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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge (Complete!)


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    Hi All - I have 2 more chapters after this one, and not sure they are going to get posted today. So, it might be tomorrow for the FINALE. Have a great day/night everyone and Happy New Year!

    December: Henford-on-Bagley - Finchwick Fair

    The day of the Finchwick Chicken Fair finally arrived and both Wolfgang and Sakura were excited. The fair, itself, didn't start until this afternoon, so they still had plenty of time. But the day was absolutely perfect for it.


    In the morning, they had a few visitors. Emmett came to visit Wolfgang and reminded Wolfgang of their fishing get-together later on tonight. Wolfgang told Emmett he was looking forward to it.


    A little boy named Imran Watson, from a neighboring farm, also came for a visit. He lived with his parents, Thomas and Rahmi, and his sisters, Rashidah and Maira in a farm they recently inherited. Rashidah, his older sister was a teen and went to the same school as Kyra, Riki and Hana. Imran didn't stay very long, but just wanted to meet their farm animals. Perhaps his parents were competing in the Chicken Fair, too, and Imran had come over to check out the competition. Who knows?

    Sakura also got a surprise call from Jenny.


    Oh my gosh, Dwayne didn't waste any time! Of course Sakura told Jenny to say yes!


    Maybe Wolfgang was right and Sakura should definitely go into the matchmaking business.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And soon it was time to head to the Finchwick Fair. It was in a grassy area right across from the Gnome's Arms Pub, and there was a huge banner and beautiful topiaries of chickens. Sakura later found out that it was Lord Volpe himself, who started the tradition of the topiaries, which were continued to this day. There was an area for the chicken competition, and in the back, there were stands for the egg competition.



    Wolfgang placed Sassy carefully on the straw in the chicken stand, and continued to interact with her so that she would be very happy.


    Sakura placed Colonel Sanders on one of the stall stands beside Wolfgang's. They were the only two entries so far, and both Colonel Sanders and Sassy were looking especially good.


    As he turned around, Wolfgang met the mayor, Lavina Chopra.

    Lavina: "Wolfgang, I have heard so much about you. Is this the first time you are entering the Fair?"

    Wolfgang: "Yes it is. It's a pleasure to meet you."

    Lavina: "Is it true what Agatha told me...that you were growing a HUGE aubergine for her? She certainly has taken a shine to you, Wolfgang. You better watch out for her. She's single, you know..."

    Wolfgang laughed, "Well, I am very much married. And here comes my lovely wife now..."

    Sakura came over and introduced herself, too, and asked Lavina how the competition was actually judged.


    Lavina told them she had to check out the egg competition as well, but she would come around and judge their entries shortly.

    More competitors arrived, and Wolfgang and Sakura soon had some competition. Josh showed up and entered a black chicken (in the first stall), and another neighbor, Ian Moody entered a white chicken (in the last stall). There was still one empty stall, so perhaps another competitor would join.



    Kyra came over to check out the chicken competition and chatted with Josh.

    Josh: "That's an interesting idea to dress up the chickens with hand-knitted clothing. I should have thought about that, too. Sassy and Colonel Sanders sure look like worthy competitors."


    While they were waiting, Sakura decided to paint a portrait of Colonel Sanders. Even though Sakura may not win, she just wanted to have a memory of her very first Finchwick Fair.


    Over at the egg competition, Hana entered an Obsidian egg, Riki entered a regular Excellent egg, and Kyra entered a green egg. All of their entries were egg-cellent. [Note: The obsidian egg was bought at the market stall.]


    Mia Patina also enters a green egg, however, she looks upset about something. Perhaps it is because Kyra has already entered a green egg. Who knows! Teens and their emotions...pfft!


    Not long afterwards, Cecelia Kang entered a chocolate egg...and there were now 5 competitors in the egg competition.


    The sun was almost setting, and the mayor was making the final rounds of the stalls. Soon the results would be known!

    And then the results were in and Sakura placed 1st!


    Wolfgang took Sakura's hands in his and congratulated her for winning. Sakura congratulated Wolfgang for getting his ribbon, too. It was too bad that none of the kids had won with their eggs. In fact, there were no egg winners announced, which Sakura found rather strange. But, the kids didn't mind, and at least they got to keep their eggs.

