Eco Living, always play autonomy off for selected sim.

    My play for the day with pictures:
    So her first day she dug the the only place I knew in the area near where she lives, then went to the Hanamigawa Koen Park in another neighborhood, fished there for a short while then sold what she had... not much I think she had $26 total. She went to eat at a vendor because it's cheaper and filling. I kept hoping someone would cook in the park but no go.... That night she went to the Onsen Bathhouse and slept on the couches, showered and got some food at the vendor in that hood. For fun she's playing chess and listening to music/dancing. She met a lot of folks as I've decided to move between aspirations... So far Friend of the World, and Fishing (although she won't get far with one fishing spot). She hasn't made any headway on her main aspiration yet. I'm hoping to keep her grades up
    so from past experience that means she won't be able to do much until weekends or if I give her vacation/sick days now and then.
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    @Hermitgirl - I love your sim and her name! She is very pretty. Is there another fishing location at the park as well? I couldn't find one there. I just started this challenge as well, and am switching aspirations, too. My sim is really broke, though, and I started in Spring with 14 days per season. I did find some collectibles near the beginning of a trail in Senbamachi. Living on the same lot as you are and my sim is attending school.
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    @SoulGal7 ... thanks!
    The fishing spot is along that canal(?) it's closest to the 5-6-1 Shinrinyoku lot where the Nishidake household is... it's kind of hard to find but at the very end. I don't know of any other fishing spots in this world but if anyone does let me know!
    I went into build buy of that house to take a shot of where
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    January (Wednesday) DAY 4: Snow Bros!

    While Sakura is at school, she gets a pop-up on whether she should study extra hard for a history exam or not. I choose the one that says to study hard. She gets a small performance gain, and she now has a 'B' grade! Yes! Aside from her homework, she also has extra credit work to do. I have her head over to her favorite parsley bush and she harvests it and plants them on her lot. She now has 8 parsley bushes. I decide to sell some of her photos in her personal inventory and purchase a piece of wall. She uploads them to Simstagram (she gets 296 followers) and then sells some of the lower-priced ones worth $1 and $2 simoleons. I decided to take her on another hike because I read that sometimes you can get a simmi from one of the forest spirits. She decides to invite Kiyoshi along and they hike to the Temple together. This time she meets some forest spirits and gets the flirty moodlet. When they get to the Temple, there is a board with ribbons on it and she makes a wish (it doesn't tell you what the wish is). She and Kyoshi are both in a flirty mood, so she blows him a little kiss! Ahh! She decides to travel with Kiyoshi and go snowboarding, and she reaches level 2. She also becomes Good Friends and Sno Bros with Kiyoshi. They do their homework together and he heads home. She needs to use the facilities, and goes to the little eating area near the slopes. She gets an uncomfortable moodlet from using the bathroom. There is a simmi vending machine and she purchases a simmi (it costs $50 to buy one), which gets stuck and she shakes it and gets it. Her needs are very red, she is starving & has sore feet from the rental equipment. She gets a Father Winter simmi, worth $100 simoleons, which she is going to keep. There is also a hot food vending machine and so I have her splurge and buy a Terimayo hotdog (costs $5 simoelons-the cheapest item). Yes, she still has some fruitcake in her inventory. She heads back to Wakaba and the Hazakura Lounge to get some rest.
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    @SoulGal7 That's a good idea trying to gift the climbing equipment. I never thought about doing that. I hope it works out that you can. It looks a lot like the hazmat suit graphics in their personal inventory though, so I don't know if you can. Let me know if it works out for you! 🤞

    Yes, your Sims can get a Simi from the Forest spirits, Tessa got one her first day! Do I detect a little romance starting perhaps between Kyoshi and Sakura? So cute! Is Sakura going to try to keep one of every Simi for a personal collection? I thought about doing that, but Tessa needed the funds. lol Perhaps she'll try doing that now since she's getting a decent income from her garden. Did the hot dog fill her up? One of my other Sims tried the BLT and it only filled him up half-way. The Black 5 burger however fills them up, but it costs 20 simoleans. I think the best deal is the Tri-colored Dango from a vendor for 2! How's her photography going? Is she starting to make more per photo yet?

