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Broken/Updated Mods & CC: Snowy Escape: Nov. 2020

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Broken/Updated Mods & CC: Snowy Escape: Nov. 2020
This topic is for collecting reports on mod and custom content status after the November 10, 2020, patch and with the Snowy Escape EP. Please keep discussion to reports. Thanks!

***This thread has now been superseded by***

GAME-RATED CONTENT ONLY: Mods that breaks the T game rating cannot be discussed in these official forums and will not be included in my list. Do not ask about or report on any of them here — it’s against forum rules. There are other places on the internet where things like that can be discussed.

REPORTING BROKEN MODS: Before reporting a mod is broken, test it:
  1. Back up your saves in case you save over a favorite file while you’re testing.
  2. Remove everything from your Mods folder except the mod being tested and, if you’re looking for a last exception (LE) to be generated, TwistedMexi’s Better Exceptions and/or the core MC Command Center files.
  3. Delete the localthumbcache file.
  4. Open your game and test to see if the mod is doing what it should. If it’s still broken, please let me know! Include how it’s broken, if possible, and let the creator know too.

OTHER USEFUL LINKS FIND ME ON DISCORD: If you prefer Discord for real-time notifications, I post broken/update info for mods and CC and new bugfix (and similar) mods on Discord on this non-NSFW/T-rated server, which is otherwise primarily for creators: Creator Musings: . Unlike here, there I also post updates that are for new mod features or other improvements, including updates to non-broken CC. Creators can also post there directly.


Stability Patch Info
Many people are having game loading problems after the November 17 stability update. If you do, please *repair your game in Origin* after updating, and you may also want to delete the localthumbcache file. As @MizoreYukii says, there should be no effect on mods or CC with this patch.

Broken Tools, Mods & Tools

Many CAS Traits, including:
  • traits by kokansock/rex: Cross-Dressing, Karaoke
  • traits by justasimsaddict
  • Traits Bundle #1 (KawaiiStacie)

Other Mods and Tools:
  • all CAS wrenches - very minor visual glitch (see updates below)
  • events by Ilkavelle
  • loading screens by Teanmoon - no longer updating
  • Children Can Walk With Dogs (MSQSims)
  • Fitness Competition Event (PimpMySims4)
  • GrayCurse's Cooking & Ingredients Overhaul
  • Royalty Mod (llazyneiph)
  • San Myshuno: Become Human (KatIsHere)
  • Socialization Is Fun (PolarBearSims)
  • Thanksgiving Party (MSQSims) - will not be updated
  • Unlisted Phone Numbers (Scumbumbo)

Outdated/No Longer Needed Mods
These should be REMOVED from your Mods folder
  • Eco Living 'Idle' Fix" (YourFalseHope)
  • Nanocan Drag-and-Drop Fix (gettp)
  • No Bad Environment Moodlets Fix (YourFalseHope)
  • Situation Outfits Fix (Shushu)
  • Watch Movies Fix (simvasion)
  • Apartment Mailbox Fix (simvasion)
  • Stop Arriving at Club Gatherings on Bikes (simvasion)
  • Freelancer Career Fix (Louisim)
  • ShowerTub Cleaning Fix (LittleMsSam)
  • basilsagefix (Bienchen)
  • restaurantsittweak (Bienchen)
  • sharedeaththoughts (Bienchen)
  • simsvomitmore (Bienchen)
  • vacationwedding (Bienchen)
  • Diploma Fix (LittleMsSam) - please remove
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