    And Sakura has completed the Country Caretaker Aspiration. Congrats Sakura!


    And, of course, they displayed photos (and the painting that Sakura did) of their prized chickens and their ribbons on a wall near the kitchen.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Once the Fair was over and everyone was home again, Sakura's grocery delivery arrived.


    Sakura's friend, Rahul Chopra, the mayor's son, made the delivery. Rahul and Kyra had a nice chat and got on rather well together. So well, in fact, that In no time at all, they were friends. Rahul confided in Kyra that he longed to travel and see other worlds...but was really hoping to travel with someone who he could share some memories with...

    Sakura couldn't help noticing how Rahul was looking at Kyra as he left. Hmmm...Sakura had heard that Rahul was going out with Rashida Watson...but maybe not...



    Afterwards, Wolfgang headed over to Emmett's house. Wolfgang had been working on his fishing skill, and Emmett was going to give Wolfgang a few pointers to get a "big catch".


    So here is Emmett mentoring Wolfgang. Emmett is showing Wolfgang a unique casting style. I think these two might have fished all night, although I think sometimes Wolfgang was more interested in catching frogs.


    But in the end, it was worth it, as Wolfgang completed the Angling Ace aspiration.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    This is what happened autonomously in-game as part of the Story Progression with the phone call that Sakura had with Jenny. I played Jenny briefly to see her relationship panel with Dwayne Meyer. Wow! Jenny is now engaged to him! Very cool :)

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    @Karababy52 @permanentrose @Ellupelluellu

    Happy New Year from a younger Wolfgang and Sakura (on their honeymoon). Hope everyone has a wonderful year ahead! Have a great day/night!


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    Update 361 - Endings

    I wasn't exactly sure what to do for today's update, so reflecting on the past year seemed fitting, so my daily photo is the very first picture I took of Jules and also the last <3

    As Jules and Emmett cloud gazed together, they reminisced about their past.

    The first time they met (in this challenge, since my story for them is that they met as tots :smile:)

    Jules becoming a mom <3

    And the support and friendship of her sister and cousin.

    Being in love with each other even when they refused to admit it :)

    Their first kiss after defeating the mother plant <3<3

    Their engagement and wedding in Selvadorada

    Becoming parents together for the first time <3

    Reunited after a month apart in August

    Growing their family together <3

    That night, as they snuggled up on the couch, Jules leaned in for a kiss. "I love you so much, and I love our life together. I wouldn't have done it any other way."

    Happy new year everyone! It’s been a pleasure doing this challenge with you this year 🥰
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    *Updated my December 30th post above! We ended up going to our Son's early this afternoon to spend time with the Grandkids and didn't get home until about an hour ago. It was a last minute decision, I didn't expect we'd be going anywhere and I'd be able to get much more done to wrap up the year and continue my set-up for next year. Not complaining, just letting y'all know why I'm so late with this update. Today's update will be coming up in a bit. I apologize for it once again, but comments will need to wait. Happy New Year everyone, we did it! It's been such a pleasure doing this challenge with all of you. I've learned so much and had more fun than I can ever hope to describe. <3

    So excited for next year to begin and the fact so many of you and new challengers as well will be giving this a go! I've decided that I will be putting a lot of familiar faces in my save for next year, including Essa and Josh together as they should be. Most are in houses that Essa and Josh lived in during the challenge too. They will be purely background characters though, unless Cale shows an interest in someone. Anyway, I'll explain all that with my first post for 2022. :)
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    December - Day 31: "Behind you, all your memories. Before you, all your dreams. Around you, all who love you. Within you, all you need."

