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Items disappearing from game?

Is anyone else getting the error message that build items have been removed because you don't have the pack installed? This makes no sense to me because all of the packs I purchased are installed, and it's on lots where I haven't used any CC. I got a message saying 10 of my build mode objects were removed when I entered a San Myshuno lot. Why are items being removed or disappearing from our game? Or is this error message just a glitch?


  • HarukotyanHarukotyan Posts: 513 Member
    You are not alone. Here's another thread -

    So far I'm having this notification with every family I'm loading. But I can't notice anything really missing.
  • SimmervilleSimmerville Posts: 11,401 Member
    It might be just a technical code thing, not a visual object. I have a feeling the game is running more smoothly (have patch, not SE pack) and I noticed lots of hard drive space was freed up after the patch. Might be something else, but if I removed content equaling 30GB I would have known, so I suspect this patch actually did quite a lot of reprogramming and merging tech processes, which might again result in this "build object missing". I don't know though, just listening to my stomach here ;)
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  • caliposscaliposs Posts: 320 Member
    My sims were wearing items from the Holiday free pack and they got removed even tho I still have the clothing in my game...
  • bookish_sammybookish_sammy Posts: 223 Member
    Thanks for your responses. I first noticed it when I opened a completely empty lot to start building, and it kept happening every time I opened existing lots. I'll check out the other thread as well. Hopefully, it is just a weird glitch that will be resolved.
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