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A note on the recent moderation actions

EA_LeelooEA_Leeloo Posts: 2,020 EA Staff (retired)
edited October 2020 in Forum Announcements
Hi everyone,

In light of the recent activity on the forum, we'd like to touch base a few things:
  1. Sensitive topics
  2. Threads and Moderation
  3. How to share feedback with the forum team

1. Sensitive topics

In the current climate, we are all no strangers to heated debates or controversial subjects. We all know how quickly these conversations can change from constructive and well-meaning to hurtful and toxic but we want everyone to feel safe in this forum:
EA_Leeloo wrote: »
We want our players to feel at home on all our EA Forums. Anyone should feel comfortable asking for help, sharing their tips and tricks, and having fun with other players. We have a community of global perspectives and different passions all united on one thing: playing fun games. That's why it's important that everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves.
To keep our games and communities safe and fair we have to put a few rules in place. Our guidelines show you the type of behavior we need to create a fun, safe community for everyone.
We encourage every forum member to read our forum rules and guidelines.
These rules help us keep this forum a welcoming, enjoyable, and considerate space for all Simmers and we are all responsible for maintaining a healthy and safe atmosphere through the way we engage with others.
Remember: behind each profile, there is a real person! So, please be polite and kind to each other. This is especially true for sensitive topics.

2. Threads and Moderation

As many of you will know, threads may be moderated for a number of reasons - and the basis for any moderation action is always the forum rules.

This means that when the forum rules are breached, the EA forum team will step in and clear up, close, or remove a thread. Which of these actions is taken depends on the state of the thread and the way the discussion is being conducted.

We know that these discussions are important to you so, whenever we can, we will opt to just clean up the thread or share a reminder to keep the conversation on-topic. But that's not always possible. Sometimes, we may need to lock or remove a thread that has gone off track or that has become too heated or toxic. We do this to prevent more forum rules from being broken so we can continue to have a forum where we can safely share our thoughts and have fun together.

When a thread needs to be locked, we will explain the reasons in the closing post, and when a discussion is removed, we will inform the person who started it and let them know why that action was taken.
We understand that, to those who aren’t part of this conversation, it can seem like we just didn’t want to hear about it. But we hope it is clear at this point that we never close or remove threads because we don't want you, the community, to provide feedback or discuss a topic simply because it is negative.
When you take a look around the forum, you will see that there are many threads with criticisms and opinions of all sorts. That is because it means a lot to us and the Sims team to hear from you. We truly want and value your constructive feedback so keep it coming!
We only ask that you voice it within the scope of the forum rules.

3. How to share forum concerns or forum feedback with the forum team

Should any of you have any concerns or questions on specific moderation calls, you can reach out to one of the members of the EA forum (EA_Joz, EA_Rtas, or EA_Leeloo) team via direct message and we will do our utmost to clear up any confusion or uncertainty.
At some point, you might also come across a thread or a comment that breaches the forum rules. In any of these cases, instead of engaging in that thread, we're asking you to please use the "report"-function to allow the EA forum team to follow up.

Thank you.

The EA Forum Team
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