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022!
    From Essa & Josh Hunter in Batuu
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    I'm sorry I've been so bad a commenting lately, but I've been reading your stories when I can, and I just want to say it's been so fun to see your creativity with your storylines and to learn so many things about this game since it's my first time properly having people to play the sims with! I'm getting teary thinking about saying goodbye not only to Jules, but to your sims as well! They've become a part of my daily life and I really look forward to checking the forums daily because of this challenge, even though my life has become increasingly busy. I'm excited to see what the next year brings too with the new challenge - Happy New Year!
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    I need to apologize too, for lack of commenting now :)

    I have long workdays, had today and will hawe tomorrow, so I will be working on final parts on Mon and Tue, when at home :)

    @Karababy52 ,
    i have mostly commented to your updates when chatting, so I say now, after that fun party, it was lovely to see them at Relm with that part of their family :) I hope L will finally totally understand :)
    Nice from Damon to turn them, too :)

    @permanentrose ,
    Very lovely trip back in time with Jules and Emmett :)

    @SoulGal7 ,
    Cannot wait to see your FINALE !! :)

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Congrats to Wolfgang for maxing the gardening skill and completing the Freelance Botanist aspiration! Also the knitting skill, he's on a roll! Once again, adore the chickens' names! hehe The errand description for Agatha is hilarious! hehe So funny seeing all our couples, uh, inspecting the animal sheds. Yeah, inspecting. ;) Doesn't surprise me Agatha wants to be a matchmaker. Oh! Well and it looks like Sakura is as well! Uh oh, not a good idea kissing next to Agnes. Yup, saw that coming a mile away WHACK! Such an old prude, but I love it! Gah! That Sim is wrong. Michael is a sweetheart. Oh boy, Hello Melody! At least we're told it's you in that suit.

    Wow, you've been getting a lot of the new story progression messages in your game. I think I've gotten maybe, one? Looks like they had a wonderful time at the Fair. Love that Sakura painted portraits of the chickens they entered. And Congratulations to Sakura for winning 1st place with Colonel Sanders and completing the aspiration! And of course Wolfgang completes the Angling Ace aspiration as well. Happy New Year to you too and thank you for participating in the challenge, I love Sakura and Wolfgang and will miss them. I'm looking forward to seeing your challenger for 2022 as well!

    Oh man, little Essa and Malcom are partners in crime eh? Little mischief makers. hehe So cute the look on Malcom's face just before he globs sunscreen all over Johnny and Melody's remark when she peeked at him with one eye open. Johnny looks so freakin' skinny! o.O I'm so used to seeing a buffed up Malcom, seeing a skinny as a broomstick Johnny is just bizarre. hehe Guessing Johnny doesn't know Melody is a vampire? Hmmm... Aww, what a fun and sweet snowball fight between Essa and Melody! I wonder if Melody believes Essa about Johnny's unfaithful actions. Or does she even really care. ;)

    No worries, I know you're very busy, it's cool. I wish I'd had time to do a proper post with all her vampire family, but I was running out of time and wanted to get them turned quickly before 2022 and wrap things up. But as you know, we'll be seeing all of them in the challenge for 2022! I'm looking forward to seeing them there. Even if they will just be background characters. They all have houses too, most are Essa's houses from past months. I'll show the updated families and which houses they have at some point soon in Cale's challenge. Looking forward to your next post with Melody! I can't wait to find out how her story ends! Thanks to you too for joining me again for 2022. It's going to be SO much fun! I can't wait for the 'competition' to begin! ;) *Hugs*

    Wonderful memories with Jules and everyone important to her during the challenge. It's been a long, but exciting and fun life for her and all our challenge Sims. It's going to be hard saying goodbye, but like I said in my post with Essa and Josh, it's more like see you later. Especially since I've decided to put a few of our challenge Sims in the new save with Cale after all. They'll just be background Sims, but they're all housed with their families. We'll see if Cale ends up interacting with any of them. I won't be making it happen though, it's all up to him. Happy New Year and I can't wait to see how Robin does in the challenge for 2022! Thank you so much for participating this year, I'll miss Jules and her family. But I peeked at your post for next year and see some, if not most will be there, so it's more like see you later! :)
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    @Karababy52 , about skinny Johnny :D
    This was her reaction when I unpaused them first time at the beach :joy:

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    HAHA! Oh man, I guess Melody feels the same way I do eh? Can't say as I blame her since she's used to a hunky buffed up Malcom! :D
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    @Ellupelluellu - Oh too funny about young Melody's reaction to Johnny's skinny self. Yep, Melody likes the muscles! lol
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    @Karababy52 @permanentrose @Ellupelluellu

    December: Henford-on-Bagley: On Our Own



    Sakura got up and started making breakfast. As she cracked some eggs and whisked them, she thought back to the last time they had all been together...


