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WCIF Object Attraction Mod

CinebarCinebar Posts: 32,177 Member
A long time ago before some patches and tweaking Sims used to use the computers on community lots. So much so people complained and this was all tweaked to lower the attraction to particular objects while in home or on community lots (autonomously). But this really hurts the immersion of community lots that are supposed to be electronic game stores and or places to play games on computers. Not talking about hidden FT lots.

Also, a very long time ago the attraction to the barista bar was lowered because people complained that too many Sims crowded around the bar, but lowering the attraction to this activity really hurt building coffee bars where Sims sat around with coffee and had discussions. I really do miss townies and my own Sims automously using the barista bar. After that patch 'fix' Sims just stand around and greet each other etc. But I miss them all getting a cup, sitting down and discussing while they drink the coffee.

I'm wondering if there is any mod from long ago, that puts the ratios back to the original game before any later patches lowered the attraction to some objects?

There are other things that were tweaked and lowered the likelyhood of Sims using them autonomously but it all broke immersion to me. What would be the point of building a coffee shop after a patch if Sims don't buy coffee? And or if building an electronic gaming lot if Sims don't autonomously use them? I recently built an 'office' to only watch some townies (pretend workers) watch TV rather than use the pcs. So, I went back and removed the TV only to watch them stand around and instead of using the pcs start to play kickybag. lol That may happen over at Maxis but I wanted Sims to at least look like they were working on developing games and use the pcs. :p

And in a large room it seemed to me like any other Sim had to be really close to my Sim to start a competition even though they were all in the same room.

If anyone knows how to set these ratios on these two objects back to original numbers so Sims will use them again on communty lots more often than they do in the finsihed game or a mod I would really appreciate it.
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