Let's talk about ... Necroposting! 🧟

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Sul sul Simmers!

As you all know, our forum rules got an overhaul this year - some rules were adjusted and new ones were added so everyone can feel at home and comfortable on our forum. :)

One of the new rules we added is this:
  • Don't "necropost." Reviving, updating or bumping old, outdated and irrelevant threads is not helpful for our community. It's best to check when the thread was created before you hit post, just to make sure it's not 2 years old for example.
We get that "necroposting" can be a bit confusing - sometimes it's okay to comment in an older, inactive thread but sometimes it isn't. And because this can be tricky, we want to give you a few guidelines to help you figure out when to revive a thread and when not to.

So, please keep reading to find out more about "necroposting":
If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to the EA Forum Team: @EA_Lanna , @EA_Mako , or @EA_Cade
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