    Almost as soon as the Finchwick Fair was over, their lives suddenly changed. Kyra, Riki and Hana graduated high school, and they were all accepted into the programs of their choice at Foxbury and Britechester. Riki and Kyra were going through the Biology program at Foxbury and Hana had opted for the Fine Arts Program at Britechester. They had all decided to live in residence, to get the "full" university experience.


    It was an exciting time for everyone, and even moreso, when Kenji announced that he and his childhood friend, Kaci Montgomery had re-connected again in Brindleton Bay. Not long afterwards, Kenji had asked Kaci to marry him on the beach in the moonlight. And she had said yes! (Note:I think that Kenji might be a secret romantic, like Wolfgang is.)




    Not to be outdone by his brother's news, Ren had some news of his own. He and Adelyn Greenburg had been corresponding since he had moved away from Evergreen Harbor, and they recently decided to move in together. Adelyn, herself, was an animal lover, and had been an active volunteer at an animal shelter in Evergreen Harbor. They would soon be opening their own vet practice together. (Note: And I think there might be wedding bells in their future, too.)



    Sakura and Wolfgang marveled at how their children were growing up, and soon, it was just the two of them living in the house. They kept busy and worked on several projects. Wolfgang took up painting and finished some knitted items. He also delivered the aubergine to Agatha. And she was rather impressed!



    Sakura wrote several bestselling books. She even wrote an Epic Life Story of Wolfgang's life and named it The Book of Life. (Note: Sakura also wrote the Book of Life for all her children.)

    Her royalties from her old music tracks and her books were generating quite a bit of simoleons everyday.

    And Sakura even collected a golden egg in the chicken coop one morning. Well, it looked like a golden egg...

    Wolfgang also remembered a long time ago that he and Sakura had become "Partners in Crime" and as a joke, be bought Sakura and himself some voodoo dolls. They bound them to each other. {Note:All they ever seemed to do was autonomously cuddle the voodoo doll.)



    Wolfgang: "Sakura, I think you must have used your voodoo powers on me, because, well...I am feeling rather flirty around you today..."

    Sakura smiled, "You know, I've always wondered if you had a voodoo doll when we were teens and bound it to me then...because I always felt that there was some "magic" in that kiss that we shared when we were teens..."

    Wolfgang: "Oh really? No, I didn't have a voodoo doll, but I should have. It might have been easier to have you fall in love with me. So, magic, huh? about now?" he asked, kissing her seductively.


    When they parted, Sakura flirted with him: "Oh...the magic is still there. No doubt about that, but's just so much better..."


    Wolfgang nodded his head confidently, "Oh yeah! I've still got it!" he said and they both laughed.


    And Wolfgang even completed his original Aspiration, which was Chief of Mischief. Finally!

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Of course, Wolfgang had taken this opportunity to romance Sakura all over again. And their days were filled with picnics in the Bramblewoods...


    ...riding their bikes exploring the countryside...


    ...and sharing kisses in the ruins together.


    And their nights...well...they might be elders...but the flames of desire still burned brightly for both of them. They couldn't be happier together.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    And it had gone on like that for quite awhile...until that fateful day when the Grim Reaper appeared...


    It was Wolfgang's favorite chicken, Sassy. She was getting on in years, and her time had come.

    Wolfgang had been out in the barnyard when it happened. At first, Wolfgang wasn't sure why the Grim Reaper was there. Wolfgang had met the Grim Reaper once before when he had saved his friend, River's life a long time ago at university. And now, the Grim Reaper was back. Wolfgang had a sudden fear that something had happened to Sakura, and frantically searched his pockets for the special "death flower" that Sakura had given him. He was ready...he would plead for Sakura and give the Grim Reaper the flower, and she would live again.


    But, the Grim Reaper wasn't there for Sakura, or Wolfgang...or any other human sim. He was there for Sassy. The Grim Reaper went over and pet Sassy "" and then, just like that, Sassy and the Grim Reaper disappeared. Wolfgang was heartbroken, he couldn't even plead to save Sassy. It was too late.