    @Hermitgirl Yay! So glad you've decided to try this out too! :)

    Sure, you can aspiration hop if you like, I know SoulGal7 is doing that too, and you're right, this is more of a guide for anyone else that wants to try it, not an official challenge really. I just dreamed it up on NYE to try and have my own personal restrictions. Tessa will stick to one aspiration at a time until each is finished for that world, but you don't have to do that. :)

    The aging up every three months rule is only for the challenge Sim. You can age up any children they may have as you see fit. If Tessa has children, it'll probably be when she's a YA or Adult, and I'll just time everything so they're a teen by the time the challenge is almost finished and Tessa is an elder.

    The goal is to finish any aspirations for the current world you're playing in, or if it doesn't have any aspirations, you would do a base game aspiration. But, no, you don't fail if you don't complete one. My plan is to have any children Tessa may have continue the challenge and do any missed aspirations (living in that world) first before starting with the last pack released and going backwards to the first. Does that make sense?

    I'm doing 14 day seasons, but it really doesn't matter which one you choose, that's your choice. I think I've confused people with the aging up after three months rule. That's in real life time, our time, not in the Sims world. So, for example, Tessa will be a Teen from January thru March and live in Mt. Komorebi in January, Evergreen Harbor in February and Glimmerbrook in March. (*Note - I switched around Glimmerbrook and Britechester so Tessa would be a YA when she lives there and can attend Uni).

    April 1st, she'll age up to a Young Adult and live in Britechester, in May she'll live in Strangerville and June in Del Sol Valley.

    July 1st, she'll age up to an Adult living in Brindleton Bay, August in Forgotten Hollow and in September, San Myshuno.

    Finally, she'll age up to Elder on October 1st living in Windenburg. For November, she'll have a choice of three worlds to live in - Newcrest, Oasis Springs or Willow Creek. For December, Tessa will live in Sulani and after completing the Beach Life (I think that's the only aspiration?), she'll retire and just enjoy the rest of her life until the challenge ends on December 31, 2021.

    That's my plan anyway. Any of those worlds could be replaced by my optional choice if we get a world with a new pack during the year.

    I like challenges with set rules myself, but I understand about just using them as guides too. Sometimes I just use elements from different challenges as a guide and put together my own to play. I'm just happy anyone else has decided to try playing this too. It's all in fun so if you want to change anything or just use it for a guide, that's perfectly acceptable. This is all just as new to me as it is to you! :)

    Love your Teen, Roxanne Newbury for the challenge! She's so pretty! Very smart using the Onsen for bathing and sleeping. I should've did that at first. Tessa just slept on a bench and she used funds from fishing to buy a portable shower before she needed one. Love the vendor for a quick, filling meal. Especially the Tri-colored Dango, it's only 2 simoleans! Looks like she's doing quite well so far. So true about teens only having time on the weekends to do anything, hence the reason I started out not sending Tessa to school. She's going now though.

    Thanks so much to everyone posting the fishing spot location for others who have asked where it is. It took a LONG time for me to find that one fishing spot and as far as I can tell, it's the only one. Here's where it is on the world map, just in case the location is still not clear for anyone. I also added where you can find a set of Medium Rock Climbing walls in the neighborhood too.


    Going offline in a few to go play with Tessa and Josh again. Maybe they'll progress far enough to do the mountain climb tonight! We'll see...

