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My Creature Creation Entries

LiELFLiELF Posts: 5,298 Member
edited November 2020 in The Sims Spark'd
Hi folks, I know that this section of the Forums is kind of dead, but I have a particular love for this round of Spark'd's Creature Challenge and I had so much fun creating new and updating old households of mine that I thought I'd share them here. I'm an avid Occult player and love to put strange Sims into my game and match them with some of the amazing builds that I find on the Gallery.

I'm going to put each household in a new post to try to declutter and if there are several pictures, I'll put them under spoilers.

First household I want to share is my Happy Haunts Staff. The idea came from the second place concept winner in the community stuff pack vote and I still hope that the theme will be a game pack one day. So as part of my own vision as to what this kind of pack might be like, I made these guys. The story says:

"Ghost trouble? Missing that relative who won't let you rest because they can't? Call 1-666-H-p-p-y-h-n-t and our Undertaker will fix all of your haunting needs! Let our Oracle get all the answers you don't want to hear while our on-site Gravedigger finds out who's really dead (or not)! Or, get an appointment with the Gatekeeper and speak directly to your Reaper! (Now hiring!) At Happy Haunts, we're not happy unless you're haunted!"

They can be found here:

The Staff


The Undertaker


The Gravedigger


The Oracle and Gatekeeper


Thanks for viewing!
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