    Wolfgang immediately became sad that his favorite chicken was gone.

    And the more he thought of it, the sadder he got. What if the Grim Reaper had come for Sakura...what would Wolfgang do without her?


    He ran into the house, searching desperately for Sakura and when he found her, he hugged her close to him.


    Sakura: "Wolfgang...what happened? You look so sad...are you alright...?"


    Wolfgang: "It's Sassy...she's...the Grim Reaper came...and she's gone...I thought he was here for you...Sakura, I don't know how I can live without you being here...if you pass first..."

    Sakura was suddenly in shock, "Oh Wolfgang..." And suddenly Sakura was crying and thinking that one day the Grim Reaper would come for her beloved Wolfgang. She didn't know how she, herself, could go on either. She broke away from Wolfgang and went out to the garden, and cried and cried. And she was crying so much, her tears were watering the plants.


    Wolfgang came out and walked over to her and held her close to him.

    Wolfgang: "I'm so sorry, Sakura, I didn't mean to upset you. We've just never talked about this, even when my mother passed. I just love you so much, Sakura. My life just wouldn't be the same without you..."


    Sakura started crying again, "I...I don't know how I can go on if you're not here Wolfgang. I just love you so much. My heart aches just thinking about this. I never thought I could love someone as much as I love you...but I do...I do. I just wish...I wish there was some way we could be together...forever."

    Wolfgang embraced her again and took her hand in his: "Come on inside, Sakura, and I'll brew a pot of tea and we'll just sit together..."


    Sakura nodded her head, and dried her eyes, and they went inside and had some tea together, and had a long talk about the frailty of life.


    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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    @SoulGal7 ,
    Weeping in here.. :'(
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    I love these two so much. Getting a little teary here too <3
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    @Ellupelluellu & @permanentrose - thank you so much. I am having a hard time letting go of these two as well. Hopefully I will have the final chapter posted by next weekend. Thank you for continuing to read my scribblings. lol And I have been trying to up-date all the months with links to the stories, as I didn't do that when we all started, so that is taking awhile.

    @Ellupelluellu - Will you be finishing your story of Melody here?
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    Aww, man, they're having the same convo Josh and Essa had. Can certainly understand how they feel. You know I've always loved these two. It's going to be bittersweet saying goodbye to them. *Hugs* <3
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    @SoulGal7 , yes in here, I can tag you if you wish to see the end <3

    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    @Ellupelluellu I still have this thread favorited so I'll get notifications when you post. I'd love to see how you tie up Melody's story!
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    @Ellupelluellu - I have this thread bookmarked, so will be notified when you post here. I am not finished yet either.
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    Thank you both <3

    ETA; my typing is horrible , lol.
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    Wolfgang and Sakura have always been so sweet, so this is a very bittersweet thing to see. Beautiful writing as always!
  • SoulGal7SoulGal7 Posts: 2,924 Member
    @lilypadmeulin - Thank you for kind words on Sakura and Wolfgang. I miss them, too :)
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    Melody Connors

    Day 300+


    The one what is the last one, part 1/2

    She decided to go to bowling, maybe she would invite Johnny too.. without Malcolm this time.
    "WHAT!?!" she thought.. that was indeed Johnny with Eliza Waffels, kissing!
    She was not pleased.. Essa was right!
    .... and there was someone else who was not so pleased either.
    Then someone walked down from the loft , and was very moad!
    "Is that Bob??" Thought Melody, "Of course, Bob and Eliza!!"
    Things were getting interesting, so to say.
    And here they go.
    For melody, simply yelling was not enough..
    She just kept drinking.

    Why are YOU so freaked out??

    "You are Bob, right?" she asked.
    "Yes, but who and WHAT are you!? Don't kill me!" he replied freaking out a bit.
    "Not killing you! And he is not dead. I am kissing you."
    "But whymmmmmmphmm...."
    "Let's just say in case, you have a reason to do what you do in the future."
    "Whaaat, I dont understand!" mumbled Bob
    "Neither do I..." replied Melody and turned away.
    Pay back time..
    "Neither do I.." she silently said and walked away.
    Outside she had a text from Judith, to come as fast as she could to meat her in Windenburg plaza.
    "Oh! I haven't heard of he for ages.. not after those club outfits.. why is she hiding.."