    Happy Simming Y'all! <3
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    I apologize for the double post, but I forgot to reply to you @Ellupelluellu about the color of Tessa's clothes. I'm guessing either you love the color yellow or Veera does. All my Sims have a favorite color, Tessa's is yellow, and I try to use it as much as I can in their wardrobe and sometimes even their home. Tessa's first little shack even had a bright yellow roof and front door! :D When she remodeled the second time, I figured she should probably try to make her house blend in more with the aesthetics of her neighborhood and used mostly build/buy from the pack. My personal favorite color is purple. I try very hard not to give that as a favorite too much for my Sims. But it sneaks in now and then. ;)

    Thank you about your great comment on my screenshots too! <3
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    January - Day 5: Can't take my eyes off of you...


    First order of business was to give Josh's wardrobe a much needed update. He's been wearing the same outfits for 3 years! Plus, he needed a Snowy Escape Winter outfit to wear while climbing too.

    Tessa left for school and soon after, Josh's brother, Joel, came over for a visit. He was very happy to see him! They had a little chat and then started fighting! o.O What? It was all in good fun though, just 'practice' fighting. In case you're wondering, Joel won.

    After Joel left, Josh spent some time working on his video game and finally finished it. It's called Hunter's Haven II. There's a story behind that title, but this is supposed to be about Tessa. :)

    Back from school, Tessa got right to work on her homework. I let Josh help her with it since she already has an A anyway. No harm, no foul. Tessa had a bite to eat after that, while Josh picked up the Rock Climbing skill book to study. He's almost Level 8 now and Tessa is halfway to Level 7. He skills up 3 times faster than her thanks to all his bonus/reward traits.

    Dishes taken care of, Tessa tended to her garden and then they sat down to have a chat. Tessa was feeling very playful for some reason and made a goofy face at Josh. He just laughed. She also told him a scary Urban Legend. Though I don't think Josh thought it was all that scary. lol

    Lastly, the two sat side-by-side reading their skill books until it was time for Tessa to go to bed. In other news, I had Tessa buy Fitness Level 1 & 2 Skill books. I noticed she's only at Level 3 right now. If they're going to try a climb this weekend, she should probably get that skill up.

    Sims gain fitness when they rock climb, but they've just been reading the books. Doesn't matter for Josh, he's already Level 10 and has completed the Body Builder aspiration a long time ago. But it would be good for Tessa to get a little more fitness under her belt. I also had her buy a SE tent for their trip.

    When I shut down, Josh was still studying and Tessa had gone to bed. Tomorrow is Thursday. She has two vacation days built up, so I'm thinking I might have her take them to work on her skills.

    I didn't play as long tonight because I had other chores to do so this is a wee bit shorter...I'm learning! ;)

    I'll get you next time! We'll see about that Bro!
    Looks to me like he's pointing at the mountain top! I wonder what advice he's giving her. 🤔
    Booga Booga Wooga BOO!
    Cute Tessa, cute! (He called me cute!)
    Oh come on, that can't be true. Can it? o.O
    Two peas in a pod

    Off to get some ZzzZzzs! Until next time...

    Happy Simming! <3
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    Day 2
    The first day was a breeze. But Roxi's life quickly went downhill. Tuesday she came home mortified... and her neighbors came for the welcome wagon. I was afraid she'd die from embarrassment just trying to talk. Her needs were going downhill quick and she was not happy trying to do her homework. Even with going to the Onsen it was hard, the next day was even worse just trying to play catch up with needs. On wednesday she comes home from school red. Poor teen struggling....
    I know! I'll give her better place to green in the neighborhood. I may be a Cheaty McCheaterface but I plopped down a library/high school (from the gallery) where the rental was in her neighborhood and put a semi comfortable bunk in there. Yes, it has all the things to green with inside, not high end but pretty good. Deus ex Machina!
    I should have started with the money... but now she can start earning some after she climbs out of her hole.
    Speaking of cheating I played a bunch so will do a few posts a day till I catch up!
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    Day "3"
    Roxi took a vacation day on wednesday just to get her needs more manageable. She only had $12 by then so she went fishing for her painting purse. As soon as she made a little over $50 she was back at the savior/library. Since painting gave her both fun, funds and social at times she did it whenever she could until Sunday. She went to school all days and actually finished her homework on friday with the help of the librarian. As soon as she get's home from school she goes to her refuge.. On Saturday there was a festival so she made headway on her aspiration... got three dings! By Sunday she has a little over $1000 in funds has made a friend.. Duane. Other than the electrocution incident she finished the week strong! Now to work on that "C".

