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Is Snowy Escape worth it?



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    jcp011c2jcp011c2 Posts: 10,875 Member
    It's the best EP since Seasons* but it still doesn't feel like a full EP. But I'd say it might be worth it.

    *I've never been a huge University player, so while this might be a great EP to some, it's just not my thing and I've bought it just for build/buy for Sims 3 and 4.
    It's kind of sad that I have to point out that anything I say is only just my opinion and may be a different one from someone else.
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    jimbbqjimbbq Posts: 2,734 Member
    If it is anything like island living then nope absolutely not worth it. Island living is the weakest EP. It would however make a very strong GP.
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    IsharellIsharell Posts: 1,158 Member
    I got it as a gift and I love it. But is it worth $40 US? It depends on the buyer. If I'd bought it for myself I would probably have waited till it was 25% off and been pretty happy.

    The world is gorgeous, and the sports are fun. I really like the little touches, like them taking off their shoes.
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    CaitiplaysgamesCaitiplaysgames Posts: 21 Member
    > @asa144 said:
    > Hi all,
    > I like some of Snowy Escape's features but am nervous about getting it and installing the new update because of the number of people who have complained about lag and crashing since it came out.
    > I recently got a new graphics card and have a powerful PC. However, I also have lots of mods and CC. I don't want to have to deal with immense lag if this is what Snowy Escape will bring.
    > Are a lot of you experiencing issues?

    I believe the pack is worth it but DON'T BUY IT ON ORIGIN, you can get it cheaper in other places like and they do others for even cheaper <3 happy simmers
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    MetaDoeMetaDoe Posts: 9 New Member
    At first I was skeptical of buying it but I gotta say I love the style of Mt. Komorebi, as a big fan of Japanese culture. It's the closest I can get to visiting/living in Japan at this point in time for me, and that was a big reason that I ultimately bought it. Haven't played enough of the actual pack to give a full opinion of the entire package, however.
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    ParmaViolet87ParmaViolet87 Posts: 1,800 Member
    edited December 2020
    Following this thread as I'm still on the fence.

    I think its the first expansion that I didn't buy on the day. I have two weeks off now for the holidays and I'm edging towards getting it.

    Or shall I wait for the sale? Hmmm....
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    AuroraskiesAuroraskies Posts: 1,834 Member
    I usually don't answer these kind of threads because economical decisions should not be made on account of others, and I feel bad about saying that someone should buy something, just because I enjoy it and decided to spend money on it. It really is and should be a subjective choice.

    The crashing though have been fixed I would think, and the game pack has so much to speak for it.

    The question whether something is worth something is harder to answer. I don’t think EA games actually are worth the price they sell for.

    I buy sims anyway, for different reasons, but the sum is very high considering what the packs add of gameplay, and issues; so if I instead can say that I am certainly enjoying myself with the features of the pack, that would feel like a more accurate phrasing.

    Some of the packs I have bought when they came out, for full price, and some only when the price is cut low. SE I bought the first day, and I have not regretted installing it.
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