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The Sims Spark'd Challenge #4 - Holiday Magic

EA_LeelooEA_Leeloo Posts: 1,895 EA Community Manager
Sul sul Simmers!

After the great fabulous Spark'd Challenge with the great theme "Creature Creation" and the announcement of our talented The Sims Spark'd Top Creators (check out the submissions HERE), it's time for the next challenge!

Are you ready? Then get your creative juices flowing and dive right in! :)

Create four Sims living in your snow globe. Are they mystical creatures, mischievous sprites, an adventure-seeking family?


"Holiday Magic"

Create four Sims living in your snow globe. Are they mystical creatures, mischevious sprites, an adventure seeking family? Style and showcase their life inside.
  • Style four Sims using the Everyday Outfit category living in a snow globe.
  • Your Sims do not have to be winter themed, so find inspiration in anything from holiday characters to mischevious troublemakers!
  • Each Sim should have a distinct personality, so try to be as original and unique as possible!
Check out our one-stop-show Challenge Overview where you can find all the information that you need so you can start creating, building, and storytelling! :)

You can also all the important info over on

Have fun and enjoy! :heart:

- Leeloo


  • MariammsMariamms Posts: 10 New Member
    How can I get the sims in photo used to promote this?
  • VeganZebraVeganZebra Posts: 30 Member
    @Mariamms do you mean how do you take photos? You can press c and it takes a screenshot. How do you access it? Go to the camera settings in live mode. You can share it to twitter.or you can press win-shift-s to take a screenshot and click the notification on the bottom of you computer. Hoped this helped.
  • MariammsMariamms Posts: 10 New Member
    Thank you for I didn't even know that lol. But I also would like the sims in photo above? I would like to download them.
  • LAI11LAI11 Posts: 7 New Member
    Hi guys
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