    As an aside this is fun. I like things that get you out of the way you would normally play. I haven't played a teen in awhile... and forgot how hard it can be to play them with those moods. I haven't completed a number of aspirations also.. sometimes I just make a little headway and move on. It's nice to have a goal! So thanks so much for the lightbulb moment @Karababy52!
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    @Hermitgirl , Roxanne looks very pretty :)
    @SoulGal7 , (day 4) Looks like Sakura had a great time with Kyoshi :smiley:
    @Karababy52 , (day5) Haha, did Josh and Joel just started the fight out of the blue? :smiley: I mean no NAP's or like that involved ? :p
    And about the yellow, haha, yeah I usually pic a main color, for furnishing and clothing.. and this time it happened to be yellow :p As you can see:
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    I want to join this but my latest EP is Island Living (unless I bite the bullet and buy the latest 2 EPs so I can have at least a full house of EP, but my bank says no) :D so I may join you in April with Get Famous, until then I'll bookmark this and have a peek at what's going on with your plays.
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    @Hermitgirl It's a good thing teens can't die from emotions, eh? Poor girl. :( It's tough for Rags to Riches Sims, especially teens who actually have a big chunk of their day unavailable to work on getting ahead. Thank goodness for venues! I've modified Magnolia Blossom Park in my custom template save to include tents, a firepit, showers, vending machines etc., just to make things a bit easier on them in an emergency. I try not to use that stuff, but it's there if they need it. ;)

    I didn't let Tessa go to that Park though since I made it a rule for her she couldn't leave the world unless invited somewhere, at first. I later modified that after a suggestion from SoulGal7 to say Sims couldn't leave the world to travel anywhere until that world was already played. Those are just MY rules though, you're free to do this challenge however is fun and works for you! :) Besides you put the venue right in her world, smart! I really like that build, very pretty!

    Ah, she's painting for her income! She'll be set in no time doing that! :) Great she met Duane. He's one of my favorite Sims, so cute! Perhaps a romance for Roxanne? ;) Bummer she got electrocuted though. o.O I'm so glad you like this challenge and it's taken you out of your comfort zone. I'm hoping the same happens for me. I have a bad habit of starting things and then getting bored and starting another save with a new Sim. So far it's been far from boring for me, I'm hopeful that continues to be the case. :)

    @Ellupelluellu No, NAPS is turned off by default in my game until I'm ready to play it. Autonomy is turned off for Tessa and Josh. While Josh and Joel were chatting and I was looking for subjects for them to talk about, I noticed the 'practice fighting' action and thought it would be fun to have the brothers playfully fight. That's what brothers do, right? :D

    Wow, that's a lot of yellow! I like it though. It looks similar to the inside of Tessa's home until I updated it. Glad to read I'm not the only one that gives their Sims a favorite color theme. :)

    @Kanindota That's cool, no worries. You don't have to go in order with the packs like I have though, with Sulani being the final world. You could just pick and choose an order from whatever packs you do own now. As long as your Sim starts as a teen, lives in one world per month, does any aspirations associated with that world, ages up every three months and you post one screenshot per day, those are the base 'rules' for this challenge that matter most. Totally up to you how you approach the challenge or when you want to start. This thread will be active all year (hopefully) so feel free to pop in and comment or start whenever you like. :)
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    I may hop in myself too :)

