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Change the "Scamming" Phone Caller (who ask for money) from Bess Sterling to another Sim

Anybody know how change the "Scamming" Phone Caller (who ask for money) from Bess Sterling to another Sim?

I have removed the Entrepreneur trait from Bess Sterling to Malcolm Landgraab.
The "Invest in Legal Money-Making Scheme" thing in the social bubble has been successfully removed from her to him.

But the phone caller is still Bess Sterling.

Is it because the game always generating Bess Sterling to be the phone caller?
Or are there any hidden traits (as long as I have checked, there aren't any) or coding that impact this?


  • QueenMercyQueenMercy Posts: 1,403 Member
    Have you tried deleting her or playing as her? I noticed that I stopped getting the calls after she died, maybe she’s the only sim who ever does this. Straud is the only vampire who makes the weird “lovely neck” call and all that, so it’s possible that she’s supposed to be completely unique.
  • Chesster_WammyChesster_Wammy Posts: 21 Member
    edited October 27
    Thanks for the reply @QueenMercy ,
    Interesting to know about Straud, but I never had a "lovely neck" call from him.

    And yes I had deleted her and I did not receive any phone calls since then.
    Using MC Command Center mod I cannot find any hidden correlated traits within her.
    And it seems the Entrepeneur trait is not correlated at all with the phone calls.

    Therefore I am pretty sure it is because the in-game code.
    I wonder if anyone can mod it? Or anyone know any modder who have modded the phone call that I can ask
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  • AyKooChaoAyKooChao Posts: 355 Member
    I’m curious about what would happen if you used MCCC to change her gender, copy/pasted Malcolm’s appearance onto her and changed her name to his. That shouldn’t affect any code that might make her do what she does.

    UPDATE! Please read if you play with aliens!
  • Chesster_WammyChesster_Wammy Posts: 21 Member
    edited October 26
    Thanks for the idea @AyKooChao
    Actually I did that & it has been successful. Malcolm was the one who made the scamming phone call.
    Although he becomes buff.

    Also, I need to age her down first, quit her career, forget active relationship with her bf, reconnected him with Landgraab family, etc.
    I do not know if I forget something.
    It was quite messy for me.

    I wonder if there are any neater method; like just input a code to him,
    or this is the only method

    Also I have not tried to have another Bess Sterling when I successfully generated her to be Malcolm.
    The phone caller might be her again.
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