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Spark'd Challenge entries on gallery

It doesn't take much to notice how People are spamming the competition with anything they can. This Spark'd challenge could be such an amazing extra to People that like to create, until you find out that there is absolutely no enforcement or moderation of what is going on. People sharing other Peoples creations, one Person has entered over 33 entries to latest competition and has literally monopolized the gallery with irrelevant builds that now has become spam and advertisement for them.

The flag button does nothing, this is apparently a ruse button so that the person reporting the submissions are no longer able to see them but the flagged items remain.

It would even help if the challenge was changed allowing only so many submissions per category! This was such an amazing idea, but it has become more frustrating than anything know that your creations may never get the attention they could, if people did not get away with spamming, and monopolizing the board.


  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 2,275 Member
    Welcome to the gallery. It's also unfair that people can flag anything and have the items hidden so others can't vote on them. Anyways, it's been like this since the beginning of Spark'd and they haven't once addressed it so I really doubt that at this point we will see any changes.

    I really did like the idea of this at first, but now after months of this and them not even admitting that they have flaws in the system, and taking no steps and zero efforts to even attempt to make it fair, I've gone sour on it. There are things they could do, like you've suggested. I'd also like to see them actually review flags and reports, or at least make it so that it takes a few reports and things aren't hidden on just the first report. One other simmer could literally ruin some other's gallery, and they actually have. Some of this stuff doesn't even require a person to look, just some extra code, and they can't even manage that much... :/
    Origin ID: Peapod79
  • logionlogion Posts: 2,377 Member
    I'm surprised they hired someone for this yet there is 0 moderation and no limitation on how many entries one can submit...
  • crocobauracrocobaura Posts: 2,540 Member
    logion wrote: »
    I'm surprised they hired someone for this yet there is 0 moderation and no limitation on how many entries one can submit...

    Why would they limit or moderate it when it's not even possible to see who has the most hearts on their submission? We are supposed to vote with hearts but the way the gallery is set up we cannot even see who got most hearts. Nothing is fair or transparent about this challenge and the winners are probably decided by the challenge mangers based on some other criteria than the official rules.
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