    Tho I will bend the rules... Okay with that it starts with zero simoleons, BUT I will not want to do rags to riches everytime the sim moves.. I may do it the "lets see how much money the sim has at end of the year :D
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
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    Excellent! I'm not sure I'll start out each month Rags to Riches either. As I mentioned in the 'rules' it's a WIP and might just see where's she's at financially, keep just her personal items and sell the rest to start the next month. I love building, so one of things I'm looking forward to the most is building a new house for Tessa in every world. :)
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    *Notice - Cleaned up the first post to add links to my Daily Posts by Month and put the Rules (WIP) and Aspirations Progress chart under spoilers. I hope it's a bit easier to read now. I also added a list of the order of Worlds Tessa will be living in each month and when she'll age up. :)
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    Still playing catch up but playing probably more than I should!

    Day "4"
    Soooo... I love the Always Welcome trait. It can be another cheaty thing.
    Roxi got the trait and decided for part of the week she would visit her neighbors so that's what she did...
    Whose been sleeping in my bed?? Why it's Roxi! Also she's been eating their food, using their tub and getting help with homework and projects. And last but certainly not least.. hogging the computer .. payback at last!
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    Day "5"
    I decided to go with the original idea and if invited she can go other world places.. She was invited to the spice festival by one of the librarians with poor fashion sense and a huge 'stash so off she went! He's a young adult in desperate need of a makeover (and some exercise).
    Possible romance when she grows up? Doubtful, but maybe if I fix him up. Maybe Duane? Who knows because she's single and loving it!
    Anyway, she's going to collect many types of seeds before planting. So she bought a storage box and set it on her empty lot.
    She of course had to make time to green it up, do homework and get in a little painting at least.
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    Karababy52 wrote: »
    *Notice - Cleaned up the first post to add links to my Daily Posts by Month and put the Rules (WIP) and Aspirations Progress chart under spoilers. I hope it's a bit easier to read now. I also added a list of the order of Worlds Tessa will be living in each month and when she'll age up. :)

    @Karababy52 - The first page looks awesome! Just to let you know, I did test out groups to try to rock climb together; however, you can only strat a group on your home lot, so that didn't work. I think what you could do is have them form a group and read books, ensuring that only rock climbing books are available to read, but that would be kind of "cheaty". So, really, the only way to get another person skilled up with the rock climbing skill to go on that Mountain Excursion is to move them in, or to play them, which is really not this challenge. If anyone else has any other ideas on how this can be done, let us know! lol

    I also have a suggestion that we could download the Maxis built lots, such as the Rock Climbing gym, Bowling Alley and Spa into Newcrest, and that would be a neutral world and they could use those items, since these builds are not in any other world. What do you think about that idea?

    I think I like the idea of starting with rags and riches, but perhaps not every time we move to a new location.

    @Hermitgirl - Somewhere in here, Karababy52 said that if you've earned the aspiration rewards, that you can use them however you wish. It was up in the air, I think, about the money tree. I was thinking about that Always Welcome trait myself, but decided to go with some others first. Roxanne is looking good! Isn't it amazing how much your sim can get done when they are in the green? lol @Karababy52 - perhaps this can be added to the WIP rules, if it hasn't already.

    @Ellupelluellu - I, too, like the idea of giving your sim a certain color. I love that mellow yellow house! lol
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    January (Thursday) - DAY 5: Shreddin' The Gnar


