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Nraas Notification but for the Sims 4?

Ok, here me out, while I was playing one of my families in the Sims 3 I had gotten a notification about my sim's boss got caught exhorting another sim and was demoted because of the action. Thanks to (Nraas story progression/master controller mod) I thought, 'huh, this mod made the gossip going around in town hilarious and fun to watch when I'm playing with single sims!"

I was wondering if there's a modder out there that would attempt to changing up notifications in the Sims 4. Not text messages because even though there are mods that have text message drama go on but those go by so fast you can't even see what the text it.


  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,775 Member
    Deaderpool has without apology (not that any is needed) fashioned his Master Controller Command Center Mod (MCCC) after Nrass' Master Controller mod. He would be my best bet, but I know of no plans to do so.

    As for the drama notifications, I use KS' Slice of Life mod and I don't find those texts going by too fast for me to read. I play on a gaming rig, too. Some of the taunting that goes on is comical, to say the least.
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  • SiomneSiomne Posts: 40 Member
    I have both mods and have a decent PC that handles all my mods/cc with little effort. The texts go by fast and it bugs me that while I'm doing something else one pops up and then immediately disappears.
    Leaving my sim with an ambiguous moodlet.

    Its one of the things I loved about the notifications from Sims 3 even though they go by fast they pile up so you can read them later after you're done doing whatever.
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