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Need a mean mod?

So I want to start a Big Brother challenge (Based on the competition TV show). Are there any "mean" autonomous mods out there? I don't want to pick and choose what sim is mean to what sim - I want it to be more random. I also don't want to give every sim the mean trait - I want any sim to be able to get mean once in awhile. Or if anyone has any other mods that might work for what i'm trying to achieve? Thanks


  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,573 Member
    Getting them angry affects the mean autonomy in the same way as having the mean trait. Also some scents like the begonia scent from season give an autonomy pretty much identical as having the evil or mean trait, so if you have season, using the flower arrangement can be an option without having to use mods.
  • susannesimssusannesims Posts: 38 Member
    "Have som personality please" by polarbearsims makes interactions in general be a lot more autonomous. And if sims are in a bad mood they often choose a mean interactions, and that turns into a mean conversation which often spirals even further. its quite fun to play with! Also, i played with a mod that adjusted hunger to turn you angry instead of comfortable and played with meaningful stories, so that contributed into them being angry moreoften

    Another thing is if you have eco lifestyle and enable the roughhousing NAP they will probably fight more as well!
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