    Shreddin' The Gnar Moodlet shreddin-the-gnar-moodlet.png
    Because her grades were up, I decided to have Sakura take a vacation day. That way, she could get greened up, and work on her rock climbing, skiing, and snowboarding skills. After she greened up, she did her homework and extra credit work. I also had her do some jogging to get her Fitness skill up. Then, she worked on her skills all day. She got Level 3 in Rock Climbing Skill and now she can stretch and climb medium walls! Woot. And she completed the Thrill Seeker (level 2) of the Extreme Sports Enthusiast Aspiration. Apparently, at Snowboarding Level 2, it unlocked some snow goggles, and I will have to go back in CAS to have a look at them. She still can't afford any climbing equipment and I have had her climbing cautiously and meticulously. She rode the gondola up the hill and climbed the medium rock climbing wall once. I was kind of nervous about that without any climbing equipment, so decided to have her concentrate on snowboarding instead. She had enough aspiration rewards so I bought the Night Owl Trait for 1,000 points. Had her snowboard and go down the intermediate slopes at high intensity. She got the moodlet "Shreddin' The Gnar" from having a perfect snowboarding run. Rock Climbing-4; Snowboarding-3; Skiing-2. It's hard to work on 3 skills at once. She didn't work on earning any simoleons today, other than collecting from her favorite parsley bush. She has no more fruitcake in her inventory but does have parsley.
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    January - Day 6: You can learn a lot from a book, but there's nothing like hands-on experience!


    Tessa took a vacation day from school on Thursday. She and Josh spent most of the day studying their skill books. But also, Josh's brother Jon stopped by for a short visit, Tessa tended to her garden as usual, and she went for a long moonlit jog. Tessa went to bed and Josh spent the night studying a little more, and also began writing a book, a gift for Tessa. He wasn't sure when to give it to her, but he wanted her to have it before their time together was over, or maybe Winterfest, whichever came first.

    Friday, Tessa also took the day off from school. Most of the morning and afternoon was spent studying again. They took a break not long before the sun would set and had a chat. During their talk, Josh asked Tessa if she'd like to put all their studying to the test. It would probably be a good idea to actually climb a rock wall together at least once before they tackled the mountain. Both had already did some climbing on their own, but Josh had never seen Tessa climb. He wanted to see how much she'd learned and decide if she was ready.

    They decided to try the medium rock walls at the top of the slopes. Josh was experienced enough for the tallest slopes, but he wasn't sure if Tessa was yet. Besides, those aren't available until Sims are actually on the mountain climb excursion. I think there's some taller walls in base camp.

    By the time they got there, a beautiful sunset was in full bloom. Walking toward the walls, Josh asked her if she was scared. She just smiled and gave him a tiny nod. But then when she was chalking her hands for the actual climb, she got that same look of sheer determination on her face again.

    Tessa was first to start climbing, but Josh quickly passed her by. I couldn't believe how fast he was climbing, and most of the time he LEAPED upward and side to side with just his hands and rarely used his feet! o.O Physical fitness clearly plays a big role in rock climbing.

    They both continued climbing up and down for a few sets with Josh climbing 3 to Tessa's 1 loop. In the last set, she actually fell half-way down while Josh was at the top! I'd never seen her fall that far before and was a little scared she'd hurt herself too much to go on the mountain the next day.

    Josh looked down and saw her lying there motionless at first, but then her arms and legs began moving, back and forth, back and forth. She was making a snowangel. I'm guessing she wasn't hurt too badly if she felt good enough to do that. :D

    Josh climbed down and they took the gondola to the bottom. For a bit of fun as long as they were there, they decided to take a sled down the bunny hill before going back home. It was still early, so they did a little more studying once home, before going back outside again. Both were too geeked to sleep and needed something to calm down all their excess energy from the day. Stargazing seemed just the right thing to do to relax. I happened to look at all their moodlets while they were lying there and one that Tessa had about Josh, made me smile so big! It said, "In the presence of a Legend." She's still got the 'Impressed' sentiment for him, so I'm thinking maybe that thought is part of it. :) Tessa said goodnight after awhile and Josh went back to writing. That's where I closed the game for the night.

    Tomorrow for them is Saturday and the big climb up the mountain! I'm probably more nervous about it than they are! o.O :D

    Sorry for such a long post again. I can't help myself. I hope y'all don't mind...