    In Windenburgh.
    "Heyyy!! You have been acting like a stranger!!" Said Melody.
    "I know, I have had my reasons.. what I want to talk about." Judith replied.
    They had a long walk.
    "Melody, about that dream of yours, you said I was a clobal superstar and famous actor?" Judith asked.
    "Yes, but you were also human, not a vampire. Why you ask?" She replied, "And it was just a dream, Judith."
    "Mmmh.. yes, but that is what I want to be! So I need you to make that drink for me!!!" Judith announced.
    "WHAT? But that WAS just a dream!" Melody replied.
    "You really want it? Why now?"
    "You don't help me? Well I do it myself! Takes some time to learn , but..." started Judith.
    "NO nono!! I will do it id´f it is so imortant.. but why, it was JUST a dream!" Melody interrupted.
    "Mmh.. I have my reasons, have been thinking of this some time now.. I will tell you at some day, I promise."
    "Okay then, lets go to the nightclub at plaza, there is extra bar." said Melody.

    BUT they were interrupted!
    "WOOOOWWW GIRLS..." said Don
    "I know you both want a piece of me" GRRRRR!" Said Don.
    "You want to know something ele too about my dream, Judith.. " Melody asked.
    "YES , all!" replied Judith.
    "we had a kiss scene, and he was the director.. yes he, as adult, yes he Don Lothario, he said we suck!"
    "Oh.. then lets do the show!" said Judith.
    "Yes so HOT!!! " clapped Don.
    "Just a FYI , Don, You SUCK!!!!" Said Melody.
    "Just lets go and get the drink .." Melody said.
    "NO. one more time..." Replied Judith "I will give him a kiss too. "
    "Don't kill him.. so , going now?" asked Melody.

    To be continued.
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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    OMG! I just now realized why it's Eliza Waffels! hehehe Waffles and Pancakes! Perfect. Gawd I'm slow! o.O Wow, what an update, so much going on I don't know where to start! Sad how Melody catches Johnny kissing Eliza, but I'm glad she found out what Essa said was true. I figured she had to at some point. And of course, there's Bob! Never far away from Eliza. Looks like their relationship was rocky right from the start! Surprised he didn't break up with her right then and there. Both probably would've been much happier if he had.

    Oh Johnny, you got just what you deserved too, you cad! HAHA Is that Lydia? Why is she shocked indeed, should've seen that a million times already Honey. Woo! Then she kisses Bob and those two get in another fight. I love how she said she was giving him a reason for something he does in the future. Even though she still somewhat thinks it's a just a dream. Gotta believe by now she's figured out it's not just a dream, it was her real life. But how did she get thrown into the past? o.O

    Ah, and now Judith wants to be human again to make her dream come true. I have to believe after Melody telling her she'd be a Global Superstar and then seeing that photo made her somewhat understand it's all real! Eww, Don! He looks like such a sleeze bag, and sounds like one too! Great job! hehe They recreated the acting scene! Oh I freakin' LOVE it! Of course so does Don, then she lays a BIG kiss on him as well. hehehe

    Oh! Judith, good for you, one last time, perfect! "Just a FYI, Don, You SUCK!!!!" Muwahahahaha! He certainly does! The look on his face, priceless! And there goes Judith transforming. Gah! Can't wait for Part 2, the ending...but, at the same time, it makes me sad it'll be over. Excited to find out the answer to the mystery though. Bravo Ellu, Bravo! :)<3
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    @Karababy52 , Thank you :)
    The final part will be tomorrow or day after that :) It is very long, and this one took me way too long to make, I almost missed my first workday because I did not heard the alarm :D Gladly , just almost :p

    Haha yes, indeed Waffels and Pancakes , match made in heaven :p

    And yes, Lydia was only other vampire in there , and most of shocked of them all :)

    Kat and Jon arrived later, you saw his pic in that spammer thread :)
    My love, my love, my fearless love, I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall, My love will never die..
    My heart, my heart, My drowning heart, Oh all the tears I've cried
    Oh I may weep forevermore, My love will never die..
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