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Aurora Skies glitches

I was gifted Aurora Skies and was wondering if there was a patch or fixes to deal with some of the glitches in this world.

1. Opportunities in shared spaces come back as target not available (Ex. Science/medical center, gardening opportunity, police/military space).
2. I get notification of sales but it doesn't tell me where the sale is at since the bookstore is paired with the spa and grocery store is paired with the diner.
3. Aurora borealis doesn't always show up. I'm not sure if there's a peak time or location to watch it but sometimes it shows up, sometimes it's just grey and cloudy. I don't have Seasons EP. Sometimes it shows up when I restart my game but then it goes back to grey/cloudy.
4. I had to change three community lot types to make them playable (library, 1 pool, and 1 other location). Not sure if there's other lots I need to reclassify.

Any other advice on optimizing this world would be appreciated, I'm still exploring it. I love the small town feel!
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  • RsandaRsanda Posts: 257 Member
    Combined rabbithole glitches have been fixed in latest NRaas Overwatch release AFAIK. Those glitches are not specific to Aurora Skies and can happen in any world that has combined rabbitholes.


    Not a native English speaker. Sorry for any mistakes
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