    Happy Simming! <3

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    Well darn, too bad the club idea didn't pan out. I think you're definitely right, the only way to accomplish the mountain climb excursion with others at the proper skill level, and equipment, is to move them in with your Teen. Unless you can find one that might possibly be skilled enough at the Rock Climbing gym. Which leads me to your next question. I think designating Newcrest as a neutral world is a brilliant idea! I still don't know if you can actually gift the climbing equipment to another Sim though. I haven't tried it yet. I just had Josh buy the equipment using Tessa's computer. I'm open to any other ideas someone might have as well.

    Starting out Rags to Riches is optional for all other worlds, and even to start. I put it in the rules that it's acceptable to use the 20K starting simoleans for your Teen if you wish. I just enjoy starting all my Sims out Rags to Riches whenever possible. I love the challenge! I'm thinking more and more I'll just go with the idea of having Tessa keep a few personal items, like some photos, her Bunny school award for excellence, maybe the tent she bought for their climb, etc., then sell everything else and use the funds to build a new house in Evergreen Harbor like I mentioned in the rules.

    Yes, I did mention it in the rules that you can use Satisfaction points to buy any Reward traits you wish, except I personally won't be buying the Money Tree seed for Tessa, it seems way too cheaty. I hadn't planned on buying her the Always Welcome trait either. But only because I already have a modified Magnolia Blossom park to use in an emergency. I think I posted about that too in reply to someone?

    I'll update the rules when I get back online later this evening. I've once again stayed up waaaay past my bedtime and I'm exhausted. I'm just having too much fun and don't know enough to stop when I should. Opps! o.O

    Just wanted to say though, Sakura looked awesome in your photo of the day! Tessa hasn't done much snowboarding, and when she did, she fell a lot, so I've never seen that moodlet she got. Very cool! :)

    Also, @Hermitgirl Roxanne is doing great! Smart girl taking advantage of her neighbors the way she's doing. ;) Also, that townie, uh, isn't exactly a fashionista is he? Why are most of the NPC males generated by the game pear shaped and dress in the dark? :D Personally, if I were her? I'd go after Duane for romance instead of that guy. But he'd make a good friend! ;)

    Alrighty, time to get some ZzzzZZZs.... have a great day! :)
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    Day 6!
    Yahhh! Catching up with posting!
    During the last part of the week Roxanne did a little more on her main aspiration. She went sledding, soaked in the hot springs and has been eating with chopsticks. So ding, ding, ding-a-ling, goes the aspiration.
    Oh, the Landgrabs turned her lights and water off and sent their threating note ... yeah, yeah she doesn't live on the lot, so what good are water and electricity to her? She'll pay the bill when she has too.. wonder if it builds up?
    Fall started. Roxi has a "B" grade. She bought an easel and a guitar to carry in her inventory.
    She's trying to keep up friendships so she invited Duane over and they went to the park to play some chess. He is pretty cute huh? It was also Prank Day... he didn't take too kindly to some mischief...
    Another photo:

    About the challenge in general... I don't think I could start rags to riches every time. Although she'll be making great money, probably by the end of the month and definitely will have the skills to bounce back in a few days by the time she's and adult. Heck I could start writing books and royalties alone would allow her to buy a house quickly. I just see a time when she might have a toddler or child and although I know there are challenges like that... I'd have a hard time with them being in distress for a few days.
    Also I was thinking that I might send her to the university world when she becomes a young adult.. instead of an adult. I know it's out of order world wise .. but for me it will make sense. Otherwise it will be Eco Living then University... might as well make University pay off for a new job. Thoughts on that?
    Also, I agree with the money tree/lottery... But how about spouse hopping/moving in and umm... maybe they die an untimely death? I don't see this happening with Roxi as I feel like she will stay single or maybe even do the serial romance aspiration eventually but I've played that way in the past and it's deviant fun to me. Really I don't know where I'm going to take her... a sentiment may make all the difference for me in deciding which way the wind blows.
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    I'm thinking of joining this too! But I do need to read some stuff first before starting ^^
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